Treasury Books and Papers: August 1729

Pages 125-136

Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 1, 1729-1730. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1897.

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August 1729

August 1. 504. Report of the Attorney General to [the Lords of the Treasury] on the clause of exchange in the Act for vesting the real and personal estates of Richard Hampden in trustees, with regard to the exchange of the manor and borough of Wendover. 2½ pages.
—Endorsed with minute verbatim as below, of date 1729, December 9. [Ibid, No. 10.]
August 5. 505. Report of Charles Wither, Surveyor of Woods, to the Lords of the Treasury on the memorial of George Earl of Cholmondeley, asking leave to dispark the park of the manor of Thornton Bridge, Yorkshire, of which he is lessee to the Crown. Recommends same as an improvement, the Crown having lately felled timber there to the value of 1,250l. 1 page.
—The memorial referred to with reference, dated 1729, June 5, from the Treasury to Wither. 1 page.
[Ibid, No. 11.]
August 5. 506. Minute by John Scrope of the reference to the Barons of the Exchequer in Scotland of the memorial of Thomas Forbes, Esq. for the grant of the feu and other duties payable to the Crown and of the chapelries and altarages in a schedule annexed for life or a term of years, the said chapelries, &c. having fallen into His Majesty's hands by the death of Wm. Duff of Drumin (“Drummain”), 1726, September 1, and petitioner having been active during the late rebellion on behalf of His Majesty.
[North Britain Book IX. p. 323.]
August 5. 507. The Duke of Grafton's petition for 60 loads, additional to the 150 already granted, of rough timber to complete the building and repairing of his lodge in Whittlewood Forest, referred to the Surveyor of the Woods.
The Lord Chamberlain's letter of June 22 last, for His Majesty's present of 300l. to Count de Dehn, minister from Wolfenbüttel read and ordered.
The memorial of the Board of Works of July 30 last, for 250l. to be imprested to their paymaster towards carrying on the repairs of Fulham Road, read and agreed to.
The Surveyor-General's report of June 12 last, touching a grant of a piece of ground near Greenwich Hospital for the benefit and accommodation thereof read and agreed to. Before the preparation of any warrant inquiry is to be made how the officers of the Works may be recompensed for the rents or perquisites accruing to them for houses or other conveniences on the said ground.
Order for the issue of 1,000l. to the Treasurer of the Chamber for the messengers sent on foreign voyages according to the Duke of Newcastle's letter of the 4th instant.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVI. p. 245.]
August 5. 508. Warrant from the Lords of the Treasury confirming articles of agreement, between the King and Patrick Blake, of St. Christopher, and Reed Parson, a minor, for the purchase of 173 acres in Cabeca Terre Quarter.
Appending:—Articles of agreement.
[Crown Lease Book I. pp. 366–7.]
August 7. 509. Statement of balances due by the Right Honourable Lord Cathcart on his accounts as Receiver General from 1728, September 29, to 1729, August 7. 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXII. No. 12.]
510. Certificate by the Earl of Halifax of the payments into the Exchequer upon the deductions of sixpence in the pound, from 1727, June 24, to 1728, June 24. Exchequer, 1729, August 7. 1 page. [Ibid, No. 13
August 7. 511. J. Scrope to the Comptrollers of Army Accounts transmitting Missing lists of persons victualled at Gibraltar from 1729, May 5 to June 1. [Letter Book XVIII. p. 400.]
August 12. 512. The memorial of. Lord Falmouth and Mr. Edgcumbe for warrants for clearing in Ireland to be taken into the Treasury there as ready money towards discharging Mr. Pratt's debt to the public as late Deputy Vice Treasurer, referred to the Lord Lieutenant.
The memorial of the Treasurer of the Navy of this day's date for 11,155l. ordered out of the supplies, anno 1729.
Order for the preparation of sign manuals for 2,130l. to be issued to Mr. Scrope for His Majesty's secret service, and 1,200l. in the name of William Richards for special services performed.
Order for the issue to the Paymaster of the Works of so much as will clear the debt in that office to Midsummer, 1729.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVI. p. 246.]
