Treasury Books and Papers: January 1729

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Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 1, 1729-1730. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1897.

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January 1729

[? July 19.]
1. Petition of John Lawton to the Lords of the Treasury regarding the removal of records into the Chapter House. During the last session a committee of the House of Lords several times viewed the records in the Chapter House, and reported favourably on the conveniences made for disposing them and for the reception of other records, and on petitioner's method in digesting same, together with their opinion of the necessity of removing records in several other places, now in confusion, into said office to be methodised and more securely kept. Petitioner has received from the Clerk of the House of Lords two orders, one relating to the removal of some of the records referred to, the other directing the representatives of Mr. Churchill, deceased, to deliver certain manuscript volumes said to have been formerly purchased by the Treasury.
Prays direction on the whole and some further allowance, as the addition of the records referred to will more than double those already in the Chapter House, and greatly exceed those reposited in any other office. 1 page.
(a.) Report, dated 1728, May 25, of the Lords' Committee, through Lord Delawarr.
The repairs and conveniences have been made in the office of Parliament, and the Journals, Acts of Parliament, and other books and papers of the Parliament Office are now in the greatest order and safety. The conveniences, as directed, at the Chapter House for the reception of records lying in great disorder in rooms adjoining the House have been made. The King's Bench and Common Plea Rolls, from Edward I. to Henry V. and the Assize and Quo Warranto rolls of Henry III. Edward I. II. III. are sorted, and of the last good extracts made. Accommodation is made for the records of the Court of Requests lying in a room adjoining the Lords' House. The records of the Court of Wards and Liveries, and a vast number of others, lying over the gateway leading into the New Palace Yard, and a roomful of King's Bench and Common Plea proceedings now lying over the Commons' House in dust and rubbish, should be at once removed to the Chapter House. Propose the addition of two clerks and an assistant, and the advisability of a yearly report to the House of the progress made in cleaning and making indexes. Several MS. volumes of records of the late Mr. Rymer, which Mr. Awnsham Churchill, deceased, in whose custody they then were, was formerly directed to leave with Mr. Incledon, housekeeper of the House of Lords, are still in the hands of the representatives of Churchill, though purchased by the Treasury for public use. Order must be taken herein. 4½ pages.
(b & c.) Orders of the Lords of 1728, May 25, ordering the regulations as proposed above, and also representing the report to the King. 3 pages.
—My Lords do not think fit to grant any further allowance. [Treasury Board Papers CCLXV. No. 47a.]
(See Minute quoted in Calendar of Treasury Papers, 1720–28, p. 517.)
[? January 1.]
2.Estimate of the charge of the Office of Ordnance for 1729. 1 page. [Treasury Board Papers CCLXX. No. 1.]
[January 1
? after.]
3. An account of the charge of the augmentation of certain regiments from 1727, Christmas.
“N.B.—The above augmentation increased the forces from 18,226 men to 26,383 men, but by sending back in 1728, July, the 4 regiments commanded by Brigadier Pocock, Sir James Wood, Col. Grove, and Colonel Murray, all which consisted of 3,428 men, the numbers in Great Britain were reduced to 22,955 men, and continued to the year 1729, inclusive.” 3pages.
[Ibid, No. 2.]
January 1. 4. Letter from J. Scrope to the Paymaster of the Forces desiring transmission of the estimate for the service of the forces for 1729 to be laid before the House of Commons in the ensuing session.
Same from same for same to [Henry] Pelham, Secretary-at-War.
Same from same to the Master of the Ordnance for the account for land and sea services in the Office of Ordnance for 1729.
Same from same to Mr. Burchet for the estimates for Navy and victualling, and to the Commissioners of the Navy for an account of the debt of the Navy. [Letter Book XVIII. p. 361.]
January 1. 5. Warrant from the Lords of the Treasury to the Lord Chamberlain to authorise the Board of Works to carry out the improvements at the Record Office in the Tower in the best and cheapest manner that may be, so that the charge thereof do not exceed the estimated 140l.
