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Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 34, 1664-1666. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1933.

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Abercorn, earl of. See Hamilton, James.

Aberdeen, co. Aberdeen, fear of Gordons rescuing murderer at, 43.

Ableson, Captain, killed in battle, 150.

Abrim Aga, Emino of Alexandretta, Turks remove from office, 234.

Adja, Adiad [Cape Coast, W. Africa], alleged cruelty of Holmes at, 114.

Admiral, lord High, of England. See James, duke of York.

Admiralty Court:
-, to condemn Dutch ships already taken, 75; condemns Dutch ships, 84, 87, 92, 99.
-, sits three times a week, 87; ships brought for judgment of, 102; French ships under consideration of, 143, 173; seven released, 160.
-, orders sale of prizes at Portsmouth, 116; all ships liable to be searched and sent to, 177; Bennet promises to write to about Santa Maria. 197.

Adrianople, Turkish Empire:
-, despatches dated at, 5, 27, 36, 39, 40, 51, 64, 117, 186.
-, letter dated at, 36.
-, Turkish ministers do not want Winchelsea at, 4; Winchelsea summoned to, 20.

-, Caimecam at. See Mustafa Pasha.

Adventure, royal navy, captures made by, 206.

Advice, royal navy, takes ship of Tetuan, 75; sank ship of 56 guns in battle, 152.

-, Dutch mean to resent injuries in, 47; Ruvigny supposed to have come about, 57.
-, Ruyter brings prizes from, 183; Count Horn commanded land forces in, 185.

Africa Company, the royal, Guinea Company, the royal company:
-, receives good news, 2; complains to parliament against Dutch, 11; estimate of losses through Dutch, 18.
-, ships of bring gold, 13; commissioners see that ships are well provided, 48.
-, has all ships for Guinea discharged, 58.
-, ship of reaches Portsmouth from Jamaica, 132.

agents. See ambassadors.

Airon, sent to Germany, to go on to Vienna, 210.

Aix [Rhenish Prussia, German Empire], comet seen at, 110.

Albemarle, duke of. See Monk, George.

Alefelt, Claus van, governor of Bergen:
-, helped to repel English attack, 188; not known if king approves action, 189.
-, account of attack, sent to King of Denmark, 188n; Dutch promise great present to, 189.

Aleppo, Syria, obstruction of English merchants at, 116; fraud by factors at, 123n; English goods pay duty at, 232, 234; losses suffered by English merchants at, 235.

Alessandria. See Alexandretta.

Alette Marie, Elisabetta Maria, purchased by French, demand for delivery, 98; Dutch offer transports instead of, 101; Dutch reluctant to let go, 103; decision to let go, 106.

Alexander VII, pope:
-, vigour shown by Louis against, 162; anxiety about Anglo-French war, 268.
-, English ill will to, for refusing dispensation to queen, 268.

Alexandretta, Alessandria, Iskanderun [Syria]:
-, Vizier closes mart to English, 232; Winchelsea adjusts matter with Vizier, 234.
-, Emino at, 232.
-, -, See also Abrim Aga.

Alexius, Grand Duke of Muscovy, Carlisle refused present of, 90.

Alfonso VI, king of Portugal, Braganza:
-, Fanshaw brought troops for, 3; Philip raises difficulties about adjustment with, 4.
-, French policy to prevent coming to terms with Spain, 13; French fears about, 17.
-, marriage to Marie of Nemours, 17n, 268; agent treating of marriage, at Paris, 251.
-, sends supplies for relief of Tangier and offers more, 186.
-, St. Romain sent to divert attention of, 228, 235; leaves Lisbon, to stop talk, 255; returned at once, 264.
-, French fear may come to agreement with Spain to help England, 235; Fanshaw promises king's influence with to agree to truce, 237; intimated readiness for accommodation, 270.
-, Spaniards absolutely refuse direct negotiation with, 241; recognition as king to be opening of negotiations, 259.
-, dislike of Fanshaw because of marriage alliance with, 245.
-, amusing to see how wriggles between representations of England and exhortations of France, 245; Fanshaw's negotiations with, 264.
-, Caracena offered to recognise as king, 276; agreed between Medina and Fanshaw that should not be recognised, 281.
-, English maintain must be treated as king, 286; Portuguese insist on this, 288, 2956.
-, Fanshaw saw before leaving, 288; Molina spoke to Charles about negotiations with, 293.
-, Southwell left because negotiations broken off, 296.

