Treasury Books and Papers: September 1730

Pages 445-459

Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 1, 1729-1730. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1897.

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September 1730

September 1. 535. Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer acquaints Mr. Bowen, who is present, that it is the King's pleasure the carts employed by the Earl of Burlington for works in his garden without St. James's Park wall have liberty to pass and repass through the said garden without interruption.
Order for the preparation of a warrant for a present of 200l. as royal bounty to Monsr. Schultenheilm, the King of Sweden's secretary, residing at this Court, now on his return.
The King is pleased to allow 400l. more to Governor Johnson for the seven Cherokee Indians, which, with 300l. before ordered, is to put an end to all further charge.
Order for the preparation of a sign manual for 1,000l. royal bounty to Wm. Richards.
Mr. Paxton to write Mr. Cracherode to be in town the latter end of this week.
Their Lordships being informed that Peter Crank, to whom the passing of the transport accounts for King William's war was committed, does not pursue or take any care about the same, although a sufficient sum has been allowed and remains in his hand to defray the charge thereof, order him to pursue the passing the account without further delay.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVI. p. 350.]
September 1. 536. Petition bearing 25 signatures of dealers in brandy, tea and coffee, in the city of Norwich, against the smuggling, which has reduced the fair trading of these parts to so declining a condition. “French brandy is sold in these parts at the same price that we pay duty for, that private housekeepers and others are frequently supplied with tea, green and Bohea, the very best at 6s. and 7s. a pound, also coffee and chocolate at a proportionable under rate.” Propose to pay the charges of a riding officer and recommend bearer, Charles Cock, for that employ. 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXIV. No. 27.]
537. Sir Charles Wager to Sir Robert Walpole. Has provided a present as ordered for the Dey of Tunis, and encloses particulars of same with trademen's bills, amounting in the whole to 500l. 7s. 6d. All the particulars were put on board the “Royal Escape” which sailed this day for Portsmouth, with orders to put them on board the “Hector” at Spithead. Admiralty Office, September 1. 1page.
—An account of the goods bought for a present for the Dey of Tunis. 1 page. [Ibid, No. 28.]
538. William Stabback, mayor, and 15 members of the Chambers of Exeter, to [Sir Robert Walpole,] acknowledging the favour shown in granting their request as to the discharge of Jonathan Newman out of prison. Exon, September 1. 1 page with signatures. [Ibid, No. 29.]
September 1. 539. Chris. Tilson to Peter Crank, conveying the orders of the Lords of the Treasury, for the passing the account of Samuel Atkinson, John Ellis, and John Henly, Esqrs. as Commissioners of Transports for King William's war, which are still open and unpassed, though all cravings thereon have been allowed since 1724, June 10, the money allowed to answer such cravings remaining in Crank's hands, who delays passing same for lucre of the said money. [Letter Book XIX. p. 6.]
September 1. 540. Warrant under the royal sign manual to the Attorney or Solicitor General, for the preparation of a bill to pass the Great Seal, to determine the letters patent appointing Sir Walter Yonge, Sir John Evelyn, and Sir John Stanley, Thomas Walker, Sir Charles Peers, Sir James Campbell, Humphrey Brent, John Campbell, Brian Fairfax, Henry Hale, George Drummond, John Hill, Allan Brodrick (now Lord Middleton), and Gwyn Vaughan, Commissioners for Customs and subsidies of Tunnage and Poundage, and in their place to constitute as commissioners the following:—Sir Walter Yonge, Sir John Evelyn, Sir John Stanley, Thomas Walker, Sir Charles Peers, Sir James Campbell, Humphrey Brent, John Campbell, Brian Fairfax, Henry Hale, George Drummond, John Hill, Gwyn Vaughan; seven of them to have from time to time their residence in London port, for England and Wales, according to the determination of the Lords of the Treasury; similarly five of them to be resident in Edinburgh for Scotland, nominated as above by the Lords of the Treasury: all at a salary of 1,000l. each. [King's Warrant Book XXX. p. 66–8.]
September 2. 541. Order for the preparation of a warrant for the issue of 502l. 7s. 6d. to Sir Charles Wager, to meet his disbursements in providing a present for the Bey of Tunis.
“Their Lordships being informed that one Daniel Beaumont, by trade a starchmaker, owns and sells wine in a ship on Eton College side of the river of Thames, and hath done so a long time without a licence, and the scholars of the said College being enticed to spend their time in idleness on board that vessel,” the Commissioners of Wine Licences to inform themselves of the fact, and to hinder as much as in them lies the said Beaumont's carrying on that trade in or near that station.”
