Treasury Books and Papers: November 1729

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Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 1, 1729-1730. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1897.

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November 1729

November 4. 616. Memorial from the East India Company to the Lords of the Treasury, desiring the preparation of dies with the capital letters E. I. C. under the King's head to distinguish a large coinage of gold which they intend, “as hath been granted to the Royal African, the South Sea Company, and others.” 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXII. No. 45.]
November 7. 617. An abstract of all moneys received by Mr. Joseph Gascoigne, Receiver General of the Island of Minorca, out of the produce of the King's revenues from 1712, September 30, to 1727, December 31, signed by Rafael Fabrer, notary and secretary coadjutor of the royal patrimony of Minorca, and certified and submitted by Henry Finch. Total revenue as set out is 191,711 livres 2 sueldos 6 deniers, fictitious money of Minorca, producing at the accustomed rate of 7 reals and 1 dublero per livre 169,156 dollars 7 reals money of Spain, which at 3s. 8d. per dollar makes in sterling money 31,012l. 1s. 10½d. “so that at a medium from the said foregoing net produce of His Majesty's revenues in the island of Minorca (exclusive of the salaries and allowances payable thereout by virtue of particular warrants), which is made up for 15 years and one-third part of a year, the annual produce will not exceed 2,022l. 10s.d.” 8 pages.
—A paper of “extracts of warrants for annual payments out of Minorca revenues,” detailing warrants, 1716–7, February 19, to 1729, May 14. 1 page. [Ibid, No. 46.]
November 8. 618. Report from the Commissioners of Taxes to the Lords of the Treasury on the petition of Henry Moreton, who was employed in dividing and alloting and in obtaining an Act for enclosing and dividing several commons or waste lands in West Houghton, Lancashire, part of which were allotted in respect of an extent against Nathaniel Molyneux, of West Houghton, for being in arrear to the Crown when Receiver General of the land tax for the county under Wm. III. The sum of 44l. 15s. 6d. demanded by petitioner for his expenses is reasonable. Recommend payment.
Prefacing:—Abstract of Moreton's petition.
[Affairs of Taxes III. p. 283.]
November 10. 619. Memorial of John Earl of Rothes praying a new lease, for 19 years from Lammas, 1730, of the tithes of some acres and cornfield lands of Cupar, Fife. Memorialist's ancestor, John Duke of Rothes, was lessee of said tithes by a lease granted by the Archbishop of St. Andrews for 19 years, commencing Lammas 1674, on a yearly payment of 35l. 6s. 8d. Scots, or 2l. 18s. 4d. English. Their late Majesties William and Mary, as coming in the place of the Archbishop of St. Andrews by the abolishing of Episcopacy in Scotland, by their letters of Privy Seal, of date 1693–4, January 31, ratified the lease, and further continued same to Margaret Countess of Rothes, daughter of John Duke of Rothes, and to John Earl of Rothes, memorialist's father, for a further 19 years at the same rent. In 1711 her late Majesty. Queen Anne renewed the lease to memorialist's father for a further 19 years at the same rent and on a fine of 75l. sterling. The tithes are inconsiderable, but lie within a few miles of memorialist's seat, and were granted to his ancestors in consideration of their services to the Crown, and memorialist has shown the same inviolable attachment to His Majesty and his house. Begs directions from their Lordships to the Barons of the Exchequer in Scotland for a new lease as above.
Minuted:—With minute of reference, dated 1729, November 10, from the Lords of the Treasury to the Barons of the Exchequer in Scotland.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXII. No. 47, and North Britain Book I. 346.]
November 11. 620. Allowance by the Lords of the Treasury, Whitehall, of the quarterly bill of salaries for the Excise, Edinburgh and precincts, for the quarter ended Michaelmas, 1729, amounting to 1,843l. 0s.d.
—The detailed bill, with names and amounts.
[North Britain Book IX. pp. 349–51.]
621. Allowance by the Lords of the Treasury of the quarterly bill of incident charges, Excise, Edinburgh and precincts, for the same quarter, amounting to 768l. 16s.d.
—Detailed bill as above. [Ibid, pp. 351–2.]
