Venice: May 1536

Pages 41-43

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 5, 1534-1554. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1873.

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May 1536

May 1. Despatches, Venetian Archives, File no. 4 B. 98. Lorenzo Bragadino, Venetian Ambassador at Rome, to the Signory.
The Cardinal of Lorraine arrived at Rome on the evening of the 29th ulto., and yesterday morning went to the Pope, with whom he remained until night. He assured his Holiness of the most Christian King's wish for peace; but he still abides by the first proposals made by the Emperor at Gaeta and Rimini to Mons. De Veilly, that the Duchy of Milan be conferred on the Duke of Orleans; nor was it until his arrival at Piacenza that the Cardinal of Lorraine heard that the Emperor had changed his mind and will no longer give the Milanese to the Duke of Orleans, but solely to the Duke of Angoulême. The Cardinal also remonstrated mildly against the agreement made by the Pope with the Emperor, and his Holiness complained greatly that the French on their part make this difficulty about the substitution of one son for the other; and he then justified all his proceedings with the Emperor; but disagreeing on the first point they did not discuss any other particulars. His Holiness has renounced his proposed journey to Bologna; his kinsfolk were all averse to it, and they are supported by the astrologers, in whom the Pope has always placed some trust, which he still maintains.
I went this morning to visit the Cardinal of Lorraine, who told me he should return to the Emperor in two days and then go to France; and that the Pope will remain here, until the negotiation for peace assume a fair aspect. The French partisans here say that the Emperor told the Cardinal of Lorraine he would have given the Milanese to the Duke of Orleans, but his Italian confederates do not permit him to do so.
The Count of Cifuentes has received letters from the Emperor, dated S. Cassano the 25th ulto., narrating the negotiations of the Cardinal of Lorraine, thus.—On Wednesday the 26th (sic) he went to the Emperor at Siena and said his King was well inclined towards peace, provided then Milanese be given to the Duke of Orleans, according to the intention announced to the Emperor by Mons. de Veilly; the King giving good security for the observance of his promises, but requiring payment to him for life, of the revenues of the Milanese. The Emperor replied he did not know what valid security could be given, if the Duchy remain in the hands of the Duke of Orleans; and assigned the same reasons to the Pope.
Next day the Cardinal returned with the ambassador, Vigli [De Veilly?], making the same proposal, and laying before the Emperor the perils of the war, and complaining that he was negotiating with the King of England, and had made a league with your Serenity. The Emperor justified himself amply on all these points, showing that his sole wish was to make peace with King Francis, and to be his good kinsman and friend, so as to enable him (the Emperor) to undertake the expedition against Algiers this year, after which they might unite against the Turk. The Cardinal of Lorraine, not having farther instructions, said he would come hither to the Pope, and after speaking with his Holiness, return to the Emperor and then to France, to use his good offices for the aforesaid peace.
Rome, 1st May 1536.
May 26. Despatches, Venetian Archives, File no. 4 B. 99. Lorenzo Bragadino, Venetian Ambassador at Rome, to the Signory.
On the 21st, by way of Lyons, the merchants received letters announcing that the King of England had caused the Queen Anne, with her father and brother, to be arrested on suspicion of adultery. This intelligence was not credited, but has since been confirmed and a prelate who at the time of the divorce suit was the proctor of the true Queen of England, the Emperor's aunt, lately deceased assured me that he yesterday received letters from Queen Maria the Emperor's sister, Governess of the Low Countries, dated the 6th instant, acquainting him with this.
The bull concerning the Council will be published on Whitsunday, nor until then can a copy of its contents be obtained.
Rome, 26th May.
May 26. Lettere del Collegio (Secreta), File no. 15. 100. The Doge and College to the Secretary (Zuccato) in England.
No reply to make to his last letters of the 2nd and 3rd instant; commend his diligence in giving them notice of what occurs; to continue doing so.
Enclose letters from Constantinople dated the 14th ult. To communicate the same to the King and other personages as usual.
May 31. Lettere del Collegio (Secreta), File no. 15. 101. The Same to the Same.
Send the summary of letters from Constantinople dated 29th April for communication as usual.