Treasury Books and Papers: February 1732

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Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 2, 1731-1734. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1898.

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February 1732

February 2.
13. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dodington, Mr. Clayton.
James Wright to succeed Joseph Richards, deceased, as one of the four messengers of the Exchequer.
Sir Humphrey Howorth to attend Tuesday next. The Auditor of the Principality of Wales to bring a state of the accounts of the revenues of Wales and of Howorth's debt.
Turbill's report of the 29th January last read, concerning the sale of the late Earl of Derwentwater's estate by the Commissioners for Forfeitures. An abstract of the incumbrances which depended on the contingency of the death of the late Earl's son as a minor, to be prepared for the Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Wm. Rogers to succeed John Wolridge, preferred, as collector at Plymouth. [Treasury Minute Book XXVII. p. 94.]
February 3. 14. Warrant under the royal sign manual granting licence to the Quakers to hold and enjoy their meeting house in the Savoy during pleasure, the trustees paying for the same 3s. 4d. yearly as rent to the Receiver General of the rents and revenues of the late dissolved Hospital of the Savoy, said rent to commence from 1731, June 24, they also maintaining the repair of the said house, passages and appurtenances.
[King's Warrant Book XXX. pp. 399–400.]
February 4. 15. Nicholas Paxton to the Treasury, concerning the advowson of Allhallows the Less. Has entered a caveat with the Bishop of London against any institution or induction. Mr. Attorney General is of opinion the advowson passed by the letters patent of 2 James I. to Blake and Stockdale, grantees, and is not reserved to the Crown by the exception in said grant. Advises withdrawal of the caveat.
Appending:—Statement of opinion by the Attorney General, dated January 17, on the case. 1 sheet.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXVIII. No. 11.]
February 4. 16. Treasury order for execution of Lord Chamberlain's warrant for furniture, detailed, for His Majesty's service at St. James's, including inter al. items for the Prince of Wales, the Princesses, and the Duke of Cumberland, Mrs. Russell, dresser to the Princess Royal, Mrs. Hutchins, page to same, Mrs. Kemp, Mrs. Mackinsey, dresser to Princess Mary, Mr. Stillingfleet, Lady Susan Hamilton. Mrs. Mercie, Mrs. Frowling and Mrs. Dearing.
[Lord Chamberlain's Warrant Book I. pp. 381–3.]
17. Same for execution of same for furniture for His Majesty's service at Somerset House and elsewhere, including items for the Prince of Wales, Duke of Cumberland, Lady Ann Lumley at Kew, &c. [Ibid, p. 384.]
February 15.
18. Present: — Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dodington, Mr. Clayton, Sir Wm. Yonge.
The Commissioners of Salt Duty to attend Thursday next.
Mr. Pelham's memorial of the 1st instant read, enclosing Sir Joseph Eyles's proposals for remitting the subsistence money to Minorca and Gibraltar, 1731–2, Feb. 24 to April 24 following. Agreed to as follows:—
16,000 dollars for Minorca, at 55d. per dollar at sight.
31,000 dollars for Gibraltar, at 54½d. per dollar at sight.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. p. 95.]
February 16. 19. J. Scrope to the Postmasters General. The messengers of the Penny Post do and legally may receive 1d. allowance on every letter directed or delivered out of London, Westminster, Southwark and the suburbs, over and above the penny paid upon putting such letter into the Penny Post office in London. The Treasury being of opinion that all places within the weekly bills of mortality should not be esteemed as places out of London, Westminster, Southwark and the suburbs thereof, direct the discontinuance therein of the receipt of such extra allowance.
[Letter Book XIX. p. 81.]
February 17.
20. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of Exchequer, Sir Geo. Oxenden, Mr. Dodington, Mr. Clayton, Sir Wm. Yonge.
Salt Commissioners attend and discourse with their Lordships about the clause in the bill reviving the salt for charging stock in hand. Said stock was not charged when the duties were first granted.
“State for the Chancellor of the Exchequer the nature of the grant of 4,000l. per annum to the Duchess of Buccleuch out of the Excise, which is now taken to revert to the Crown by her decease.”
Paymaster of the Forces' memorial of the 17th instant read, for 230,204l. out of funds, 1732, for services. Order for 120,000l. on account.
“Write to Mr. Delafaye to know if Colonel Lascelles, who is here, be recalled from his employment at Dunkirk.”
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. p. 96.]
February 18. 21. Dan. Peck to [? —], enclosing a short state [wanting] of the discouragements the makers of white salt, who formerly supplied Ireland, have laboured under since 1722, with a view to the bill now depending in Parliament for granting duties on white salt. “Some provisions may be needful to hinder and detect the frauds committed by bringing from Ireland white salt into Britain, which have greatly increased since rock salt went so cheap to the refineries in Ireland. … Many years since I had the honour of your friendship when I carried on the salt trade at Flint in North Wales. …” Whitehaven in Cumberland, February 18. 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXVIII. No. 16.]
