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Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 33, 1661-1664. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1932.

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Backwell, Blackwell, Edward, alderman, goes to Paris to weigh Dunkirk money, 208.

Badiley, Capt. William, commanding Blackamore pink, 122n.

Ballarino, Giovanni Battista, Venetian Grand chancellor, at the Porte:
-, despatches to the Senate, 5, 12, 22, 46, 50, 70, 77, 96, 98, 1023, 112, 116, 125, 132, 165, 193, 225, 239, 251, 252, 257, 259, 266, 282, 289.
-, -, despatches referred to, 132.
-, despatches to the Inquisitors of State, 38, 50, 233, 274, 27880, 284.
-, instructions to, 113, 149.
-, letter of Gobato to, 282.
-, Winchelsea informs of king's marriage, expresses desire to serve, 22; friendly relations with Winchelsea, 33, 59, 61, 65; suggests informing Charles of friendliness of Winchelsea, 39; to cultivate friendliness, 113.
-, asked to be godfather to Winchelsea's son, 46; present at function, 50; goes to bid Winchelsea farewell, 77; to give the christening present, 113, 165.
-, offices to prevent ships serving Turks, 50, 103, 126, 225; offices with French resident fruitless, 112.
-, tries to keep dragomans loyal, 51; secret visit to Winchelsea, 125.
-, confirms renewal of English capitulations, 137; contrives with Winchelsea. to thwart Dutch resident, 165; asked to give security for English ships serving Turks, 239, 240.
-, action about corpse of Capello, 2334, 278, 284.
-, outburst of Winchelsea against, 240; Winchelsea still estranged from, 253; Winchelsea makes advances to, 259, 260.
-, dragomans appeal to, against Winchelsea, 253.
-, depositions obtained by, about attack on embassy, 279, 280.
-, relations with Gobato, 278, 2802, 2845.
-, Winchelsea changes attitude to and professes friendship, 284; expresses desire for better relations with, 289.

Baltic Sea, Monk sent to for Muscovite ambassadors, 200; Carlisle met in, 263.

Bandini, Giacomo, Giavarina to have arrested and sent to Venice, 152.

Barbary, North Africa:
-, English fleet coming to deal with, 13, 36; Montagu satisfied about, 47; Venice hopes Charles will make war on, 56, 70; fleet seen cruising off, 68; great scarcity in, 139; Senate wants news of, 186; silence about in Spain, 159; Rycaut visiting, 265n.

-, corsairs of, Barbareschi, Turkish corsairs:

English ships surrender to, by connivance, 4; pother about, captains excuse themselves, 13; excellence of craft of, 36.

Montagu's fleet to repress excesses of, 14; galleys of sunk and captured by Montagu's frigates, 42; frigates cruising about for others, 43.

Charles speaks of necessity of chastising, 44; six ships of looked into Thames and fled, 47.

proposed junction of English, French and Dutch against, 49; Ruyter in Mediterranean for destruction of, 51.

Montagu engages and Lawson captures ships of, 51; Lawson's measures for hunting, 53.

precautions of make English refrain from attack, 52; Charles determined to continue hostilities with, 61, 70; English fleet constantly scoring advantages against, 78.

Winchelsea explains action against, at Porte, 78; were the first to attack, 98.

insolence of may delay reduction of fleet, 88; constantly making booty despite English and Dutch fleets, 100,

but for English and Dutch fleets would bring trade to stand, 91; number of ships taken by very large, 113.

Estrades to treat for joint action against, 93; desirability of joint attack on, 106; union against considered impossible, 108.

few ships go for currants, from fear of, 94; depredations of reduce returns from duties, 111.

deputies of sent to Tangier to ratify agreement, 94; Venice interested in adjustment with, 95.

Winchelsea's representations against, at Porte, 96; Porte means that English shall be treated with respect by, 102.

hostilities with France may cause England to make adjustment with, 100; idea of French expedition against abandoned, 124.

reported to have suffered greatly in storm, 108; English continue hostilities against, 143.

Lawson pursuing merchantmen of, 108; Tangier will enable English to harass, 114.

