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Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 34, 1664-1666. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1933.

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Taafe, Taf, Theobald, lord Carlingford, Osburry (sic):
-, mission to Brussels and German princes, 195; reception at Brussels, 208.
-, at Vienna, 208n; French suspicion of, 210; has not disclosed character, living incog., 243.
-, going to German princes to justify actions of Munster, 221; has audience of emperor, 246.
-, exchanges courtesies with Cornaro, 246; Cornaro to cultivate, 253.
-, not allowed special demonstrations, not received by nuncio, 246; Lobkowitz and Lamberg to treat with, 251.
-, scope of negotiations, 246; presses for decision, talks of leaving, 253; laboured negotiations, 256.
-, reports truce between Spain and Portugal, 251; news from Paris destroys hope of agreement, 261.
-, not a confidential councillor, and a Catholic, 256; makes no progress for lack of powers, 265, 269.
-, conferences with ministers renewed, 261; business depends on what happens at Madrid, 265.
-, tries to persuade emperor to ally with England, 269; convinced that Austrians unwilling to be mixed up in affair, 271; expresses dissatisfaction, 279.
-, to represent critical state of Munster, 273; reply to unsatisfactory, talks of leaving, 2734; leaving, sojourn useless, 277; final audience, 279; takes leave, 284.
-, unequal to position, 279; asked to stay on a while, 282; mission ends unsatisfactorily, 285.
-, at Prague, emperor asks for return, 287; back at Vienna, instructions concealed, 294; staying on without formal business, 297.

tabinet, present of, for Caimecam, 116.

Tacorery, Tacquerari, in Guinea, or Witsen [Gold Coast, W. Africa], Holmes takes, 32.

Talbot, Sir Gilbert, English ambassador to Denmark, choice of, 32; leaves, 44.

Talon, Tallone, Denis, avocat general, 255.
-, affair with nuncio in parlement, 220; sent to Calais with money for Flanders, 2345, 240; despatch received from, 239.

Tangier, Tanger, N. Africa.
-, news from, 75.
-, Gayland offers to co-operate with Spaniards against, 4; skirmishes with Gayland at, 13; garrison worsted, 14.
-, progress of works at, 13, 46; fortifications completed, 59.
-, reinforcements for, 16, 28; governor killed in sortie from, 25, 27; disaster at pretext for recall of ships and men, 26.
-, Lambert sentenced to relegation at, 16; Moors repulsed in attack on, 25; Moors pressing hard, 31; Gayland making forts near, 43.
-, Fitzgerald appointed to command garrison, 25; Inchiquin to succeed Teviot at, 27.
-, relief sails for, 31; Basset arrives at, with recruits, 43; garrison in good state, 46, 96, 122.
-, land enclosed at cultivated, 59; garrison in excellent state, succours arrived, 87, 111.
-, Gayland demands demolition of new forts at, 75; Gavland withdrawn from, 122.
-, Dutch prizes taken to, 77; Algerian prize at, sacked by English, 261.
-, Allen thought to have gone to, 78; provisioned, 96.
-, report of French negotiations to purchase, 80; Spanish fear of. 135.
-, ship from, attacked by Dutch and sunk, 128; Dutch blockade of, 135, 149, 183; Dutch raise blockade of, 142, 192.
-, ill supplied, 135; very hard pressed, 149; king of Portugal sends supplies for relief of, 186.
-, Moors besieging, 149; Sandwich sails to relieve, 240.
-, Spain complains of reception of booty from corsairs at, 192; no talk of restoring to Spain, 252.
-, suffering from neglect of precautions about plague, 214.
-, French project for purchase of, 235; Smith's squadron sails for, 256; English frigates constantly passed between Cadiz and, 291.

-, governor of. See Bellasis, John lord; Rutherford, Andrew, earl of Teviot.

Taranto, prince of. See Tremouille, Charles Henry de.

Tarse, archbishop of. See Roberti, Charles.

Tartareau, Mons., sent to France with congratulations, 37.

Tartars, emperor of the, gives Dutch help against Formosa, 186.

