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Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 34, 1664-1666. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1933.

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Maassluis, Maeslant [Prov. S. Holland, Netherlands], ship of, captured, 113.

Maastricht, Mastricht [Prov. Limburg, Netherlands], Cologne's quarrel with Dutch over, 169.

-, governor of, rheingrave of. See Magnus, rheingrave of Salm.

MacCarty, Charles, viscount Muskerry, Muscary, killed in battle, 150.

Madame. See Henrietta Anno, duchess of Orleans.

Madeira, Madera, island of, proposed cession to France, 13.

Madrid, Spain, 14, 81.
-, despatches dated at, 4, 9, 15, 19, 225, 38, 40, 55, 60, 70, 74, 7681, 934, 108, 111, 118, 124, 128, 135, 142, 154, 160, 168, 173, 175, 186, 1912, 196, 199, 214, 221, 2234, 227, 229, 230, 233, 238, 2423, 246, 252, 256, 260, 264, 2701, 273, 279, 2823, 287, 2901, 294, 2967.
-, news from, 12, 282.
-, plate remitted from, to London, 14.
-, Fanshaw expected at, 19; Fanshaw comes to, 23; French waiting for Fanshaw's failure at, 83.
-, defensive alliance in negotiation at, 153; peace sighed for at, 245.
-, demonstration against Fanshaw at, 245; Fanshaw back at, 2701.
-, adjustment with Portugal reported at, 253; Carlingford's negotiations depend on what happens at, 265; no pressure from on Vienna, 277; Vienna not kept informed by, 285.
-, Sandwich expected at, 291.
-, casa de las siete Chimeneas, desired by Fanshaw, 19; Medina committed about, 22; Fanshaw annoyed at talk about, 24.
-, Retiro, secret meetings of Medina with Fanshaw at, 54, 223.

Maes. See Meuse.

Maeslant. See Maassluis.

Magier, Pieter, Dutch consul at Zante, asked to prevent attack on English in port, 96.

Magnus, rheingrave of Salm, governor of Maastricht, rheingrave of Maastricht, chosen general of Dutch horse, 176, 179; going to Naensen, 185.

Magnus de la Gardie, count della Garda, chancellor of Sweden, friendly to Dutch, assurances to, 745.

Mahomet IV, Sultan of Turkey, the Grand Turk:
-, sends for Winchelsea, 20; French declaration of intention to help Venice would impress, 183.
-, Winchelsea may urge Charles to gratify about use of ships, 186; determined to have use of foreign ships, 202; orders seizure, 224.

Maill, Henri de, marquis de Benehart, Benarn, affray with Holles, sent to Bastille, 129.

Maire, Jacob le, Dutch resident in Denmark, king tells that Dutch were aggressors, 53; Terlon informs that king will keep treaty, 92.

Maitland, John, earl of Lauderdale, made governor of Edinburgh castle, 2; Abb Beaufort in trouble over letter from, 184n.

Majorca, Balearic island, Lawson arrives at, with fleet, 18.

Malabar, India:
-, Dutch ready to allow free trading at, 26; Dutch prevent English trading at, 47.
-, French proposal about trade at, 229.

Malaga [Prov. Malaga, Spain], English convoy arrives safely from, 122; Dutch ship from and one for captured, 206.

Malta, island of, Knights of, Estrades labours to settle differences with Dutch, 72; sold St. Eustache to Louis, 222.

-, -, Grand Prior of, in Germany. See Hesse Darmstat, Frederick of.

Mamucca, dragoman of Winchelsea, ill treated by Bastangi Pasha, 51.

Marceven, Dutch navy, destroyed in battle, 152.

Marcello, Marin, Proveditore General of the Ionian Islands, order of, restricting currant plantations, 257.

Margaret of Orleans, princess of Tuscany, wayward behaviour of, 77n.

Margareta, Spanish ship, an Algerian prize, took refuge in Tangier and sacked by English, 261.

