Venice: March 1535

Pages 18-19

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 5, 1534-1554. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1873.

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March 1535

March 11. Lettere del Collegio (Secreta), File no. 14. 37. The Doge and College to Hironimo Zuccato, Venetian Secretary in England.
Enclose news-letters from Constantinople dated 27th and 31st December, 18th, 22nd, 29th, and 31st January, and 1st February. Is to communicate them to his Majesty face to face, requesting him to keep them to himself, and not to mention that they come from the Signory, as should notice of such a report reach Constantinople the authorities there would complain of the Signory.
March 17. Deliberazioni Senato (Secreta), vol. lvi. p. 86, tergo. 38. Motion concerning a present for the English Ambassador.
The Rev. Prothonotary Casal, who has been during several years ambassador with the Signory from the King of England, having been ordered by his Majesty to return—
Put to the ballot, that by authority of this Council a present be made to said Rev. Prothonotary of silver, or gold, or money, as shall seem best to our College, to the amount of five hundred ducats, at the rate of six livres and four “soldi” per ducat
Ayes, 157. Noes, 35. Neutrals, 5.
March 17. Deliberazioni Senato (Secreta), vol. lvi. p. 86, tergo. 39. The Doge and Senate to the Bailo at Constantinople.
It is said that the conference between the Kings of France and England will take place in April next. There was talk of marriage between the infant daughter (who is one year old) of the King of England by the new Queen to Mons. d'Angoulême, the third son of the King of France. (fn. 1)
March 22. Deliberazioni Senato (Secreta), vol. lvi. p. 88, tergo. 40. Motion made in the Senate concerning a present to the Secretary of the English Embassy. (fn. 2)
Put to the ballot that there be given as a present to the Secretary of the aforesaid Rev. Ambassador cloths of silk, or money, at the option of our College, to the amount of fifty ducats, at the rate of six livres and four soldi per ducat, to be derived from the supplies made and to be made hereafter.
Ayes, 147. Noes, 13. Neutrals, 2.
March 23. Original Letter Book of Francesco Contarini, in St. Mark's Library. 41. Francesco Contarini, Venetian Ambassador with the King of the Romans, to the Signory.
Yesterday the Landgrave of Hesse, the Duke of Brunswick, and the son of the Elector, Marquis Joachim of Brandenburg, arrived in this town. The King went to meet them outside the town and appeared very glad to see them. The Landgrave had never been in his presence since the affair of the Duke of Wurtemberg, but matters are now so well pacified that if necessary he will be employed in these parts in the Emperor's service, or in that of the King.
Since his arrival in King Ferdinand's territories, to show his respect for him, neither he or his followers eat anything but fish, although if not the chief personage of the Lutheran sect he is their second leader. All his attendants wear on their surcoats (sagli) the motto, “Verbum Domini manet.”
Vienna, 23rd March 1535.


  • 1. Sultan Solyman was carrying on the war in Persia, so that the “Bailo” could not have communicated the Venetian advices to him immediately.
  • 2. In Ellis' letters illustrative of English History (series 2, vol. ii. pp. 70–75) there are two, dated Venice, A.D., 1535, from Edmond Harvel, and I think it probable that he was the Secretary here alluded to, by so much the more as documents in the Venetian Archives show that he was accredited to the Republic at a later period by Henry VIII.; but on the other hand, it will be seen by an entry dated 13th November 1535, that Prothonotary Casal had an Italian Secretary by name Marco Antonio Bentivoglio, whom he sent to Hungary about the time when this present was made.