August 12. 513. An account of the ordinary revenue of the University of Glasgow for the crops and years 1725 and 1766, including the 100l. sterling granted to supply the deficiencies of the revenue, together with the annual expenses of the University, according to the directions given by the late Queen Anne under the Great Seal, dated 1713, December 16, whereby Her Majesty appropriated 100l. for supplying the said deficiency. Signed, Neil Campbell, Principal. 1 large sheet.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXII. No. 15.]
August 12. 514. J. Scrope to the Commissioners of Excise for orders to the collectors to supply Lord Cobham's regiment with subsistence money. [Letter Book XVIII. p. 403.]
August 12. 515. Warrant from the Lords of the Treasury confirming articles of agreement between the King and Patrick Blake and Reed Parson, a minor, of the Island of St. Christopher, for the purchase of 4,898 square feet in Basse Terre Town.
Appending:—The articles of agreement.
[Crown Lease Book I. pp. 368–9.]
516. Same from same confirming same between the King and Benjamin Clifton, of the Island of St. Christopher, gentleman, for the purchase of 78 acres 2 roods 11 perches on Cabeca Terre Quarter.
Appending:—Articles of agreement. [[Ibid, pp. 369–71.]
August 12. 517. Same from same to John Conduitt, Master and Worker of the Mint, authorising the delivery to the Governor and Company of Copper Miners in England an instrument called a cutter to be used for the sizing of the bars of copper which are to be by them imported into the Mint for the coinage of farthings and halfpence. The machine to be returned at the end of the service.
Appending:—Conduitt's report, dated 1729, July 22, to the Lords of the Treasury on the memorial of the said Company desiring the use of the said cutter, as they are bound to deliver the copper in bars so duly sized that 46 halfpence, or 92 farthings, shall make a pound. They must have a halfpenny and a farthing cutter so as occasionally to test the bars as they draw them in such manner as such cutters were granted to the last contractors for the copper coinage.
[Warrants not relating to money XXIV. p. 185.]
August 12. 518. Warrant from the Lords of the Treasury to the Surveyor General to procure a particular of the Scots Church in Swallow Street in order to the passing a new lease thereof to James Anderson, for the benefit of the Scots congregation in Swallow Street, for 45 years, to commence from Lady Day, 1734, when the term in being of five years will expire, at a reserved rent of 2l. 10s. being 2s. 6d. in the £ on 20l. reported the value of the premises, and a rent of 12d. per annum for the term in being In consideration that the said chapel is much out of repair, and the congregation poor, the fine of 40l. is to be remitted.
Appending:—Report of the Surveyor General, dated 1729, April 25, on the petition of James Anderson, Pastor of the Scotch Church: “that they, many years since, purchased of the French Protestants a chapel in Swallow Street, which they have been at great expense in repairing … and in the late reign he showed his zeal for the Hanoverian succession.” By indenture of 1694, April 5, John Lawson, having a lease from Henry Lord Dover and others of a messuage in Piccadilly, with a court before and a yard behind, and Benjamin Skinner, mortgagee, let part of same to George Boyd, viz. a piece of ground abutting eastward on Swallow Street, containing from north to south 68 feet, and from east to west 35 feet, together with the gateways into the said street, for 35 years from Lady Day, 1694.
By indenture, dated 1709, February 15, George Boyd, who was a member of the French Church, acknowledged that the lease was taken in his name in trust for John Graverol and other French ministers, by which indenture they sold the said ground, with the chapel and the messuage thereon erected, to Anderson, petitioner, and to Charles Lowther and Gilbert Gordon, both since deceased, for the remainder of the term. [Crown Lease Book I. pp. 471–2.]
August 13. 519. J. Scrope to Mr. H. ‘Finch, Receiver of His Majesty's Rents in Minorca, concerning the advances to Major Crofton and surgeon James Scott, and desiring an account of the state of the revenues of Minorca during the receivership of Mr. Gascoigne.
[Letter Book XVIII. p. 407.]