Margarita Theresa, Infanta of Spain, marriage to emperor, 69, 200; French want to compel Spain to provide convoy for, 108; marriage likely to be hastened, 166; may go to Flanders with empress dowager, 211.

Margate, co. Kent, English fleet off, 210.

Maria Anna, queen regent of Spain:
-, papers placed in hands of against adjustment with Portugal, 242; assembles junta, persuaded to hasten the treaty, 243.
-, Fanshaw has long audience of before leaving, 245; Fanshaw sees on return, 270.
-, Vienna counts on support of, in Spain, 246; grants audience to English ministers but will not allow Portugal to be mentioned, 275; not disposed to praise Fanshaw's negotiations, 276.
-, Fanshaw goes to audience of, 278; leaves papers and justification with, 279; learns of Fanshaw's proceedings with disfavour, 289.
-, Southwell merely presented credentials to, asked to draw up paper for, 279; he is not allowed to speak with about Portugal, 286.
-, Medina hoped to win credit with by adjustment, 289.
-, considering Southwell's proposals, but in no hurry as Sandwich expected, 293; Southwell not allowed to have audience of, 296.
-, Fanshaw sends paper to, but will not see until he is approved or censured, 295.

Maria Theresa, queen of France, complimentary mission to, 57, 65; Lady Holles goes with Madame to visit at Louvre, 192; quarrel with Madame over English war, orders Monsieur out, 239.

Marie of Nemours, princess of Nemours, princess of Aumale, Omala, d'Umala:
-, Louis favours marriage to king of Portugal, 17n; envoy expected in Britanny about, 83; ships for countermanded, 188; Mello gets English ships for, 268; Beaufort to receive ships destined for, 297.
-, agent at Paris about marriage, 251.

Marlborough, earl of. See Ley, James.

marque, letters of, reprisals, orders for, extended to Ireland, 73; king grants general, against the Dutch, 75; king ready to grant freely, 123.

Marre, Anthony Evertsen de, Dutch captain, executed, 167.

Mars, Dutch navy, taken in battle, 152.

-, royal navy, capture made bv, 206.

Marseilles [Bouches du Rhne, France]:
-, news from, 17, 81, 298.
-, English ships seen off not fired on, 263; report of ship from, 264.
-, supposed disaffection over new citadel, 263.

Marsin, Jean Gaspard Ferdinand, comte de, levying troops in Ireland for Spanish service, 251.

Martin, royal navy, Jeune Prince taken by, 152.

Martinique, Martinik, island of, W. Indies, Ruyter writes from, 157.

Mary, daughter of Charles I, princess of Orange, princess royal, Charles II gave Guinea to, 33; Oudart was secretary of, 169, 172.

Mary, royal navy, prowess in Lowestoft battle, 150; capture made by, 206.

Massue, Henri de, marquis de Ruvigny, Rovigny, sent to London to concert measures against corsairs, 57; talks with Sagredo on crisis, 108; hopeful about mediation, 109; crossed to England about Madame and Guiche, 112.

Mastricht. See Maastricht.

Matthias, royal navy, reaches Portsmouth with rich convoy, 122.

Maurice, Palatine Prince, report that still alive, 2.

Mayence, archbishop elector of. See Schnborn, Johan Philip von.

Mazarin, Guilio, Cardinal, used method of bribery, abandoned since death, 235; outbid Spaniards in dealings with Cromwell, 256.

Mazarin, duke. See Porte, Armand Charles de la.

medal, showing English claim to sea dominion, 148.

medals, war, to be awarded, 55.

Medici, Cosimo de', prince of Florence, 77n.

-, Ferdinand II de', Grand Duke of Tuscany:

Faucomberg not going to, 21; flag cannot approach Levantine marts with safety, 80.

need to attend to affairs of Leghorn, 76; suffers much at Leghorn from war, 163.

has particulars of battle from Holland, 158, 163; has news in gazettes censored, 209.

would like to see peace without victory, 163; says Finch neglecting his duty, 287.

Winchelsea would like to go as ambassador to, 203.

Medina Celi, duke of. See Cerda, Antonio di.

