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Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 33, 1661-1664. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1932.

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Hague [Prov. S. Holland, Netherlands]:
-, news from, 30, 207.
-, Venetian ambassadors send to, for horses, 3.
-, Portuguese ambassador at, 81; Gamarra leaves Brussels for, 118; Estrades going to, 122; Estrades ambassador at, 174.
-, guard set over minister of Knights of Malta at, 156.
-, Downing demanded satisfaction at, 161.
-, peace arranged with England at, 173; ratification of treaty at, 203; representations at, about encroachments in India, 286.

Halserig. See Hesilrige.

Hamburg [German Empire], plague suspected at, 270.

Hammond, Hammon, Robert, governor of the isle of Wight, king betrayed by, 291.

Hampton Court, co. Middlesex, 151.
-, despatches dated at, 153, 162, 165, 168, 170, 173, 175, 178, 181, 183.
-, declaration dated at, 175.
-, reserved for Cromwell and preserved, 85; being prepared for king and queen, 124.
-, king proposes to take queen to, 120, 135; king going to, 123, 132, 144; with queen, 146.
-, York to take queen to, 137; talk of transferring Council to, 146.
-, king and queen go to, after marriage, 150, 152; foreign ministers at, with Court, 170.
-, gondolas taken to, 152; Giavarina commended for going to, 160, 170.
-, Peterborough goes to, 156; talk about Clarendon's late visit to, 157.
-, Rancano goes to, to see king, 157; Court absorbed in amusements at, 160; plot to kill king at, 212.

Hannibal, merchantman, goods sent to Zante by, 8.

Haro, Don Luis de, minister and favourite of Philip IV:
-, letters from for Batteville, 1; says Portuguese match must lead to war, 14; says Spain cannot permit it, 21.
-, Louis gave powers to, to marry bride, by proxy, 6; interview with secretary of, 63.
-, complains of ingratitude of Charles, 145; refers to his assurances of friendship, 21, 43.
-, sees French ambassador about coaches affair, 62; bargain with Mazarin to expel English, 204; Mazarin offered loan to for recovery of Dunkirk, 228.
-, decisions may be altered by death of, 81.

Harrington, James, judge of Charles I, punishment decreed for, 11.

Harris, Stephen, list by, of persons arrested, 203n.

Havre de Grace [Seine Inferieure, France]:
-, regiment at, to be embarked for Portugal, 240; Spanish concern about, 245; four companies embark at, 254.
-, Holles has goods embarked for, 252.

Haye, Denis de la, seigneur de Vantelet, claims friendship with Win- chelsea, 234.

-, Jean de la, French ambassador at the Porte, had in hand mediation of peace, 240.

Hayes. Ays, James:
-, asks Venetian patent for hydraulic machine, 183; patent issued to conditionally, 191; patent received, 200; patent given to, 210.
-, weather prevents testing of machine, 203, 208; testing successful, 210.
-, agents at Venice for, 227.
-, invention of ship to go against wind and tide, 262.

Haymore, Nathaniel, master of the Henry, taken into Algiers, 272n.

hearth tax, voted in Commons, 120; royal assent to, 1467; unpopularity of, 158, 161; expected repeal, 180; parliament repeals, 259.

Hebden, John, sent to meet Muscovite ambassadors, 162.

Heidelberg [Baden, German Empire], letters of credence dated at, 158n.

Hemby. See Feilding, Basil, earl of Denbigh.

hemp, Muscovite present of, to king, 221.

Henrietta Anne, daughter of Charles I, duchess of Orleans, Madame:
-, mother waiting to see safely delivered, 68, 77; mother hoping to return to, 146.
-, congratulates Charles on marriage, 1523; accompanies mother to Borel, 166.
-, money for dowry of, 194; gentlemen from England go to see, 249; Holles referred question of punctilio to, 285.

Henrietta Maria, queen mother of England:
-, Charles urges to leave France and come to England, 10, 68; called queen mother for some time, 18; Jermyn arranging for return of, 77.
-, Spaniards would like affair of coaches settled by, 63; says king cannot give way about flag, 108.
-, wishes to see daughter delivered before leaving, 68; Jermyn to take to England, 130, 135, 146.
-, wishes to be in London for arrival of queen, 131; baggage of arrived in Thames, 135.
-, Charles informs of queen's arrival and urges to hasten to England, 146; waiting for money to pay debts, 153.
-, king and York to meet, 162, 168; starts with Jermyn and others, 166; takes James Crofts with her, 168, 171, 215.
-, protectoress of Clarendon, 164; expected to settle quarrel about Castlemaine, 172.
-, delayed by bad weather, 169; crosses, king pays respects to, at Dover, 171.
-, puts off seeing foreign ministers, 172; Giavarina sees at Greenwich, 181.
-, Venetian letter of congratulation to, 181; presented, 193.
-, presents tiara to queen consort, 183; opposed York's journey to Dunkirk, 212.
-, takes up residence at Somerset House, 184; king holds secret conferences at house of, 217.
-, Giavarina takes leave of, 223; priests allowed by marriage treaty but under restrictions, 239, 243.
-, suffering from catarrh, 246; Bristol supported by, 2556, 262.

