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Pages 358-360

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 30, 1655-1656. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1930.

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Hackwell, Capt. Robert, complaint of Dutch outrages in Indies, 260n.

Hague [Prov. S. Holland, Netherlands]:
-, Bevernigh back at, 7; Nieuport's secretary sent to, 200, 204, 209.
-, mission of Rosin to, 260, 262, 269; annual meeting of States at, 297.
-, Meadowe to go to, as resident, 289, 295.

Hamburg, German Empire:
-, remittances from, for levies, 143.
-, appointed arbitrator, in Anglo French treaty, 151.
-, Rolt reported at, 191; Bond to be taken to, 260, 262.
-, concerned in Ruyter's convoy, 210.

-, ships of. See under ships.

Hamon, , commander of the Kentish, 220.

Hampshire, Hamsheir, state ship, to replace Pelican in fleet, 184; in fleet to south, 220.

Hampton Court, co. Middlesex:
-, Cromwell goes to, to honour niece's wedding, 33; Cromwell away at, 82; Cromwell back from, 85; Cromwell goes to with a few councillors, 231.
-, Bond confers with Cromwell at, 100; Bond entertained at, 250.
-, preacher at, accuses Cromwell of tyranny, 109; Cromwell's recreation to go to, 312.

-, governor of, removed, 109.

Hannibal, Annibale, English merchantman, at Leghorn, report of fleet, 232.

Happy Entrance, Entrance, Intrata, state ship, in fleet for south, 219.

Harlay, Philippe de, count of Cesy, Sesy, French ambassador at Constantinople, claim in respect of payment of debts of, 20, 22; agreement to pay claim, 171.

Harman, Harmon, , commander of the Tredagh, 220.

Haro, Don Luis de, Don Luis, minister and favourite of Philip IV.:
-, shows despatch to Quirini, 24; says Cromwell sorry he sent fleet far away, 85.
-, cannot be convinced of English hostility, 74, 78; says Cromwell is his great friend, 81.
-, takes opinions about war with England, 108; says Cromwell's demands impossible, 149.
-, wants information of English dispositions from Quirini, 149.

Harp, of Port Louis, privateer, captured and taken into Plymouth, 160.

Harrison, Thomas, major general, Cromwell has brought to Whitehall, 4; brought before Cromwell and examined, 31.

Havana, Cuba, West Indies:
-, news from, 79.
-, Penn's fleet supplied for capture of, 51; galleons of plate fleet at, 131; plate fleet said to have left, 189.

-, governor of. See Villa Alva, Diego de.

Havre de Grace [Seine Inferioure, France], English ships seized at, 42; but released, 45.

Heidelberg [Baden, German Empire], Rupert returns to, 90.

Helston, co. Cornwall, 236n.

Helvetian Cantons. See Switzerland.

Henrietta Maria, Queen of England, Queen of Great Britain:
-, sale of property to remain valid 1.
-, opinion of attendants about Charles's hopes, 30; anxious as without news of Charles, 33, 36; Charles informs that back at Cologne, 46.
-, distressed at royalist failure, 47, 52; Lockhart's mission an offence to, 215.
-, ill treatment of Vaudois intended to gratify, 63; treaty with Cromwell obliges to leave France, 148; Louis complains to of attempt to detach Irish from his service, 279.

Henry, duke of Gloucester, son of Charles I.:
-, Dutch get rid of, joins Charles at Cologne, 59; at Frankfort to see ex-queen of Sweden, 123.
-, leaving Cologne for Bruges, 212; returns to Antwerp with Charles, 228.

herring fisheries, war fought with Dutch over, 303.

hides, from America, seized in San Lucar, 123.

High Mightinesses. See Netherlands.

Highlanders, breach with Spain causes rising of, 167.

Highlands, only part to resist feebly, 303.

Hirzel, Solomon, deputy of Zurich to Pinerolo, 73.

Hispaniola. See San Domingo.

Hobson, Obson, John, English consul at Venice:
-, claim about currant trade, 87, 105; deduction allowed to, 95; information from sent to Sagredo, 108.
-, Galilee's agents complain of, 147.
-, to present claim for ship, 152; reports claim to English prize, 162.

Hocquincourt, marechal d'. See Monchy, Charles de.

Holland, Province of:
-, Beverningh supported by, 7; Charles sailed from, 33, 36; ask princess of Orange of whereabouts of Charles, 44; most inclined to exclusion of Orange, 100.
-, most likely to remain friendly with England, 100; Cromwell warns not to treat with Spain, 156.
-, treaty with England made by arrangement with, 305.

-, See also Netherlands.

Holland, earl of. See Rich, Henry.

Holland, Philip, commander of the Assurance, 220.

Hope, flyboat, state ship, left at Naples, 3; being careened, 7.

-, seizure of, in London, 25; proclamation forbidding public market for, 31; Cromwell has seized, 36.
-, exported from Naples for stud purposes, 67; frigate brings Barbary for Cromwell, 98.
-, search for and seizure in London, 198; postmaster not to give without ticket from secretary of state, 267.
-, sent by Cromwell to king of Sweden, 260.
-, Bond presents to Cromwell, 260.
-, racing forbidden in England, 312.

Howard, , commander of the Happy Entrance, 219.

-, English demands for delay settlement, 28; demands stated, 48.
-, Savoy's ill treatment of, 63; English cherish relations with, 141; peace article in favour of, 1567; keep up correspondence with Cromwell, who forces Mazarin to remove grievances, 310.

Hull, co. York, troops at, refuse to obey Protector's orders, 22; Charles proposed to cross to, 33; specially guarded, 263.

humiliation, day of, for harvest and fleets, 105.

Huntingdon, co. Huntingdon, Cromwell born at, 311.

Hyde, Ider, Henry, English consul in the Morea, papers concerning to be collected, 139.