Medina de las Torres, duke of. See Guzman, Ramiro Felipe de.

Mediterranean Sea:
-, Dutch fleet for held up, 5; Dutch fleets sent to, 11; Meppel left in command in, 20; two Dutch fleets in, 31.
-, news of English fleet in, 17; English ready to intensify operations against corsairs in, 31.
-, naval forces should be used to destroy pirates in, 30; report of engagement between English and Dutch in, 32; Dutch provide for safety of shipping in, 58.
-, escort for Dutch ships sailing for, 49; Dutch merchants offer to maintain fleet in, 56; Dutch hold up own ships coming from, 64.
-, incalculable mischief done by corsairs in, 61; defensive measures of Tuscany against English and Dutch cruisers in, 153.
-, English can be harassed in, 68; Captain Allen leaving, 96.
-, ships reach Bristol from, 102; Dutch ship from, captured, 206.
-, English to dip flag to French in, 112, 165; Beaufort ordered to cruise in, 178; he is still in, 201.
-, Dutch fleet from, at Cadiz for safety, 125; Dutch ships return safely from, 188; Dutch ships from, leaving Norway for home, 197.
-, Beaufort attacks three English ships in, 217; Louis makes secure all ports and fortresses on, 223.
-, English fleet scouring, 258, 263, 276; French fear of mischief in, 265; pope's fear of English fleet in, 268.
-, Banckert sailing for, by Norway, 259; English trading activity in, 275; English take many prizes in, 285.
-, Beaufort waiting for arrival of Dutch in, 276; reported action between English and French in, 285.

Medling. See Mdling.

Mein, Robert, letter of, 73n.

Mello, Melo, Francesco de, marquis de Sande, Sandi, Portuguese ambassador in England and France, returns to France, 13; ships waiting to take to Lisbon, countermanded, 188; obtains English ships for duchess of Aumale, 268.

Menezes, Ruy Telles de, Portuguese agent in France, treating about marriage, 251.

Meppel, Kepples, Mepel, Mepen, Meuen, Meuven, Jan Corneliszoon, Dutch Vice Admiral:
-, left in command in Mediterranean, 20, 31; said to have been sent to Guinea, 48.
-, Beaufort expected to unite with, 170; no orders to unite, 180.
-, asks instructions from Renswoude, 173.

mercenaries, problem of employing, in preference to natives, 146.

merchantmen. See ships.

-, prefer Cephalonia to Zante for currants, 36.
-, anxiety in Spain, because of attack on Smyrna convoy, 77; anxiety at Leghorn, because of war, 81.
-, interested that English should not capture Dutch fleets, 200: French deal with for tin and lead, 265.

-, Dutch:

English outrages on, in Guinea, 28; will send ships round N. of England, 68.

money borrowed from, for war, 30; offer to maintain fleet in Mediterranean, 56.

growing dissatisfaction at ships being kept in, 73; confidence in fleet securing safety of ships from Cadiz, 199.

likelihood of trouble with at Leghorn, 80.

-, English:

goods of, alone may be imported from Zeeland, 12; estimate of losses through Dutch, 18; animosity against Dutch, 26.

say tin and steel will go freely from Smyrna to Constantinople, 27; Winchelsea's magnificence at cost of, 64.

Dutch accused of denying justice to, 42; likelihood of trouble with, at Leghorn, 80.

French goods confiscated at suit of, 64; obstruction of, at Aleppo, 116; Winchelsea unwilling to upset trade of, may grant use of ships, 186.

Charles demands satisfaction for, from Dutch, 160; excluded from Alexandretta, 232; matter settled, to pay duty at Aleppo 234; Winchelsea resents losses of, especially at Aleppo, 235.

-, French, many ships of awaiting decision of English Admiralty, 173; arming ships in Brittany, 188; supply foreign news to gazettes at Florence, 209.

-, London, hopeful of a peace with Barbary corsairs, 14; set forth to parliament grievances against Dutch, 15; Charles raises 100,000l. from, 28; necessary for Dutch to give satisfaction to, 35.