Algiers, Argel, N. Africa:
-, news from, 10.
-, Lawson's fleet proceeds to, 3n; choice of less barbarous chief expected at, 5; Lawson at, recovers ships, 18; ships left to blockade, 18, 31; closing mouth of port for defence, 31.
-, shipping captured by men of, 10; captured English ships at, 14.
-, Lawson's demands of, he threatens with war, 19; Charles proposes joint compaign against, 57.
-, Ruyter impatiently awaited at, 28; peace made with, by Allen, 61, 645; articles of peace with, 64.
-, attack on would be profitable to powers, 82; agreement made by France with, 261; Beaufort sends to conclude treaty with, 277.
-, plate from Tangier to be sent to, 192; offended with English for detaining a prize, 261.

-, governor of. See Sagun Aga Gheilant.

-, See also Barbary.

Alicante [Prov. Valencia, Spain], English frigates refuse to salute fortress of, 8; Dutch Smyrna fleet reaches safely, 160; English squadron refused pratique at, 272.

Allen, John, attacks lord Willoughby, at Surinam, 133.

-, Thomas:

concludes peace with Algerines, 61, 645.

attack on Smyrna convoy off Cadiz, 74, 77; Zeeland squadron going against, 82.

to go against Ruyter, 74; near Gibraltar, leaving Mediterranean, 96; stops Santa Maria, 109.

arrives back, 99; brought in convoys safely, 106; made Rear Admiral, 164n.

almoner to the queen. See Stuart, Ludovic, seigneur d'Aubigny.

ambassadors, agents, envoys, foreign ministers, papal nuncios, residents, secretaries:
-, customary in Spain for king to assign house for, 22; resent attempt to give Fanshaw Venetian ambassador's house, 23.
-, presents to, 64, 289; refused, 248.
-, Molina did not invite to entry, 174; to be the practice of England and Spain at all courts, 175.
-, Courtin complains to, about intercepted letter, 217.

-, names of:

Brandenburg, to the Netherlands. See Blaspeil, Werner Wilhelm; Copes, Johan; Romswinckel, Matthias.

Danish, to England. See Klingenbergh, Paul; Rosenwing, Henry Wishelme; Sehested, Hannibal.

Danish, to the Dutch. See Klingenbergh, Paul; Rosenwing, Henry Wishelme.

Danish, to France. See Sehested, Hannibal.

Danish, in Spain, Spaniards warn of danger from France, 260.

Dutch, to Denmark. See Amerongen, Godort, baron de Reede; Maire, Jacob le.

Dutch, to England. See Cunaeus, Pieter; Gogh, Michiel van.

Dutch, in Flanders. See Saasburg, Thomas.

Dutch, in France. See Beuningen, Conrad van; Boreel, William.

Dutch, at the Porte. See Warnerus, Levinus.

Dutch, to Spain. See Renswoude, Hendrick Reede van.

Dutch, to Sweden. See Ysbrants, Johan.

English, to Denmark. See Clifford, Sir Thomas; Talbot, Sir Gilbert.

English, to the Dutch. See Downing, Sir George.

English, to Flanders. See Cotterel, Sir Charles; Taaf, Theobald, lord Carlingford.

English, to France. See Berkeley, Charles, viscount Fitzhardinge; Godolphin; Hamilton, James; Holles, Denzil lord; Tartareau.

English, to Germany. See Taaf, Theobald, lord Carlingford.

English, to Munster. See Temple, Sir William.

English, to Muscovy. See Howard, Charles, earl of Carlisle.

English, to the Porte. See Finch, Heneage, earl of Winchelsea.

English, to Portugal. See Fanshaw, Sir Richard; Southwell, Sir Robert.

English, to Savoy. See Roper, Francis.

English, to Spain. See Fanshaw, Sir Richard; Montagu, Edward, earl of Sandwich; Southwell, Sir Robert.

English, to Sweden. See Coventry, Henry.

English, to Tuscany. See Finch, Sir John.

English, to Venice. See Bellasis, Thomas, lord Faucombrige (designate).

French, to Brandenburg. See Colbert, Charles, marquis de Croissy.

French, to Denmark. See Terlon, Hugues, chevalier de.

French, to the Dutch. See Estrades, Geoffroi comte d'.

French, to England. See Bastide; Bordeaux Neufville, Antoine de; Bourbon, Henri de, due de Verneuil; Comenge, Gaston Jean Baptiste; Courtin, Honor; Massue, Henri, marquis de Ruvigny.

French, to Germany. See Airon; Gremonville, Jacques Brethel de.

French, to Munster. See Lessein.

French, to Poland. See Bonsy, Pierre de, bishop of Bziers.

French, at the Porte. See Haye, Denis de la, sieur de Ventelet; Ribolli.

French, to Portugal. See Bourzeys, Abb Amable de; Colbert, Charles, seigneur du Terron; Senevas, Melchior de Harod de, baron de St. Romain.

