Venice: February 1521

Pages 102-105

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 3, 1520-1526. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1869.

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February 1521

Feb. 2. Sanuto Diaries, v. xxix. p. 556. 159. Alvise Gradenigo to the Signory.
The Pope returned to Rome on Thursday. Went to the palace and told him that Friar Andrea of Ferrara was no longer at Venice; that he had not printed his propositions, and would not print them or anything else against the Apostolic See.
The Pope thanked the Signory, saying, “This madman means to follow the road of that friar Martin Luther, who finds favour with many.”
Gradenigo replied, “Men of this sort make a bad end;” and the Pope said, “It is true.”
Rome, 2nd February. Registered by Sanuto, 8th February.
Feb. 2. Sanuto Diaries, v. xxix. p. 573. 160. Giovanni Badoer to the Signory.
On entering King Francis' presence, found him cured, but paler than usual; condoled with him on the accident, beseeching him to be cautious, most especially in stag hunting, as he incurs so much personal risk. Said that very much prosperity depended on his health. His Majesty returned thanks, and told him how the accident occurred, and that on the fifth day he bled so profusely that it weakened him. The cause was, that in scarifying the surgeons touched a vein. The ambassador then gave the news, which pleased him, and he talked about Sultan Soliman and Syria. Was then informed by the King that Master Carew had come from England with presents, and to assure him that the Emperor would not go to Italy this year, pressing him not to go to Milan, lest he should provoke the Emperor to come, and also to exhort the Scots to send ambassadors to England. King Francis had replied that he would not go into Italy with an army, but should proceed to Milan to visit his territories; and that he would cause ambassadors to be sent to King Henry from Scotland.
The English ambassador is to depart shortly.
Celles [near Château Romorantin], 2nd February. Registered by Sanuto, 14th February.
Feb. 8. Sanuto Diaries, v. xxix. p. 582. 161. Giovanni Badoer to the Signory.
A new ambassador from the King of England had arrived from Rome, and was accompanied by a son of Cardinal Orsini, who remained at Lyons to provide himself with cloths of silk.
Celles, 8th February. Registered by Sanuto, 26th February.
Feb. Sanuto Diaries, v. xxx. p. 8. 162. Antonio Surian to the Signory.
Has conversed with Cardinal Wolsey about the coming of the most Christian King into Italy.
Gives account of a ship of 4,000 butts, which King Henry is building, called “The Clarence Saint Mary.”
London, — February. Registered by Sanuto, 14th March.
Feb. 9. Sanuto Diaries, v. xxix. p. 571. 163. Alvise Gradenigo to the Signory.
Was told by the Pope that he had received letters from Germany, dated the 26th or 27th January, and that the Diet was to commence on the morrow. The Pope said nothing more, but Gradenigo understood that a Dominican friar had preached in Germany against that Martin Luther, blaming him for having caused the bull and the “decretal” to be burnt, as this matter concerned the Emperor; which words the Pope had taken amiss.
Dated the 9th of February. Registered by Sanuto, 14th February.
Feb. 14. Sanuto Diaries, v. xxix. p. 569. 164. Embassy to England.
Nicolò Tiepolo, ambassador elect to England.—Remonstrance made by him in the College concerning the monthly salary assigned him of 120 ducats, at the rate of 124 grossi per ducat, whereas the other ambassadors are paid in golden ducats. Insists on being placed on the same footing as the other ambassadors, in accordance with the first motion, which the College therefore determined to re-make in the Senate.
Feb. 16. Misti Consiglio X. v. xliii. p. 257. 165. The Council of Ten and Junta to Antonio Surian, Venetian Ambassador in England.
To thank Cardinal Wolsey for his offices in favour of the State, and to request him to persevere.
Ayes, 25.
[Italian, 15 lines.]
Feb. 20. Sanuto Diaries, v. xxx. p. 16. 166. Giovanni Badoer to the Signory.
Was told yesterday by King Francis that there was nothing to fear from the Emperor, as he had no money, and was debtor to him for three arrears of the tribute for Naples, and the fourth will soon be due, amounting in all to 400,000 crowns. King Francis insists on having his money, or else will make war. He has announced this determination to the King of England by the English ambassador, who had departed; King Henry being bound by the treaty to assist whichever of the two is first subjected to an infringement of its articles. The King means to act on the offensive in many quarters, in Flanders, Spain, and Italy, and has sent to tell the Emperor that unless he pays him his money he will wage a great war upon him.
Celles, 20th February. Registered by Sanuto, 16th March.
[Extract, Italian.]
Feb. 28. Sanuto Diaries, v. xxx. p. 31. 167. Antonio Surian to the Signory.
King Henry was gone to a place two days' journey from London and the Queen elsewhere, to fulfil a vow; they would remain absent until the Holy Week. Cardinal Wolsey is gone to a third place. The King will return to Greenwich after Easter.
Understood from the French ambassador [Marigny] that King Henry had told him the Emperor would go into Italy, at the instigation of the Cardinals of Gurk and Sion, and that he (King-Henry) had no longer so much power to dissuade him, though he lacked money for the expedition; and it seemed strange to him that he should go in opposition to the Pope, to France, to the Signory, and also to the King himself.
After this spoke to Cardinal Wolsey, who told him the contrary, and that the Emperor would go back to Spain, as he had sent for caulkers to come to the seaside to caulk the fleet for the passage, and detained all the ships and vessels that could be found in the ports.
The French ambassador also said that both the King and the Cardinal were dissatisfied about the affairs of Scotland, and apprehensive of having been deceived, because the ambassadors are not yet arrived; but the French ambassador told them that the Scottish ambassadors would come after Easter.
Tomorrow the Dean of the Chapel Royal [Dr. John Clerk] departs for Rome, where he is appointed ambassador resident.
London, last day of February. Registered by Sanuto. 22nd March.