:—Memorial from Richard Topham, Keeper of the Records in the Tower [to the Lords of the Treasury], complaining that “the records in the White Tower suffer very much on account of the dust arising from a broken earthen floor which is desired may be boarded over, and that the windows there may be so altered as to keep out the wet; and the leads over Wakefield Tower to be mended; and that the three small places in Wakefield Tower may be made more convenient for the better disposing of some records there; and that a window may be made in one of them, and also a leaden pipe put up to carry the water from the adjacent tower, the want of which pipe causes a great dampness in the wall of the office.”
Referred to the Board of Works, 1728, October 30.
Report from the Board of Works, Whitehall, to the Treasury of date 1728, November 28:—”We have caused an estimate to be made of the several works desired to be done, and are of opinion the charge of performing the same may amount to about 140l.
[Lord Chamberlain's Warrant Book I. 289–90.]
January 1. 6. Earl of Breadalbane to the Barons of the Exchequer in Scotland for a discharge up to date of the Feu and Blench dues payable to the Crown out of offices, &c. belonging to him in Scotland, amounting to 19l. 3s. 6d. yearly, in recompense for the damage inflicted on his house during the rebellion.
[North Britain Book IX. p. 210.]
January 2. 7. John Scrope to the Commissioners of Excise in Scotland:— “Having read to the Lords of the Treasury your representation of 1728, September 3, setting forth that you apprehend there may be some danger for the revenue under your management to give too much credit to the Old Bank of which you neither know their fund nor the use they have made of their credit, and therefore you have cautioned your cashier and the collectors to be upon their guard, seeing such as had the notes of that bank (when they stopped payment) endeavoured by a legal prosecution upon them to recover payment [but] did not meet with success, the Lords of Session having adjudged that no summary execution could pass thereupon as in other cases, by which the possessor of such notes is subject to a long and expensive process before any recovery can be had, and therefore you desire their Lordships directions in the premises.” … Their Lordships have directed a minute to be made that they are of opinion that the notes of the said Old Bank ought not to be received in the revenue. The Commissioners of Excise are to govern themselves accordingly.
Memorandum:—A like letter to the Commissioners of the Customs in Scotland. [North Britain Book IX. p. 210.]
January 2. 8. An account of the receipt, payment, and remains of the deductions of sixpence in the £ from 1728, September 29 to December 31. ½ page. [Treasury Board Papers CCLXX. No. 3.]
9. Account of cash of the Public Treasury of Bahamas. Signed P. Goudet, Treasurer. N. Providence. 1 page.
[Ibid, No. 4.]
10. Board of Trade and Plantations to the Lords of the Treasury. Inclosing account of the incidental charges of the office from Michaelmas 1728 to Christmas following. Whitehall, 1728–9, January 2. 1 page.
:—Accounts referred to. 5pages.
[Ibid, No. 5.]
January 3. 11. “Order is taken this 3d day of January by virtue of His Majesty's letter of Privy Seal bearing date 1727 December 20 that you deliver and pay of such His Majesty's treasure as remains in your charge unto Francis Earl of Godolphin the sum of £1000 without account for one quarter of a year due at Xmas last 1728 on his annuity of £4000 as Groom of the Stole to His Majesty and in that respect as First Gentleman of His Majesty's bedchamber over and above the sum of £1000 per an. payable to him in the office of Cofferer of His Majesty's household and these,” &c.
Signed R[obert] W[alpole], C. T[urner], G[eo.] D[odington], G[eorge] O[xenden], W. C[layton.] [Order Book XIV. p. 128.]
January 7. 12. Schedule of the establishment, with names detailed, for the Commissioners and Officers employed in the Salt Duty in North Britain, and allowance by the Lords of the Treasury of the bill of salaries for same, for the quarter ended ] 728, December 25 being 956l. 5s. 0d.
Same for the Officers of Customs in North Britain for same quarter, being 8,044l. 9s. 0d.
Same for the Civil List in Scotland for the same quarter, being 8,817l. 6s. 0d. [North Britain Book IX. p. 215–30.]