November 11. 622. Warrant under the royal sign manual [directed to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland], authorising the passing a new commission under the Great Seal of Ireland, for determining the previous commission or letters patent, which appointed William Conolly, William Harrison, Edward Thompson, Robert Sawyer, Herbert and Thomas Medlycott, Commissioners of Excise, and William Conolly, William Harrison, Edward Thompson, Anthony Lowther, Robert Sawyer, Herbert and Thomas Medlycott, and Gyles Earl, Commissioners and Governors of His Majesty's Revenues in Ireland, and for appointing in their stead William Harrison, Edward Thompson, Robert Sawyer, Herbert and Thomas Medlycott, and Dr. Marmaduke Coghill, to be Commissioners of the revenue of Excise in Ireland, and William Harrison, Edward Thompson, Anthony Lowther, Robert Sawyer, Herbert and Thomas Medlycott, Gyles Earl, and Marmaduke Coghill, to be Chief Commissioners and Governors in Ireland, for all and every other His Majesty's revenues there owing and in arrear, all at a salary of 1,000l. each. Given at the Court at St. James's. [Irish Book VIII. pp. 344–6.]
November 11. 623. A memorial from the East India Company of the 4th instant, desiring that the gold imported by them into the Mint to be coined may be marked under His Majesty's head with the letter E. I. C. agreed to and the necessary warrant ordered.
Order for preparation of a sign manual for the issue of 10,000l. to the Earl of Scarborough, upon account for the extraordinaries of the stables.
A petition of the Governor, Council and Assembly of New York, for the free importation of salt from Europe in order to the establishment of a fishery there, read and referred to the Board of Trade. A copy to be sent to the Commissioners of Customs for their objections, if any.
Order for preparation of a sign manual for 1,437l. 10s. to answer Lord Tyrawley's bills from Lisbon, payable to William Mawman, or order, as estimated in his Lordship's letter of the 21st October last. The fees thereof to be defrayed by Mr. Lowther out of the King's moneys in his hands.
The letter of Jezreel Jones, with the list of some goods on board the “Fortune,” Captain Gill, commander, belonging to Joseph Mezquita, who has brought a letter to the King from Muley Abdaleh, the present Emperor of Morocco, to be sent to the Commissioners of Customs for order as in such cases.
George Saveage appointed to succeed Robert Dighton, deceased, as coast waiter in the port of London. John Tooley to succeed Isaac Lancaster, deceased, as one of the stampers. Abraham Nixon to succeed Robert Ewen, deceased, as surveyor of windows in Middlesex. [Treasury Minute Book XXVI. p. 266.]
November 12. 624. J. Scrope to the Commissioners of Customs, transmitting for report the representation from the Governor, Council and Assembly of New York, for permitting the importation thither of salt from Europe for encouragement of their fishery.
[Letter Book XVIII. p. 414.]
625. Same to Mr. Popple of identical tenour with above.
626. Same to the Commissioners of Customs for the delivery of the baggage of the Ambassador from the Emperor of Morocco.
November 12. 627. Warrant from the Lords of the Treasury to the Commissioners of Excise authorising the permitting importers of brandy and rum above proof to reduce same to proof or to make post entries.
Appending:—Report from the Commissioners of Excise to the Lords of the Treasury, dated 1729, October 16, on the petition of Sam. Holmes and others, merchants, praying permission as above. [Warrants relating to money XXIV. p. 209.]
November 12. 628. Same from same, confirming articles of agreement between the King and Thomas Bridgwater of the island of St. Christopher, Esq. for the purchase of 80a. 1r. in Basse Terre quarter.
Appending:—Articles of agreement.
[Crown Lease Book I. pp. 389–90.]
November 12. 629. Warrant from the Lords of the Treasury to the Clerk of the Pipe or his deputy, for the preparation of a lease under the Exchequer Seal of the pre and post fines in the counties of Carnarvon, Anglesey, and Merioneth, to William Wynne, for 35 years, to date from 1735, June 23, at a fine of 450l. and the ancient reserved rent of 9l. per annum.
Appending:—(1.) Letters Patent of Queen Anne, June 1703, granting same to Owen Wynne (Latin). (2.) Memorandum and particular of above, made out by George Wright, Deputy Auditor, dated 1729, November 7, and examined by Phillips Gybbon, Surveyor General, by virtue of a warrant of October 14, from the Lords of the Treasury. [Crown Lease Book I. pp. 391–3.]
