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Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 33, 1661-1664. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1932.

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Acmet, Celibi, evidence of, 279.

Admiral, Lord High. See James, duke of York.

Admiralty, Boulay has Dutch ships sequestrated by order of, 156; orders royal ships to victual at Leghorn, 193.

Adrianople [Turkish Empire], 70, 280.
-, news from, 107.
-, despatches dated at, 251, 254, 258, 260, 267, 2789, 2812, 285, 289.
-, imperial resident leaves, 38; deputies of Algiers at, 98.
-, Winchelsea going to about Portuguese embassy, 50, 107; going to about Algiers affair, 77; back from, 102.

Adriatic Sea, the Gulf, 225.

Africa, places given to English in by Portuguese assigned to Dutch by treaties of Munster, 41.

-, Company, the Royal, increases fleet, 286.

agents. See under ambassadors.

Albanians, Winchelsea asks leave to levy, for Portugal, 258.

Albaula. See London, Whitehall.

Albemarle, duke of. See Monk, George.

Alburquerque, Albucherche, duke of. See Fernandez de la Cueva, Francisco.

Alcantara di Sale [Morocco, N. Africa], hard pressed by Benticar, 201.

Alcazar, Alcasar [Morocco, N. Africa], a threat to Tangier, 247.

Alexander VII, pope:
-, asked to confirm. Russell as bishop of Monte Verde, 52.
-, should intervene to stop Franco-Spanish quarrel, 68; will not receive ambassador from Portugal, 293.
-, Beling to treat with for promotion of Aubigny, 195; promotion would help English Catholics, 196.
-, Winchelsea reports breaches with, 260.

Alexandria [Egypt], success of Turks over caravana of, 226.

Alexius, Grand Duke of Muscovy:
-, Frisendorff complains of grant of levy to, 12; embassy from, to Charles, 162, 167; honours to English ambassador reciprocated, 219.
-, deprived English of privileges they used to enjoy, 167; would have nothing to do with commonwealth, 221; money lent by to Charles, in exile, 226.
-, presents to Charles, 226; wants to enlist English officers, 230.
-, Turks keep Black Sea closed to prevent intercourse with, 257; Carlisle takes present of horses for, 263.

Alfonso VI, king of Portugal, duke of Braganza, 129, 135, 177.
-, treaty with Charles, 6; ratification of treaty with Dutch, 30, 79.
-, Charles drinks to health of, 6; Mello taking letter from Charles to, 10.
-, Spanish misgivings about Flanders will help, 21.
-, nominates Russel bishop of Cape Verde, 52; Charles receives letters from, 68.
-, Batteville to thwart pleadings of sister for, 58.
-, fear that will be unable to fulfil promises, 60; difficulty in collecting the money, 71; Montagu to take on board money paid by, 92.
-, present from to Charles presented to Sultan by corsairs, 96; Winchelsea informs of Sultan's readiness to receive minister, 102.
-, Charles decides to send troops to succour, 114, 122; succour for, 136, 141, 169; Spaniards hear of help for, 154.
-, Spain may be forced to adjustment with, 114; Spanish confiscations due to help for, 151.
-, Dutch capture English ships with commissions of, 123; annuls letters of marque against Dutch, 167.
-, Sylva undertakes payment of dowry for, 150; misfortunes of help to discredit sister, 172; quarrels with mother, 176.
-, Spanish successes against cause apprehension, 164; Mello distressed at plight of, 169.
-, French desire to uphold, 176; Charles obliged to help by virtue of treaty, 178; English intention to succour, 263.
-, French offer loan to England for, 178, 185; French activity in support of, 227.
-, complaint that Dutch violating treaty with, 183; Inchiquin informs queen of affairs of, 215.
-, proposed marriage to Orleans princess, 185; Ruvigny over about support of, 250.
-, negotiations for reception of minister of, at Porte, 254.
-, Spanish preoccupation will cease with recognition of, 255; Medina says not a free agent, 273.
-, pressing for help from England and France, 268; O'Moledy insinuated desire for adjustment with, 275; depredations on Dutch shipping under flag of, 283.