The Auditors of the Imprests' second return, dated August 31 last, relating to debts in the hands of imprest accountants of the civil list revenues of the late King and late Queen, read. The executor of Edward Nicholas, Paymaster of the Pensions to the late Queen, is to speedily answer the balance of 1,556l. 7s.d. due from Nicholas.
The petition of the tradesmen of the Wardrobe to be cleared their debts due from the late King, to Midsummer 1726, postponed till the money in the Exchequer, being only 22,331l. 19s.d., and the said debt appearing to be 16,071l. 10s.d., shall come to be disposed.
A petition in the name of “Mahomet, &c.” read, alleging himself to be a merchant of Tripoli, and taken by the French from on board an English merchant ship on his voyage hither, and praying the King's interposition, read. “Their Lordships take notice of the frequent trouble they receive by this petitioner's attendances and petitions, and believe the same to be promoted and kept up by Jezreel Jones, who, being attending, is called in and reprimanded for encouraging such frivolous solicitations, and told that if the petitioner had any demand or pretence he must apply to the Secretary of State and not to their Lordships, who might write to the King's minister in France to seek redress.” [Treasury Minute Book XXVI. p. 351.]
September 3. 542. M. Frecker to the Commissioners of Wine Licences, conveying the orders of the Lords of the Treasury, for their hindering Daniel Beaumont, a starchmaker, from selling wine on a ship on Eton College side of the Thames, without a licence, the scholars of the said College being enticed to spend their time in idleness on board the said vessel. [Letter Book XIX. p. 7.]
543. Same to the executors of Edward Nicholas, conveying the order of the Lords of the Treasury for the speedy settlement of the accounts of Edward Nicholas, Esq. paymaster of the pensions to the late Queen, on which 1,556l. 7s.d. is due. [Ibid.]
September 7. 544. Royal sign manual directed to the Lords of the Treasury for the issue of 400l. to Robert Johnson, Governor of South Carolina, in full of the whole expense of maintenence and shipping back the seven Cherokee Indians now here.
Memorandum:—Warrant signed therefor by the Lords of the Treasury, September 8. [King's Warrant Book XXX. p. 69.]
545. Same directed to same, for the issue of 500l. to Christopher Tilson, as royal bounty towards rebuilding the ancient parish church of Kingston upon Thames, according to orders to be received from Nicholas Harding, William Belitha, Rev. William Comer, William Harvest, and Dr. Thomas Cranmore, the committee for the disbursement of the said bounty.
Memorandum:— [Ut supra.] [Ibid.]
546. Same directed to same for the issue to Sir Charles Wager of 534l. 8s. for disbursements in providing a present for the Bey of Tunis.
Appending:—An account of the goods bought as a present, ut supra, p. 445. [Ibid, pp. 70–2.]
547. Same directed to same for the issue of 200l. to Mons. Schultenheilm, secretary, residing here, from the King of Sweden, as a present to him on his return home, and 22l. 3s. 6d. for fees, &c. attending receipt of same. [Ibid, p. 73.]
September 7.]
548. Payments in Queen Anne's time and in the time of George II. on account of certain Indian Chiefs brought from America, entertained, and taken back; together with a statement of the sum (1,061l.) craved by the Trustees for Georgia for the entertainment, &c. of the Indian Chiefs now here. 2 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXIV. No. 30.]
September 8. 549. Humphrey Morrice's petition for the repair of a lodge, barn, stables, outhouses, and paling, belonging to New Lodge Walk in Windsor Forest, referred to the Surveyor of the Woods to report.
The report of the Commissioners of Customs, dated 4th instant, on the complaints of the French Minister against an English sloop, for having taken by force a smuggling vessel out of the ports of France that had fled there for protection, read and ordered to be transmitted to the Duke of Newcastle.
Wm. Hare to be tidesman at Lyme, vice Robert Watts, deceased.
John Elliot is to be Collector of the Customs of New London, New England, in case there be such an employment and the same is now vacant.
The Officers of the Exchequer to be informed of their Lordship's opinion that the tax of 6d. per £ ought not to be taken upon the 6,025l. ordered out of the late King's arrears to discharge the in super set on Sir Robert Corbet and others, acting Commissioners for the Land Tax in Whitehall and St. James's, 1726, in Mr. Parsons' accounts as receiver of that tax for the said precincts.