Henry VII, king of England:
-, countess of Winchelsea descended from, 22n.
-, as earl of Richmond, Vitmound, 292.

Henry VIII, king of England, parliament wants renewal of laws of against Catholics, 241.

Henry, English ship, reported capture, 271; brought into Algiers, 272.

Henry Bonadventure, English ship seized by Dutch in Guinea, 147.

Hertford, co. Herts, colonels arrested at, 63.

Hesilrige, Halserig, Sir Arthur, descendants of deprived of all honours, 11.

Hesse Darmstat, Frederick of, Cardinal of Hesse, Grand Prior of Knights of Malta in Germany, Boulay agent of, in England, 155.

Hide. See Hyde.

Hiortun. See Ireton.

Holland, province of, Netherlands, determined on peace with Portugal, 8; reports of rupture circulated in, 12; Estrades going to, 130.

-, See also Netherlands.

Holles, Col, Hollis, Denzil, baron:
-, letter to Sagredo, 2689.
-, spoken of as ambassador to France, 121, 131; making no preparations, 136.
-, announced as ambassador, getting ready to start, 144; delayed for lack of money, 162.
-, not making haste, 168; leaving soon, 214, 227; has baggage embarked, 252.
-, commissioner to treat with Ruvigny, 250; Sagredo to cultivate, 261, 2645, 276.
-, expected at Dieppe, 255; reaches Dieppe, leaves for Paris, 256; at Rouen, 258; reaches Paris, 260.
-, taken to see king privately, 261.
-, Sagredo visits and describes, 261; returns visit, 264; Sagredo visits, talk with, 266, 271.
-, will not make public entry, 261, 281; incensed by treatment by customs, 264; awaiting decision of Charles about entry, 271, 276; orders about, 274, 281, 285.
-, apologises for treatment of Giavarina, 262.
-, Sagredo inquires of about queen's health, 267; informs Sagredo of queen's recovery, 2689.
-, deplores renegades serving Turks, 276; says all should support Venice, 277.
-, speaks of fighting spirit of English, 277.
-, Turenne avoids seeing, 2812; referred question of punctilio to Madame, 285; Cominges trying to settle claims of, 287.

-, Jane, lady, precedes husband to Paris, 258.

Holmes, Captain Robert:
-, takes over Portuguese possessions in Guinea, turns out Dutch, 43.
-, commanding Royal Charles, sent to Tower for letting Swede escape, 69, 71; pardoned, 74.

Hoorn, Symon van, Dutch ambassador in England:
-, Estrades applies to, for ship, 10.
-, congratulated king on marriage, 18; tells Venetian ambassadors of desire to renew correspondence, 31, 89; Giavarina to respond to, 36, 45; received Durazzo, 109.
-, pressing for conference to terminate negotiations, 37; protest against yielding places in Africa, 41.
-, business held up, asks leave to return, 123; remaining to renew negotiations, 131; conference with arranged, but put off, 133.

-, -, See also under Goch, Michiel van.

Hoppy, John, a tanner, Lord Buckhurst and others arraigned for murder of, 115.

Hornwod. See Norwood.

Horse, Master of the. See Stuart, Charles, duke of Richmond.

-, bought by Mello for Portugal, Batteville complains, 1; not likely to harm Spaniards, 2.
-, efforts of Venetian ambassadors to obtain, 3.
-, of Presbyterian and Calvinist plotters seized, 52.
-, Gayland offers to Spaniards, 149.
-, Sehested brings team of, to present to king, 170, 172; Marquise de Montbason presents two Spanish, to king, 177.
-, Persian, presented by Tsar to Charles, 226.
-, Carlisle takes to present to Grand Duke of Muscovy, 263.

Hosier, John, captain of the Dama, safe conduct asked for, 35.

household, the king's:
-, suffers from disorder in revenue, 20; property of being recovered, 85.
-, king promises to reduce expenses of, 229; parliament dealing with reduction, 249; measures for reducing expenses, 261, 263.

Howard, Barbara, countess of Suffolk, appointed first lady of the bedchamber, 118.

-, Charles, earl of Carlisle, 185. attends on Ambassador Durazzo, 98; ambassador to Muscovy, met in Baltic, 263.

-, George, a coiner, had mint in Temple, 172n.

-, Henry Frederick, third earl of Arundel, 18n.

-, -, Henry son of, calls on Venetian ambassadors, 18.