Algiers, N. Africa:
-, news from, 145, 148.
-, fleet expected to proceed to, 2, 7; Montagu going to, 21, 29; to humble pride of, 25, 30, 34, 38.
-, refuses to send ships to Levant for transports, 5.
-, ships building at, 5; three frigates captured, 46; no news of moment from, 51.
-, increasing audacity of, 7, 34; English ships taken by connivance with, 8, 9, 17; representations about, 24, 28, 36, 45, 56.
-, fleet leaves Alicante for, 34; Montagu to try for adjustment with, 36; Montagu's demands of, 39.
-, reported French and Dutch assistance against, 35; Montagu bombarding, 41; reports of engagement at, 42, 46; reports of English reverse at, 44, 47; Montagu leaves after declaring war, 46.
-, ten more ships equipped for, 47, 52; York inspects ships for, 64; ships ready for, 66.
-, king and ministers disposed to destroy, 47; Lawson in charge of fleet before, 51, 53; English likely to leave, 52.
-, Ruyter not prepared to attack, 49; Senate rejoices at English lighting, 53, 59, 61.
-, reported revolt at through English pressure, 60, 67; said to have sued for peace, 78.
-, Turks intend to be revenged for attack on, 62; Winchelsea fears effects on Turks of attack on, 70, 77; he explains action, 78.
-, Lawson captures and harasses ships of, 67, 139; reported losses in storm, 108.
-, number of ships taken by, 71, 94; account of booty captured by, 80.
-, Montagu's mission to led to rupture, 88; report of peace made with English, 94; ready to ratify agreement with England, 126.
-, capture Charity and Friendship, 100.
-, no news of, 106; Montagu more concerned to get reparations from than to injure, 113.
-, ships leave to get timber for ships, 108; ships at and building, 109.
-, fearful of French attack, appeal to Porte for help, 109, 129; help refused, advised to come to terms with English, 129; English ships free, by treaty with, 187, 199.
-, English not likely to relax hostilities against, 129; Lawson waiting for ships bringing troops to, 139.
-, no news from, 133, 137, 155.
-, Lawson inflicts severe defeat on corsairs off, 142, 144; Ruyter allowed corsairs to pass into, when beaten by Lawson, 1456; report of defeat doubted, 151.
-, Ruyter promises to furnish with munitions of war, 147; Ruyter's treaty with, 151, 156.
-, Lawson makes peace with, 148, 1513; terms of treaty, 160, 163, 166; agreement with followed with other towns, 174.
-, Lawson returns to because not observing terms, 160, 162, 166; trickery of, over treaty, 1623.
-, money sent to, to redeem slaves, 160.
-, Venetian interest in treaty with, 170; treaty with model for Tunis and Tripoli, 203, 219, 220.
-, depredations of, cause failures in London, 171; captures of Dutch, English and French ships by, 270.
-, Ruyter returns to, for revision of treaty, 183; Ruyter goes to, to get same terms as English, 221.
-, peace with proclaimed, 233; Winchelsea gets order from Porte to renew peace, 266.
-, Henry brought into, 272n; mission of Rycaut to, 273.
-, Lawson to strike blow at, believed to be weak, 277; fleet going against, 284.
-, fleet of 45 ships puts out from, 284.
-, -, Pasha, Basha of, fears that Vizier may force to composition with English, 96.
-, -, -, the new, invites Winchelsea to conference, discussion with, 126, 149; alteration in treaty due to malice of, 166.
-, -, deputies of to Porte at Adrianople, controversy with Winchelsea, advised to make adjustment with England, 98; taken sharply to task for what done against English, but not punished, 102.

-, See also Barbary.

-, English consul at. See Browne, Robert.

Alicante [Prov. Valencia, Spain]:
-, news from, 53, 138.
-, friendly reception of fleet at, 21;
-, Montagu driven into, 29; Montagu leaves, 34, 39.
-, Montagu ill at, 29, 34; Montagu sends for frigates from, 412; Montagu gone to refresh at, 47.
-, ship with gondolas for Charles at, 34.

Allen, Captain Thomas:
-, resisted attempt of Turks to requisition Plymouth, 44.
-, complains of high handed action of Venetian ministers, 44, 567.