August 13. 520. Articles of agreement made and concluded the 13th day of August, between the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury on behalf of His Majesty on the one part, and John Gilman, of the city of Cork, Ireland, of the other, for the provisioning of the Island of Minorca.
[Warrants not relating to money XXIV. pp. 188–91.]
August 13. 521. Report from tho Commissioners of Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, concerning the ship “Golden Rose,” John Seaman, master, from Norway, under seizure with her cargo, by virtue of the Act of Navigation, for not being built in Norway, but at Altona in Holstein. The Officers of Customs have taken out of the Court of Exchequer a writ of appraisement and are desirous to prosecute at their own charge. This they can do by law, and the Commissioners have no power to hinder. 1½ pages.
—Warrant from Sir R. Walpole to Sir Philip Yorke, Attorney General, that on the above report the prosecution will not be interposed in, but in case of judgment going against the ship and cargo, the part fine due to His Majesty is to be remitted. Satisfaction is to be acknowledged on the record of the judgment as to His Majesty's said part, ½ page.
—As with minute, 1729, August 19, verbatim.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXII. No. 16.]
August 14. 522. Warrant from the Lords of the Treasury to the Commissioners of Excise, authorising the allowing importers of brandy and rum above proof to reduce same to proof, or to make a post entry of so much single brandy and rum as it would require water to reduce it to proof, so as the duty of single brandy and rum may be paid for all.
Appending:—Report of the Commissioners of Excise, dated 1729, August 8, to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of John Richardson and other merchants for the above liberty.
[Warrants not relating to money XXIV. pp. 184–5.]
523. Same from same to Charles Wither, authorising the felling of 60 loads of timber in Whittlewood Forest, Northampton, towards the Duke of Grafton's repairing his great lodge at Wakefield in that forest, whereof he is ranger.
Appending:—Wither's report, dated 1729, August 9, to the Lords of the Treasury on the Duke of Grafton's petition for the above. [Ibid, p. 192.]
August 14. 524. Royal warrant by the Queen, as Guardian of the kingdom and in the King's name, directed to the Barons of the Exchequer [in Scotland] to authorise them to give plenary allowance to Adam Cockburne of Ormiston, Esq. Justice Clerk in Scotland, of the sum of 1,000l. in the Receiver-General and Paymaster's account, that sum having been issued to him under a warrant under the royal sign manual, 1715, September 28, “to enable him to supply what the circumstances of affairs and the exigencies of His late Majesty's service, that part of the kingdom being then in rebellion, might require … we being well satisfied that the said sum was faithfully applied and expended according to the true meaning and intention of the said warrant.” Given at the Palace at Kensington.
[North Britain Book IX. pp. 323–4.]
August 14. 525. Royal warrant by the Queen, as Guardian, &c. to the Barons of the Exchequer in Scotland for the issue of 329l. 14s. to. Sir Clement Cotterell, master of His Majesty's ceremonies, 300l. of same to be by him paid to Count de Dehn, plenipotentiary minister from the Duke of Brunswick Wolfenbüttel, as His Majesty's present to the said Count, who has had his audience of leave to return home, and 29l. 14s. for fees and charges attending the receipt thereof. Given at the Palace at Kensington.
[King's Warrant Book XXIX. p. 393.]
526. Sign manual by the Queen, directed to the Lords of the Treasury, for the issue of 720l. to William Finch, Esq. the allowance of 5l. per diem as envoy extraordinary, and 3l. per diem as plenipotentiary to the States General of the United Provinces, 1728,December 25, to 1729, March 25; 450l. to Charles Du Bourgay, being 5l. per day as envoy extraordinary to the King of Prussia for same dates, and 162l. additional in satisfaction of one bill for extraordinary disbursements in that service, from 1728, September 26, to December 25, signed and allowed by Charles Viscount Townshend, and 150l. in satisfaction of a like bill for like extraordinary disbursements, 1728, December 26, to 1729, March 25; and 270l. to Robert Jackson, the allowance of 3l. per diem as resident with the King of Sweden, 1728, December 25, to 1729, March 25. Given at the Palace at Kensington,
Appending:—Accounts dated Berlin, 1728 January 8/December 28 and Berlin, 1729 March 29/9 April of Du Bourgay's extraordinary expense referred to. [Ibid, pp. 391–2.]