-, Venetian, representations against molestation of, 253.

-, names of. See Benzoni; Corney, Thomas; Fustinoni, Rocco; Hayles, George; Ravenscroft, James and George.

Mercoeur, duke of. See Vendme, Francois de; Vendme, Louis de.

Mermaid, la Sirena, royal navy, captures Dutch privateer, 115; captures Young Lion of Middelburg, 120.

Mesia, Antonio Francesco, de Tobar y Paz, Conde de Molina, Spanish ambassador to England:
-, king wishes to be in London before Fanshaw leaves, 81; arrives in London, 110; very popular, 131; public entry and audience, 161, 174.
-, likelihood of increase of dealings with, 131; talk of alliance with, 148.
-, written to fully, expressing best intentions to England, 154; strong recommendations for peace sent to, 159; move for mediation of in Dutch affair, 168.
-, flattered by attentions, probably deceived, 168, 174; did not invite ambassadors at entry, 174.
-, friendly reception under eyes of French ambassador, 177; Renswoude moved by cordial reception of, 191.
-, opens negotiations for peace with Dutch, 260; to require fulfilment of Fanshaw's promise of king, 282; spoke to Charles about, 293.

Messina, Sicily, English merchantmen to wait at, for convoy, 272.

Meuen, Meuven. See Meppel.

Meuse, Maes, River:
-, Dutch ships leave, for Texel, 113; main body of English fleet sighted off mouth of, 119.
-, ships from have not yet joined fleet, 125; English cannot prevent junction, 127.
-, Dutch forced to get supplies of from district of, 131; Spain stops supplies by way of, 148.
-, ships in, after retreat, 140.

-, Dutch fleet of, 167.

-, -, sailing of, 107; goes to rendezvous at Texel, 108.

Middelburg, Middelbourg [Prov. Zeeland, Netherlands], ship of captured, 120.

-, burgomaster of. See Boreel, Jean.

Middleton, John earl of, Lauderdale takes place, as governor of Edinburgh castle, 2.

Milan, Italy, governor of. See Ponce de Leon, Don Luis.

Milford, Belford [co. Pembroke], prize sent to, for repairs, 120.

Milford, royal navy, capture made by, 206.

Mina. See Elmina.

Mins. See Myngs.

Mocenigo, Pietro, Venetian ambassador designate to England, Charles annoyed at release from charge, 215.

Mdling, Medling [near Vienna, Austria], despatches dated at, 294, 298.

Modyford, Muddifort, Sir Thomas, leaves Barbadoes for Jamaica, 25.

Moledi. See O'Moledy.

Molina, conde de. See Mesia, Antonio Francesco, de Tobar y Paz.

-, shortage of, no one willing to advance, 133.
-, crowns, 19, 49, 58, 62, 65, 72, 83, 87, 92, 120, 126, 144, 171, 173, 185, 189, 196, 209, 240, 248, 261, 263.
-, dollars, 123n.
-, ducats, 257.
-, francs, 30, 71, 107, 113, 174.
-, Jacobus, 213.
-, lire, 268, 271.
-, pieces of eight, 259.
-, reals, 5, 116, 208, 232, 294.

Monk, Monck, George, duke of Albemarle:
-, puts down riot of apprentices, 10; puts to sea as grand admiral, 164; not to command fleet, 179.
-, to take force to Friesland, 169; refuses to abandon charge of London, establishes barracks in Hyde Park, 178.

Monroe, Major General, arrested, 216n.

Monsieur. See Philip, duke of Orleans.

Mont St. Michel, St. Michiel [Manche, France], 269.
-, munitions and troops sent to, 270.