Giavarina urging joint action against, 109, 145; and Grimani, 127.

Dutch decide to equip new fleet against, propose to ask English to join in, 125, 134; Ruyter makes peace with, 138, 140.

Winchelsea would think himself wronged if expedition against without warning him, 126; English hostility will prevent sending help against Venice, 129.

English losses to, 139, 143.

Ruyter allowed ships to escape into Algiers, 144; Clarendon condemns Ruyter's treaty with, 147.

reported agreement of English with, 145; Lawson going to treat with, 160; reported agreement of Lawson with, 174.

English pamphlet on Ruyter's treaty with, 147; will not re-open negotiations with Dutch, 183.

Senate wants information on treaties with Dutch and English, 158, 170, 186, 191, 193.

rarely keep their word, 160; Tangier threatened by, 174; Lawson's business with completed, 227,

Dutch negotiations with active. 186.

English negotiations with dormant, 186: agreements with Cromwell in force, 187.

union of English with prevents Spaniards helping Gayland, 201; connivance of English with suspected, 267.

Winchelsea gets order from Porte to renew peace with English, 266, 275: Sultan pledges observance of peace, 270.

depredations of, not observing agreements with English and Dutch, 271; Holles says force only way to keep in order, 272; Lawson to go and wage ruthless war on, 273: king means to assert rights against, 274.

Winchelsea obtains consent of Porte to punishment of, 2778: incensed at losses, 284.

connivance of English sea captain with, 281.

a second fleet sent against, 2845;

Winchelsea wants reduced to order, 289.

-, deputies of, expected at Constantinople, 96.

-, See also Algiers: Tripoli; Tunis.

Bardi. Count, Tuscan minister of war, remonstrates with English captains for betraying goods to corsairs, 13.

Barkman, John, Swedish resident in England, leaves for home, to propose alliance, 255.

Barkstead, John, ex-governor of the Tower, regicide, arrested at Delft, 112; imprisoned in Tower, 124; proved to have sat in court, condemned, 135; executed, 138.

Barton, Sir Edward, English ambassador at the Porte, went with Sultan to Hungary, 194n.

Bateman, Sir Anthony, Lord Mayor of London, banquet of, Cominges takes offence, 269; apologies made, 272.

Bates. William, Presbyterian divine, called upon to conform, 229.

Bath, co. Somerset, king takes queen to, 2623.

-, earl of. See Grenville, John.

Battailler, Battaglie, M., secretary of French embassy in London, left in charge, 131; sent to Paris with despatches, 192; returns and sent back again, 194; returns from Paris, 195.

Batteville, Vatteville, baron de, Spanish ambassador in England:
-, refurnishing house, 1, 7; was introduced by Peterborough, 23; marquise de Montbason kinswoman of, 177.
-, sees king privately, complains of horses granted to Portugal, 1; to stay on and see what will happen, 7, 25; still hoped may break off match, 21.
-, king complains to of paper on marriage, defends action, 2; hopes marriage will come to nothing, 6; admits marriage established, 25.
-, Strozzi writes to, is to be guided by, 3; Strozzi asks advice about coming to England, 8.
-, Charles assures that England wishes to continue peace, 14; question of English response to embassy, 48.
-, warlike preparations for attending Venetians' entry, 24; says Venice will get no help from England, 25; met Venetian ambassadors, 31.
-, complains of being deceived about Parma match, 25; curiosity about what will do when queen comes, 58.
-, expected broil with Estrades about coaches, 48, 52; broil occurs, 54; victory of, informs king of incident, 55; account of affair at Paris, 57.
-, all satisfied with behaviour of. went to view site beforehand, 55; troops to guard house after, 58; guard removed by king's order, 73.
-, French Court incensed about, 60; only gave money to crowd after incident, 61.
-, Estrades blamed for not finding out what contriving, 62; blamed at Madrid for not avoiding incident, 63; French say acted by Philip's order, 66.
-, references to affair of coaches, 65, 69, 70; Giavarina to watch operations, 72: and, issue of affair, 80.
-, informed that king will no longer receive, 72; asks the reason, 73; probable reasons, 74; people say dismissed to please French, 76.
-, has letters from king, to present, 73; preparing to leave, waiting for orders from Madrid, 76.
-, staying on, inactive, 81; chief opponent of Portuguese match, 87.
-, recalled to gratify France, 81, 104; king's orders sent to, 92; preparing to leave, 956, 99.
-, author of negotiations with Parma, 87; Spanish government perturbed about treatment of, 93; Spaniards say will stay on, 101.
-, has letter for king, 96; stiffness in dealing with Nicholas, 99,100.
-, Gamarra's coming will depend on, 96; desire to re-open relations with, 100; regret at departure, 103; Gamarra expected to succeed, 118.
-, conduct approved at Madrid, expected to stay on, 102; honours at departure, 103.
-, Clarendon prevented audience and present for, 103; arrives in Flanders, 109, 117; returns to Spain, 183.
-, Fuentes hastened departure because of French suspicions, 104; advises king of impropriety of sending another ambassador to England, 118.
-, marquise de Montbason writes to, 177; Aubigny wants Giavarina to inform about her, 178; visited by Giavarina, 202.
-, bought ships and munitions of war in Holland, 183; blamed by Medina, 263.