August 14, 527. A petition of the King's servants at Hampton Court for 109l. 5s. out of the land revenues of the Crown, to make good an arrear of the land tax occasioned by appeals and suppression of offices, and which has been gathering since 1706, agreed to.
Mr. Jacomb's memorial of the 12th instant, representing the debt from Ireland to the Pay Office here, amounting to 73,045l. 0s. 7d. and the prejudice it is to His Majesty's affairs, read and ordered to be transmitted to the Lord Lieutenant, “and that he be desired in the strongest terms to take care that the debt be cleared, and the growing pay be regularly remitted for the future.”
John Whiteford to be paid 200l. out of the coinage duty by the Master and Worker of the Mint for his prosecuting John Mase, for counterfeiting and dispersing base coin throughout the county of Cornwall, as by Sir Andrew Fountain's report.
The report of the Commissioners of the Customs of July 30 last, on the petition of Ambrose Burgess, a smuggler, now in prison, in the Fleet, read, and although the report is adverse, their Lordships agree to his liberty as a great object of charity.
The report of the Board of Works, of July 27, for 320l. to be paid to George Brownlow Doughty for the purchase of a house and ground specified in a plan for making the way through St. Margaret's Lane to the Parliament House, read and agreed to.
Report of the same of July 30 last, on Mrs. Vernatti's demands for filling up, lighting, and maintaining the lamps at Westminster, the last session of Parliament, viz. 226l. 8s. 5d. read and agreed to. For the lighting, cleaning, mending, and upholding the lamps under her care for the future, no more than 16d. per week for each lamp is to be allowed.
Order for the preparation of warrants for the Lords and Grooms of the Bedchamber for Midsummer quarter, 1729.
The report of the Comptroller of the Army of July 30 last on Mr. Missing's memorial to have made good the loss and damage he sustained in the provisions for Gibraltar during the seige of that place, read and agreed to, viz. 1,470l. 11s. for his loss, and 284l. 5s. 8d. for extraordinary charges in unloading and removing provisions from, place to place by the Governor's orders.
Mr. Wither's report of the, 5th instant on the Earl of Cholmondeley's memorial for disparking a small park in the manor of Thornton Bridge, Yorks, which he holds by lease from the Crown, agreed to, as the surveyor thinks it will be an improvement.
A memorial of the Vice Treasurer of Ireland, for 3,238l. 4s. 11¾d. due to that kingdom from the late Earl of Lincoln as Paymaster of the Forces here, read, and referred to the agents who attend the passing of the Earl of Lincoln's accounts, for report as to the true state of the case.
Josiah Colebrooke's paper of his services and discoveries of frauds in the Customs at the port of London, returned to him onaccount of its personal reflections.
The Board of Trade is to place in their next bill of incidents the 39l. 13s. 11d. due from them to Henry Harwich, letter carrier to the General Post Office, for letters and packets delivered to the Board of Trade before the decease of the late King.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVI. pp. 247–8.]
August 16. 528. J. Scrope to the Duke of Montagu, Master of the Great Wardrobe, transmitting for consideration the instructions for John Halls, Comptroller of the Great Wardrobe.
[Letter Book XVIII. p. 408.]
529. Same to Mr. Cracherode for the preparation of proper instruments for securing the house and ground purchased of George Brownlow Doughty, in St. Ann's Lane, for 320l. for the widening of the way. [Ibid.]
August 18. 530. Henry Finch to John Scrope, with regard to the state of the revenues in Minorca, in answer to the commands of the Lords of the Treasury, received the 13th instant. Finds that the revenues will extend to pay an additional allowance of 5s. per day to Major Crofton and James Scott, surgeon. Has written to Minorca for a statement of the revenue and of what balance may remain due to the Crown during the receivership of Mr. Gascoigne and before the date of Finch's own commission.
Endorsed, received the 19th of August, 1729., 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXII. No. 17.]
