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Pages 342-344

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 33, 1661-1664. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1932.

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imperialists, efforts of, in France and Spain, 27.

Inchiquin, Inchquin, Inciquin, earl of. See O'Brien, Murrough.

Indemnity, bill of, act of, king urges more rapid progress with, 11; king's attitude about, 834; regicides condemned in, 135.

Independents, tenets of, 86; conspiracy among in north of England, 269; danger to throne from, 291.

India, remonstrance with Dutch about encroachments in, 286, 288.

India Company. See East India Company.

-, Spanish treasure fleet coming from, 16; Tercira convenient for passage to, 80.
-, English fleet to go to, to take possession, 18; Portuguese granted English full liberty of trade in, 33.
-, commerce of, an invitation to English and Dutch, 81; Spain threatened with hostilities in, 139, 154.
-, nations expected to crowd to Tangier for commerce of, 119.
-, compensation claimed for damage by Dutch in, 161; adjustment between English and Dutch in, 190.
-, troops at Havre said to be for, 242.
-, Fanshawe's mission useful to show English intentions about, 273; need to settle something, 274.

-, Council of the, opposed to granting trade facilities to English, 277.

-, East, Portuguese concessions to English in, inconsistent with treaty with Dutch, 79; English squadron to take over Portuguese possessions in, 92; cost of squadron to be deducted from gains, 150.

-, West:

news from, 236, 2467.

Spaniards fearful about fleet of, 243, 247; English attacks on Spaniards in, 2468.

Medina says matter needs attention, 248; Ruvigny suggests attack on fleet of, 250.

fleet of not coming this year, 255.

indulgence, objections of parliament to proposed, 2346; question raised in Lords, opposition in Commons, 237; speech of chancellor on, 238.

Ionian Islands, the three Islands, Proveditore General of. See Ciuran; Mocenigo.

-, See also Cephalonia; Corfu; Zante.

-, king's order for restoration of goods in, not obeyed, 60; dispossessed owners waiting for fulfilment of promise, 128.
-, Waller a disturber of peace in, 66; service of Castelhaven in, 127.
-, prayers for queen offered in, 79; some ships of fleet driven to, 108.
-, quiet, severity against Catholics in relaxed, 87; Ormonde leaves for, 165; and arrives in, 175.
-, levies from, for Portugal, 118; Castlehaven can easily make levy in, 128; Castlehaven in, 188.
-, Ormond making changes in army in, 191; communications of restored by Ormond's efforts, 229.
-, Ludlow had chief command in, under Cromwell, 205.
-, money expected from, to pay troops at Dunkirk, 215.
-, goods from, for Tangier must go in English ships, 219.
-, many restored to possessions in, 238; probability of peaceful settlement in, 239; difficulties over reinstating Catholics in, 241; difficulty in over land claims, 287.
-, parliament prolonged to establish quiet in, 244; report of conspiracy in, 249.
-, order in through good government of Ormond, 238.

-, lord lieutenant of. See Butler, James, duke of Ormond.

-, parliament of, active for benefit of country, 34; sessions continue and promise calm, 165, 239; dismissed, 241, 249; reported prolonged until June, 244.

Ireton, Hiortun, Henry, 291.

-, in garrison at Mardick, 16, 84.
-, troops from Flanders, for Tangier, 60.
-, those at Dunkirk remain, in French pay, 214.
-, gentleman, condemned for robbery, queen sues in vain for, 236.

Isaacson, Isackson, Anthony, English consul at Smyrna, Winchelsea sends to king, 126.

Ismail, Ismeil, Aga, Spai, evidence of, 279; deposition of, 280.

-, English ship for, taken by corsairs, 80; English ships want pratique in ports of, 199.
-, mission of Digby to, 87; Falconbridge fond of, 95; proposed mission of Falconbridge to, 191; Falconbridge cooled about going to, 222.
-, Count Rangoni returning to, 111; Gamarra not going to, 117.
-, Spain sends orders to, for arming ships, 139; prince of wanted to join league against Austria, 202.
-, corsairs limit search to Dutch ships trading to, 148.
-, Beling sent to, 195; Muscovite ambassadors proceeding to, 226, 230.
-, importance of sanitary regulations to, 199.
-, affairs in divert Spanish attention from Portugal, 227; Winchelsea reports preparations in, 260.