The Commissioners of the Customs to deliver to Mahomet Elhadge Mustapha the Tremesseen the four turbans, and about 6 lbs. of coffee seized, so as not to hinder the Turk's voyage to his own country. [Treasury Minute Book XXVI. p. 351–2.]
September 8. 550. Warrant under the royal sign manual to the Attorney or Solicitor General for the preparation of a bill to pass the Great Seal, revoking letters patent which constituted Gilbert Burnet, Henry Robinson, George Ross, Richd. Dowdeswell, and Thos. Cockran, Commissioners of Excise in Scotland, and to appoint in their place as said Commissioners Gilbert Burnet, Henry Robinson, Richard Dowdeswell, Thos. Cockran, and Richard Somers, with salaries of 400l. each.
[North Britain Book X. pp. 12–13.]
September 9. 551. Order for the issue to the Cofferer of the Household of 273l. 10s.d. out of the late King's arrears, to be paid to Wm. Wateridge for tallow candles and other purveyances.
Mr. Scrope to be spoken to about the vacant place of surveyor of the windows for Glamorganshire, for which Charles Philips and another are recommended.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVI. p. 353.]
September 9. 552. Representation to the Lords of the Treasury from Richard Dowdeswell and Thomas Cockran, Commissioners of Excise in Scotland, praying that the expenses of passing their Commission of Excise of April 17 ultimo, might be charged to the account of incidents as was directed by the Earl of Godolphin at the commencement of the Union. 1 page.
—A bill of charges for passing the Excise Commission in Scotland (total, 141l. 3s. 6d.). 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXIV. No. 31.]
September 9. 553. Christopher Tilson to the Commissioners of Customs, conveying the directions of the Lords of the Treasury for the re-delivery of four turbans and 6 lbs. of coffee seized from Mohamet Elbadge Mustapha, for some time a constant attendant at the Treasury, and now on his return home.
[Letter Book XIX. p. 8.]
September 10. 554. M. Freker to Mr. Delafaye, transmitting from the Lords of the Treasury to the Duke of Newcastle a report of the Commissioners of the Customs concerning the English sloop which took a smuggling vessel out of one of the ports of France.
September 14. 555. Certificate of John Pell, Mayor of Norwich, that the dealers in the tea, coffee and brandy who presented a petition, dated September 1 instant, to the Lords of the Treasury complaining of the frequent running of these goods, are persons in the largest dealing and fair traders in those articles. 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXIV. No. 32.]
September 14 556. Petition [to the Lords of the Treasury] from Richard Earl of Burlington praying the lease of a piece of ground, part of the Royal Garden, bounded by the park, to be made 50 years instead of 31 lately petitioned for. Referred to Dr. Exton Sayer, Surveyor General. [Crown Lease Book II. p. 59.]
557. Same from Francis White for an extension to 50 years of his lease of an old decayed messuage on the west side of St. James's Street. Referred as above. [Ibid.]
558. Same from George Earl Cholmondeley for an extension to 50 years of his lease of a house or lodging within the precinct of Whitehall, granted in lease to him by the late King. Referred as above. [Ibid.]
September 15. 559. The memorial of the Treasury of the Navy of the 14th instant for 25,133l. to pay off the “Shoreham, “Anglesea,” and “Bideford,” read and ordered to be issued.
The report from the Commissioners of the Customs of the 14th instant read on Peter Cavalier's petition to be remitted His Majesty's third part of the appraised value of deer skins seized, amounting to 261l. s. Agreed that His Majesty's part be not remitted.
Their Lordships are to be put in mind of Pullein, when a tidesman's place in the port of London becomes vacant.
Their Lordships are acquainted that the letter from the Commissioners of Greenwich Hospital of the 19th of August last about the receivers' accounts of prizes, regards only the account of Thomas Baker and Wm. Goselyn, who were appointed receivers of all arrears of prizes. Baker and Goselyn have not returned back their accounts from Michaelmas, 1709, to Michaelmas, 1715, sent to them by the auditor in order to render them more complete.
Mr. Goselyn, the surviving Accomptant, to be written to to take immediate care about the same.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVI. p. 354.]
September 16. 560. Warrant from the Lords of the Treasury to the Surveyor General to make forth a constat or to send to the proper auditor for a particular of a wharf and ground at Greenwich in order to the passing a grant thereof under the Great Seal, to the Commissioners of the Royal Hospital of Greenwich for ever, in consideration of the great charge the said hospital has been at in making and enlarging the said wharf. With reservations as to use for His Majesty's self and heirs.