Almeda, Don Luis de, Portuguese governor of Tangier, reluctant to give up place to English, 47, 54, 71.

almoner to the queen. See Stuart, Ludovic, seigneur d'Aubigny.

Alsace [France], journey of Louis to, to intimidate House of Austria, 123.

ambassadors, agents, envoys, foreign ministers, papal nuncios, residents, secretaries:
-, Charles changes custom of honouring, 3; gratuities expected of, 19.
-, entry of Venetians not announced to, 24; king's coaches refused to, exception in favour of Venetians, 25.
-, rivalry of French and Spanish, 24; dispute for precedence between French and Spanish, 52, 545, 62, 67, 69, 89, 90.
-, relations of Venetians with, 31; question of appointment to Venice, 56, 167.
-, no change in form of receiving, in England, 38; fresh order about coaches at receptions, 56.
-, coaches of not to attend reception, 62; Durazzo advises, of entry, 98; none have dealings with him, 109.
-, must celebrate king's marriage, 69, 77; duty to do anything that promotes service of master, 94; privilege for wine and beer, 197, 210; Clarendon wishes to withdraw, 201.
-, presents to, 90, 166; none for Batteville, 103.
-, condolences of, on death of queen of Bohemia, 112; prince of Denmark visited by, 193, 219.
-, all eager to leave England, 123; all go to Hampton Court, 160, 170; no privileges for since restoration, 201.
-, expected appointment of after king's wedding, 144, 168.
-, informed of arrival of Hanse ambassadors, 217; proposed regulations for priests of, 239.
-, Holles standing out on question of precedence, 261, 271, 274, 276, 281, 285.

-, names of:

Brandenburg, to England. See Brand, Christopher; Nassau Siegen, John Maurice of; Plnitz, Gerhard Bernard von, freiherr von Assbach; Weiman, Daniel.

Danish, in England. See Petkum, Simon de; Rosenwing, Henry Wishelme; Sehested, Hannibal.

Dutch, to England. See Cunaeus, Peter; Goch, Michiel van; Hoorn, Simon van; Nassau, Louis of, heer van Beverwaart; Ripperda van Fernsum, Henry.

Dutch, to France. See Beuningen, Conrad van; Boreel, William; Gent, Johan, baron van; Hubert, Justus de.

Dutch, at the Porte. See Warnerus, Levinus.

English, to France. See Berkeley, Sir Charles: Crofts, William lord; Edmondes, Sir Thomas: Gerard, Charles lord; Holles. Denzil, baron; Hyde, Lawrence: Jermyn, Henry, earl of St. Albans; St. Ravy, Sir William.

English. to Muscovy. See Howard. Charles, earl of Carlisle.

English. in the Netherlands. See Downing. Sir George.

English, at the Porte. See Barton, Sir Edward; Bendish. Sir Thomas: Finch. Heneage. earl of Winchelsea.

English, to Portugal. See Fanshawe, Sir Richard: Montagu, Edward.

English to Rome. See Beling. Richard.

English, to Spain. See Bennet. Sir Henry; Fanshawe, Sir Richard.

English, at Venice. see Killigrew, Thomas.

French, to England. See Battailler. M.: Colbert Taron: Cominges, Gaston Jean Baptiste de; Estrades. Geoffroi comte d': Massue, Henri de, marquis de Ruvigny; Viantes. marquis de.

French, in the Netherlands. See Thou, Jacques. Auguste de.

French, at the Porte. See Haye. Jean de la; Ribolli.

French, to Portugal. See Colbert Taron.

French, to Spain. See Aubusson, George d', de la Feuillade, archbishop of Embrun.

Genoese, to England. See Brignoli, Giovanni Carlo; Durazzo, Count Giovanni Luca.

Genoese, to France. See Durazzo, Count Giovanni Luca.

Hanse Towns, to England. see Brombse. Diedrich a; Westerman, Caspar; Zobel, Nicholas.

Imperial, to Denmark. See Zinzendorf, Maximilian Erasmus.

Imperial, to England. See Collalto, Count; Knigseck, count of: Strozzi. Count.

Imperial, to Poland. See Kinsky. Frederick Ulric.

Imperial, to the Porte. See Leslie, Walter count: Reninger, Simon.

