Index: K

Pages 345-346

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 33, 1661-1664. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1932.

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Kalamata, Calamota [Messenia, Greece], 207.
-, English ship to take guns to, 5.

Kempingh, Reyner, agent for the Knights of Malta in Holland, Dutch set guard over, 156.

Kempthorne, , captain of the Maidenhead, 103n.
-, to give Janissaries every chance to escape, 112.

Kenrick, Colonel, committed to Gatehouse, 63; arrest of, 209n.

Killigrew, Chilegri, Thomas, groom of the bedchamber, sometime resident at Venice, desire to be revenged, 198; reminds Giavarina of treatment, 206; dismissed to please parliament, 207.

Kingsley, Lieutenant Colonel, arrest of, 209n.

Kinsky, Chinischi, Frederick Ulric, count of, chosen ambassador to Poland, 272.

Kiuprili, Ahmed, Grand Vizier of Turkey
-, Winchelsea believes will be satisfied about Algiers, 78; Algerians fear may force them to composition with England, 96; rebukes Algerian deputies and recommends adjustment with England, 98.
-, wishes to be on good terms with all the princes of Christendom, 102.
-, requisitions Christian ships to take troops to Crete, 112; Dutch resident treating with for hire of ships, 165; cannot be resisted if uses violence, 225.
-, Winchelsea wishes to accompany to Belgrade, 193; high in favour, 282.
-, letters from Charles for, 251; Capigi sent to, about, 253.
-, reply about admitting Portuguese minister, 257; Caimecam promises to write to, about levies for Portugal, 258.

-, Mohammed, Grand Vizier of Turkey:

requisitions English ships, 5; Winchelsea predicted attack on Algiers to, 70.

gives satisfaction to Winchelsea for outrage on servants, 12; promises Portuguese ambassador shall be well received, 50.

Knevet, , steward to Winchelsea, sent to London with despatches, 22.

Knigseck, Chininsech, count of, chosen ambassador to England, 272.

Kuffler, Huffler, Rufler, John Libertus (Gibert), reply about asked from Senate, 142; reply promised, 151; may go to Venice to work patent, 153, 162.