November 12. 630. Richard Belbin's letter of 1729, November 11, from the fleet, complaining of the insufficiency of his reward for discovering smugglers, referred to the Commissioners of Customs.
John Daw, appointed a tidesman in the port of London.
The memorial of the Earl of Portmore to the King, to be discharged in the Paymaster of the Forces' accounts of 2,888l. 15s. 10d. received when at Gibraltar and applied for the good of the service during the siege, and to be paid the usual allowance to a General and Commander-in-Chief, read and transmitted to the Secretary at War.
Order for the issue of 7,148l. 13s. 10½d. to the Paymaster of the Works, to clear the debt in that office, Michaelmas quarter, 1729.
The Exchequer to satisfy the orders for the Lords and Grooms of the King's Bedchamber, for the same quarter.
Order for the preparation of a sign manual with a blank for 600l. bounty.
Some of the late King's watermen who are out of his present Majesty's service, pray to be paid their arrears, esteeming themselves to be on the same footing with the late King's footmen and grooms. Their Lordships think the circumstances different and give no order thereupon. [Treasury Minute XXVI. pp. 266–7.]
November 14. 631. Report of Auditor E. Harley to the Lords of the Treasury on Robert Byng's memorial for the allowance to him, as Receiver of the rights and perquisites of Admiralty, the like petty expenses allowed to John Dod, his predecessor, for the year 1708. 1½ large sheets.
—(a.) Reasons humbly offered by Byng for having the claims allowed which are craved. Dated 1729, September 2. 1¼ pages.
(b.) Byng's memorial to the Lords of the Treasury, with the reference, dated 1729, June 14, of same from the Lords of the Treasury to Edward Harley and Thomas Foley, Auditors of Imprests. 1¼ pages. [Treasury Board Papers CCLXXII No. 48.]
Nov. 15.]
632. Statements, of the accounts of Sir Humphrey Howorth, Receiver General of the Land Revenue for North Wales, from Lady Day, 1714, to Lady Day, 1727. 7 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXII. No. 49.]
November 18. 633. The memorial of the Treasurer of the Navy of the 11th instant for 1,996l. 10s. 4d. for flag pay and table money, and for 2,105l. to pay off ships, read, and ordered out of supplies in the Exchequer, anno 1729.
Lord Wilmington's memorial of the 18th instant for 48,422l. 16s. 6d. for subsistence to guards and garrisons to the 24th December, 1729, and for 19,118l. 19s. 10d. to complete the sum granted for the Hessian troops, anno 1729, read, and ordered out of the supplies of that year.
Elizabeth Levet's memorial read. As His Majesty has been pleased to fix her pension at 40l. per annum, their Lordships order Mr. Lowther to pay same in future at that rate together with any arrears.
Mr. Lowther is to pay 42l. out of the King's money in his hand to Christopher Lowe to reimburse John Dean's expenses at Ostend for His Majesty's service.
The Commissioners of Customs are to hasten their report on Josiah Colebrook's demands for services performed.
The Commissioners of the Revenue in Ireland to be informed of their Lordships' leave of absence granted to Mr. Thompson, one of their number. [Treasury Minute Book XXVI. p. 268.]
November 18. 634. Minute by John Scrope of the memorial of Samuel Ross, Comptroller of the Stamp Duties in Scotland. After 14 years employ in the Stamp Office in London, was appointed to Scotland in 1714, to settle an additional duty then commenced. Has detected forgeries. Besides his extraordinary services, the Commissioners committed the whole care of the revenue in Scotland to him for a year and a half in the absence of the head distributor, &c. Prays a reward. Referred to the Commissioners of Stamp Duties. [North Britain Book IX. p. 353.]
November 18. 635. Royal warrant directed to Spencer Lord Wilmington for the stopping of 6d. per man per week out of the subsistence of the effectual men victualled at Minorca, and 2d. per man for 2,000 men certain out of the establishment, and from time to time to pay same to the contractor, in accordance with the terms of the contract made with John Gilman, of the city of Cork. Given at the Court at St. James's.