French, to Spain. See Aubusson, Georges d', de la Feuillade, archbishop of Embrun.

French, to Sweden. See Andilly, Arnaud d', seigneur de Pomponne.

French, to Venice. See Bonsy, Pierre de, bishop of Bziers.

Hanse Towns, to the Dutch. See Westerman.

imperial, to the Dutch. See Friquet, John V.; Zintzendorf, Rudolf von.

imperial, to England. See Knigseck, count of.

imperial, at the Porte. See Casa Nova; Leslie, Walter count.

imperial, to Spain. See Ptting, Eusebius, count.

Munster, to the Dutch. See Brabeeck, Jodocus Edmund.

Munster, to England. See Wrede, Henry Alexander von.

Munster, to France. See Schmising, Matthias Korff von.

papal nuncio in France. See Roberti, Charles.

papal nuncio in Germany. See Spinola, Giulio.

Portuguese, to England. See Mello, Francesco de, marquis de Sande; Rebello, Francesco Texeira.

Portuguese, to France. See Mello, Francesco de, marquis de Sande; Menezes, Ruy Telles de; Sa e Menezes, Francesco de.

Savoyard, to France. See Birago, Charles Emanuel, comte de Vische.

Spanish, to the Dutch. See Gamarra, Estevan de.

Spanish, to England. See Batteville, baron de; Mesia, Antonio Francesco, de Tobar y Paz, conde de Molina; O'Moledy, Patrick.

Spanish, to France. See Tello de Guzman, Gaspard, marquis la Fuente.

Spanish, at Rome. See Aragon, Don Pedro d'.

Swedish, to the Dutch. See Appelboom, Harald.

Swedish, to England. See Coyet, S.; Flemmingh, George.

Swedish, to France. See Gambronius, Stephen; Knigsmarck, Otto William de; Tott, Claes count of.

Venetian, to England. See Giavarina, Francesco; Mocenigo, Pietro.

Venetian, to France. See Giustinian, Marc Antonio; Sagredo, Alvise.

Venetian, to Germany. See Cornaro, Giovanni.

Venetian, to the Porte. See Ballarino, Giovanni Battista.

Venetian, at Rome. See Querini, Giacomo.

Venetian, to Spain. See Cornaro, Giovanni; Zorzi, Marin.

Venetian, to Tuscany. See Bianchi, Francesco; Vico, Domenico.

Ambrun. See Aubusson, George d', archbishop of Embrun.

-, Dutch mean to resent injuries in, 48; English encroachments on Dutch in, 68.
-, Ruyter brings prizes from, 183; Count Horn commanded land forces in, 185.
-, Dutch ships from, leaving Norway for home, 197.

Amerongen, Godort Adriaenszoon, baron de Reede, heer van, Dutch ambassador to Denmark, starting, not much expected of negotiations, 104; started, 107.

Amiens [Somme, France], vice-governor of Dunkirk sent prisoner to, 270.

Amsterdam [Prov. N. Holland, Netherlands]:
-, advices from, 182.
-, news from, 120, 138, 158, 2023.
-, money raised in, by States, 30.
-, plague at, 32, 35; mortality from plague at, 45; suffering from plague and loss of trade, 65.
-, ships reach from Guinea, 34; York seizes 20 ships of, 61.
-, ships expected at from East, 34; ship of, in Solent, 55.
-, resentment against States for defending merchants of, 42; States want dispute to be settled at, 45.
-, ships from, for grand fleet, 56; at work on ships at, 63; ships of reported ready, 91.
-, Admiralty of, orders guns in Sweden, 67; ships of, at Texel, 100.
-, plan to block by sinking a ship, 72; all ships of, pass the sandbanks, 104.
-, French E. India Co. bought ships at, 97, 103.
-, prizes brought to, 100; Dutch merchantmen expected to reach, 194.
-, ship built at for King of Spain, 103; all seafaring people of, ordered to embark, 107.
-, ships of, sold as prizes, 116; money remitted by Louis through, 173; money for Sweden ready at, 210.
-, English merchant arrested at, 179; money deposited at, for compensation, 228.

anatomy, interest of Charles in, 115.

Andalusia, Spain:
-, people of eager to continue trade with English, 3.
-, general of. See Cerda, Antonio di, duke of Medina Celi.

Andernach, Handernach [Rhenish Prussia, German Empire], imperial troops cross Rhine at, 181.

Andilly, Andelo, Arnaud d', seigneur de Pompone, M. d' Andely, French ambassador to Sweden, sent to thwart English intrigues, 231; success of negotiations, 278.

Angoulme, duchess of. See Valois, Marie Francoise de.