January 7. 13. Report of Attorney and Solicitor General on the instruments to be prepared for perfecting the King's contract with the Lords Proprietors of Carolina, for the purchase and surrender of their title and interest in that province. Read. Resolved that the contract as it stands approved by Order in Council is not to be departed from, and as this purchase is of great concernment to the Crown, the Attorney and Solicitor are to prepare a draft of such an act as may vest in the Crown a good title to the proprietorship and secure same for the benefit of the Crown.
Warrant ordered for a quarter's pension for 1728, Christmas quarter, to the Earl of Sutherland.
Mr. Moore's memorial for 1,000l. to enable him to pass his account as late Paymaster of the Forces abroad. Read. Their Lordships to be informed what has been done on his former like applications.
Order for the issue of 4,295l. 10s. 0d. to Mr. Chetwynd for the half—year due at Christmas, 1728, on the 8,591l. per annum established for the French Protestants.
Petition of Charles Townshend proposing a composition for his his brother George Townshend, for his debt to the Crown as one of the late Commissioners for Hawkers and Pedlars. Read and referred to Mr. Cracherode for examination in the same way as the petitions of the other Commissioners who compounded for the like debt.
The Surveyor General to consider and report on the case touching the lighthouses of the North and South Foreland, and the memorandum for renewing a grant thereof to Greenwich Hospital for ever.
Order for 10l. to Mrs. Levet as the King's bounty, out of the King's money in the hands of Mr. Lowther.
“Mr. Lamp] is to succeed Mr. Ashfeild, lately deceased, in the appointments for secret service by the hands of the Secretary to the Postmasters.” [Treasury Minute Book Vol. XXVI. p. 182.]
January 8. 14. Memorial from the Commissioners of Excise to the Lords of the Treasury enclosing accounts as follow. 1 page.
:—(a.) An account of the net produce of the inland duty on coffee, tea, and chocolate from 1724, June 24, the time of the commencement of the said duties, to 1728, Christmas. (1 sheet.)
(b.) An account of the gross and net produce of same, distinguishing each year. 1 sheet.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXX. No. 7.]
15. Memorial of John Conduitt, Master and Worker of the Mint, to the Lords of the Treasury. The warrant for coining copper money under the late King's sign manual of 1717, September 13, expired by the late King's demise, and a profit having accrued to the public out of the said coinage, and there being a great demand at present for farthings and halfpence, begs a renewal of the warrant. Represents that under the regulation of the last copper coinage, it was intended that the importers of copper should deliver it in bars so well cleansed and scoured that the moniers would only need to cut out the blanks. In the contract, the importers Applebee and Hines were allowed 1s. 6d. per lb. weight accordingly, but upon trial they could not deliver the copper prepared as stipulated. A deduction of a penny per lb. weight had to be arranged for the mint's extra charges of nealing, flatting, scouring, blanching, barrelling, and for waste. Desires that in the next warrant 4½d. be allowed to the mint for these operations instead of the previous 1½d., and that the contract price for the metal be lowered from 1s. 6d. to 1s. 5d. Begs that Mr. Charles Smyth, Deputy Controller of the Mint, may be His Majesty's clerk for the copper coinage, and that tenders for the supply of the copper be asked for by advertisement in the “Gazette.” 4 pages.
:—Certificate of John Applebee and Henry Hines of date 1728–9, January 6, of the arrangement relating to the deduction of a penny per lb. 1 page. [Ibid, No. 8.]
January 9. 16. J. Scrope to the Surveyor General, transmitting a case touching the lighthouses of North and South Foreland, and a paper of memoranda for renewing a grant thereof to Greenwich Hospital for ever without any fine or reserved rent.
[Letter Book XVIII. p. 361.]
17. Same to Mr. Cracherode desiring his attendance on the Attorney and Solicitor General for the purpose of drafting an Act of Parliament for perfecting the contract of sale with the Lords Proprietors of Carolina, and the vesting a good title thereto in the Crown. [Ibid.]