Appending:—Report, dated 1729, June 12, from Phillips Gybbon to the Lords of the Treasury in answer to Scrope's letters of 1729, April 12 and May 29. [Crown Lease Book II. pp. 93–5.]
September 16. 561. Commission appointing John Hammerton Receiver- General of any rents, revenues, &c. arising by the seven-eighths parts of sundry provinces called Carolina, to which the Crown is entitled by assurances in law and an Act of Parliament of 2 George II. for establishing an agreement with seven of the Lords Proprietors of Carolina for the surrender of their title and interest in that province to His Majesty, which His late Majesty King Charles II. granted in propriety to several persons. Hammerton to have 10 per cent. on all moneys received. Given at the Court at Windsor Castle. [King's Warrant Book XXX. pp. 73–5.]
September 16. 562. Warrant under the royal sign manual countersigned by the Lords of the Treasury to Lionel Cranfield, Duke of Dorset, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, prescribing the method for the remittances from Ireland for the regiments serving at Gibraltar but on the Irish establishment, so as to avoid the inconveniences attending the slowness of remittances from Ireland, and ordering that the pay of the three regiments should be set apart at the same time as the pay and subsistance of the other regiments abiding in the kingdom and remitted from time to time to the Paymaster- General of the Forces in England. As also the 5,000£. a month due for arrears. [sIrish Book VIII. p. 376.]
September 17. 563. Order for Mr. Lowther to pay Mr. Bonnel 20l. as royal bounty.
The Commissioners of Customs to pass a hogshead of Burgundy and two of white wine lately arrived and addressed to Lord Harrington as being part of his stores when ambassador in France and under the rule established for stores belonging to ambassadors.
Mr. Cuthbert and Mr. Gambier to attend this day week about the 2,500l. to be paid for the purchase of Cuthbert's interest in the office of Warden of the Fleet now possessed by Gambier.
Mr. King, late chamber keeper to the Treasury Office, to be paid a quarter as royal bounty.
A letter from the Board of Trade, dated 1730, September 8, read, for the building wherein the office is kept to be put under the care and inspection of the Office of Works. “My Lords say their applications for repairs when wanting must be continued.”
The report of the Barons of the Exchequer, Scotland, dated 1730, July 12, read, on Lord Strathnaver's memorial to be paid for arms delivered up in the time of the rebellion in Scotland, in conformity with an Act 1 Geo. 2. Deferred till the Act referred to be laid before their Lordships.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVI. p. 355.]
September 18. 564. M. Frecker to the Commissioners of Customs conveying the orders of the Lords of the Treasury for the passing free of some Burgundy and white wine arrived with Lord Harrington's baggage as part of his Lordship's stores when Ambassador in France. [Letter Book XIX. p. 9.]
565. Same to Mr. Carkesse. “I have received with a report from the Commissioners of the Customs of the 17th instant the draft of a commission in pursuance of a warrant from the Treasury of 1719, June 12, for setting out the port of Berwick. Upon recourse to the entries here I find the warrant the Commissioners mention, and the port of Berwick is one of those thereby to be limited, but as since that warrant many years are elapsed, and the Lords of the Treasury when I lay the report before them, may ask why it comes so late, I must beg the favour of you to furnish me with an answer.” [Ibid.]
September 22. 566. Minute of the Lords of the Committee of Privy Council on the petition of William Wood, senior and junior, Francis and Charles Wood, and Kingsmill Eyre, Esq. praying a charter to make iron in air-furnaces with the use of pit coal. Think it necessary that a public trial should be made of the said method of making iron in or near London in order to receive entire satisfaction therein. Agreed to report as their opinion to His Majesty that such trial should be at the expense of the Crown. 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXIV. No. 33.]
567.Memorial of Robert Jacomb, Deputy Paymaster, to the Lords of the Treasury requesting issue of 40,000l. on account of the pay of the troops of the Landgrave of Hesse from 1730, June 25. 1 page. [Ibid, No. 34.]
September 22. 568. Royal sign manual directed to the Lords of the Treasury for the issue of 2,000l. to John Hedges for the use of the Prince of Wales.
Memorandum:—Warrant signed by the Lords of the Treasury, September 23. [Kings Warrant Book XXX. p. 48.]
569.Same directed to same for the issue of 7,600l. to John Scrope for secret service.