Bavaria, Maximilian Henry of, archbishop elector of Cologne, Nimbergh a possession of, means to recover, 4.

Baxter, Richard, Presbyterian divine, called upon to conform, 229.

Bayley, Beyllei, Charles, a Quaker, committed to the Tower, 287.

Beaufort, Belfort, duke of. See Vendme, Francis de.

Bedford, co. Bedford, Lt.-Col. Miller imprisoned at, 287.

-, earl of. See Russel, William.

-, tax on disliked, 85; privilege of foreign ministers for, 197; Clarendon wishes to withdraw, 201.
-, demand on Giavarina for duty on, 197; he pays it, 198; Senate regrets affair, 210.

Belasyse. See Bellasis.

Belgrade [Yugo Slavia], Winchelsea's villa at, 22, 38; Winchelsea wants to accompany Grand Vizier to, 193.

Beling, Belling, Richard, an Irish Catholic, mission to Rome, 195; to get red hat for Aubigny, 1956; leaves for Rome, 212; to act as agent for the queen, 2123.

Bellasis, Belasyse, Sir Henry, arraigned for murder of John Hoppy, 115.

-, John, arraigned for murder of John Hoppy, 115.

-, John, lord, waits on Venetian ambassadors, 23.

-, Thomas, lord Fauconberg, Facomberge, Facombigge, Facombrige:

proposed to sent to Turin, Florence and Venice, 82; Giavarina asks Nicholas about, very fond of Italy would like the post, 95; spoken of for Venice, 121; king says certain to have appointment, 167, 222; not yet publicly nominated, 168; Senate rejoiced to hear of, 176, 191; lord lieutenant of the North Riding, 191.

Giavarina to observe proceedings, 196; Senate wishes to know about, 208, 213; Giavarina's report on, 218.

Giavarina asks king about, 221; coming to London, 222.

Sagredo to find out about, 264; tries to do so, 271.

no longer spoken of, as ambassador, 268; involved in difficulties, 269.

-, -, brother, ? cousin of, 222.

-, Sir William of Morton House, 222n.

Benavides, Don Luis de, marquis of Caracena, governor of Spanish Netherlands:
-, alarmed by reinforcements at Dunkirk, pushes troops to frontier, 4; may not pass through France, 57.
-, Fuendalsagna intended to succeed in Flanders, 74; most of household lost in storm, 110.
-, complains of hostile behaviour of governor of Dunkirk, 118, 153; forbids people to pay anything to governor, 141; makes report to Spain, 153.
-, Rutherford demands contributions or free intercourse of, 157; asks instructions about exactions of Dunkirk garrison, 159.
-, sent White to London to sound feelings, 195; disowns him, 209.
-, efforts to keep parliament divided into factions, 250.