January 13. 18. J. Scrope to the cashiers of the Bank of England, directing payment of 7,265l. into the Exchequer, contributed for tickets in the several lotteries, and not yet paid into the Exchequer.
[Letter Book XVIII. p. 363.]
January 13. 19. Report of Phillips Gybbon, Surveyor General, to the Lords of the Treasury, on Sir James Long's petition, desiring the extension to 31 years of the remainder of his lease of the manor of Cosham, Wilts [sic? Hants], granted by Her late Majesty Catherine Queen Dowager. Has perused the indenture of the lease dated 1703, August 18. No duplicates of court rolls or rentals have been returned into auditor Jett's office since the death of Her late Majesty. George Duckett, Esq. who also desires a reversionary lease of the same, has produced two certificates of the rents, &c. of the manor made by William Wastfield, officer, and Henry Goldney, steward, to show that they do not exceed the Crown rent Recommends a grant of Long's petition on a fine of 18l.pages.
:—Copy of Long's petition and the reference of the Lords of the Treasury on it of date 1727–8, March 15. 1 page.
:—“Done for Mr. Ducket.”
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXX. No. 9.]
January 14. 20. J. Scrope to the Commissioners of Customs, desiring them to examine Josiah Colebrook who has offered to discover great frauds and abuses in the customs revenues.
[Letter Book XVIII. p. 363.]
January 14. 21. Warrant from the Lords of the Treasury to the Clerk of the Pipe or his deputy, for preparation of a lease under the Exchequer Seal, of four messuages or tenements in Bury Street and King Street, St. James's, parcel of the bailiwick or manor of St. James's in the Fields, sometime in possession of the Crown of England, and before parcel of the lands late purchased from the Abbot of Westminster, to Agnes Clarke for 38 years, to commence from Michaelmas 1740, at a reserved rent of 7l. 10s. 0d. and fine of 70l.
:—Copy of original lease and memorandum and particular of same made out by auditor Jett and Phillips Gybbon, Surveyor General, dated 1728, December 31.
[Crown Lease Book I. p, 407–10.]
22. Warrant from the Lords of the Treasury ratifying indented articles of agreement between the King and William McDowal, of the island of St. Christopher, for the purchase of 2,580 square feet in Basse Terre Town at seven farthings per square foot.
Appending:—The articles of agreement.
[Ibid, p, 312–3.]
January 14. 23. Royal sign manual, granting to Dr. Thomas Young, physician in Edinburgh, as trustee for the legatees of the deceased mayor, James Le Blanc, sometime of the Castle of Edinburgh, by the disposition made by the said mayor of date 1727, July 14, all lands, heritages, tenements, annual rents, &c. fallen to His Majesty from the said Le Blanc, by reason of ultimus hœres laws, there being none to succeed within the tenth degree. Young to give bond to the Barons of the Exchequer in Scotland to distribute the price and profit of the said lands, &c. among the legatees. Given at the Court at St. James'. [North Britain Book IX. p. 235.]
January 14. 24. Report from the Commissioners of Excise to the Lords of the Treasury on the petition of Samuel Palmer and others, merchants and dealers in foreign brandy and rum, in favour of same, and recommending it as no detriment to the revenue to allow petitioners to mix so much water with the double brandy or rum imported, which has paid duty as such, as may reduce same to merchantable proof. As this case of importing foreign brandy and rum above merchantable proof frequently happens, to the great obstruction of business, the above liberty might well be made matter of a clause in some Act of Parliament next session. 1 page.
:—Petition of divers merchants on behalf of themselves and others, importers of foreign brandy and rum, to the Lords of the Treasury for a general warrant to the Excise Commissioners that they may, on landing such liquors, be at liberty to make post entries and immediately pass the said single duties into the receipt for so much as the liquors will bear water, &c. as above.
With reference, dated 1728, November 29, from the Lords of the Treasury to the Commissioners of Excise. 1¼ pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXX. No. 10.]
