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Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 34, 1664-1666. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1933.

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Udart. See Oudart.

Umala, princess d'. See Marie of Nemours, princess of Aumale.

United Provinces. See Netherlands.

Upper House. See Lords, House of.


Valaggio Munster, a prize, sale ordered, 116.

Valckenburg, John, director general of Dutch West India Co., charges against Holmes, 114.

Valdech. See Waldeck.

Valdemoro, Val di Moro [Prov. Madrid, Spain], Medina entertains Fanshaw at, 14; council of state held at, 15.

Vallecas, Valieras, Valteras [Prov. Madrid, Spain], Fanshaw staying at, 14, 19, 23.

Valois, Marie Franoise de, duchess of Angoulme, 280.

Valois, duke of. See Philip Charles.

Vanderhutten, Abraham, Dutch consul at Cadiz, challenges English consul to duel, arrested, 124; released, 128.

Van der Straten. See Straten.

Vandgok, Vangot. See Gogh, Michiel van.

Vantelet. See Haye, Denis de la, sieur de Ventelet.

Vassenhaer, Vasseneur. See Wassenar.

Vatte. See Watt.

Vatteville. See Batteville.

Veere [Prov. Zeeland, Netherlands], garrison to be strengthened, 51.

Velez, Inigo, de Guevara y Tasis, conde de Oate, announces presents for Fanshaw and his wife, 259.

Vendme, Franois de, duke of Beaufort, Bofort, Boffort, Bucfort, Buefort, Buffort, later duke of Mercoeur:
-, York threatens to fire on, if does not dip flag, 160; will not sail because of flag question, 165; no reason to fear, 198.
-, expected to unite with Meppel and Ruyter, 170, 172; expected to pass Strait, 178; Rupert will not unite with, 180.
-, secretary sent to, with orders, 178; Abb Beaufort brother of, 184.
-, Estrades reports at Belle-Isle, but still in Mediterranean, 201; fires on English ships for not dipping flag, 217.
-, warship of driven into Plymouth, 210; destroyed pirate squadron off Tangier, 261n.
-, restitution may be offered for ships taken by, 222; Grand Master of Malta lodges complaint against, 237.
-, likely to be removed, may be made governor of Guienne, 237; Vivonne represents necessity of leaving in command, 248.
-, Banckert sails to join, 259; said to be waiting for Dutch, 276.
-, to make every effort to engage Smith, 263; pope reassured by presence of, 268; said to have orders to fight English, 277.
-, Smith's force not strong enough to face, 276; English may go against if passes Strait, 291.
-, has provision of powder and lead made, 277; Guitry encourages to put to sea, 285.
-, sends to conclude agreement with Algiers, 277.
-, not expected to go beyond Rochelle, 292; arrived at Rochelle, proceeding to Brest to await reinforcements, 297; Smith ordered to go and fight, 298.

-, Louis de, duke of Mercoeur, Mercurio, becomes duke of Vendme by father's death, 217.

-, duke of. See Caesar.

Venice, 186.
-, gentleman of Gelderland appointed ambassador to, 72.
-, many English products sold at, 209.
-, great satisfaction in over king's restoration, 215.
-, 1664:
-,-, orders release of steel and lead from Batchelor, 9, 23.
-,-, letters to king Charles, 9, 23.
-,-, wishes Ballarino to cultivate friendly relations with Winchelsea, 9; desires to show esteem for English ministers, 33.
-,-, Faucomberg will not be going to, 21; eager to know about Fanshaw's negotiations, 22; concern about Anglo-Dutch differences, 323, 50.
-,-, wishes English ships to have best possible treatment, 23; desire for best relations with England, 53.
-,-, English letters reach sooner by Antwerp than Paris, 27; Dutch disposed to make treaty of friendship with, 72.
-, 1665:
-,-, letter to Charles about Hales, 80; Arundel expresses obligations to, 101.
-,-, ready to facilitate trade, 80; letter to Charles about Stanton and Bishop, 123.
-,-, ship laded at, stopped at Cadiz, 109.
-,-, esteem of Charles for, 171; Charles justified trade with, against objections of parliament, 2089.
-,-, Sagredo insists on value of French declaration of help for, 183; representations against use of foreign ships by Turks, 214, 218.
-,-, Winchelsea would like to go as ambassador to, 203; Charles offended because no ambassador sent by, 215, 217.
-,-, gazettes issued at Florence with imprint of, 2089; Senate's displeasure over, tries to get altered, 214.
-,-, desire to cultivate best relations with England, 218.
-,-, successes of cowed Turks, 217.
-, 1666:
-,-, anxiety for maintenance of peace between France and England, 243; desire to forward peace between Spain and Portugal, 297.
-,-, representations about seizure of Salvator del Mondo, 253, 273.
-,-, affection of king and English for, 258; letter of Charles to, about Ravenscrofts, 2834.
-,-, Lesley bent on preventing making peace, 282.
-,-, currants sent from Cephalonia to, 294.

-, captain general at sea, 23.

to have goods of Batchelor restored, 9.

instructions to, 22.

-, consul, English at. See Jones, Giles.

-, fleet, English ship detained by, 4.

-, Inquisitors of State, letters to, 36, 38, 40.

-, merchants of. See merchants, Venetian.

-, ships of. See ships, Venetian.

Ventelet, sieur de. See Haye, Denis de la.

Verneuil, Vernoglia, Vernuil, Vornuil, duc de. See Bourbon, Henri de.

-, marquise de. See Balzac, Henriette de.

Vico, Domenico, Venetian Resident at Florence, despatch to the Senate, 10.

Vict, M. du. See Witt, John de.

Vienna, Austria:
-, despatches dated at, 101, 208, 221, 230, 240, 244, 246, 251, 254, 257, 261, 265, 269, 271, 274, 277, 279, 282, 285, 288.
-, Munster's own confessor sent to, 175,178; French remonstrance at, for help to Minister, 210.
-, Carlingford at, 208n; delight in at news of truce with Portugal, 251.
-, Lesley makes arrangement for nephew to send news from Constantinople to, 282.

Vigny, Vigne, M. de, 78.

Villerstat. See Willemstad.

Villiers, George, second duke of Buckingham, reported dead of plague, 209.

Virgin islands, West Indies, Prince Maurice supposed lost off, 2.

Virginia, N. America, ships reach Bristol from, 102, 106; Ruyter's cruise to, 177.

Vische, count of. See Birago, Charles Emanuel.

Vivonne, comte de. See Rochechouart, Victor de.

Vlecquer, Vlequers. See Flekker.

Vlie, the, Flie, Fliet, Vliter [Netherlands]:
-, ships assembled at, 114; ships in, unite with in Texel, 121; ships in, short of sailors, 125.
-, York sends squadron towards, 126; ships retreat to, after defeat, 140.
-, English fleet reported off, 172; Dutch merchant fleet from Flekker reaches safely, 182; other Dutch ships reach, 202, 210.

Vornuil. See Bourbon, Henri de, duc de Verneuil.