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Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 34, 1664-1666. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1933.

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Danes, forbidden to trade on Guinea coast, 37; those in foreign service recalled, 104.

Dartmouth, royal navy, captures privateer of Flushing, 125.

Daulnorth (?), lord, killed in action, 142.

Dauphin, royal navy, Ruyter taken by, ships destroyed by, 152.

Deal, co. Kent, ships leave for rendezvous, 102.

de la Haye. See Haye.

Delft, Dutch navy, taken in battle, 152.

Delfzyl, Delficel [Prov. Groningen, Netherlands], Ruyter reaches safely, 183.

Delight, of Plymouth, engagement with Dutchman, takes refuge at Leghorn, 284.

Delmenhorst, Belmenhorst [Oldenburg, German Empire], measures for defence of, 201.

-, Count of. See Anthony Gunther.

-, news from, 149.
-, raising claims against Dutch for Cabo Corso and Guinea, 24, 32; pressure of foments English, 30.
-, Charles sends ambassador to, 32; not to provide Dutch with corn, timber or cordage, 59.
-, expected to avoid obligation to help Dutch, 53; Dutch not on bad terms with, 63; expected to join with Dutch, 85; will not declare against Dutch, 157.
-, English invite to join in war on Dutch, 72; attitude to right of search, 91.
-, neutral but favourable to England, 101; reported treaty with England, 104, 107; Spain disturbed by account of, 117; negotiations at Madrid for alliance against, 153.
-, said to have declared for England, 119; ready to carry out treaty with England, 144; dependent on England by treaties, 169.
-, Terlon leaving for Sweden, 127; French purchase of ships from, 236.
-, Clifford sent to keep loyal or neutral, 212; declares for Dutch, 250, 268; adhesion obtained by French, 274.
-, Swedish resentment against Dutch over, 229; English recall, 231; object of Swedes to conquer, 268.
-, French want to prevent English landing in, 254; France offering new treaty to, 260.
-, Castel Rodrigo looks askance at French negotiations with, 257; may go in with France, 269.
-, Beaufort to receive reinforcements from, 297.

-, king of. See Frederick III.

Derby, countess of. See Stanley, Charlotte.

Devonshire, comet seen in, 75n.

Diamond, royal ship, successful action against Dutch, 112, 115.

Dieppe [Seine Inf. France], English take ship of, off Guinea, 35; Rebello crosses from, 46; French ship seized off, 252.

Digby, Anne (ne Russel), countess of Bristol, brings husband's letter to Lords, 8.

-, George, second earl of Bristol:

activity against Clarendon, 2; difference adjusted, 3; letter of, sent to Lords, 6, 7; king thanks Lords for sending letter, 7; writes king submissive letter, 8.

will travel outside England, 3; parliament resolves not to accept letter from, 11; without hope, unlikely to have protection, 11.

Fanshaw served as secretary, 3; trying to escape from England, 7.

Doesborgh, Douesbourgh [Prov. Gelderland, Netherlands], plot to betray to Munster, 196, 200.

Dogger Bank, Doguerbanc, Dogersont, North Sea, Dutch fleet reported near, 189; Dutch squadron goes to in search of English, 293.

Dohna, Dona, Frederick count of, adjustment with, about Orange, 10.

Dorchester, co. Dorset, comet seen at, 75.

-, marquis of. See Pierrepoint, Henry.

Dordrecht, Doorth, Dort [Prov. S. Holland, Netherlands], ship of sold as prize, 116; de Witt a native of, 176.

Douesborgh. See Doesborgh.

Douglas, Colonel lord George, commander of Scottish guards in France, Louis angry at recall, 265.

Dover, co. Kent:
-, both Dutch and English ships for Guinea will go by, 41.
-, Rebello crosses to, 46; Ruvigny at, 57n; coaches waiting at for French ambassadors, 106.
-, Dutch ships enter, unwittingly, 66; Dutch ships brought into, 73, 102, 123.
-, ships leave for rendezvous, 102; munitions embarked at, for fleet, 106.
-, York accompanies mother to, 161; garrisoned against invasion, 269.

-, mayor of. See Eaton, Nicholas.

Dover, royal navy, capture made by, 206.

Downing, Frances, lady, Downing sends to Flanders by water, 189.