Montagu, Edward, earl of Sandwich, Saint Duick:
-, sent to Downs to take command of fleet, 30; recalled, 31; squadron of at Chatham, 44; only 11 ships, to be increased, 49; strength of squadron of, 56, 60.
-, Dutch likely to clash with, in Channel, 45; ready for action, 52; hoists union flag, 55; commands squadron of fleet, 105.
-, unable to overtake Zeeland squadron, 82; remains off coast of Holland but effects little, 87.
-, cut off Dutch retreat after battle, 142, 151; king wishes to have chief command, 164; Penn to command fleet till arrives, 179.
-, repulse of, at Bergen, 209; going with squadron to relief of Tangier, 240.
-, mission to Spain, 240; an attempt to renew negotiations, 280; Southwell to stay on till arrival, 297.
-, Court decides to give distinguished reception to and abridge quarantine, 283, 291; house chosen for, furnished by king, 297.
-, start and arrival at Corunna, 283n; leaves Corua, expected at Madrid, 291; Venetian interest in negotiations of, 297.
-, Southwell sends express to, after reply from Council, 293.

-, Edward baron, of Boughton, returning to Paris, 3.

-, Walter, abbot of St. Martin, Pontoise, almoner of Madame, crosses to England about Madame and Guiche, 112.

Montgomery, Major-General Robert, arrested, 216n.

Montpensier, duchess of. See Anne Marie Louise.

-, ambush Tangier garrison and kill governor, 25, 27; pressing Tangier hard, 31, 149.
-, help English to take Cape Coast and Elmina, 47; drive French out of Jijelli, 57n; suspicion of English understanding with, 234.
-, Dutch try to injure English through, 52; Dutch provoked to attack Cormantine, 53.
-, Cape Coast cannot be taken without help of, 157; ships for, at Tangier, 192.

Moret [Seine et Marne, France]:
-, despatches dated at, 27, 2932, 34.
-, Holles leaving for, 20.

Morfil (?), lord, reported arrest, 209.

Morgan, Maj.-Gen. Edward, commands expedition against St. Eustache, 222n.

Morice, Morrice, Sir William, secretary of state, explains why Dutch ships seized, 66.

Morin, Jacques, called Bailleul, Baglieul:
-, a privateer with English patents, arrested in France, 213; hanged, 216.
-, representations of Holles for, 213; case of forgotten, 222.

Moschua. See Muscovy.

Most Christian king. See Louis XIV, king of France.

Moura y Corte Real, Francesco de, marquis of Castel Rodrigo, governor of the Spanish Netherlands, 240.
-, exchanges civilities with Dutch States, 58: tells Dutch resident of English invitation for offensive alliance, 72.
-, raising force of horse and foot, 69; making provision against French attack, 131; reports measures to secure frontier, 220.
-, Cotterel sent to congratulate, 99n; distinguished reception of Carlingford, 208.
-, trying to draw Dutch to his side, 131; goes to Namur to meet imperial troops, 181.
-, French ask for passage of troops, 190; Dutch ask for use of ports, 220.
-, Dutch doubtful of influence over Munster, 218, 258; says Munster has committed interests to him, 257.
-, confidence in military capacity, 220; protests against being abandoned, 270; asking for troops, 277.
-, strong inducements to make peace, offers to arrange adjustment with Munster, 257; cautious attitude towards England, 262.
-, announces desire to preserve peace with French, 262.

Muddifort. See Modyford.

Muddiman, Henry, letter to, 73n.

Muller, Jean, chevalier de la garde, of the States of Holland, concerned in plot against States, 204.

Munster [Westphalia, German Empire], Temple arrives unexpectedly at, 294.

-, bishop of. See Galen, Christopher Bernard van.

-, peace of, St. Romain represented France at, 228.

Muscovy, Moschua, Russia:
-, Carlisle reports reception in, 2; rebuff to Carlisle in, 75; ill treatment in, 90.
-, envoy from, in London, 75; not received, 90; Dutch assist French trade with, 271.

-, Grand Duke of. See Alexius.

-, Company, concession made to by envoy, 90n.

-, shore, Netherlands, Dutch fleet assembling off, 114.

Muskerry, Muscary, viscount. See MacCarty, Charles.

Mustafa Pasha, Caimecam at Adrianople, writes against receiving French ambassador, 116.

Myngs, Mins, Christopher, Vice Admiral under Rupert, 60.