[King's Warrant Book XXIX. pp. 425–6.]
November 20. 636. Warrant from the Lords of the Treasury to the Surveyor General for a particular of two decayed messuages in Bury Street, eight ditto in Duke Street, and one messuage in Little Ryder Street, St. James's, and for the rating same in order to the passing a lease under the Exchequer Seal to Robert Young for 39 years from 1740, at a fine of 380l. and rent of 21l. 12s. 6d.
—Report on the said premises by Phillips Gybbon, Surveyor General, to the Lords of the Treasury, of date 1729, November 14. [Crown Lease Book II. pp. 2–3.]
November 20. 637. Order from the Lords of the Treasury endorsing a warrant, dated 1728–9, March 10, from the Duke of Grafton to the Duke of Montagu. “Whereas the Sub-Dean of the Chapel, in absence of the Dean, has certified that Thomas Skelton's voice is changed, who was one of the children of the Chapel, and therefore removed from the service of the Chapel, these are to signify to your Grace His Majesty's pleasure that you provide and deliver to him the usual allowance of one suit of plain cloth, one hat and band, two Holland shirts, two cravatts, two pairs of cuffs, two handkerchiefs, two pairs of stockings, two pairs of shoes, and two pairs of gloves.”
Memorandum:—The particulars of this warrant will come to 9l. 10s. or thereabouts. Tho. Dummer.
[Lord Chamberlain's Warrant Book I. p. 310.]
638. Same from same endorsing a warrant from the Duke of Grafton to the Duke of Montagu, dated September 13, for the provision and delivery to Mrs. Eliz. Stubbs, rat killer in ordinary to His Majesty, a livery for 1729.
Memorandum:—The particulars of this warrant will come to 11l. 9s. 3d. or thereabouts. [Ibid.]
November 20. 639. The memorial of John Eccles for arrears in the late King's time as master of the band of music read, “but my Lords cannot consider him apart from the rest of the late King's servants on the Treasurer of the Chamber's establishment.”
The memorial of the Bishop of Chester for renewal of the late King's privy seal for 200l. per annum for the King's preachers in Lancashire out of 200l. per annum rent reserved to the Crown for the monastery of Furness, read. Inquiry ordered to be made how the case stands with respect to the said rent, since the Act of Parliament permitted the lease of the said monastery to be turned into an inheritance. Same to be laid before the King for his pleasure thereupon.
The report of the officers of the Mint of 1729, October 9, on Mr. Rollos' bill for 1,408l. 3s. 8d. for engraving public seals on His Majesty's accession to the Crown, read and agreed to. The revenues of Ireland, Scotland, and the quit-rents of Virginia to bear their proportion of the cost.
Mr. Negus to be required to lay before their Lordships a particular account of the debt from the late King for any extraordinaries payable by him as Commissioner for His late Majesty's stables, and due before Midsummer, 1726. Mr. Dummer is to make a statement of the late King's debt in the Wardrobe in the same way.
A petition in the name of the assignees of the estate of John Baskett for the debt owing from the late King to Baskett as His Majesty's printer, read. A particular statement of the debt ordered to be given in.
Mr. Lowther is to pay Mrs. Levet 10l. by way of bounty out of the King's money in his hand.
Jezreel Jones, applying for 300l. towards defraying the expense of Don Mezquita (“Musketa”) and his retinue, lately arrived as he alleges from Morocco, is informed that their Lordships have no intimation from the Secretary of State of this person or of any character he bears.
Joseph Lee appointed boatman at Hull according to the presentment of the Commissioners of Customs, on the recommendation of Lord Micklethwaite.
Mr. Cracherode is to attend Mr. Attorney on a petition to His Majesty of Stephen Fetcham, master weaver at Bristol, about rioters there. [Treasury Minute Book XXVI. pp. 269–70.]
November 21. 640. J. Scrope to Robert Byng, Esq. Receiver of the Droits of Admiralty, directing payment of the ordinary duties on goods brought into the kingdom as jetson, flotson, or lagon, as rights of Admiralty. [Letter Book XVIII. p. 416.]