August 19. 531. Letter, signed A. B., London, to the Lords,of the Treasury enclosing and recommending a scheme to prevent frauds from being committed in His Majesty's customs revenue by ships coming from the islands of Jersey, Guernsey, Sark, and Alderney. 2 pages.
—Scheme referred to. 5½ pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXI No. 18.]
August 19. 532. The memorial of the Paymaster of the Forces of the 19th instant for 114,040l. 0s. 10d. for subsistence for the forces in England, to the 23rd September, and the forces abroad to the 23rd October, read and ordered out of the public supplies, anno 1729.
The memorial of the Treasurer of the Navy, of the 19th instant, for 3,000l. to pay imprests and bills of exchange on the head of wear and tear, and 5,000l. for bills of exchange, necessary money and contingencies on the head of victualling, read and ordered out of the same.
Order for the preparation of a warrant to be signed by the Queen, for authorising the Treasurer of the Navy to pay to Anthony Hammond, Esq. heretofore a Commissioner of the Navy, and now in low circumstances, 250l. per annum.
The report of 1729, August 13, of the Commissioners on the Danish Envoy's memorial concerning the ship “Golden Rose,” John Seaman, now under seizure with her cargo for importation contrary to the Act of Navigation. The officers desire to prosecute the said ship and cargo at their own charge. Their Lordships will not interfere against this.
Order for preparation of a warrant for 400l. to Charles Hatton as His Majesty's bounty.
Henry Finch, by his letter of the 18th instant, reports that the revenues of Minorca will extend to pay an additional allowance of 5s. a day to Major Crofton, and 5s. a day to James Scott, surgeon of the said island. Order for the preparation of warrants for the said allowances.
The Commissioners of the Customs to hasten their report on the memorial of the Mayor and Aldermen of Saltash for additional tidesmen there.
Thomas Saybourne is to be paid 10l. as His Majesty's bounty out of the King's money in the hands of Mr. Lowther on condition of his promise never to importune my Lords for any further consideration.
The Commissioners of the Customs are to stay prosecution against Mr. Hutcheson and Mr. Wright of York for running goods till after Michaelmas term.
Leave of absence granted to Mr. Edwards, chief clerk to one of the Tellers of the Exchequer.
Order to Mr. Lowther to pay out of the King's money in his hands 10l. 4s. 6d. to Mr. Barnsley for his bill of disbursements for necessaries for the Treasury Office, and the office for the reception of books and papers.
Order to Mr. Lowther to pay out of the same, 20l. to Robert Kirke, and 6l. 6s. to Thos. Wilkins for making copies of accounts and papers for the use of this office.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVI. pp. 249–50.]
August 19. 533. Warrants from the Lords of the Treasury to the Clerk of the Pipe for the preparation of leases to pass the Exchequer Seal of two premises; (1) several houses in St. James's bailiwick, and (2) a piece of ground, parcel of the bailiwick of St. James's, adjoining to the tennis court at St. James; with the appurtenances, to John, Alice, Jane, and Elizabeth Lock, at rents and fines specified.
Appending:—Copies of the original lease in both cases with memoranda and particulars of same, by Auditor Jett and Surveyor—General Phillips Gybbon.
[Crown Lease Book I. pp. 474–8.]
534. Same from same to same for preparation of a lease of a messuage in Whitehall to Sarah Heymans, widow, for 30 years, from 1748–9, March 20, at the old rent of 10l. per annum, and fine of 35l.
:—Copy (Latin) of the original lease and memorandum, and particular of same, by Auditor Jett and Deputy Surveyor General Charles Gybbon, dated 1729, July 14 and 16.
[Ibid, I. pp. 479–81.]
August 21. 535. Josiah Colebrook's memorial concerning his services for the advantage of the revenue of Customs, referred to the Commissioners of the Customs.
The memorial of the Board of Works of July 23 last, for rebuilding the office and lodgings at Whitehall belonging to the Scalding House, estimated at 290l. read and agreed to.