Memorandum:—Warrant signed by the Lords of the Treasury, September 23. [Ibid, p. 75.]
September 22. 570. Warrant from the Lords of the Treasury confirming articles of agreement between the King and George Sherret, of the island of St. Christopher, for the purchase by Sherret of 4,539 square feet in Basse Terre town.
Appending:—The articles of agreement.
[Crown Lease Book II pp. 96–7.]
571. Same from same confirming same between the King and Humphrey Shephard. of St. Christopher, gent, for the purchase by Shephard of 4,422 square feet in Basse Terre town.
Appending:—Articles of agreement. [Ibid, pp. 97–9.]
572. Same from same confirming same between the King and Mary Daniel, of the island of St. Christopher, widow, for the purchase by Daniel of 5 acres in Basse Terre quarter.
Appending:—Articles of agreement. [Ibid, pp. 99–100.]
573. Same from same confirming same between the King and Humphrey Shephard, of the island of St. Christopher, planter, for the purchase by Shephard of 1,220 square feet in Basse Terre town, in trust fur Mary Turner, an infant.
Appending:—Articles of agreement. [Ibid, pp. 100–2.]
September 23. 574. Gambier and Cuthbert attended and their agreement read. Their Lordships think the 500l. paid to Cuthbert by Gambier in part of the consideration money for his interest in a reversionary grant of the office of Warden of the Fleet should be reimbursed to Gambier out of the 2,500l. granted by Parliament for Cuthbert's interest and the other terms of the agreement made good.
Lord Harrington acquaints their Lordships that Sir Luke Schaub is by the King's order going immediately for Poland, “and that His Majesty agrees he be paid the like advance money, entertainment and extraordinaries, as he would have been paid in case he was capable of taking and had the character of envoy there.”
The memorial of the Duke of St. Albans for repairs of the Round Tower in Windsor Castle read and referred to the Board of Works.
The Commissioners of the Customs' presentment of the 18th instant with drafts of commissions for new setting out the ports of Boston and Lynn and their members, read and agreed to. Warrants ordered to be prepared for the King's Remembrancer to issue commissions in the terms of the drafts.
A petition of John Harper, master of the “George,” to compound for running goods, read and referred to the Commissioners of Customs.
The Commissioners of the Revenue, Ireland, to give Mr. Lowther, one of their number, leave to come to England.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVI. p. 356.]
September 24. 575. Petition, signed by 20 distillers living in London, supporting the petition of the principal traders of Norwich against smuggling [see September 1, p. 445 supra], as being themselves threatened by the same evil practice. 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXIV. No. 35.]
576. The Commissioners of Excise to the Lords of the Treasury. His Excellency John Baptista Gastalda, Resident from Genoa, had in August last 28 lbs. of cocoa nut permitted to his house, and having made same into 20 lbs. of chocolate refuses to pay the inland duties, pretending as Resident to be exempt. Beg directions herein. 1 page.
—Certificate of the facts as above by John Pitts [to the Commissioners of Excise], dated 1780, September 17. 1 page.
[Ibid, No. 36.]
September 27. 577. Royal sign manual directed to the Lords of the Treasury for the issue of 622l. to Charles Du Bourgay, late Envoy Extraordinary to the King of Prussia, for ordinary and extraordinaries, 1730, March 25, to June 22 following, “on which day he returned into our presence from that employment.”
Appending:—Du Bourgay's bill for extraordinaries and certificate by Lord Harrington of his return into the King's presence on Monday, June 22. [King's Warrant Book XXX. pp. 76–7.]
578. Same directed to same for the issue of 955l. to Sir Luke Schaub in consideration of the charges he shall be at by reason of his immediate journey to Poland in the royal service or his stay there until he be recalled. [Ibid, p. 77.]
September 28. 579. The memorial of the Duke of St. Albans, constable of Windsor Castle, for the repair of the roof of the Round Tower, referred to the Surveyor and Board of Works by the Lords of the Treasury. [Lord Chamberlain's Warrant Book I. p. 333.]
September 29. 580. Statement of account of the Civil List expense in Scotland for one year to Michaelmas 1730. Total (Excise, Customs, Crown Bents, and Seizures), 47,728l. 7s.d. 1 page.