Bendish, Sir Thomas, late English ambassador at Constantinople, visits Florence on return, 10.

Benedictines, Charles assisted by, in exile, 241; parliament ready to repay, 244.

benefices, king refers to parliament to decide fitness of persons for, 232.

benevolence, parliament has recourse to, to meet deficit, 32, 85; good sums coming in from, 34.

Bennet, Benet, Sir Henry, English resident in Spain:
-, made keeper of privy purse, 11; likely to have further honours, 11.
-, Clarendon fears as rival for royal favour, 164; favoxirs Castlemaine against queen, 172.
-, appointed secretary of state, 203, 206.
-, Clarendon's trap to ruin, 203; to employ all his wit to cast down Clarendon, 206.
-, to examine prisoners to find out about plot, 211; order secured by good measures of, 221.

Benticar, leader of the Moors, Alcantara di Sale besieged by, 201.

Benvenuta, merchantman, long fight with Algerines, escapes to Leghorn, 100.

Berder, Giovanni di Simon di, testimony about attack on Venetian embassy at Pera, 2745.

Bergues [Nord, France], 218.

Berkeley, Berkley, Sir Charles, sent with congratulations on dauphin's birth, 67; at Paris, 72.

-, Captain, brings word of Algiers treaty, 151n; commanding the Bonadventure, 266.

Bertie, Montagu, earl of Lindsey, to be colonel of regiment of horse, 187.

Beuningen, Conrad van, Dutch ambassador in France, 49.

Beverwaart, heer van. See Nassau, Louis of.

Beyllei. See Bayley.

Bianchi, , Venetian secretary at Madrid, 224.

-, -, Venetian resident at Naples, unable to return home, 148.

Bigbury, Bigberry bay, co. Devon, Ostend ships wrecked in, 110n.

Bilbao [Prov. Vizcaya, Spain], English ship afraid to unlade at, 2; O'Moledy arrives in England from, 207; he reaches, from Plymouth, 243n.

Biscaglia, Biscay. See Vizcaya.

Bishop, Col. Henry, postmaster general, complains of charges at Venice, 59.

bishops, ecclesiastics:
-, take part in lord mayor's ceremony, 67; sit in parliament for first time, 74; fully restored, 86; accumulation of gold by, 160; absorb everything and keep it close, 161.
-, raise money to ransom slaves at Algiers, 160.
-, demonstrations against, 200; supremacy of, enforced, 229.
-, some Presbyterians receive investitures from, in Scotland, 244.

Black Sea:
-, potash brought from, 252.
-, Winchelsea asks that English ships may have leave to navigate, 257; permission refused, 258.

Blackamore, pink, royal navy, brought regicides from Holland, 122.

Blackwell. See Backwell.

Boclou. See Scott, Anne, countess of Buccleugh.

Boffort, Bofort. See Vendme, Francis de, duke of Beaufort.

Bogia. See Bougie.

Bohemia, queen of. See Elizabeth, Princess Palatine.

Bolingbroke. See St. John, Oliver.

Bonadventure, at Smyrna, with Rycaut, 265; at Tunis, 266.

Bona Esperanza, English ship seized by Dutch in Guinea, 147.

Bonelli, , papal nuncio in Spain, tines to calm French ambassador, 62.

Bonstedt, Ludwig von, lord of Germersheim, envoy of Elector Palatine to England, about to return, 158.

books, seditious, seized and burned, 76.

Boreel, Borelli, William, Dutch ambassador in France, 49.
-, twenty-two treaties sent to, 182; to be asked for passport for Mocenigo, 191, 225; nephew to be ambassador in England, 217.

Borel (?), Monsieur and Madame accompany Queen Henrietta to, 166.

Borgo, marquis dal, ambassador extraordinary of Savoy to Venice, appointment notified to Courts, 136.

Bougie, Bogia, Bugia [Prov. Constantine, Algeria], Lawson pursues Algerines sailing for, 108; Lawson waiting off, for ships with troops, 139; Lawson's attack on, 142, 144.