January 14. 25. The Paymaster of the Forces is allowed to borrow of the Bank of England 38,000l. to supply the present services of his office, and to deposit with the Bank, by way of security, the sum of 38,000l. issued to him in tallies and orders on the land tax, 1728. The Bank to be repaid, with interest, out of the first supply to be granted by Parliament for 1729.
Estimates for the forces laid before the Lords Commissioners by Mr. Pelham, Secretary-at-War. On discussion with him certain alterations and amendments decided on.
Petitions read from Charles Mason for the discharge of 892l. 2s. 8d. the remainder of his debt to the Crown as Treasurer and Paymaster of the Transports in the late war, as also from Sir Bibye Lake, proposing to pay the said debt, provided he may be let into an assignment of the extent against Mason to secure the mortgage he has on Mason's estate. Sir Bibye Lake is left to take his course at law, and, in compassion to Mr. Mason's sufferings, process against him is to be stayed till the end of Michaelmas term next.
Thomas Neeves is to be the Custom House Officer at Sandwich upon the superannuation of an officer there.
Report of the officers of the Mint on John Rollos' petition for 654l. 19s.d. for engraving, &c. of the public seals, read and agreed to, excepting the sum of 15l. 2s. 6d. demanded for fees paid at the Secretary of State's office.
Reports of the Surveyor General on George Duckett's petition for a reversionary lease of the Manor of Cosham, Wilts, and of Sir James Long's petition, tenant in possession of the same, read, and consideration deferred.
Order for payment by Mr. Lowther, out of the King's money in his hands, of 300l. to Mr. Wilkins in consideration of good services performed for the public.
The officers of the Ordnance ordered to lay their estimates before their Lordships on Thursday next.
Mr. Auditor Harley's draft of a warrant for further allowances to be made to the Duke of Chandos in his final account as late Paymaster of the Forces, read. On consideration thereof their Lordships disallow the item of 1,000l. craved for new year's gifts to the clerks and officers of the Treasury.
The list of bounties for the year 1729, amounting to 1,056l. agreed to, and ordered to be paid by Mr. Lowther out of the King's money in his hand.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVI. pp. 183–4.]
January 15. 26. Warrant from the Lords of the Treasury to the Board of Works for the performing of certain work at the stables at Somerset House, so that the charge does not exceed the estimated 360l.
—A report of the Board of Works to the Lords of the Treasury, dated 1728–9, January 9, on their Lordships' order of January 1, directing a view of the works and repairs desired at the stables at Somerset House for making accommodations in a place over the stables, formerly a guard-room, for the purveyor, clerk, coachmen, &c. of His Royal Highness's stables, together with the fitting up a granary, erecting a new forge, and other necessary repairs. [Lord Chamberlain's Warrant Book I. 291.]
January 15. 27. Bounty list, anno 1728, 81 names, and amounting to 1,066l. agreed to by their Lordships, and ordered to be paid out of money in Mr. Lowther's hands. [Register of Papers VI. p. 118.]
January 15. 28. J. Scrope to the Duke of Argyle, desiring the estimates for the service for 1729. [Letter Book XVIII. p. 363.]
January 16. 29. Proposal for diminishing the duty on linens, whether plain or those called Drell, manufactured in the King's German dominions. Dated from St. James's. French, with English translation, dated St. James's, 16–27, January 1729–8. 6 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXX. No. 11.]
January 16. 30. Warrant from the Lords of the Treasury to James Brudenell, Esq. Master of His Majesty's Jewels, for the construction of a crown of gold for the Prince of Wales in fashion as the same was made for His present Majesty when created Prince of Wales and of the same weight and fineness, delivering same when made to His Royal Highness, or whom he shall appoint. The charge not to exceed 143l. 1s. 4d.
—Certificate from Robert Sedgwick, Clerk of the Jewel Office, dated 1728–9, January 15.