—“Under the title of Crown rents are comprehended the moneys arising from feus and blenches, sheriffs' baillies of regalities, fines of justiciary, boroughs and compositions on signatures. In the account of the Civil List expense no notice is taken of the payments made out of the produce of the moneys arising from compositions on tacks of teinds belonging to the late bishops nor of the moneys arising from the bishops' rent, because what arose from compositions of teinds was gifted to James Johnstone, Esq., for paying him 4,000l. and that grant was running till 1723, before that sum was fully paid up. And little or nothing arose from the bishops' rents till Mr. Murray entered upon passing his accounts from the year 1715, who has paid some small sums out of that fund, and of late since the other funds for civil affairs began to fall deficient some payments have been made out of these two branches as will appear by a separate account.”
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXIV. No. 37]
September 29. 581. … Reynolds, son to the Bishop of Lincoln, is to be appointed surveyor of South Carolina.
Mr. Attorney General's opinion on certain queries touching the 4,000l. paid to Mr. Allen by the collector of the land tax for part of Norfolk, anno 1730, before Allen, now a bankrupt, was commissioned to be receiver of that tax, read. The Attorney General to attend to-morrow. Goodwin, in nomination for the office of receiver, is to ascertain the amount of Allen's receipts.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVI. p. 357.]
September 29. 582. Warrant from the Lords of the Treasury to the Commissioners of Customs, to give directions to the collectors of the outports and the Receiver General and cashier of the Customs to repay to deputed officers of the Customs whose salaries do not exceed 60l. per annum, their assessments to the land tax, 1730, if paid.
Prefixing:—Memorial of the Commissioners of the Customs to the Lords of the Treasury, dated 1730, September 15, praying as above. [Customs Book XIII. p. 121.]
September 29. 583. Order from same for the execution of a warrant, dated 1730, July 27, from the Duke of Grafton to Lord Lynn, master of His Majesty's jewel office, for the delivery to the Duke of St. Albans of 200 ozs. of gilt plate as a gift from His Majesty on the christening his child.
Memorandum:—This warrant will amount to 110l. or thereabouts. [Lord Chamberlain's Warrant Book I. p. 333.]
584. Same from same confirming a warrant from the Duke of Grafton to the Duke of Montagu, dated 1730, June 22, for the delivery to Grey Maynard of the following, for His Majesty's service at Windsor, viz., 6 new deal press bedsteads with green “cheyney” furniture, trimmed with lace, with 6 sets of bedding for them, 8 calico quilts, 10 pairs of 10 quarter blankets, 12 wainscot flap tables, 3 pieces of blue thread line. A walnut tree settee bed for the Duke's service, the squab, back and arms to be covered with crimson mohair, and the curtains, tester and canopy with crimson paragon, all trimmed with lace suitable, and a complete set of bedding; 2 walnut tree close stool chairs with double pans for their Majesties, 4 cane sashes for His Majesty's bedchamber, an oval mahogany flap table 9 feet long and 7 feet wide, and a green cloth carpet to cover it for the King to play on, 4 pieces of crimson serge to cover forms and benches against the installation, 10 pieces of crimson ingrain harrateen and 20 dozen of worsted laces of the same colour for hangings for the Prince of Wales service; 8 pairs of wrought brass arras with a single nozzle each and 12 side lanterns in walnut tree frames with brass sockets for one candle each for the Prince of Wales and Princess Royal's apartments. One walnut tree cupboard for the Princess Royal's bedchamber. A walnut tree couch, squab and 4 pillows covered with crimson camblet and 2 pair of crimson harrateen window curtains, trimmed with lace suitable and line to them. A crimson lustring curtain trimmed with lace with a silk line and tassel for Mrs. Howard. Three wainscot chests of drawers for Mrs. Howard, Mrs. Purcell and Mrs. Smith, a new umbrella for Mrs. Marriot and a wainscot chest for the bedding of the couch bedstead for Mrs. Frowling. Likewise for Richmond 3 dozen of walnut tree matted bottom chairs, and 3 dozen of Dutch ditto for the bedchamber women's table and servants. Also to repair 6 glasses taken from the Grand Marshal's apartment at St. James's, and to order the upholsterers, joiners, and cabinet makers to take down furniture at St. James's, Kensington, and fix it up at Kew and Windsor, and to mend, alter, and repair such furniture as shall want same.
Memorandum:—The particulars of this warrant will come to 843l. or thereabouts. 1730, September 16. Thomas Dummer, John Halls, comptroller.
[Lord Chamberlain's Warrant Book I. p. 333–4.]