Boulay, chevalier du, cavalier di Bullois, agent of Cardinal of Hesse, appeals to Charles for knights of Malta against Dutch, 155; has Dutch ships sequestrated, Dutch complain of action, 156.

Boulogne [Pas de Calais, France], York starts to meet mother at, 162.

Boulonais, Boulonnais [Picardy, France], rising in, troops sent to, 159.

Bourbon Cond, Louis II de, prince of Cond, Castlehaven served under, 127; ambition to succeed to crown of Poland, 294.

Brabant, English allowed to trade freely in, 12.

Braganza. See Alfonso VI, king of Portugal.

Brahe, Nicholas, Swedish ambassador to England:
-, expected, 7, 37; arrived at Gravesend, 48; fear of trouble at entry, 52; entry of, riot about coaches, 54, 57, 90; steps to prevent disturbance at audience, 56.
-, refuses to salute flag at departure, escapes surreptitiously, 69, 77; king incensed about, 71; escape due to cunning, Holmes not to blame for, 74.

Brand, Christopher, resident of Brandenburg in England:
-, left in charge by ambassadors, 37; goes to get ratification of treaty, 48.
-, will not visit Hanse ambassadors without orders, 217.

Brandenburg [German Empire],

-, chancellor of. See Weiman, Daniel.

-, elector of, margrave of. See Frederick William.

Brandon, Charles, duke of Suffolk, 22n.

Brazil, S. America:
-, Dutch Portugese treaty excludes English from any pretensions in, and from trade, 33.
-, Portuguese promise English free navigation and trade in, 79; importance of to Portugal, 283.
-, captains dismissed for escorting Portuguese ship towards, 97.

bread, shortage of, price doubled, 111.

Breda, declaration of, indulgence claimed by virtue of, 235.

Bridgeman, Sir Orlando, lord chief Justice of Common Pleas, charges against Clarendon referred to, 256.

Brienne, comte de. See Lomenie, Henri Auguste de.

Brignoli, Giovanni Carlo, Genoese ambassador designate to England, replaced by Durazzo, 7.

Bristol, earl of. See Digby, George.

Brombse, Diedrich a, ambassador of Hanse towns, arrival and entry, 217.

Brown, Brun, Sir Richard, clerk of the Council, Secretary Brun, sees Giavarina about Galilee, 88, 101, 109, 173.

-, Alderman Sir Richard, major general of London, plot to murder, 212.

-, Thomas, captain of the Louis Charlotte, alleged connivance with pirates, 9; at Genoa, report of incident, 13; independent behaviour, treated very mildly, 14, 17; claims for hire and pays himself, 20.

Browne, Robert, English consul at Algiers, at Lisbon during hostilities, Montagu sends for, 94; reports capture of Henry, 272.

Brownists, sectaries, 86.

Brussels [Prov. Brabant, Belgium], 195n.
-, Strozzi at, 3; Strozzi leaves for Paris, 8.
-, Venetian ambassadors send to, for horses, 3; suggested transfer of Venetian letter service to, from Antwerp, 175.
-, Gamarra staying on at, 104; Gamarra leaves for Hague, 118.

Buccleugh, countess of. See Scott, Anne.

Buckhurst, lord. See Sackville, Charles.

Buckingham, duchess of. See Villiers, Mary.

-, duke of. See Villiers, George.

Buda [Hungary], Grand Vizier writes from, 257.

Bugia. See Bouigie.

Bullois, cavalier di. See Boulay, chevalier du.

Butler, Elizabeth (ne Preston), duchess of Ormond, appointed lady of the bedchamber, 118.

Butler, James, duke of Ormond:
-, made lord lieutenant of Ireland, 74; takes leave of king, starts for Ireland, 165; arrives, 175.
-, goes to Portsmouth to meet queen, 137; Castlehaven in Ireland with, 188; restoring order, changing officers, 191; efforts to restore communications, 229; measures likely to secure order, 239, 283.
-, said to have dismissed parliament, 241; term of parliament prolonged by, 244.
-, takes the field, 241; to put down fanatics, 244; news from, of conspiracy, 249.