-, Douning, Douningh, Douninghen, Douveningh, Duningh, Sir George, English ambassador at the Hague:

complains of libel on duke of York, 12n; leaves Hague, with an answer from States, 24; arrives in London, 25.

become much milder, 24; says Dutch ready to give satisfaction on two chief points, 26.

long conference with king, 26; good offices for adjustment, 28.

returning to Holland with best disposition 31; eagerly awaited at Hague, 32.

back at Hague, 33; audience of States, 34; says king inclined to peace, 35; States ask for promise of restitution and to exchange lists of claims, 35; ready to exchange, 38.

said nothing about Polaroon, 35; said money spent on fleet would have bought peace with England, reply to, 37.

presents memorial about proceedings in Guinea, 37; presents memorial with several complaints, 40; grievances represented by, 66.

presents memorial on ships Good Hope and Bonaventure, 38; paper given to dealing with king's reply to van Gogh, 47.

presents project for regulating trade in Indies, 41; confers with de Witt about boundaries in America, 49.

reports complaint of States about Guinea, 48: boasted could always find out secrets of State, 52; was deceived about Ruyter, 88.

reports fifty ships ready to sail, 48; Holland and Zeeland unlikely to accept project, 50; project of rejected, 56.

talks of leaving, 52; Dutch feel contempt for, 67; continues in residence, 86, 97; leaving soon, 92.

disingenuous demand for release of Swedish ship, 67; presents memorial for exchange of prisoners, 166.

anger with for promoting war and misleading king, 88, 99; member of parliament asks to bring something home, 92.

remarks on the folly of the war, 88; high time for recall, 95; waiting for ship to take to England, 104.

says French mission will be fruitless, 107; urges need of settlement without France, 166.

claimed Oudart as his secretary, 169n, 180; threatened with arrest if Cunaeus not released, 172.

Oudart's arrest may check impudence of, 180.

urges an accommodation before a second battle, 180; mad about failure at Berghen, 189.

asks for passport, but changes mind, 189; gone at last, 195.

de Witt might have reached settlement with, 216.

-, -, secretary of. See Greenham.

Downs, the:
-, Sandwich sent to take command of fleet in, 30; English naval force gathered in, 41; Rupert arrives in, with squadron, 48.
-, Rupert detained in, 48; Rupert leaves, 49; Rupert in, 52; duke of York goes to, 53; Holmes arrives in, 75.
-, fleet said to have gone to, 114; Fitzhardinge took French gentlemen to, to see fleet, 124.
-, duchess of York sent for to, 130; part of fleet off, 134.

Draperis, George, English dragoman
-, much humiliated and in fear of Turks, 4; intrigues of, against Venetian embassy, 36.
-, sent to complain of treatment of Mamucca, 51; sent to Constantinople and recalled, 116; Vizier sends for about use of ships for war, 186.

Dronthem. See Trondhjem.

Dublin, Ireland, news from, 26.

duel, between members of parliament, stopped by Speaker, 83.

Dunes, battle of the, victorv due to English, 97.

Duningh. See Downing.

Dunkirk [Nord, France]:
-, news from, 138, 157.
-, Spaniards fear repetition of case of, 54; English conscious of mistake in selling, 223.
-, van Beuning landing at, 67; ship sailing for taken, 90; ship of taken by English, 121.
-, three men of, take commissions in England, 108; Estrades confers with Courtin at, 111; nothing said about congress at, 126.
-, cowardice of English captains against privateers near, 137; shaken by gun fire of fleets, 138; English capture merchantmen from under guns of, 2478.
-, Charles Colbert sets out for, 244; York sighted off, 263; uproar in garrison of, 270n.
-, vice governor of, arrested, 270.

Duplessis, Armand, cardinal Richelieu, stirred up trouble in Scotland, 170.

Duras, Louis de, marquis de Blanquefort, Blanchefort, nephew of Turenne, given Fitzhardinge's command in guards, 143, 160.

Durham, Duram, county, 300 volunteers from offer service, 95.

Dutch. See Netherlands.

duties, impositions, commissioners to consider, touching trade with Scotland and Ireland, 12.

Dylerschans, Eydeler, Eylor, E. Friesland [Hanover, German Empire], bishop of Munster reinforces garrison, 17; Munster's quarrel with Dutch about, 169.