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Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 33, 1661-1664. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1932.

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Jamaica, West Indies, island of, 233.
-, news from, 232.
-, capture of, alluded to, 81.
-, Spaniards learn of departure of powerful squadron from, 154; attack from, on Cuba, 232; reprisal for refusal of provisions to, 2367.
-, Spanish negotiations for redemption of, 250, 259; Marlborough sent to be governor of, 261.

-, governor of. See Ley, James, earl of Marlborough; Windsor, Thomas lord.

James I, king of Great Britain, tranquillity of England under, 82; proposal to renew laws of, against Catholics, 237, 241; son in Hell for following course of, 290.

James, duke of York, Lord High Admiral of England, 198, 271.
-, marriage of, attends to little but pleasures, 87; offered services to Venice against Turks, 88.
-, 1661:
-,-, goes to see fleet in Downs, 2; sends ship (Monk) for Venetian ambassadors, 3; Venetian ambassadors visit, sympathy for republic, 23; they take leave of, 28; offers them ship, 29.
-,-, almost all attendants are Catholics, 18; Berkeley goes to France for, with congratulations, 67.
-,-, desire for active life and to fight Turks, 28; tells Giavarina of action at Algiers, 42; and of expedition to Algiers, 47.
-,-, speaks of high handed action of Venetian ministers at Zante, 44, 56.
-,-, goes with king in gondola, expresses wish for, 45; Giavarina to cultivate goodwill, 59.
-,-, Brahe has audience of, 54; to speak of behaviour of Brahe to Swedish resident, 72.
-,-, goes to see troops embark for Tangier, 64, 71; expected back from Dunkirk, 74.
-,-, proposed to raise new army under, 91.
-, 1662:
-,-, Batteville has use of barque of, 99, 103; Rancano has audience of, 109.
-,-, Talbot goes to Lisbon for, 118; going to Portsmouth to meet queen, 137, 141; went out to sea to her, 144.
-,-, orders arrest of English captain at Cadiz, 122.
-,-, leaves Whitehall for St. James's palace, 133; may return to London during king's absence, 144.
-,-, Grand Duke sends present of wine to, 156; friendly to France, 183; visits prince of Denmark, 193.
-,-, says corsairs not observing terms of peace, 160.
-,-, going to meet mother, 162, 168; in danger through storm, 1689; entertained king and mother at St. James, 171.
-,-, Henry Jermyn and Rawlins servants of, 186; Clarendon's interest with, 206.
-,-, Dutch ambassadors take leave of, 190; sees Giavarina about pratique for ships, 199; Venetian assurances to, 210.
-,-, talk of going to deliver Dunkirk to Louis, 208; idea abandoned, queen mother opposes, 212.
-,-, plot to murder, 212; Giavarina to take leave of, 215; he does so, 223.
-, 1663:
-,-, gentlemen from France sent to, 249; cuts down expenses, discontent over, 264.
-,-, troops of, said to be at Havre, 240; does not send coach for entry of ambassadors, 269; head of Africa company, 286.

-, -, secretary of. See Coventry, William.

-, duke of Courland, claims to fort of Gambia, 162.

-, John, sentenced and executed for treason, 76.

James Island, Gambia River, W. Africa, taken from Dutch by Captain Holmes, 43.

-, to be embarked on English ship for Crete, 112; Dutch resident gets ship released from taking, 116.
-, Winchelsea promises to give every chance of escaping, 112.

Jansenism, Aubigny suspected of leanings to, 213.

Jermyn, Jermin, Henry, earl of St. Albans, lord German, Germen, Germin, English ambassador extraordinary in France, 185.
-, made to act as ordinary, 48; takes leave of king and queen, 72; in London arranging for return of Queen Henrietta, 77.
-, reports representations made on affair of coaches, 60.
-, to take queen mother to England, 130, 146; ready to start for Paris, 135; starts, 152; back in Paris, sees king, 153.
-, congratulates king on behalf of mons. and madame, 1523; king presents with diamond, 166.
-, queen mother waiting for, 153; sets out with her, 166; crosses with her, 171.

-, Henry, nephew of St. Albans, wounded in duel, 185; a servant of duke of York, 186.

Jersey, Channel Islands, Cobbet and Waller sent from Tower to, 66.

Jesuits, over scrupulousness of, causes trouble about Castlemaine, 173; John Casimir of Poland claimed as worthy pupil of, 294.

Jet, William, trade in lead, steel and tin goes in name of, 165.

-, diamonds saved from clutches of corsairs, 13; queen's dowry partly paid in, 150, 180; Portuguese over estimate value, 180.
-, diamond presented to Jermyn by Louis, 166; queen mother presents tiara to queen consort, 183.
-, Estrades presents to duchess of York, 183.

Jews, of Amsterdam, to find money for Portugal, 52.

-, king threatens to have no more in England, 123; unpopularity of, at Porte, 281.

-, Portuguese, many fail, petition against, 123.

Joanna, English merchantman, delivered to corsairs by connivance, 9.

John, Juan, Don, of Austria:
-, means to act vigorously against Portugal, 155.
-, many French enlist under, but desert, 189; defeated by Schomberg, 250, 255.

John Casimir II, king of Poland, Simpson recommended to Winchelsea by, 252; eulogy of, 2945.

Johnson, John, captain of Julius Caesar, escapes to shore, 186n.

Johnston, Archibald, laird of Wariston, Sir Vareston, taken and sent to Tower, 231.

Jones, Gionas, Giles, English consul at Venice:
-, asks safe conduct for Dama, 35; complaint of high handed action against Erlisman, 48; request for Erlisman to be allowed to pursue suit against, 49.
-, Ravenscrofts condemned for wounding, 105, 119; king blamed procedure of, 121.

Julius II, pope, coin named after, 59n.

Julius Caesar, merchantman, attacked by corsairs and blown up, 186.

Justice, Lord Chief, See Bridgeman, Sir Orlando.