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Pages 362-363

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 30, 1655-1656. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1930.

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Jamaica, West Indies:
-, news from, 228.
-, English capture, 97, 309; letters from reporting distress at, 102; of more value than S. Domingo, 111.
-, Spaniards never worked mines of, 97; Spaniards make light of loss, 108, 127; report of capture in Spain, 111.
-, war ships remain at, 110; Penn and Venables arrested for leaving, 118.
-, government announces capture of great importance, 113; force left at, thought to have sailed for England, 118.
-, Spaniards without information about, 123; Spaniards might drive English from, while weak, 125; reported abandonment by English, 167, 169.
-, Cardenas deceived about, 129.
-, attack on Cartagena from, 174; can attack Cuba from, 228; proposed attack from, 252, 277.
-, population of Barbados reduced by deaths at, 184; most of troops at dead, 224.
-, reinforcements of men and ships for, 224, 228, 252; force of Scots sent to under Bramston, 238.
-, three regiments from Ireland for, with supplies, 277.

James I., king of Great Britain, Richmond cousin of, 52.

James, duke of Curland, Prince of Churland, envoy from to offer ships, 270; wishes to be included in treaty with Sweden, 286.

-, duke of York, Jorc:

king's reception of disliked in England, 28; remonstrance with Louis for keeping, 195; Mazarin unwilling to let go, 207, 212.

privateer captured with patents of, 160.

Charles sends for, 207; greatly beloved by Louis, 212; Lockhart's mission an offence to, 215.

devotion of Irish to, 207.

Cromwell asked to allow to stay, 212, 214; expelled from France because of Cromwell's demands, 240; takes leave of Louis, 263.

arrived at Madrid, received by king, 240; instructions to Zane about behaviour to, 255.

Charles expecting, will bring number of Irish, 263; Charles awaits at Dunkirk, 273; arrives in Flanders, 279.

Lockhart returns because of, 275; writes to detach Irish from French service, 279.

Jeestein, Count Hannibal, Danish minister, mission to Charles at Cologne, 165, 170.

Jefferies, Joffer, John, commander of the Nantwich, 219.

Jersey, state ship, in fleet to south, 220.

Jessop, William, clerk of the Council, document signed by, 116.

Jesuits, proclamation for enforcing laws against, 54; Cromwell sends one to Rome, 84; reports received by, of English preparations, 85.

Jesus Marie, of Ostend, Cullen captured by, 248.

Jews, question of admission to England, 1601.

Jhon, Luise [? Lewis Jones], commander of the Providence, 220.

Joffer. See Jefferies.

John II. Casimir, king of Poland, King Casimir:
-, appeal for help against Muscovites, 40, 46; unlikely to get, 46.
-, help to Charles resented, 40; Cromwell charges with robbing English and Scots to supply Charles, 46; disinclination to do anything for, 54.
-, successes of Swedes against, 97, 130; withdrawal of, 157; many revert to side of, 206.
-, envoy from Moldavia to, 279.

John IV., duke of Braganza, king of Portugal:
-, satisfies English claims, 8; reception of alteration in treaty reported to, 83.
-, Neuchese sought protection of, 9; patache from Indies delivers itself to, 81.
-, shows mistrust of English over Brazil fleet, 84.
-, orders friendly treatment of English fleet, 98; friendly reception of Blake, 114.
-, delays ratification of treaty with England, 171, 213; threatened if treaty not ratified, 191; Meadowe to receive confirmation from, 204; Meadowe reports objection to certain articles, 217, 242.
-, Madrid uncertain about relations with English, 209; English will not want to irritate, 217.
-, spends heavily for peace with England, 230; Blake arranges alliance with, 232; pays heavily not to have Cromwell for enemy, 240, 245; most friendly disposition to England, 283.
-, much upset at attack on Meadowe, 242; sends physicians to cure, 245; tries to discover culprit, 283.
-, impressed by English indifference about treaty, 242; death of, 289, 294.

John, Don, of Austria, son of Philip IV.:
-, confers with Charles, 211; to confer at Antwerp, 215; confers with at Brussels, 226, 228; receives Charles courteously, 229.
-, victory over French, at Valenciennes, 246.

Jones, Giones, captain of the Concord, 221.

-, John, chosen member for London, but not admitted, 256n.

Jorc, duke of. See James, duke of York.

Joseph, of Ostend, Cullen captured by, 248.

-, on circuit attacked at Salisbury, 37.
-, Cromwell takes advice about giving authority to decisions, 71; resignation of some, 72.
-, Cromwell gives power to new, to pass sentence, 75; meeting of, in London, 80.

justice, Cromwell devising measure for regulation of, 68.

-, chief, of the Upper Bench. See Rolle, Henry.