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Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 34, 1664-1666. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1933.

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Quakers, Quequer:
-, decision to deal more severely with, 16; seven to be transported, 43; affair of taking good turn, 45.
-, leaders of, imprisoned, 73.

Queen mother of England. See Henrietta Maria.

-, of France. See Anne of Austria.

-, of Spain. See Maria Anna.

-, Dutch ships required to observe, 43.
-, established by Scotland against all ships and persons from England, 190.
-, for French ambassadors at St. Valery, 231, 236.
-, decision to curtail for Sandwich, 283.

Quelangh. See Keelong.

Querini, Giacomo, Venetian ambassador at Rome:
-, despatch to Senate, 268.
-, instructions to, 261.


Rainsford, Sir Richard, member for Northampton, appointed baron of the exchequer, 16n.

Ratisbon [Bavaria, German Empire], Munster asks for succour at, 226.

-, diet of, asks emperor to mediate about Munster, 274.

Ravenscroft, James and son George, letter of Charles to doge in favour of, 2834.

Ravestein, Ravenstheim [Prov. N. Brabant, Netherlands], Neuburg's grievance against Dutch over, 169.

Rawlins, Thomas, medal made by, on sea dominion, 148n.

R, island of, France, men of, go inland, to avoid serving against English, 254.

Rebello, Francesco Texeira (Ferreiro), Portuguese ambassador in England, arrives, 44; crossed from Dieppe to Dover, 46.

Reede, baron de. See Amerongen.

Renswoude, Hendrik Reede van, Dutch ambassador in Spain, 227.
-, meets Fanshaw in friendly way, 76; actions of closelv watched, 78.
-, declaims against violence of England, 76; consul released at request of, 128.
-, Spanish representations to about France and Flanders, 79; Spaniards recommend attempt on Tangier to, 135.
-, minimises defeat of fleet, 159; urges definite instructions for Molina, 168.
-, Meppel asks for instructions from, 173; expresses confidence in success of Dutch fleet, 174; tries in vain to prevent merchantmen leaving Cadiz, 199.
-, has scant faith in French shows of help, 191; Fanshaw's relations with unchanged, 272.
-, said Dutch and Spanish interests should march together about Flanders, 191; tries to dissipate suspicion roused by French connection, 223.

reprisals. See marque, letters of.

residents. See ambassadors.

Resolution, royal navy, Sandwich sailed in, for Spain, 283n.

Retz, cardinal de. See Gondi, Jean Franois Paul de.

Rheinberg, Rimbergh [Rhenish Prussia, German Empire], quarrel of Cologne with Dutch over, 169.

Rhine, River, imperial troops cross at Andernach, 181.

-, Confederacy of the, league of the Rhine, mission of Lessein to, 180; reject Munster's appeal, 226.

ribbons, manufacture of, introduced in France, injures English trade, 249.

Ribolli, French minister at the Porte, Captain Pasha sends for and demands use of ships, 202.

rice, cargo of, from Venice for Cadiz, 109.

Richelieu, Cardinal. See Duplessis, Armand.

Richmond, duchess of. See Stuart, Margaret.

Rimbergh. See Rheinberg.

Roberti, Charles, archbishop of Tarse, papal nuncio in France, affair with Talon in parlement, 220.

Robinson, Sir John, lieutenant of the Tower of London, reported imprisonment, 209.

Rochechouart, Victor de, comte de Vivonne, Vivona, general of the gallevs, sent to see to defence of Toulon, 248.

Rochelle, La [Charente Inferieure, France]:
-, ships from caught in middle of English fleet, 127; four French warships at, ready for Portugal, 187; countermanded, 188.
-, St. Romain despatched to, 228; English ships expected at, for duchess of Aumale, 268.
-, talk of arming Indiamen at, 267; abandoned, 268.
-, Beaufort not expected to advance beyond, 292; Beaufort arrives at, 297.

-, despatch dated at, 269.
-, Aubigny considered English at, 225; Querini to report on attitude of to Anglo-French war, 261.
-, dispensation for queen's marriage refused at, 268; mission to Portugal approved at, 270.

Romswinckel, Matthias, Brandenburg envoy at the Hague, arrival expected, 72.

Rooan. See Rouen.

rope, cordage, Denmark and Sweden not to supply to Dutch, 59.

Roper, Christopher, baron Teynham, 20n.

-, Francis, sent to Savoy with condolences, 20.

Rosenwing, Henry Wishelme, sieur de Rosevuin, proposed mission to England and Holland, 195.

Rotterbourg, cape of, in Scotland, ? Fraserburgh, Dutch fleet up to, 196.

Rotterdam [Prov. S. Holland, Netherlands]:
-, squadron of, joins that of Zeeland, 1134.
-, ship of, sold as prize, 116.
-, Tromp made lieutenant admiral of, 179.
-, Admiralty of, asks for guns for new ship, 163.

Rouen, Rooan [Seine Inferieure, France], 248.
-, Dutch ships going to, captured, 72; ships from taken, 90, 187.

Rovigny. See Massue, Henri de, marquis de Ruvigny.

Royal Company. See Africa Company.

Royal Catherine, merchantman, Smith to escort, 272.

Royal Oriental Co. of France, East India Co., Louis demands delivery of ships bought by, 97; Dutch refuse demand, 103.

Royal Sovereign, royal navy, king goes to see, 91.