Taureau Noir, Dutch navy, taken in battle, 152.

taxation, subsidies:
-, king points out inadequacy of, 6; parliament likely to grant king satisfaction over, 11.
-, collection difficult because of plague, 199; subsidy voted, 220.

-, See also duties.

Teddeman, Tiddelmans, Thomas, repulse at Bergen, 209.

Tello de Guzman, Gaspard, marquis la Fuente, Fuentes, marquis della Fuentes, Spanish ambassador in France:
-, reports close negotiations with van Beuningen, 79; reports negotiations for purchase of Tangier and powerful naval armament of France, 801.
-, reports agreement between France and England, 93.
-, reports French dislike of agreements between northern powers, 118; reports sympathy of Louis with Dutch, after defeat, 159.
-, Louis demands passage for troops from, 171, 178; instructions to about reply, 1901; says chief reason for request was to make trouble for Spain, 191.
-, Louis informs of safe arrival of Dutch merchantmen, 203; reports desire of Louis to avoid hostilities with England, 230.
-, Munster envoy confers with, 212.
-, rather pleased at Anglo-French rupture, 249; remarks on the pretext, 24950.
-, reports French talk of designs on Flanders, 252; reports that any sign of union with England foments evil intentions of Louis, 294.

Temple, Sir William, sent to encourage Munster to continue war, 292, 294.

Teneriffe, Canary Islands, Ruyter off, 179.

Tergoes, Dutch navy, destroyed in battle, 152.

Terlon, Tralon, Treslon, Hugues chevalier de, French ambassador in Denmark:
-, activities in favour of Dutch, 92; declaration does no good to Dutch, 100.
-, to go to Sweden as extraordinary, 127; to prevent arrangement with English, 173.

Tetuan [Morocco, N. Africa], Poole captures ship of, 75.

Teviot, earl of. See Rutherford, Andrew.

Texel [N. Holland, Netherlands], 158.
-, news from, 202.
-, ships sail from for East Indies, 62.
-, St. Jacob seized at, 67n; ships leaving furtively are captured, 73.
-, Tromp goes to thwart English design on, 91; Amsterdam ships at, 100; Dutch waiting for ships from, 107.
-, York leaves Harwich for, 105; going to when wind favourable, 110.
-, rendezvous of Dutch fleet at, 108; assembling at, 1134, 119, 121, 127; ships at ready to sail, 122.
-, troops sent to, 113; prizes brought to, 181.
-, English fleet's fires seen from, 119; English fleet off, 122; prizes taken by English off, 124; wind keeps English away from, 127.
-, Dutch fleet reported sailing from, 126; 15 ships left at, 133; Dutch fleet 12 leagues from, 134; fleet in retreat reaches, 139, 141; Tromp enters after defeat, 140.
-, ships leave to join fleet, 136; ships at attacked, 158.
-, orders sent to, for repairing fleet, 140; deputies of States at, 141, 163; de Witt returning to, 167.
-, Evertsen brought to, for examination, 141; Banckert's squadron at, 149; Banckert re-enters after cruise, 166.
-, English fleet before, 167, 204; in permanence, 1734; fleet will come out as soon as English leave, 178.
-, Tromp ordered to return to fleet at, 172; Dutch fleet assembling at, 181; Dutch said to have left, 182.
-, ships leaving cannot avoid Channel, 176; fleet to escort merchantmen to, 198.
-, fleet ready at, 183; sails from, 185; warships expected back at, 202.
-, new fleet preparing at, 196; proposal for it to sail, 197.
-, Dutch merchantmen return safely to, 199; squadron sent out from, 293.
-, Dutch learned from York's blockade of, 215.
-, de Witt will not return to without fighting, 216; Ruyter withdraws to, 221.
-, fleet commanders gathering at, 280; fleet inside, 292.

Teynham, lord. See Roper, Christopher.

Tiddelmans. See Teddeman.

