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Pages 414-416

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 30, 1655-1656. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1930.

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Wager, John, commander of the Greyhound, fight with Dunkirkers, blows up ship, 239.

war, the first Dutch:
-, States General raise loan to meet cost of, 41; Spanish war more costly to English than, 288.
-, Dutch still smarting from 293; disadvantages of Dutch in, 303; Dutch paid English cost of, 304.
-, preachers of both nations denounced, 305.

Warsaw, Poland, occupied by Charles X., 101n.

Wassenar, Jacques de, sieur d'Opdam, Dutch sending out squadron under, 44.

watch, dial, presented by Mazarin to Sagredo, 121.

weather, storms:
-, Penn's fleet suffers in storm, 37, 39; constant rain, prayers for harvest, 105.
-, exceptional severity, 176, 194; stormy, freezing, 275.
-, storm drives back fleet, 201.
-, stops Bordeaux's entry, 203.

Weiss, Gabriel, Captain Wis, envoy of Berne to Pinerolo conference, goes to inform Savoy of coming of delegates, 73.

West Indies:
-, news from, 89.
-, Penn's fleet going to take island in, 12, 18; Penn supposed to be near, 20.
-, Gage gave Cromwell information about, 18; Cardenas reports designs against, 24.
-, resentment at exclusion of English trade from, 18; Penn preparing to intercept plate fleet from, 46.
-, projects in, will not be changed by Cond's offer, 39; proposed payment to divert English from, 66.
-, Bordeaux urges attack on, 52; troops sent to, from Scotland, 102.
-, Cromwell's demand for trade in, impossible to grant, 149; great booty taken in squadron from, 273.

-, fleet for. See under navy.

Westminster, royalists banished from, 86; refuses to accept Cromwell's nominees for parliament, 254.
-, Abbey:
-,-, Richmond buried in 52n; Mrs. Desborough buried in, 280.
-,-, members of parliament to take oath in, 240; members hear sermon in, 266.
-, letters dated at, 96, 135.
-, treaty of peace made at, 162.
-, thanksgiving at, for victory, 273.

wheat, Dutch obtain supplies from Baltic, 175.

Whetstone, W., commander of the Phnix, 220.

Whitehall. See London, places in and near.

Whitehorn, William, commanding squadron in the Downs, 195.
-, holds up Ruyter to search convoy, 210n.
-, Dunkirk raiders caught by squadron of, 234.

Whitelocke, Vitelock, Bulstrode, says W. Indies expedition by advice of Gage, 18n; chosen to go to Sweden and Germany, 191.

Widdrington, Widrington, Sir Thomas, commissioner of the Treasury: chosen Speaker, 266.

Wight, isle of, co. Hants, Grandison in, 72n.

Wildman, John, major, plot of, 4; declaration of, 42, 44; Cromwell perturbed by, 42.

Williams, Sir Abraham, house in palace yard used for reception of ambassadors, 9, 53, 58, 121.

Wilmot, Henry, earl of Rochester, back in Paris, reports royal cause at lowest ebb, 52.

Wilson, James, English consul at Cadiz, has not returned to house, 74; taken on board fleet, 87; withdrawn, 92.

Windham, Wadham, counsel for Cony, sent to Tower, 62.

-, cargo of, for Leghorn, 14.
-, present of, to Cromwell from Grand Duke, 67.
-, price halved in Andalusia by English action, 120.
-, ships at Canaries for, 134; trade at Canaries for, 143.
-, French may sell in Great Britain, by treaty, 150.
-, excise (?) increased on, 194.
-, better in England than in country of origin, 308.

Winsby, Windsbey, state ship, in fleet to south, 220.

Wis. See Weiss.

Witheridge, , commander of the Plymouth, 220.

Wolborg, Volboria [Poland], queen of Poland at, 279.

-, sometimes preachers, 308.
-, loose, soldiers hunt out in London to send to Barbados, 184, 309.

-, export from Biscay to England hindered, 104.
-, may be sold in France, by treaty, 150; proclamation forbidding sale to foreigners, 294.
-, Dutch accustomed to mix English and Spanish, 294.

Woolwich, co. Kent, Naseby built at, 36n; Richard built at, 48n.

Worcester, Worster, state ship, in fleet to south, 220.