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Pages 348-349

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 34, 1664-1666. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1933.

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imperial troops, possible designs on Emden, 211.

Inchiquin, Inchequin, earl of. See O'Brien, Murrough.

Independents, leaders of, imprisoned, 73.

-, news from, 8.
-, English and Dutch ready for war over trade of, 9; Downing presents plan for peaceful regulation of trade in, 41.
-, hopes for trade in held out to English, 145; Holles proposes joint action with France to drive Dutch from, 42.
-, Quakers to be transported to, 16; English require free trade in, from Spaniards, 54; Dutch war will divert English attention from, 77; Spanish concern for safety of, 117; Spanish fears for, from English predominance at sea, 153.
-, new French edict dealing with trade of, 156; French ships from, released, 173.
-, Charles demands regulation of trade in, 160; reported coalition for partition of, 189.
-, Dutch ships coming from, warned, 167; Ruyter leaves at Bergen, 177, 179.
-, Dutch ships from, leaving Norway for home, 197; and arrive safely, 2012.
-, English fleet capture rich ships from, 203, 2056.
-, alleged capture of English ships from, 210.
-, measures for safe return of ships from, 218, 226.
-, France would let be, 242; French ships for, 267.

-, East:

England obtains great advantages in, from Portuguese, 4; rich Dutch fleet expected from, 27, 34; convoy for, 289, 31; no news of 34; Opdam to go and meet, 35; Banckert to secure ships expected from, 149, 161, 163.

Dutch not without trouble in, 35; Dutch threaten to drive English out of, 4950; likely to do so, 689.

Dutch ships for go via Scotland, 62; aim of English hostilities against Dutch in, 121; English ships from, refresh at St. Helena, 133.

Dutch ships from gather in Norway, 181, 185, 1956; fleet sent to bring home, 184; scattered arrivals from, 210.

news of Dutch successes in, 1856.

-, West:

English claim for trade in, 3; king's care to establish trade of, 20.

high handed proceedings against Spaniards in, 28.

Tromp to convoy ships from, 37; English can be harried in, 68; aim of English hostilities in, 121.

Dutch measures for safety of ships from, 125; one with rich cargo taken, 126.

Innsbruck, archduke of. See Sigismund, Francis.

Inquisition, opposes granting trade facilities with English, 4.

-, rate of, paid by Charles, 28; rate raised, 133; rate offered by parliament, 133.
-, rate paid by Dutch, 30, 67.

introducer, the, France. See Thou, Rn de, seigneur di Bonneuil.

Ionian Islands. Se Cephalonia; Corfu; Zante.

-, Proveditore General of. See Marcello, Marin.

-, news from, 125.
-, Fanshaw admitted to Privy Council of, 3n comet seen in, 75.
-, duties on trade with England, to be considered, 12; Dutch enable France to trade with, 271.
-, Dutch sailed round to avoid trouble, 42; reprisals extended to, 73.
-, perfect quiet in, 95; Dutch could stir up trouble in, 180; Dutch count on disaffection in, 189; French and Dutch will encourage malcontents in, 262.
-, troops from, for fleet, 102; Marsin levying troops in, for Spanish service, 251.

-, lord deputy of. See Butler, James, duke of Ormond.

iron, Dutch seize Swedish ship with, 67n.

Isbrants. See Ysbrants.

Isel. See Yssel.

Iskanderun. See Alexandretta.

Italy, Dutch ships reaching ports of must wait for convoy, 111; in danger, if Flanders safe from France, 256.

ivory, brought from Guinea, 26.