Venice: July 1535

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Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 5, 1534-1554. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1873.

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July 1535

July 3. Original Letter Book of Francesco Contarini in St. Mark's Library. 59. Francesco Contarini, Venetian Ambassador with the King of the Romans, to the Signory.
Besides the creation of the seven Cardinals, two events, which greatly please the King and the whole Court, have been announced here, well nigh contemporaneously. The one is the cessation of the Pope's attack on Camerino, the other the plenary indulgence conceded to all who after confession and repentance shall pray for the Emperor's success [in his attack on Tunis]. Nothing can be better calculated than acts of this sort, to disconcert the Lutherans, as they desire nothing better than to see the Pope at war with some Italian Potentate, being convinced that it would produce the same fruit as has sprung up in a great part of Germany; and when they first heard of these disturbances they made prints and pictures of the Pope, sword and buckler in hand, fronting Martin Luther, who was armed in like manner, and beneath was a German inscription, thus:
“We will settle it by battle.”
The Papal Nuncio the Rev. D. Pietro Paulo Vergerio is still here, and from what he tells me, will remain here during the stay of the Hungarian Ambassadors, by order of the Pope, and according to the wish of the King, as his Majesty did not choose D. Hieronimo Rorario, the Papal Nuncio in Hungary, to be present at these negotiations. On the departure of the Hungarians, Vergerio will proceed on his way to announce the Council to those other Princes and Lords whom he has not yet seen.
Vienna, 3rd of July 1535.
July 5. Deliberazioni Senato (Secreta), v. lvi. p. 108. 60. The Doge and Senate to the Bailo at Constantinople.
Are informed by letters from England dated the 16th ulto., that the conference held at Calais between the agents of the Kings of France and England has been dissolved without any decision with regard to the debated matter, which, we understand, chiefly concerned marriages between the sons and daughters of their Majesties.
Ayes, 142. Noes, 20. Neutrals, 11.
July 8. Original Letter Book of Francesco Contarini in St. Mark's Library. 61. The Archbishop of Lund, Imperial Ambassador with the King of the Romans, to Francesco Contarini.
The Landgrave of Hesse writes that on the 25th ultimo at midnight, the army took Munster by storm. They killed many of the Anabaptists, and have their King and some of the leaders in prison.
Vienna, 8th July, 1535. Jo. Luden. [John Wesal?]
July 9. Original Letter Book of Francesco Contarini in St. Mark's Library. 62. The Same to the Same.
Yesterday morning his Majesty acquainted me with the arrival of the Emperor in Sardinia on the 12th [ulto.], and with his departure for Tunis on the 14th.
Yesterday also, his Majesty received very agreeable intelligence, and much desired by all these Princes, of the taking by storm of Munster, many of the Anabaptists being killed, and their King and many of the leaders being captured. This affair of the Anabaptists was a source of great anxiety to all the Princes of Germany who had therefore summoned a Diet at Worms, of which, I suppose there will now be no farther need, although there is a great quantity of this sect in several parts of Germany.
Vienna, 9th of July 1535.
July 14. Original Letter Book of Francesco Contarini in St. Mark's Library. 63. Francesco Contarini, Venetian Ambassador with the King of the Romans, to the Signory.
The Pope's Nuncio departs tomorrow towards the Rhine, going first to the Bishops Electors of the Empire who are Catholics, and also to the other Princes on the Rhine, after which, he will cross over to Saxony, leaving these bad mouthfuls for the last, being thus counselled by the most Serene King [of the Romans], His Majesty and all these Lords are very anxious to hear that the Emperor has despatched the Tunis expedition, nor is anything else talked of, it seeming to them that subsequently the other affair [of the Council?] will be treated.
Vienna, 14th of July 1535,
July 16. Deliberazioni Senato (Secreta), v. lvi. p. 110. 64. Doge Andrea Griti to Sultan Solyman.
By letters from France and England, understands that the conference between the chief ministers of those two Kings, held for the purpose of stipulating marriage between the children of one and the other, has been dissolved without any decision.
July 23. Deliberazioni Senato (Secreta), v. lvi. p. 116, tergo. 65. The Doge and Senate to the Venetian Ambassador in France.
Approve the judicious offices performed by him, especially because on hearing that the French Ambassador, Mons. De La Morette, had said in England that the Signory was persuading the Emperor to attack Greece, and make war on the Turk, he assured King Francis that they would never act thus, as they maintain and keep the peace stipulated by them with Sultan Solyman.
July 23. Original Letter Book of Francesco Contarini in St. Mark's Library. 66. Francesco Contarini, Venetian Ambassador with the King of the Romans, to the Signory.
Yesterday morning, when I went to the King, he said to me immediately, “Ambassador, we have good news; there are letters from the Emperor telling me of his good passage to Africa, that he has taken the 'water tower,' had some skirmishing, taken some pieces of artillery, and that the deposed King came and offered him 15,000 cavalry; but in the skirmishes, the Neapolitan Colonel, Count of Sarno, was killed; and they hoped shortly to send me some other good news.”
I understand that in these letters the Emperor complains greatly of the most Christian King, saying that the cannon balls fired at the Imperial forces are stamped with the lily, but that as he is now fighting for all Christendom, he trusts the Almighty will have more power than any one else.
The Landgrave of Hesse was the cause of the capture of Munster, for the soldiers encamped under the town, not having received their pay, were about to disband, and the Landgrave gave them one instalment from his own money, whereupon they stormed and took the city; so that he is much praised by everybody.
Vienna, 23rd July 1535.
July 28. Lettere del Collegio (Secreta), File no. 14. 67. The Doge and College to Hironimo Zuccato, Venetian Secretary in England.
Have received several sets of his letters, which were very acceptable to them, and commend his diligence in acquainting them copiouslv with whatever occurs. His last were dated the 5th instant.
Enclose summaries of news from Constantinople, dated the 17th and 19th ultimo.