Anne, royal navy, Taureau Noir taken by, 152.

Anne of Austria, queen mother of France, 131.
-, wished princess of Nemours to marry Charles of Lorraine, 17; advises Madrid of son's pretensions to Flanders, 252.
-, death of, Charles complained of not being notified, 274.

Anne Marie Louise, Mlle. d' Orleans, duchess of Montpensier, Honfleur an appanage of, 249.

Antelope, royal navy, capture made by, 206.

Anthony, le, Dutch rear Admiral, captured, 206.

Anthony Gunther, count of Oldenburg and Delmenhorst, Oldembourg and Belmenhorst, measures of defence, 201.

Antwerp [Prov. Antwerp, Belgium]:
-, English letters reach Venice sooner by, 27; beginning to rise again, claim of free access to, 65.
-, money remitted by Louis through, 173; money sent to Munster coined at, 175.

Appelboom, Harald, Swedish minister at the Hague, demands release of the St. Jacob, 67n.

Appleby, co. Westmorland, conspirators condemned to death at, 8; and executed, 11.

apprentices, shop boys:
-, riot of, in London, 10.

-, at Edinburgh, 73.

Aragon, Don Pedro d', Spanish ambassador at Rome, pope speaks to of Anglo French war, 268.

Aranjuez [Prov. Madrid, Spain], Medina leaves, to see Fanshaw, 14.

Archangel, in Muscovy, ships for accompany main fleet, 185.

Argel. See Algiers.

Arlington, earl of. See Bennet, Sir Henry.

Armagnac count of. See Lorraine, Henry of, count of Harcourt Armagnac.

Armenians, stop lading on English and Dutch ships at Smyrna, 76; anxiety of, at Leghorn, over war, 81.

-, taxes inadequate for maintaining, 6; parliament expected to grant taxes for maintaining, 11.
-, drafts from destined for Tangier, 28; Admiral's regiment raised, 55; king ordains levy of soldiers, 59.
-, troops from city regiments leave London, mutiny, 98; Monk establishes barracks for, in Hyde Park, 178.

Arnheim, Arnhem, Harnen [Prov. Gelderland, Netherlands], plot to betray to Munster, 196, 200.

Arras [Pas de Calais, France], given as rendezvous for French troops, 171.

Arundel, earl of. See Howard, Henry.

Arvich. See Harwich.

Ascue. See Ayscue.

Assurance, royal navy, Mars taken by, 152; West Friselandt taken by, 206.

astrologers, foretell storms, 65.

Aubigny, Obigny [Cher, France], seigneurie of, bequeathed to Charles, 225.

-, seigneur of. See Stuart, Ludovic.

Aubusson, Georges d', de la Feuillade, archbishop of Embrun, Ambrun, French ambassador in Spain:
-, reports Fanshaw's claim to precedence, 12; Fanshaw's supposed manuvre about, 40; writes disparagingly about Fanshaw, 245; does not call on Fanshaw, 272.
-, disturbed about secret negotiations with Fanshaw, 54; makes wry face about practice of not inviting ambassadors to entry, 175.
-, complains that Dutch putting France in troublesome dilemma, 78; denies purchase of Tangier, but grants possibility, 81.
-, vigorous representations about adjustment with Portugal and alliance with England, 2423; not appeased, aggrieved that not employed in negotiations, 245.
-, surmises proved wrong, 246; offer of mediation by, 280.

Auersperg, Auspergh, John Weichard, furst von, says Portuguese negotiations far advanced, 251.

Aumale, princess of. See Marie of Nemours.

Austria, archduke of. See Sigismund Francis.

Austria, House of:
-, Friquet wants Dutch to ally with, 53; working for alliance with Dutch, 56, 72.
-, Louis interested in helping enemy of, 93; has great share in Munster affair, 199.
-, ministers of believe peace will be made with Portugal very soon, 211.
-, English desire for closer relations with, 246; tardy and mistrustful in negotiations with England, 256; ought to establish alliance at any cost, 257.
-, policy of to preserve status quo, 261; and to avoid clashes, profiting by troubles of others, 265, 277, 279.
-, hoping to commit England to action by formal declaration, 265; note taken of English intercourse with, 283.
-, Carlingford's efforts for alliance with, 269, 285; convinced do not wish to be mixed up in business, 271; reasons for not helping Munster, 2734.
-, no pressure on, from Madrid, 277; Sweden urges English not to bind themselves to, 278; realises English help will be useful in Flanders, 287; Carlingford's return, a mere show of keeping up dealings with, 294.

Auvergne, France, rising in, 267.

Ayscue, Ascue, Sir George, Vice Admiral under Sandwich, 60; powerful fleet cruising under, 174.