The report of Mr. Attorney and Solicitor General of the 7th instant on Vaughan Bonner's case, touching the allowance of 533l. 11s. on his account as Receiver of Land Tax for the county of Lincoln, which had been advanced by him for marine recruits, read, and warrant ordered for same.
Lord Carteret's letter of July 30, about taking a piece of ground in Dublin, and building a new infirmary thereupon, and paying charges thereof in 12 months, is read, together with the draft of a letter for warranting the same. Their Lordships agree thereto, and order the draft to be transcribed for Her Majesty to sign.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVI. p. 251.]
August 21. 536. Report of Mr. Auditor Jett to the Lords of the Treasury on the petition of Windover Jay, Thomas Jay, and John Rutt, about the manors of Twickenham and Edmonton. The manor of Twickenham, part of the jointure of Catherine late Queen Dowager, was forfeited by the Lord Viscount Bolingbroke on his attainder and vested in trustees for sale. The trustees sold it 1723, November 15, to petitioners. The liability of the arrears to the Crown is disputed between petitioners and William Gould, the possessor of the manor of Edmonton. Suggestions as to settlement. 3 pages.
—(a.) The petition in question, with reference, dated 1729, May 23, from the Treasury to Thomas Jett, Auditor of His Majesty's Land Revenues. 2 pages.
(b.) A copy of a precept, dated 1723, July 18, from the Commissioners and Trustees for Forfeited Estates in England to William Gould. 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXII. No. 20.]
August 21. 537. The Lords of the Treasury to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, upon a memorial from the Deputy Paymaster of the Forces pressing “in the most earnest manner” for a settlement and hastening over of the remittances which by several warrants under the royal sign manual have been directed to be made from Ireland to replace what has been paid out of the supplies granted for the forces on the British Establishment, “as the speedy remitting over this money, which on the 24th instant will amount to 73,045l. net, very greatly imports His Majesty's service,” and for the punctual remittance of same in the future.
[Irish Book VIII. p. 341.]
August 25. 538. Warrant by the Queen, as Guardian of the kingdom and in the King's name, directed to the Lords of the Treasury for the issue of 2,026l. 1s.d. out of the Civil List revenues of the late King, in satisfaction of the arrears of allowances to certain persons who were ambassadors under the late King, viz. the yearly sums of 1,200l. to Wm. Leathes, since deceased, resident at Brussels; 400l. to James Scott, since deceased, envoy extraordinary to the King of Poland; 300l. to James Jefferyes, resident with the Czar of Muscovy, together with detailed arrears to same to make up the above total. Given at the Palace of Kensington.
[King's Warrant Book XXIX. pp. 395–6.]
August 27. 539. John Mitchell appointed at the recommendation of General Ross to be landwaiter at Inverness.
Order for the preparation of a sign manual for 2,000l. for the Prince.
The Exchequer to pay the Lords of the Bedchamber and others marked on the list of unsatisfied warrants to the amount of 5,150l.
John Wilson, a rolling press officer in the Stamp Office, to be superseded by William Taylor.
[Treasury Minute Books XXVI. p. 252.]
August 27. 540. Report from the Board of Works to the Lords of the Treasury on the petition of John World for arrears of rent due on the lease of Essex House taken for the repository of the King's and Cotton Library. The lease has been some time expired. The arrears of rent due to petitioner at the decease of His late Majesty and still unpaid is 111l. 4s. Rent has been paid since His Majesty's accession to Christmas 1728 at 140l. for the house and 12l. for the parish duties. He demands 30l. additional for rent and 4l. for parish duties. The house is out of repair, and petitioner insists on its being made good at the King's expense, which by estimate may amount to 90l. 1 page.
—World's petition to the Treasury, and reference, dated 1729, July 12, thereof to the Surveyor General and Officers of the Board of Works. 1¼ pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXII. No. 21.]
August 27. 541. Report, from Captain Wm. Horneck to the Lords of the Treasury on the condition of the wharves and quays and shore at Harwich. 8 pages.
—Two large plans drawn to scale. [Ibid, No. 22.]
