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Pages 345-346

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 30, 1655-1656. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1930.

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Dakins, George, rear admiral, sails from Portsmouth, 5n.

-, Dutch offer mediation to, Cromwell takes up negotiations for, 192; Dutch have fleet to protect, 249.
-, Dutch seem involved in war with Sweden over, 248; Cromwell warns Dutch against helping, 262; included in Dutch adjustment with Sweden, 269.

Dardanelles, Castelli:
-, report of fight at, 70; slave's account of, 71; English ship taken in, 162, 237, 258.
-, Venetian victory in, 247, 2558; Fisher's poem celebrating, 283, 289.

Deal, co. Kent, Sagredo lands at, 112n.

debt, the public, securities given for to remain valid, 1.

debts, law allows procedure against anyone for, 49.

-, Spanish plans for union with, 153; proposed treaty with Spain and Dutch, 165.
-, Dutch sending extraordinary embassy to, 1545, 171; objects of, 155.
-, English ships for Sweden can only be for use against, 170; ships of left near Danzig, 269.
-, receives no encouragement from Vienna, 171; disputes with, as maritime power, 309.

-, king of. See Frederick III.

Deptford, co. Kent, Blakes reaches, 126n.

Desborough, Desbero, John, Major General:
-, to go with grand fleet, 180; Cornwall in jurisdiction of, 236n; goes post to Cornwall against raiders, 237.
-, death of wife, buried in Westminster Abbey, 280.

Dethick, John, lord mayor of London, petition against lighterage charges at Newcastle, 211; Cromwell warns of danger and recommends to vigilance, 2634.

Devereux, Robert, earl of Essex, commanded armies against King, poisoned by parliamentarians, 300.

Devon, county of, sheriff of. See Coppleston, John.

dial. See watch.

Diamond, Diamante, state ship, in fleet to south, 220.

Dieppe [Seine Inferieure, France]: Fiesco at, 2; frigate sent to, 3n; Sagredo sails from, 1112.

-, governor of, annoyed at not being saluted by Tredagh, 112.

divines, congregation of, to discuss admission of Jews, 161.

Douner, of Smyrna, commanded English ships against Venetians, 70; Flemish ship property of, 74.

Don Giovanni dell' Oglio, Spanish plate ship, sunk on voyage, 265.

Dorislaus, Isaac, parliament envoy to Holland, reference to murder of, 254.

Dory, Colonel, arrested for sermon at All Hallows, 160.

Dover, co, Kent:
-, marquis of Lede at, 56; Cardenas detained at, and baggage searched, 140.
-, Lambert made governor of, 60.
-, Sagredo starts for, 187; he writes from, 191; he sails from, 195.
-, Ruyter held up off, for search, 210.
-, Dunkirkers appear off, to make prizes, 222; rich ship from Indies taken off, 239.
-, ships from fleet awaiting orders at, 252.

-, governor of. See Kelsey, Col. Thomas.

-, strait of, squadron formed to cruise about, against Dunkirkers, 200.

Downing, George, envoy to duke of Savoy, to arrange settlement of Vaudois question, 93; arrived too late for settlement, 117; leaves for England, 118.

Downs, the:
-, Bristol back in, 56n; Tredagh brings Sagredo into, 112; Bordeaux expected in, 198n.
-, Blake anchors in, 126; ships from Ostend seized in, 134.
-, Whitehorn commands squadron in, 195n; Dutch prizes brought into, 247.

Dragon, state ship, in fleet to south, 220.

Drake, state ship, appointed to take Sagredo across, 177n; action with Dunkirk Admiral, 234n.

Dublin, Ireland, Henry Cromwell lands at, 83, 95.

Dunbar, battle of, climax of Cromwell's renown, 303.

Dunkirk [Nord, France]:
-, Fiesco asks protection against ships of, 3; plundering propensities of garrison, 111.
-, envoys embark from, for London, 56; Dutch blockade of was futile, 225.
-, ships sailing from, 67n.
-, offered to Charles as place d'armes, 111; pirates of will find English merchantmen easy prey, 138; Charles asks for, as place of asylum, 153; not permitted, 192.
-, English ready to join French in attacking, 138, 176; plan for joint attack on, 231, 236.
-, archduke witholds letters of marque from applicants at, 174; Dutch getting patents at for privateering, 199.
-, English prizes earned into, 193; busy arming frigates against English, 201; great ships of war useless against, 222.
-, Charles may take squadron to, 199; Spaniards will put in good state of defence, 249.
-, fleet may be recalled against, 222; decision to blockade, 225; squadron sails for blockade of, 231, 248; troops collected for squadron, 236, 246.
-, difficulty of enterprise against, 236, 246, 249; French defeat at Valenciennes checks designs on, 246; Spaniards propose to consign to Dutch, 297.
-, more ships ready to sail for, 249; ships back from, grand fleet for, 252; blockade of proves efficient, 255.
-, Charles awaits York at, 273.

-, governor of. See Bette, Guillaume, marquis of Lede.

-, ships of, Dunkirkers. See ships, Dunkirk.

Dutch. See Netherlands.

Duynwald, in Juliers [German Empire], Manning put to death at, 169.