Ruby, royal navy, Taureau Noir taken bv, 152; merchantman taken by, 206.

Rudelsdorf. See Rutherford.

Rueges, abb. See Senevas, Melchior de Harod de, baron de St. Romain.

Ruiter, Ruither. See Ruyter.

Rupert, Palatine Prince:
-, informed that brother Maurice alive, 2; appointed general of fleet, 26; to command squadron of 30 ships, 31; orders to sail towards Guinea, 41; arrives in Downs, 48.
-, to embark at Portsmouth, for Guinea, 43; Opdam likely to encounter, 45.
-, numerous volunteers to sail with, 467; waits in Downs for reinforcements, 48.
-, king and York dine with on Henrietta, 47; king causes to embark, 48; leaves Downks but driven into harbour, 49; still at Portsmouth, 51; in the Downs, 52.
-, hoists the union flag, 55; only 18 ships with, 56; remains at Spithead, 59; 12 ships in squadron of, 60.
-, danger of being caught between two fires, 58; hired ships in squadron of, 63.
-, serious injury to, 63; in usual condition, 66; affair considered bad omen, 94.
-, sets out for fleet, 105; begins the battle action, 141; prowess of, 142, 146, 150; rear admiral of killed, 150.
-, only foreigner in English forces, 109, 146; pursues enemy northwards, 151.
-, Dutch made second fight with, 151; reported wounded, 158; permanence on shore gave hope of peace, 164.
-, returns to fleet, 162; going to command Munster's troops, 178, 196.

Russel, John, Colonel, sent to quell mutiny, 98.

-, William, fifth earl of Bedford, 98n.

-, -, William son of, warrant for arrest, 98n.

Russia. See Muscovy.

Rutherford, Rudelsdorf, Andrew, earl of Teviot, Teveot, Tiviot, governor of Tangier:
-, skirmishes with Moors, 13; killed in sortie, 25.
-, Inchiquin to succeed, 27; duke of York anxious to avenge, 28.

Ruvigny, marquis de. See Massue, Henri de.

Ruyter, Ruiter, Ruither, Michael van, Dutch admiral, 31, 114.
-, recalled from Mediterranean, 20; at Cadiz, 28.
-, impatiently awaited at Algiers, 28; saluted English fleet under Lawson, 48.
-, Rupert waiting for reinforcements before meeting, 48; danger to Rupert from, 58.
-, supposed to have sailed for Guinea, 48, 501, 65; in Guinea, 52, 57; expected home in April, 86.
-, Downing did not find out about decision to send to Guinea, 52, 88; equal to clearing English out of Guinea, 56; will force English to abandon Guinea, 58.
-, proposed recall to command grand fleet, 59; Dutch merchantmen to wait for appearance of, 77.
-, had instructions from Holland alone, 62; Allen ordered to go against, 74.
-, said to have chased English out of Barbadoes, 69; reported exploits in Guinea, 113.
-, recovers places taken by Holmes, captures ships, 74; false report of cruelty, at Cormantino, 85, 87, 90.
-, stops English ships and goods at Guinea, 89; reported at Cadiz, 104; English mean to engage on return, 118.
-, Dutch hopes of, 91, 100; Dutch look for like the Messiah, 109, 175, 177; Tromp to command fleet if does not arrive, 140, 179.
-, English squadron sails to meet, 107; has secret orders from Hague, 109; route of kept secret, 113, 125; English squadron in chase of, 120; English unlikely to catch, 127, 166.
-, measures for safety of, 125; news of expected, reported at St. Helena, 133.
-, supposed engaged on some considerable design, 130; gave up plan against Barbadoes, 132; reported repulse there, 155; reports success at, 157.
-, Dutch dependence on good fortune of, 144; Banckert expected to join, 161.
-, reported at Bergen, 149; letters received from, from Martinique, 157; reported in Norway, 172.
-, fleet strengthened by arrival of, 157; to have chief command, 163, 167.
-, States without news of, 163; Beaufort expected to unite with, 170, 172; will not unite with Beaufort, 180.
-, reported near Newfoundland, destroyed English fishing, 167; reported movements, 177.
-, Dutch fleet will not put out before arrival of, 172; vigorous measures, in case does not come, 175.
-, arrival only thing that can change affairs of Dutch for the better, 177, 193.
-, travelled overland to Holland, 177; arrived safely, 183, 188, 190; at once made Admiral General, 183.
-, English lying in wait for, 179; uncertainty about, 181; supposed engagement with, 182; Count Homes returned with, 185; missing ships of, arrive, 193.
-, all captains prefer to serve, rather than Tromp, 184; commands first squadron, 185.
-, proceeding to Bergen to dispute supremacy at sea, 187; English mean to engage when returning with convoy, 197; reports arrival at Berghen, 198.
-, to keep sea and wait to fight English, 204; withdraws to home ports, 221.
-, ship with munitions for captured, 206; beaten by winds and sea, 207.
-, report of great victory over English, 209; puts to sea with considerable force, 280.

Ruyter, Ruiter, Dutch navy, taken in battle, 152.

Rycaut, Paul, secretary of the Ambassador Winchelsea:
-, returns to Adrianople, 4; goes to audience of Caimecam with rich presents, 116.
-, says ambassador in poor health, 117; Vizier sends for and demands use of ships for war, 186; sent to London for instructions, 2023.