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Pages 379-380

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 34, 1664-1666. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1933.

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Obigni, Obigny. See Aubigny.

-, abbot. See Stuart, Ludovic.

O'Brien, Murrough, earl of Inchiquin, Inchequin, commanding English in Portugal, may go as governor to Tangier, 27.

officers, military, order to leave London, 8, 13.

oil, ship going to Gallipoli for, 284.

Oldenburg, Oldembourg [German Empire], provisions made for safety of, 201.

-, count of. See Anthony Gunther.

Olron, island of, France, men of, go inland, to avoid serving against English, 254.

Omala, princess. See Marie of Nemours.

O'Moledy, Moledi, Patrick, an Irish friar, continues negotiations for Anglo-Spanish correspondence, 14.

Oate, conde de, See Velez, Inigo, de Guevara y Tasis.

Onklaer, Jan Pieterszoon, Dutch cuptain, executed, 167.

Opdam, sieur d'. See Wassenar, Jacques de.

Orange [Venaissin, France], principality of, Holles raises question of, 10, 15; Lionne's reply about, not acceptable, 21.

-, house of, Zeeland devoted to, 33.

-, prince of. See Nassau, William II and William III of.

-, princess of. See Mary, daughter of Charles I.

Orange, Oranges, Dutch navy, lost in battle, 140, 152; sunk by Smith, 150.

oranges, captured in Dutch ship, 132.

Orkney islands, Orcades, Orcheni, 74.
-, Banckert said to have taken, 83.

Orleans, duchess of. See Henrietta Anne.

-, duke of. See Gaston; Philip, duke of Orleans.

-, Mademoiselle d'. See Anne Marie Louise.

Ormond, duke of. See Butler, James.

Orsilla [? Arzila, Morocco, N. Africa], 75.

Orsoy, Horsoit [Rhenish Prussia, German Empire], Brandenburg asks for, 226.

Osnabruck, Hosnabourg [Hanover, German Empire], St. Romain negotiated with Protestants at, 228.

-, bishop of. See Ernest Augustus, duke of Luneburg.

Osseri, general of Munster, troops of extricated, 227n.

Ostend [Prov. W. Flanders, Belgium]:
-, Dutch squadron sighted off, 43; ship from, captured, 93.
-, talk of temporary consignment to Charles, 99; Young Lion formerly of, 120n; French ships for, stopped by English fleet, 155.
-, battle begun near, 139; money for Munster sent secretly to, 175; plague spreads to, 298.

Otranto, Strait of, Levant Strait, 74.

Ottomans. See Turkey; Turks.

Oudart, Udart, Nicholas, formerly secretary of princess royal:
-, arrested at Hague, 169, 172, 179; papers accusing found, 180.
-, in service of Charles, 172; councillor of Prince of Orange, 179.
-, Downing claimed as his servant, 180; threat to treat Cunaeus in same way as, 189.

Overyssel, or Transisolania, Netherlands:
-, proposed English landing in, 171.
-, French troops sent to form camp in, 170.

Owen, Oven, Sir John, Vice Admiral of Wales, arrives at Chester with sailors, 84.

Oxford, co. Oxford, 212.
-, volunteers from, for fleet, 103; James returned to, 180n; Court withdrawn to, 209; king sends for van Gogh to, 217.
-, parliament to be adjourned to, 182; parliament at, 204, 207, 210, 212, 216.
-, French ambassadors will do nothing at, 220.