Thames, River, river of London:
-, plan for new bridge over, comes to naught, 46.
-, London frigate blown up in, 91, 94.
-, watermen of, pressed for fleet, 92.
-, Dutch fleet ordered to mouth of, 133; part of fleet at anchor at mouth of, 134; Opdam steering for, 138.
-, English fleet at mouth of, 210; large ships withdrawn to, for winter, 216; English fleet mostly laid up in, 226.
-, Dutch come to blockade mouth of, 215, 218, 221.

theatres, pacifist ministers lampooned in, 247.

Thou, Rn de, seigneur de Bonneuil, Bonoil, French master of the ceremonies, introducer, Holles conducted back to Paris by, 1; Holles asks for appointment with princes, 37.

Thouars, duke of. See Tremouille, Claude de la.

Tilbury [co. Essex], sixteen ships sail from, 46.

timber, Denmark and Sweden not to supply to Dutch, 59; Dutch seize Swedish ship with, 67n; cargo of, from New England, 96.

-, seized by Venetians on English ship, 5; released, 9, 27.
-, shortage of, in France, efforts to supply, 265.

Tiviot. See Rutherford, Andrew, earl of Teviot.

tobacco, cargo of, from New England, 96.

Tobago, island of, West Indies, English seize, 41.

Toledo [New Castile, Spain], joyous reception of Fanshaw at, 14.

Tonbridge, Tumbrige, co. Kent:
-, advices from, 161, 181, 190.
-, plague restricts inter-communication at, 190.

Tott, Tot, Claes count of, Swedish ambassador in France, treaty arranged with, 173.

Toulon, Tolone [Var, France]:
-, Crequy leaves, with galleys, 18; decision to speed up work on ships at, 236.
-, Vivonne sent to secure against English attack, 248; Guitry at, 285.
-, strength of squadron at, ready to come out, 268; report of sailing awaited, 276; not yet sailed from, 284; talk of Beaufort being detained at, 292.

Tour d'Auvergne, Henry de la, vicomte de Turenne, Turena:
-, van Beuningen has frequent sittings with, 85; close relations with van Beuningen, 160.
-, strong leanings to England because of Portugal, 85; interests divided, 160.
-, reputed the greatest captain of the day, 85; owed most brilliant victory to English troops, 97; king in coach with, 143.
-, has news of great Dutch defeat, 207; present at Council about relations with England, 236.
-, speaks of need to afford relief to people, 247.
-, reviews troops at Compiegne, 2478.

Tower, the. See under London.

-, commissioners appointed for promoting, 11; parliament devoting itself to development of, 18.
-, commissioners to consider duties on, with Scotland and Ireland, 12.
-, council for, meets frequently at Guildhall, 45.
-, hope that Dutch war will promote, 98; English measures calculated to ruin, 137.
-, Colbert prohibited English manufactures, Charles retaliated, 155; introduction of new industries in France injures English, 249.
-, destroyed internally by plague and externally by war, 217.
-, stagnation of Dutch, but will not lead to bad peace, 219.
-, English contrive to carry on, during war, Dutch and French suffer worse, 275.

-, See also Africa Co.; Aleppo; Alexandretta; baize; brandy; Cephalonia; cloth; coal; corn; currants; East India Co.; flax; fruit; gold; Guinea; herring fishery; Indies; iron; ivory; Japan; lead; Leghorn; Levant; Levant Co.; Malabar; merchants; Muscovy Co.; oil; oranges; ribbons; rice; rope; salt; saltpetre; serge; silver; spices; steel; stockings; sugar; timber; tin; tobacco; W. India Co.; whale fishery; wine; wool; Zante.

trained bands, London militia, called out to put down riot of apprentices, 10.

Tralon. See Terlon.

treason, high, goods of those guilty of, granted to Duke of York, 2.

treasurer, lord high. See Wriothesley, Thomas, earl of Southampton.

Tremouille, Charles Henry de, prince of Taranto, suggested to command Dutch cavalry, 176.

-, Claude de la, duke of Thouars, 8n.

Treslon. See Terlon.

Triennial Act, repeal proposed, 7; repeal reported, 10; king thanks parliament for repealing, 12; repeal confirmed, 17, 21.

