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Pages 363-364

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 32, 1659-1661. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1931.

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Kalamata, Calamota, near Maina [Messenia, Greece], Benvenuta requisitioned to take guns to, 305.

Keat, Sir Jonathan, owner of Angel, claim against Venetian officers, 367; king writes on behalf of, 232; Admiralty judgment for, 233.

Kelsey, Thomas, Colonel or Major-General, parliament decides to cashier, 79.

Kent, county of, royalists surprised at gatherings in, 53; gentlemen of arrested for preparing petition, 114.

Kentish, state ship, put in commission, 31n.

Kielman, John Henry, envoy of duke of Holstein, audience of delayed, 43; had audience of council of state, 67.

Kiuprili, Mohammed, Grand Vizier of Turkey:
-, Bendish cultivates most friendly relations with, 43, 136; angered with Bendish, 180; Bendish speaks of vast ambitions, 181.
-, does not want question of steel and tin monopoly pursued, 123.
-, Piron suggests alliance to,non-committal attitude, 124; held back by personal considerations, 136.
-, measures of Bendish to keep ships from, 154; Bendish makes strong representations to, about imprisonment of French ambassador, 234.
-, demands use of English ships to take munitions, unmoved by representations, 2501, 280; demands passport from Venice for English ship, 252; good reception of Winchelsea by, 268.
-, Winchelsea's representations to about Barbary corsairs, promises redress, 268.
-, Winchelsea asks for release of slaves, 268; releases two, 2689.
-, promises every reasonable favour if allowed use of English ships, 269; orders English ship to take guns to Kalamata, 305.

Knight, Major Ralph:
-, sent by Monk to London to treat, 92; confers with Fleetwood, 93; settlement made by, 94, 100; Monk does not confirm, 97, 99; declares will be ratified, 99.
-, Monk's letter to London written before left Scotland, 97; leaving for Newcastle, 99.

Kuffler. See Ruffler.