“These are to certify that there was a gold crown or coronet made for his present majesty when created Prince of Wales by his late majesty in the first year of his reign, which crown or coronet was made according to the fashion prescribed in an order of council made 13 Charles II. and which was sent to the Jewel Office as the rule to go by: that the said crown did weigh 26oz 6dwt of gold and did amount unto (fashion and all) the sum of 143l 1s 4d; and it doth appear by a memorandum in the books of the said office that the same was prepared in pursuance of his majesty's verbal command given to Mr Finch then Master of the Jewel Office without any warrant to the Office thereupon but the Master's order.”
[Lord Chamberlain's Warrant Book I. 290.]
January 17. 31. Petition of Edward Allen, late Commander of the “Princess Amelia,” sloop, to the Lords of the Treasury, for 95l. 13s. 6d. the value of his effects lost in the burning of his sloop whilst he was ashore in pursuit of smugglers, referred to the Commissioners of the Customs in Scotland for consideration and report. [North Britain Book IX. p. 236.]
January 17. 32. Royal sign manual to the Paymaster General for the payment, out of sums imprested for the services of the garrisons at Annapolis Royal and Placentia, of 987l. 7s. 0d. for the victualling of Gibraltar from April 1 to June 30, 1728, at 6d. per man per day.
Appending:—Report of the Comptrollers of the Accounts of the Army, to the Lords of the Treasury, dated 1728, December 31, on Missing's statement of account.
[King's Warrant Book XXIX. p. 263.]
33. Commission under the Royal sign manual, countersigned by four Lords of the Treasury, appointing Thomas Strickland, Commissioner or Chief Officer of the Transfer Office, established by the Act 8 Anne for the 1,500,000l. lottery, 1710, at a salary of 400l. for himself, 100l. for Wm. Smith, Chief Clerk, 50l. for John Bowman, another clerk, 50l. for rent, and 20l. for Philip Le Caron, housekeeper, as established by a Privy Seal of 1728, July 12. The allowances made to the Commissioner, previous to this establishment, to cease from the Feast of St. John Baptist, 1728. [Ibid, pp. 257–9.]
January 17. 34. Thomas Davis, at the recommendation of Mr. Crew Offley, appointed Assistant Teller of Stamps in place of Thomas Gibson, and at Gibson's desire.
Sign manuals to be prepared for the following sums out of his Majesty's bounty:—
Lord Killmallock 200
Mr. Mercador 200
Duke of Leeds 375
Mr. Bythell's man appointed to succeed Edward Leigh, lately deceased, in the office of Comptroller of the Customs at Antigua.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVI. p. 185.]
January 18. 35. J. Scrope to Mr. Buckley, directing the insertion in next Monday's “Courant” of the following advertisement;—
“The Right Honble the Lords Commissioners of his Majesty's Treasury having received an anonymous letter signed J. J. and T. B. and dated the 15th instant, this, according to the desire of the persons who wrote the said letter, is to acquaint them that they may attend the Secretaries of the Treasury or either of them at the Treasury Chambers with what they have to offer when they shall think fit.” [Letter Book XVIII. p. 364.]
January 21. 36. Report to the King from the Trustees for the sale of the estates of the directors of the South Sea Company, containing the account of their proceedings from date of last report. Almost all claimants have now received the satisfaction adjudged them. Of the real estate only about 2,200l. per annum remains to be sold. Propose the discontinuance of the trust. 4¼ pages.
—An account of the sales of the real and personal estates of the late South Sea Directors, to date. 2 large pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXX. No.12.]
January 23. 37. Petition of the Principal and Master of the University and King's College in Aberdeen for continuance of the royal grant of 105l. per annum to them. Direction thereupon. “Read.”
The same of the King's Marischall College in Aberdeen for the like royal bounty of 105l. per annum. Read.
[Register of Papers VI. p. 122.]
January 23. 38. Memorial of the Commissioners for Customs to the Lords of the Treasury. Jacob Waller and Gabriel Jarvis, alias Tomkin, two notorious owlers and smugglers, were convicted in 10 George II. and transported. They are returned and joined with other smugglers, and so far have overpowered the officers sent to take them. Beg the offer of a reward of 100l. in the “Gazette” for their capture. 1¼ pages.