September 29. 585. Order from the Lords of the Treasury for the execution of a warrant, dated 1730, September 4, from the Duke of Grafton to the Duke of Montagu, for the delivery to Robert Mason, master of His Majesty's barges, of liveries for himself and 48 watermen and for 12 pensionary watermen, for 1730.
Memorandum:—The particulars of this warrant will come to 342l. or thereabouts, &c. as above. [Ibid, p. 334.]
586. Same from same for execution of a warrant, dated 1730, June 22, from the Duke of Grafton to the Duke of Montagu, for the delivery to Grey Maynard of the following for St. James's, viz., for the Queen a walnut tree chair with brass stuffed in the back, seat and elbows and covered with crimson Genoa damask, a round mahogany table with 4 feet, 4 feet 6 inches over, for their Royal Highnesses, a crimson harateen cushion for the Duke. Likewise to give orders to put new brass castors to the Queen's old chair and to mend a satin bolster for their Majesties' bed, a crimson damask form in the presence chamber, a new wainscot bottom for the Princess Royal's bed, and to take down and repair a bed for the page in waiting. Also to take down some furniture at Somerset House and rip off the fringe.
Memorandum:—This warrant will come to about 19l. &c. as above. [Ibid, p. 335.]
587. Statement of surpluses on various annuity funds, viz., annuity 1710, lottery 1710, India Company, 3,700l. per week, lottery 1714, and coals; from 1721 to Michaelmas, 1730. Total, 927,518l. 1s. 6d. 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXIV. No. 38.]
588. Same of the excess or surplus of the several duties revenues and incomes, commonly called the Aggregate Fund, established by the Acts of 3, 5 and 6 George I. for answering the payments therein expressed.
[Statements of Surpluses I. pp. 300–1.]
589. Same of such duties or revenues, part of the South Sea Company's fund, as were established by Acts of Parliament of 3 and 5 George I. for answering payments to the South Sea Company and others, stated at Michaelmas, 1730.
[Ibid, pp. 302–3.]
590. Same of the produce at the Exchequer of the duties and revenues which by an Act 3 Geo. I. p. 303, were charged towards making good a General Yearly Fund of 724,849l. 6s. 101/5d. with the deficiency thereof and the overplus of the same General Fund stated at Michaelmas, 1730, which overplus arises over and above all the moneys which then or before became due or payable according to subsequent Acts out of the said duties, revenues or General Fund. [Ibid, pp. 304–5.]
591. Sixteenth half-yearly statement of the account between the Exchequer and the Sinking Fund as presented by John Scrope; the debtor side of the account comprising the surpluses of the above three funds, the Aggregate Fund, South Sea Company's Fund, and General Fund, and the income by the tax on Papists.
[Ibid, pp. 306–7.]
September 30. 592. A statement of the case of William Lord Strathnaver, drawn up for the information of the Lords of the Treasury and minuted with minute, as under September 30, p. 458, infra. 2 pages.
—(a.) Memorial of William Lord Strathnaver to the Lords of the Treasury, concerning the report of the Barons of the Exchequer, of date 1730, July 31, bearing upon his previous petition of 1728. 3 pages.
(b.) Report, dated 1730, July 31, from the Barons of the Exchequer in Scotland to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of William Lord Strathnaver for the payment of the value of certain arms delivered up to the Government by his deceased father, in answer to a reference, dated 1728, August 13, from the Lords of the Treasury.
The Commissioners of Excise reported great frauds in the appreciations and receipts for arms pretended to be delivered up. Some of the receipts for arms produced for the Lord Strathnaver are attended with very suspicious circumstances. Are informed that great demands of the like sort may still be made on the Government, and advise no further payments to be made till provision is made by Parliament to distinguish true and real receipts from false. There has been already paid on account of appreciations and receipts for arms, 12,955l. 11s. 98/12;d. out of land tax and Excise. 2 pages.
(c.) Report, dated 1729–30, February 24, from the Commissioners of the Excise to the Barons of the Exchequer, Scotland, on Lord Strathnaver's petition. 4 pages.
(d.) Copy, by declaration made by Alexander Ross, 1729–30, Febuary 2, of the inventory of appreciations delivered by the deceased William Lord Strathnaver to Alexander Ross, deputy clerk of Justiciary, and Ross's receipt for same. (13 items, with a total of 612l. 5s.) dated 1718, May 8. 2 pages.
(e.) Statement, dated 1729–30, February 24, of the process brought by the Commissioners of Excise, Scotland, against John Monro, of Novar, and Hugh Monro, his brother, for frauds and forgeries under the Act 1 George, entituled An Act for securing the Peace of the Highlands. 2 pages.