641. Same to Wm. Negus for a statement of the debt from the late King for any extraordinaries payable by Negus as Commissioner for the late Majesty's stables. [Ibid.]
642. Same to Mr. Dummer for a similar account for the Great Wardrobe. [Ibid.]
November 21. 643. Royal warrant directed to John Conduitt, Esq. Master and Worker of the Mint, authorising the putting of the letters E. I. C. as a mark of distinction upon the dies to be used in the coining of gold which the East India Company shall import to the Mint to be coined. Given at the Court at St. James's.
[King's Warrant Book XXIX. p. 427.]
November 21. 644. J. Scrope to Mr. Cracherode for defraying the law expenses of the protection of Stephen Fecham, master weaver at Bristol, and for bringing several rioters to justice, who threatened to pull down his house and murder him.
[Letter Book XVIII. p. 415.]
November 21. 645. Same on behalf of the Lords of the Treasury to Robert Byng, Receiver of the Droits of Admiralty. After considering the report of the Commissioners of Customs of September 13 last, on Byng's letter relating to the Droits of Admiralty, their Lordships have agreed that it would be of ill consequence to the revenue and fair traders, if goods brought into the kingdom as jetson, flotson or lagon, should be delivered to the claimers under the Admiralty without payment of the Customs and other duties due thereon. Byng is therefore to pay such duties on jetson, flotson, or lagon brought in as rights of Admiralty, in like manner as duties on goods regularly imported. 1 page.
— (a.) The report of the Commissioners of Customs as above, dated 1729, September 13. 2¼ pages.
(b.) Letter from Byng to Secretary Scrope, dated 1728, March 30, demanding such Droits of Admiralty free from duty as an ancient and undoubted right of the Crown. 4 pages.
(c.) Copy of a letter from Charles Carkesse, secretary to the Customs' Commissioners, to Byng, dated 1728, March 26, concerning previous letters of Byng containing the same demands as above. 2½ pages.
(d.) Statements of opinion on the case by Mr. Lechmere, Attorney General, dated 1718, January 23, and Wm. Thompson, Solicitor General, 1718, August 14. 4 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXII. No. 51.]
November 22
646. A. B. C. to Robert Walpole, concerning frauds in the revenue arising from the misappropriation of a revenue of 500l. and upwards. Asks for Walpole's acknowledgment and commands through the pages of the “London Gazette.” 3 pages.
[Ibid, No. 52.]
November 24. 647. J. Scrope to Mr. Cracherode pressing for a report on the state of the fund for the Civil List as transmitted in a letter of July 15, from the Lords of the Treasury to Sergeant Cheshire, the Attorney General, the Solicitor General and Mr. Reeve.
[Letter Book XVIII. p. 417.]
November 26. 648. Grant of Dungeness lighthouse in Kent, to Thomas Lord Lovel for 31 years from surrender of letters patent of 1679, April 28, with authority to exact contribution money of one penny per ton from all ships, hoys and barks outward and inward bound passing the said lighthouse.
[Crown Lease Book II. p. 1.]
November 27.
649. Memorial of Sir Laurence Esmond to the Lords of the Treasury, concerning his estates in Wicklow, Wexford, and Carlow, (“Catherlegh”), and the reduction of his quit-rents, payable by the Act of Settlement. A reduction was ordered by the Earl of Essex, in 1677. James II. on the report of the Lord Lieutenant and others, ordered the issue of letters patent under the Great Seal for confirmation of the reduction. The letters patent were not passed and petitioner petitioned the late King George I. to the same purpose. On reference, the Attorney General and James Topham, clerk of the quit-rents, reported favourably in 1720, and in 1727, July 14, the Lord Lieutenant signified same to the Treasury. Begs the letters patent as the Commissioners of the Revenue have given order to collect all the arrears of quit-rents from 1677. 1¼ pages.
—With minute as below of date 1729, November 27.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXII. No. 53.]
November 27. 650. Letters Patent appointing Sir William Thompson, Sergeant at Law, and Recorder of the City of London, to be one of the Barons of the Exchequer.
[King's Warrant Book XXIX. p. 435.]