—A description of the two men. ½ page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXX. No. 13.]
January 24. 39. Warrant from the Lords of the Treasury fixing the prices for stamped vellum, parchment and paper for the year, on the Stamp Commissioners' report that “the retail rates of parchment and paper agree with our last year's table of prices, and that the stationers supplying the office at the said rates shall allow the same discount as was allowed the last year, viz. 16% on parchment, 9% on writing paper, 34% on printed paper with blanks, and 19% on printing paper, being the differences between the wholesale and retail stationers whom we are obliged not to undersell.” [Warrants not relating to money XXIV. p. 142.]
January 24. 40. Detailed statement of account, with names, of the salaries of the officers of Excise in Edinburgh and precincts for the quarter ending 1728, December 25, with allowance of same by the Lords of the Treasury, being 1,809l. 12s. 2d.
Similar account of incident charges, Excise, Scotland, Edinburgh and precincts, for same quarter similarly allowed, being 704l. 12s. 11½d. [North Britain Book IX. pp. 238–241.]
January 24. 41. Memorial from the Commissioners of Excise to the Lords of the Treasury for the appointment of a person to audit the accounts of the duties on victuallers and other retailers of beer and ale within the City of London and Westminster and the weekly bills of mortality, now under the receipt of said Commissioners. 1 page.
a petition to the Lords of the Treasury from William Burroughs, auditor of the coffee, tea, and chocolate duties, which commenced 1724, June 24, to be appointed auditor of the victualler's duties as above. 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXX. No. 15.]
42. Report of the Commissioners of the Revenue in Ireland to the Lords of the Treasury on the Earl of Albemarle's petition, touching his claim of certain lands in Ireland. They are entire strangers to his case. No papers or statement on his behalf have been laid before them. In 1722 an information was brought in the Exchequer Court in Ireland by the Attorney General for recovery of a lease made by Sir Arthur Shaen to Henry Fitzgerald, a forfeiting person, of the lands of Ballinderry and other lands in West Meath. They were recovered in 1724, and are since let for 208l. rent. No mention is made of the names of Lord Kildare, Duke of Richmond, or Earl of Albemarle, in the whole proceedings. Have no objections to his Lordship having liberty to bring his ejectment at law to try his title, if granted of grace by the King. 2 pages. [Ibid, No. 16.]
January 24. 43. A letter from the Commissioners of the Revenue in Ireland of the 10th instant, touching their not appointing Mr. Allen their solicitor in place of Mr. Nuttall. Nuttall was dismissed in November last, and they were under a necessity of appointing Mr. Howelson. Their Lordships think the representation strong in Howelson's favour, and order Mr. Chancellor to show a copy of it to those who recommended Allen.
Their Lordships think something should be done with respect to the debt in the Great Wardrobe, and order a letter to be written in the strongest terms to Mr. Dummer strictly to examine all the bills for works and goods, and to moderate and settle the rates and prices.
Regard is to be had to the recommendations of the following when the tidesmen's places come to be filled up, viz.:—Duke of Newcastle, Lady Hertford, Mr. Plumptre, Lord Halifax, Sir Charles Turner, Col. Townshend, the Speaker, Mr. Halsey.
John Gardiner is to be a tidesman in the port of London.
— Locksmith is to be a tide surveyor in case Whitehead, now under suspension, is dismissed.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVI. p. 186.]
January 25. 44. John Scrope to Thomas Dummer on the debt of 19,000l. upwards in the Great Wardrobe account up to Michaelmas last, due in a great measure to “your not performing the office of Deputy to his Grace the Duke of Montague with that care inspection and good management as might with good reason have been expected from you who have had so much business experience and been so long in that station,” and directing a strict examination of the bill for that account.
[Letter Book XVIII. p. 365.]
January 25. 45. Declaration of the accompt of Francis Burton, Esq., receiver of the deductions of 6d. in the £, for one year ended 1728, Michaelmas. Total 25,905l. 5s. 5d.