-, Thomas, earl of Arundel, long resident at Padua, 18.

-, -, brother of earl of Carlisle, duel with Henry Jermyn, 185; jealous about countess of Shrewsbury, 186.

Hubert, Justus de, Dutch ambassador in France, 49.

Huffler. See Kuffler.

Huguenots of Luserna. See Vaudois.

Hull, co. York, suspicion of plague at, removed, 285.

Hungary, expedition of Sultan Soliman against, 194; English engineer helping Turks in, 276.

hunting, king's fondness for, 84.

Hutchinson, Col. John, committed to the Tower, 270.

Hyde, Hide, Anne, duchess of York:
-, away taking waters, 28, 30; back in London, not benefited, 31.
-, goes with king in gondola, 35; marriage of, 87, 206; near delivery, 133; gives birth to Princess Mary, 141.
-, at Hampton Court, awaiting queen, 169; pays respects to queen mother, 171.
-, Estrades makes presents to, 183; Dutch ambassadors take leave of, 190; Giavarina takes leave of, 223.
-, gives birth to son, 256.

-, Edward, earl of Clarendon, the lord chancellor:


rancour against Spain, 2; Venetian ministers' hopes of, 19; they see, 23; he makes spiritless answer and changes subject, 24, 88.

director of the government, 2, 19; persuaded king marriage would not interrupt friendship with Spain, 14.

bought by Portugal, 2; Portuguese treaty ratified at house of, 5; only one who desired the marriage, 95.

opposes general toleration, 18; devoted exclusively to internal affairs, does not want king to undertake any foreign engagements, 24.

king's dependence on diligence of, 20, 28; king followed advice about settlement, 84; the sole director of affairs, 87.

Rutherford confers with privately, 26; suffering from gout, 91.

requests fulfilment of promises to Galilee, 32.

opposed grant of liberty of conscience, 85; speaks to Commons on dangers from conspiracy, 91.


distressed at Portugal not fulfilling promises, 95; distressed by plight of Tangier and popular objections to, 164.

Guasconi remonstrates with about favours to Genoese minister, 97; sharp reply, 98; Grand Duke sends present of wine to, 156.

prevented audience and honours for Batteville, 103; quarrel with Bristol over bill of Uniformity, 1245; nothing more heard about, 130.

Estrades in frequent conference with, 1223, 130, 174; Estrades tries to win, 183.

supports Presbyterians, majority in Commons detests, 125; queen mother protectress of, 164.

speech at adjournment of parliament, attacks Dutch, 147; Boulay speaks with, about Malta claims against Dutch, 155; receives favourably but acts against him, 156.

comments on peace of Dutch with Algiers, 156; Beling's mission a charge against, 195n.

late visit to Hampton Court,? about Tangier, 157.

unpopularity in country, less in favour at Court, 164; supports queen against Castlemaine, 172.

refuses to treat with Marquise de Montbason, 177, 196; Spanish feeling against, 204.

directs everything, 183; king himself afraid of, 198; wants to take away privileges of ambassadors for wine and beer, 201.

Beling a creature of, 195; eager for Aubigny to have red hat, 196.

angry with Giavarina and threatens, 197; not friendly to Venice, 198; reasons for wanting Giavarina to go, 2012, 207.

Estrades in frequent conference with, 194, 200; opposed to Spain and attached to France, 209, 214; French designs likely to succeed through, 214, 216.

jealousy of Bennet, tries to ruin him, 203; unpopularity, charges preparing against, 206.

Bennet with king to combine to overthrow, 206; favour and predominance abated, 216; takes to bed from gout and chagrin, 217; better but confined to house, 231, 232; back in parliament, 2389.

Cominges will finish off treaty with, 214; conferences of Cominges with, 229, 231, 252.

consultations held at house, at which king present, 232, 237; speech to parliament, on indulgence, 238; appeals to parliament for Catholics, 241.

feeling against over sale of Dunkirk, 238; enemies not so confident of overthrow, 239; position strengthened by birth of grandson, 256.

skill in fostering divisions in parliament, Spaniards hope to buy, 248; wants a finger in the pie, of deals with Spain, 259.

wants to profit by reducing expenses of household, 249; Ruvigny confers with, 252; conferences at house of again, 260.

Bristol's charges against, Chief Justice to consider, 256; articles of, 257; do not amount to high treason, 259; Bristol means to pursue charges against, 276.

in bed with gout, 260; indisposed, 286.

party against growing stronger, 283; proposal to make duke, to protect against Bristol, 285.

king wants son to marry Bristol's daughter, 283, 288; king at house of, 286; Bristol admitted to prove charges against, 288.

-, Henry, Clarendon's eldest son, proposed marriage to Bristol's daughter, 283, 288.

-, Lawrence, chancellor's second son, sent with congratulations on dauphin's birth, 66, 67n.