August 28. 542. Report from the Commissioners of the Excise to the Lords of the Treasury on John Hayward's memorial concerning 4½ tons of coffee on board a Dutch ship from Surinam, stranded on the coast of Sussex. When Hayward has paid the Custom House subsidies on the coffee he may be admitted to pay the inland duties. 1 page.
—Hayward's memorial as above to the Lords of the Treasury with reference, dated 1729, August 21, from the Lords of the Treasury to the Commissioners for Excise. 1¼ pages.
[Ibid, No. 23.]
August 29. 543. Carteret, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, to the Lords of the Treasury, from Arlington Street, in reply to their Lordships' letter of the 21st instant, pressing for a hastening of the remittances on the arrears, amounting to 73,045l., to replace what has been paid out of the supplies granted for the forces on the British establishment. Will write to the Lords Justices thereupon, and immediately on crossing will give the affair all the assistance and furtherance possible. There may be still delay by reason of the great balance due to the Crown from the late Deputy Vice Treasurer and from last year's revenue having fallen short. 1½ pages. [Ibid, No. 24.]
August 29. 544. Royal sign manual by the Queen, as Guardian of the kingdom and in the King's name, for the passing of letters under Privy Seal of Scotland, granting to Thomas Erskine, Esq. brother german to David Earl of Buchan, the assize herrings on the east seas betwixt Berwick and Parton Craig upon Tay, and casualties thereto belonging, now in the royal disposal, the lease or tack thereof made by Queen Anne to David Earl of Leven, deceased, being expired; for the yearly reserved rent or tack duty of 24 pounds Scots, or 2l. sterling, to date from Whitsuntide, 1729. Given at the Palace at Kensington.
[North Britain Book IX. pp. 326–7.]
August 30. 545. Royal warrant by same as Guardian, &c, directed to the Paymaster of the Forces for the issue to Kingsmil Eyre, Esq. Agent and Solicitor to His Majesty's Independent Company of Foot in the province of South Carolina, commanded by Captain Edward Massey, of 400l. to be by him laid out in bedding and other necessaries for the use of the said company, which Eyre represents to be in very great distress for want of barracks, bedding, and all other necessaries occasioned by the forts being accidentally burned in which they were quartered; same to be paid out of the allowance of 1,000l. a year upon the establishment of the said province for the pay of a governor thereof, which, by the death of Brigadier-General Francis Nicholson, the late Governor, who died upon the 5th day of March, 1727–8, is become a saving from that time. Given at the Court at Kensington.
Memorandum by three Lords of the Treasury. Whitehall, Treasury Chambers, 1729, September 9. “We have been made acquainted with the aforegoing warrant.”
[King's Warrant Book XXIX. pp. 400–1.]
August 30. 546. Warrant from the Duke of Grafton to the Duke of Montagu, Master of the Great Wardrobe, for the delivery to the Honourable Grey Maynard, Yeoman of the King's Removing Wardrobe, the following for the King's service at St. James's: 18 new walnut—tree matted—bottom chairs for the two waiting-rooms at the King's backstairs, four four-post field bedsteads of crimson harrateen furniture, with complete sets of bedding; one bed of crimson ‘cheney’ furniture, with bedding complete; one set of bedding for a bedstead; and two tables for the Prince of Wales; and for taking down and mending the furniture in the King's bedchamber, the room beyond it, the Queen's dining, dress, and bed room.
Enfaced:—The particulars of this warrant will come to 290l. or thereabouts. Thos. Dummer. 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXII. No. 25.]
August [31]. 547. Treasury fees, &c. for the month of August (ut supra January 31), 581l. 3s. 6d. divided equally, ut supra ibid, and with receipts of Horace Walpole, John Scrope, and the clerks.
[Treasury Fee Book VI. pp. 308–16.]
August 31. 548. Instructions (16 in number) from the Lords of the Treasury to John Halls, constituted by a grant under the royal sign manual Inspector, Examiner, and Comptroller of His Majesty's Great Wardrobe during pleasure, for his conduct and behaviour in the execution of the said office.
[Warrants not relating to money XXIV. pp. 204–6.]