Imperial, to Sweden. See Windischgrtz, Theophilus, count of.

Malta, knights of, to England. See Boulay, chevalier du.

Malta, knights of, to the Netherlands. See Kempingh, Reyner.

Modena, to England. See Rangoni. Count Lottario.

Muscovite, to England. see Prozorovsky, Peter; Stepanov, John: Zhelyabushky, John.

Muscovite, to Tuscany. See stepanov. John.

Muscovite, to Venice. See Zhelyabushky, John.

Palatine, to England. See Bonstedt. Ludwig von. lord of Germersheim.

papal nuncio, in Spain. See Bonelli.

Portuguese, to England. See Coronel. Augustus; Mello. Francesco de, marquis de Sande: Sa e Menezes, Francesco de.

Portuguese, to France. See Mello, Francesco de. marquis de Sande.

Portuguese, to the Netherlands. See Sousa, Henry de. de Tavares, conde de Miranda; Ulhoa, Diego Lopes.

Savoyard, at Venice. See Borgo, marquis del; Doni, Abbot.

Spanish, in England. See Batteville. baron de; O'Moledy, Patrick: Rancano, Alonso; White. Ignatius.

Spanish, in France. See Tello de Guzman. Gaspar, marquis la Fuente: Vivero, Luis Perez, count of Fuendalsaa.

Spanish, in Netherlands. See Gamarra, Estevan de.

Swedish, in England. See Barkman, John: Brahe, Nicholas; Frisendorff. John Frederick von.

Tuscan, in England. See Salvetti, Amerigo; Salvetti. Giovanni, Anterminelli.

Venetian, in England. See Corraro. Angelo; Giavarina, Francesco; Mocenigo. Pietro; Morosini, Michiel.

Venetian, at Florence. See Vico, Domenico.

Venetian, in France. See Giustinian. Girolamo; Grimani, Alvise; Sagredo, Alvise.

Venetian, in Germany. See Nani, Giovanni Battista: Sagredo, Giovanni; Sagredo, Niccolo.

Venetian, at Naples. See Bianchi.

Venetian, at the Porte. See Ballarino. Giovanni Battista; Capello, Giovanni.

Venetian, in Spain. See Bianchi; Cornaro. Giovanni: Giustinian, Girolamo; Sagredo, Niccolo.

Venetian, at Zurich. See Sarotti.

Ambrun. See Aubusson, George d', archbishop of Embrun.

-, leaders of sectaries to be sent to plantations of, 209; ships sail from Cadiz for, 216.
-, English hopes of getting trading facilities from Spain in, 277.

Amsterdam [Prov. N. Holland, Netherlands]:
-, news from, 270.
-, Portugal to pay by Jews of, 52; Russel brought bill of exchange on, 54.
-, ship of, attacked by corsairs and blown up, 186.
-, Giavarina writes to, about Speranza, 204, 213, 223; Speranzaexpected at, 213.
-, Giavarina travelling by, 2234.
-, insults to Charles published in, 288.

-, Admiralty of, remonstrance about encroachments in India, 286.

Amurath III, sultan of Turkey, campaign against Maximilian, 194n.

Anabaptists, 154.
-, tenets of, 86; many arrests of, leaders to be sent to plantations, 209; king orders release of some arrested for conspiracy, 232.
-, efforts made to smoothe matters for, 239; conspiracy among in the north, 269; danger to throne from, 291.

Anand. See Annand.

Anchorstones, co. Devon, Ostend ship strikes, 110n.

Andalusia, Spain, reported exclusion of English ships from, 195.

-, general of. See Cerda, Antonio di, duke of Medina Celi.

Angel, Angelo, English ship, Giavarina informs king of case of, 44, 56.

Anglican Church. See Church of England.

Annand, Anand, Lt. Colonel Thomas:
-, letters to doge in favour of, 133, 231; reply to king about, 140, 151, 246; king presses matter on Giavarina, 152; king told of, 193, 223.
-, Lauderdale inquires about, 170; to be granted leave, 181, 215.

Anne of Austria, queen mother of France, Spaniards would like affair of coaches settled by, 63; Lord Mandevile sent to inquire after, 249.