(f.) Copy of a minute, dated 1728, December 11, of the Barons of the Exchequer, Scotland, on the reference by the Lords of the Treasury of Strathnaver's petition. 1 page.
(g.) William Lord Strathnaver's petition to the Lords of the Treasury as above.
“All the inhabitants within the county of Sutherland not only continued faithful and loyal to His Majesty but as is well known did remarkably exert themselves in defence of His Majesty's undoubted title under the command of petitioner's grandfather and father.” Has accepted the receipts for arms from tenants in lieu of rents. 3 pages.
—With minutes dated 1728, August 13, of reference to the Barons of the Exchequer, Scotland, and of 1730, September 17, as below under date, and adding, “Lord Lieutenants or their deputies were to receive the arms and to appoint persons to value same upon oath and to grant receipts bearing the names, number and value of the arms delivered, and the collectors of the land tax or excise within the limited counties are required to pay the sums contained in the said receipts, which receipts endorsed by the person to whom granted are to be passed to the credit of the said collectors of the land tax and excise upon making up their accounts.” [Treasury Board Papers CCLXXIV. No. 39.]
September 30. 593. Mr. Attorney General attended in Allen's affair. “My Lords consult Mr. Attorney what method they may best pursue so as the King may not be precluded nor the country affected by any reassessment to make good 4,000l. received by Allen for the past quarter of the land tax before he was appointed receiver, in regard the collectors who paid the 4,000l. refuse to pay Mr. Goodwyn, the now receiver, any money unless his receipt for the money they so pay do acknowledge it to be for the two quarters' tax which he declines doing being advised that it will embarrass his account, and be an evidence for the country that the first quarter has been well paid.” On Goodwyn's return of Allen's actual receipts, their Lordships will consider of the appointment of two distinct receivers, one for the first quarter alone, another for the other three quarters, or how the receipts shall be worded for Goodwyn to give the collectors, in case the office of collector be left in him alone.
On an account of what has been done in the case of Wilkinson, late receiver of Yorkshire, the Commissioners of Taxes are cautioned to lose no time in recovering the debt.
Lord Strathnaver's case stated, concerning his claim for arms surrendered during the rebellion. There being many demands of this nature and all postponed until, by authority of Parliament, some method be laid down for distinguishing between true receipts for arms and false, their Lordships will consider a clause transmitted by the Commissioners of Excise for effecting such distinction.
The memorial of the Treasurer of the Navy of the 30th instant, for 10,967l. 10s. for services, read and ordered.
Order for the preparation of a sign manual for the issue of 500l. to Joseph Willis, at the nomination of Mr. Kingsmill Eyre, to defray the expense of a public trial of making iron in air furnaces with the use of pit coal.
The petition of Richard Malone, setting out his pretensions to Sir John Tuites' estate, referred to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland for report.
Order for the preparation of a flat for the office of customer of Plymouth to be granted to John Cook during pleasure, loco Mr. Harrison, whose commission is revoked.
The several officers to report their debts to Michaelmas last and warrants to be issued to clear all fees, salaries, and pensions to that time. [Treasury Minute Book XXVI. pp. 358–9.]
September 30. 594. Like warrant to that of June 25, supra, from the Lords of the Treasury to the Commissioners of Customs, for the payment of Michaelmas quarter's salaries to the Customs officers of the outports (total, 11,987l. 16s. 4d.). [Customs Book XIII. p. 84.]
595. Same from same for same of the officers of the Customs, London port for same quarter (total, 7,930l. 6s. 10¼d.). [Ibid.]
September 30. 596. Warrant from same to the Auditor of the Receipt, to draw an order for paying to John Lawton 105l. for the quarter due 1730, Michaelmas, on his allowance of 420l. for himself and three clerks for sorting, digesting, methodising and. reducing into order the records and writings in the Court of the Receipt of the Exchequer.
Appending:—Law ton's certificate, dated Exchequer, 1730, September 28, of the work done in the said quarter. “Since Midsummer last, Mr. Stewart has been employed in cleaning and putting in order … [sic] rolls of the reigns of Edward I. and II. and making proper endorsements on the back of those rolls of the several years each of them contains. The other two clerks, Mr. Smart and Mr. Whiston have been collecting and cleaning Essoln Rolls and Pleas of the Crown of the reigns of the first three Edwards and Richard II.” [Money Book XXXV. p. 322.]