February 22.
22. Present:— Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Geo. Oxenden, Mr. Dodington, Mr Clayton.
“Send the representation of the Knights of the Bath for new stalls to be erected in Henry VII.'s chapel against the new installation, to the Board of Works to view and report an estimate of the charge, with their opinion thereupon.”
Sir Richard Lane and the Salt Commissioners attend. They are advised to settle the point at law as to the allowances craved by bringing it to a trial without delay.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. p. 97.]
February 23. 23. Representation of the Knights of the Bath that on reviving that ancient order by His late Majesty the number was fixed at 36, besides the Sovereign and the Duke of Cumberland; that Henry's VII.'s chapel, appointed as the place of installation contains only 32 stalls and as many seats under them, that it was His said Majesty's intention to erect six other stalls and seats like the rest, but nothing has been done thereupon, and there will be occasion to use the said chapel for the installation of the four knights lately created, and therefore praying an order to the Board of Works to erect and perfect six stalls and seats. Referred to the Board of Works to view and report an estimate.
[Lord Chamberlain's Warrant Book I. p. 385.]
February 24. 24. An account, dated Excise Office, London, certified by Jno. Whetham and J. Fowle of the money received from Scotland and paid into the Exchequer, London, on any the duties and revenues under the management of the Commissioners of Excise, 1716, Christmas, to 1731, Christmas (total, 105,511l. 5s.d.). 1 sheet.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXVIII. No. 24.]
February 26. 25. Report to the House of Commons by John Crookshanks, secretary to the British Commissaries in Spain, giving an account of the progress and proceedings of the Commissaries appointed by His Majesty and the King of Spain, in consequence of the Treaty of Seville, for adjusting the demands and reparations due to the merchants of Great Britain. Stert and Godard set out about June 23 and arrived at Seville November 25, N.S. On the 21st December, N.S. His Catholic Majesty had not yet appointed Commissaries, but had promised it should be done. Gives particulars of claims received. 3 pages. [Ibid, No. 25.]
February 28. 26. An account, certified by Alexander Barham, Pro-controller, Stamp Office, London, “of the money paid into the Exchequer in England by the Receiver General of the Stamp Duties, so much being remitted from Scotland,” from 1716, August 2, to 1731, August 2 (total, 23,831l. 1s. 11¼d.). 1 page.
—Account of moneys paid into the Exchequer by same on account of duties on moneys given with clerks and apprentices arising in Scotland, from 1717, August 2, to 1731, August 2. 1 page. [Ibid, No. 26.]
February 29. 27. The Lords of the Treasury to Wm. Gooch, Lieutenant Governor and Commander-in-Chief in Virginia, and to the Council there. Request information concerning the demand of Col. Alexander Spotswood, late Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, for payment of 600l. out of His Majesty's revenues there to complete 1,602l. 16s. 3d. craved for the charge he was at in making a journey 1,200 miles to treat with the Indians at Albany and Conestoga.
[Warrants not relating to money XXIV. p. 443.]
February 29.
28. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir George Oxenden, Sir Wm. Yonge.
Petitions read and referred as follows:—
Wm. Thompson, late Receiver of Stamp Office: to Stamp Commissioners.
Thos. Garret, John Parkinson and Alexander Gordon, smugglers: to Customs Commissioners.
Order for 87l. 2s. to Charles Howard for taking and bringing red deer from Horton, Northants, to Richmond New Park for the King.
The Customs Commissioners, Scotland, to forbear entering into any contract for any other house than what they hold at present for keeping their office or to remove their said office “until they make report to my Lords on the memorial to be transmitted them from the magistrate, Town Council, and community of Edinburgh, and have my Lords' orders before they anywise attempt anything of this nature.”
Write to the Secretary at War to obtain His Majesty's orders for a troop of horse or dragoons to be sent to the Sussex coast to assist the revenue officers against smugglers, according to the Excise Commissioners' memorial of the 25th instant, “who represent the said smugglers to be so numerous and audacious as to carry off goods at all times of the day, beat their officers and threaten them with death.”
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. p. 98.]
February 29. 29. Treasury order for execution of warrant from the Duke of Montagu to Lord Lynn, master of His Majesty's Jewel Office, to provide “4 collars, each of them to be composed of 9 Imperial Crowns and of 8 gold Roses and Thistles issuing from a gold sceptre enamelled in their proper colours, tied or linked together with 17 gold knots enamelled white, and also 4 badges or jewels of gold to be worn appendant to the said collars, each of them to be of the same value and fashion of those provided for the Knights of the Bath at the last creation,” the same being for the Marquis of Carnarvon, the Right Honourable the Lord Bateman, Sir George Downing and the Honourable Sir Charles Gunter Nichols, Knights of the Bath.
Memorandum:—This warrant will amount unto 800l. or thereabouts. Robt. Sedgwick.
[Lord Chamberlain's Warrant Book I. p. 387.]