Anne Marie Louise of Orleans, duchess of Montpensier, Mademoiselle, proposed marriage to king of Portugal, 277.

Antwerp [Prov. Antwerp, Belgium], 223.
-, news from, 43.
-, despatch dated at, 4; letters sent via, 56.
-, letters received from, 7; letters received at, 12.
-, Venetian ambassadors at, 3, 12; garrison very torpid and ill paid, 4; suggested transfer of Venetian services from, to Brussels, 175, 208.
-, money of king of Spain in banks of, 247; remittances to London from, 250, 259; most of money at gone to help emperor, 264.

Aquila Nera, English ship, delivered to corsairs by connivance, 9.

Archipelago, 258.
-, troops from, for Algiers, 139; Venetian right of search in questioned, 225.

Arcilla. See Arzela.

Argyle, earl and marquis of. See Campbell.

Armenians, get imperial order for English to state losses by corsairs, 165; unpopularity of, at Porte, 281.

army, forces, soldiers, troops:
-, parliament measures for disbanding garrisons, and for paying arrears, 20; immense sums required for maintenance of, 75.
-, Scottish parliament asks for removal of garrison, king complies, 26.
-, parliament gives king full control of, 32; arrest of officers from Monk's companies, 63.
-, enlistment of men for Tangier, unwillingness to serve there, 54, 64; troops for Tangier reviewed, 64; embarcation of troops, 71, 79.
-, guards set at French and Spanish embassies, 58; removed from Spanish embassy by king's order, 73.
-, soldiers being replaced by conspirators, in garrisons, 64.
-, Batteville accused of trying to corrupt troops for Tangier, 74; troops for Tangier held up by weather, 81.
-, particulars of king's guards, 84; guards marching to meet queen, 141; three companies go with king, others remain, 144.
-, king given control of, 84; proposal to raise a new, under York, 91; would afford security against disorders, 92; parliament considering formation of new, 106.
-, act for ordering, royal assent to, 1467; 10,000 men strong, 187.
-, decision to form three regiments of horse, 1878; new regiments being formed, 210.
-, not trustworthy because of diversity of faiths in, 188; lord mayor asks help of, 205; troops brought to London, 212.
-, Ormond changing officers in Ireland, 191.
-, additional troops sent to Dunkirk, 192; disposal of troops from Dunkirk, 203, 213, 219; troops from Dunkirk fear being disbanded, 205.
-, recruiting for, 212; king will only keep troops necessary for safety, 229.
-, pay in arrear for six months, 214; many troops dismissed to save expense, 263.
-, proposed levy of five regiments postponed, 239; king wants control, Commons will not give, 249.
-, under arms three nights running, in London, 267; volunteer regiment of gentry formed in Yorks, 283; king consolidating position by keeping force of 10,000 men, 288; king advised to set up, for absolute rule, 293.

-, See also guards.

Artois, agreement between France and Spain to exchange Dunkirk for places in, 179, 189; France does not mean to make the exchange, 220.

Arundel, house of:
-, constancy to Catholicism, in spite of persecution, 18.
-, king hesitating about restoring marshalship to, 18.

-, earl of. See Howard, Henry Frederick; Howard, Thomas.

Arzela, Arcilla [Morocco], Montagu makes agreement with king of, 109; English frigates at, to overawe Moors, 174.

Asia, merchantman, arrival at Smyrna, 278.

Assbach, freiherr von. See Plnitz, Gerhard Bernard von.

Assurance, royal navy, news of Algiers treaty brought by, 151; prince of Denmark leaves in, 219n.

Aubigny, seigneur d'. See Stuart, Ludovic.

Aubusson, George d', de la Feuillade, archbishop of Embrun, Ambrun, French ambassador in Spain, receives news of affair of coaches, threatens war, 62.

Audesfort. See Rutherford.

Austria, House of:
-, journey of Louis to Alsace, to intimidate, 123; Winchelsea not to stir Turks against, 132.
-, French proposing alliance against, 202; preoccupations will cease if Portugal recognised, 255.

-, Don John of. See John, Don.

Avellaneda y Haro, Don Garcia de, conde di Castrillo, Castriglio, to attend to naval armament, 93.

Ays. See Hayes.