November 27. 651. Memorial, to the King from Sir John Jennings, Keeper of the Royal House and Ranger of the Park at Greenwich. The Commissioners of Greenwich Hospital have petitioned for the release of the charity from any further charge in maintaining and repairing the park and house. Begs that the park may be put on the former establishment at the time it was purchased by the Prince of Denmark, as stated in the Surveyor General's report of May 2 last, viz. 100l. for fodder for the deer and for under keepers. 1½ pages.
a. Copy of the report of Charles Wither, Surveyor General of Woods to the Lords of the Treasury, dated 1729, May 2. 1½pages.
Imperfect copy of minute of the Treasury Board thereon, dated 1729, December 3, q. v. in loco. ½ page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXII. No. 56.]
November 27. 652. Order for the issue of 5,000l. to the Earl of Scarborough upon account for the extraordinary expenses of the stables as desired by his letter of the 15th instant.
The case of the Bishop of Chester with respect to the four Lancashire preachers and the rent of 200l. per annum issuing out of the dissolved monastery of Furness to be applied to their maintenance as formerly, read and agreed to and warrant ordered for passing a Privy Seal accordingly.
Order for the issue to the Paymaster of the Works of 240l. 2s. to be imprested to Mr. Bridgman in further part of the charge of repairing the King's road leading from Pimlico to Fulham, according to the representation of the Board of Works of October 15 last.
Lord Carteret's letter of 1727, June 14, on Sir Laurence Esmond's petition for confirming certain reducements made by Commissioners in 1665 of quit rents on lands in Ireland, the ancient estate of his family and now in his possession, read, and other reports relating thereto, and it appearing to their Lordships that the quit rents as reduced in 1665 by the commission or court, who had complete authority for reducing the same, have been ever since paid according to such reducement and submitted to be de bene esse they see no cause for moving His Majesty thereupon.
An anonymous letter signed A. B. C. dated 1729, November 22, read, tending to discover a fraud in the revenue of 500l. per annum. Order for an advertisement to be inserted in the “London Gazette” as follows: “The Right Honourable the Chancellor of the Exchequer is pleased to give notice to the person who sent him a letter subscribed A. B. C., that he will be ready to hear him on the subject matter of his said letter on the day he desires any morning before 8 of the clock.”
Mr. Cracherode's report of the 21st instant on the petition of Henry Busby and others for the reward for apprehending Dixon for robbing on the highway in Rotherhithe parish read and warrant ordered for payment thereof. Their Lordships are of opinion that these rewards when payable for robberies in Surrey or other distances within the meaning of the proclamation should be paid in open court as they are for robberies committed in London, Westminster and Middlesex.
Order for the preparation of a sign manual for 100l. bounty to Arthur Collins.
[Treasury Minute Books Vol. XXVI. pp. 271–2.]
November 28. 653. J. Scrope to the Secretary at War for transmission of the estimates proper to be laid before the House of Commons in the coming season, for the services of the forces, 1730.
Similar letters to the Paymaster of the Forces, to the Master General of the Ordnance, and to Mr. Burchet for the Navy estimates. [Letter Book XVIII. p. 417.]
654. Same to Commissioners of Customs for the despatch to the Duke of Newcastle's office at Whitehall, of a canister and two boxes of drugs sent for the Queen's use from Cadiz by Wm. Caley, Esq. His Majesty's consul there, by the ship “Mary,” Geo. Morris, master. [Ibid, p. 418.]
655. Same to Mr. Buckley for the insertion of the following advertisement in the next gazette: “The Chancellor of the Exchequer is pleased to give notice to the person who sent him a letter subscribed A. B. C. dated 1729, November 22, that he shall be ready to hear him on the subject matter of his said letter on the day he desires, any morning before 8 of the clock.” [Ibid.]
November 29. 656. A proposal offered by Andrew Bruce, half-pay cornet, for raising 40,000l. per annum, by laying a duty of a farthing per grain on wrought gold, there being not less than 80,000 ozs. of gold wrought up in London every year by a moderate computation of the best judges. 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXII. No. 57.]
November [30.] 657. Treasury fees for the month of November (ut supra January 31) 703l. 8s. 6d. divided equally ut supra, ibid, and with receipts of Horace Walpole, John Scrope and the clerks.
[Treasury Fee Book VI. pp. 333–9.]