[Declarations of Accounts IV. p. 170.]
46. Declaration of the accompt of John Walworth, receiver of the revenue arising by licensing hackney coaches and chairs, from 1727. December 4, to 1728, June 24. Total, 7,328l. 15s. 0d.
47. Declaration of the accompt of Edmund Britiffe and others, paymasters of the principal and interest on Exchequer Bills for one year ended at Lady Day, 1728. Total, 1,666,658l. 16s.d.
[Ibid, p. 172.]
48. Declaration of the accompt of Henry Selwyn, Esq. Receiver General of the Customs, from 1727, August 28, to December 25 following. Total, 941,254l. 13s.d. [Ibid.]
January 27. 49. Royal warrant addressed to Edward Harley, Esq. one of the Auditors of Imprests, directing the allowance in making up the final accounts of the Duke of Chandos between 1719, June 24, and 1728, June 24, as Paymaster General of the Forces, of 4,500l., to be by him acknowledged in full discharge of all his claims.
[King's Warrant Book XXIX. p. 267.]
January 28. 50. A sign manual to be prepared for 275l. in the name of William Richards, without account, to reimburse expenses for His Majesty's service.
A sign manual to be prepared for 600l. bounty in the name of Edward Lindsey.
A further sum of 10l. ordered to Mr. Levet as bounty out of the King's money in Mr. Lowther's hands.
Richard Hamond, first clerk to Robert Walpole, Clerk of the Pells, called in and sworn before their Lordships for his just and faithful performance of his office, pursuant to a clause in the Act 8 & 9 William III. for the better observation of the course of the Exchequer.
Mr. Lowther is to pay to Mr. Conduitt, on his order, 14l. 7s. out of the King's money in his hand for four gold coronation medals of their Majesties, delivered by him to Mr. Delafaye for the Elector Palatine's envoy.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVI. p. 187.]
January 29. 51. The memorial of James Erskine of Grange, Sir Andrew Hume of Kimmerghame, Sir Walker Pringle of Newhall, Andrew Fletcher of Milton, and Sir Gilbert Elliot of Minto, Delegates for Scotland, in favour of their officers, to the Lords of the Treasury.
The King, by his commission under the Seal appointed by the Treaty of Union to be kept in Scotland in place of the Great Seal thereof, bearing date 1728, November 19, appointed memorialists a Court of Delegates in Scotland, with power to nominate and appoint clerks and other necessary officers. By these powers they have appointed Charles St. Clair of Hermiston advocate, and Joseph Pringle, Esq. as their clerks, and John Macfarquhar messenger, and beg for them the same allowances of 300l. for the principal and 250l. for the assistant clerk, and 25l. for the messenger, allowed by the Treasury on the recommendation of the former Court of Delegates by their warrant of 1721, October 19. “They take no fees nor reward whatever from any person having business before the court either for extracts of decrees or for any other service.” 2 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXX. No. 18.]
January 30. 52. John Scrope to the Comptrollers of the Army Accounts enclosing lists of persons victualled at Gibraltar by Thomas Missing, 1728, October 21 to November 17, for report.
[Letter Book XVIII. p. 365.]
January. 53. Miscellaneous fees or charges of the Treasury Office, being fees on letters, bills, warrants, sign manuals, references and orders, for the month of January, divided equally in thirds between Horace Walpole, John Scrope, and the clerks—Henry Kelsall, William Lowndes, Mark Frecker, and Christopher Tilson—with receipts of same for same. Total being 1722l. 17s. 0d.
[Treasury Fee Book VI. p. 255–262.]
January. 54. Proposal by Samuel Power, addressed to Sir Robert Walpole, for raising 120,000l. per annum out of beer, ale, and spirits consumed. Precedent proposals of 1723 and 1726 for raising 41,666l. per annum by a duty on coney skins, and 75,000l. by a duty on all sorts of hair. 1 page.
Eagle Street, near Red Lyon Square.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXX. No. 19.]