Tripoli, North Africa:
-, news from, 23.
-, pirate ships of, gathered into port, 23.

-, See also Barbary.

Tromp, Cornelis, Dutch Admiral:
-, recalled to home waters, 9; sent to convoy E. India ships, 31, 34; no news of, 35.
-, expected strength of fleet, 37; Dutch merchantmen to await appearance of, 77.
-, goes to anchor at the Texel, 91; commands fifth squadron of fleet, 133; covers Dutch retreat, 139, 140.
-, reported reconnoitring, 134; may have command of whole fleet, 140.
-, ordered to enter port, 139; refuses to continue fight, enters Texel, 140; gallantry in retreat, 141, 145.
-, Evertsen refused to obey, 145; saved himself by swimming to another ship, 150; attacked at Texel, 158.
-, obscures glory by disobedience, protests devotion and returns to fleet, 158; Evertsen commands fleet in absence of, 171; to have chief command if Ruyter does not come, 179.
-, unwilling to preside at trial of accused captains, 158; made lieut. admiral of Rotterdam, 179.
-, ordered to return to fleet at Texel, 172; proposal to set de Witt over, 176.
-, proposal to send out fleet under, 179; to command whole fleet, takes oath to States, 181; refused to obey Ruyter and asked for dismissal, 184.
-, captains prefer Ruyter to, 184; appointed lieutenant admiral of Amsterdam, 263.
-, commands third squadron of fleet, 185; report of, from Texel, 202; goes to Texel, 280.

Trondhjem, Dronthem, Norway, Dutch ships leaving, under convoy, 197, 202.

True Love, royal navy, brings prizes into Portsmouth, 121.

Tumbrige. See Tonbridge.

Tunis, N. Africa, prizes carried to, 10; Charles proposes joint attack on, 57; agreement of French with, 277.

-, See also Barbary.

Turenne, Turena, vicomte de. See Tour d' Auvergne, Henry de la.

Turkey, Ottomans, the Porte:
-, Dutch fear of English informing, if help emperor, 7; Venice deprecates Christian ships taking war material to, 9; England will not help emperor for fear of offending, 14; peace with emperor, 50; peace not secure, 108.
-, counts on divisions among Christians for conquests, 29, 30; Sagredo speaks of need for common action against, 82.
-, Dutch prepared to arrange with England to help emperor against, 34; French ambassador unlikely to be received in, 101; Winchelsea tries to prevent his coming, 116.
-, incredible venality in, 64; demand for use of merchantmen for war, 186.
-, Dutch will not make war on, for sake of others, 137; friendly relations with forbid open succour for Venice, 209; Winchelsea dissatisfied with because of losses of merchants, 235.
-, Venetian representations against, use of Christian ships by, 214, 218.

-, ministers of, do not want Winchelsea at Adrianople, 4.

-, -, See also Bastangi Pasha, of Constantinople, 50.

-, Capudan (Captain)Pasha. See Kaplan Mustapha.

-, Grand Vizier of. See Kiuprili, Ahmed.

-, ships of, captured by Lawson, 18.

-, -, See also Barbary.

-, Sultan of. See Mahomet IV.

Turkey Co. See Levant Co.

Turks, Ottomans:
-, Winchelsea sends capitulations to be shown to, 4; resent French interference in Hungary, 101.
-, Venice confident Charles will regard interests threatened by, 23; growing insolence of, 50.
-, Piron sided with in attack on Venetian embassy, 40; Dutch recover English prize from, 68.
-, Holles promises to write about ships helping, 118, 128; Holles would like to see Charles engaged against, 144; English ships refused to, 273.
-, Aleppo factors abscond with money of, 123n; cowed by Venetian successes, only bold in good fortune, 217.

-, pirates. See Barbary corsairs.

Turner, Sir Edward, speaker of the House of Commons, speech on presenting money bill to king, 83; stops duel between Lord St. John and Henry Seymour, 84.

Tuscany, Grand Duke of. See Medici, Ferdinand II de'.

-, princess of. See Margaret of Orleans.