Treasury Books and Papers: April 1732

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Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 2, 1731-1734. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1898.

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April 1732

April 5.
44. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of Exchequer, Mr. Dodington, Mr. Clayton.
Order for a warrant to the Lord Lieutenant to exempt Pattee Byng, M.P. and Treasurer of the Navy, from the 4s. per £ tax on his pension payable in Ireland.
Order for issue of 1,000l. to Mr. Bridgman for works performed to 1731, Christmas, in making and keeping in fine order the new gardens in the paddock in Hyde Park.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. p. 105.]
April 7.
45. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dodington, Sir Wm. Yonge.
The Sheriff of Norfolk having summoned the Acting Commissioners for the Land Tax, 1730, to appear in the Exchequer to assess and pay moneys received by Wm. Allen, receiver, who failed, warrant ordered for stay of all proceedings thereupon.
Mr. Pelham's memorial enclosing Sir Joseph Eyles's proposal for remitting the subsistence to Minorca and Gibraltar from 1732, April 25 to June 24, read and agreed to as follows:—
15,000 dollars for Minorca, at 55d. per dollar.
25,000 dollars for Gibraltar, at 55½d. per dollar.
[Ibid, p. 106.]
April 13.
46. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dodington, Mr. Clayton.
The Lord Lieutenant's letter of February 29 last, for a warrant to pay Sir Rob. Rich 257l. 15s.d. to made good a debt from the late Lieutenant-General Macartney to his regiment, now under Rich, read and agreed to.
Order for a sign manual for the issue of 5,000l. to Wm. Richards for His Majesty's special service, without account.
Charles Whytell's petition read for rewards for services in preventing smuggling from the Isle of Man. Mr. Lowther to certify the total paid to Whytell and Joshua Robinson for same.
Order for 12l. 12s to John Adamson out of the King's money in Mr. Lowther's hands, as royal bounty.
Same for 538l. 6s. 8d. out of same to Mr. Arnall for copies of the “Free Briton,” &c. delivered to the Post Office from January 13 last to April 13. [Ibid, p. 107.]
April 14.
47. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Order for Mr. Gore to give Count Rantzau, Danish Minister here, bills of exchange for 17,17142/48 rixdollars for the last quarter's agio on the subsidies to Denmark. [Ibid, p. 108.]
April 14. 48. John Scrope to John Gore. Instruction to give to Count Rantzau, minister from the King of Denmark, bills of exchange in the usual manner for 17,17142/48 rixdollars to answer the agio on the subsidies to Denmark for one quarter. Bills to be charged to the Paymaster of the Forces. Treasury Chambers, April 14.
Together with:— Count Rantzau's receipt of same date for the bills, drawn on Charles Halsey, of Hamburg, payable in Copenhagen. 2 pages. English and French.
—Gore's note of the bills (17,171 dollars 42 stivers = 3,649l. 0s. 5d. at 51d per dollar.). ½ page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXVIII. No. 45.]
April 18. 49. Treasury warrant to the Commissioners of Customs to discontinue salt officers as below, causing their respective salaries to be taken off the establishment of the Customs from Lady Day last, and to supersede deputations to same. All in view of the revival of the salt duties and powers of the Salt Commissioners, from 1732, March 25.
Appending:—A list of salt officers employed under the Customs Commissioners at Lady Day, 1732, and approved by Treasury warrant of date 1731, August 3, who were formerly employed under the Salt Commissioners. Total establishment, 1,440l. per annum. [Custom Book XIII. pp. 285–7.]
April 18.
50. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dodington, Mr. Clayton.
A letter from the Customs Commissioners, Scotland, read, dated April 11 ultimo, concerning the cautions pursued in securing the salt duties upon the notice that the Act for reviving same was passed. Their Lordships await the list of officers necessary, with the allowances.
An anonymous letter, signed B. A. read, informing of a certain person indebted to the Crown in 1,200l. to 1,300l. Mr. Tilson is ordered to take information thereupon.
Order for issue of 50l. to Stephen Whatley, out of the King's money in Mr. Lowther's hands, “in case it be six months since the last payment was made him.”
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. p. 109.]
April 20.
51. Present: —Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Geo. Oxenden, Mr. Clayton.
The report of the Customs Commissioners of Nbvember 23 last, read, on Robert Coish's petition. Their Lordships agree to his release from the Fleet in commiseration of his great poverty and distress.
Order for the issue of 117,629l. 2s. 2d. to the Paymaster of the Forces out of the Exchequer bills on malt, 1732, for services as in his memorial.
Same for same of 1,000l. to the Paymaster of the Works for Mr. Bridgman, for works to Christmas, 1731, for making and keeping in fine order the new gardens in the paddock at Hyde Park. [Ibid, p. 110.]
April 26.
52. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of Exchequer, Mr. Clayton.
“Let an inquiry be made of the methods which have been heretofore taken upon instituting a survey of the courts of justice, in order to establish such fees to the officers, clerks, and ministers as are reasonable and legal, to the intent the address of the House of Commons of the 18th instant may be answered.”
Write to the Paymaster of the Forces to know what is due from Ireland for the forces on the establishment of that kingdom paid here.
Order for a warrant for a loan of 50,000l. on the land tax, 1732, at 3 per cent. per annum.
“A petition on behalf of many merchants and traders in London setting forth how much the pieces of gold called broad pieces and quarter pieces are diminished by wear, clipping and filing, and praying that the currency thereof may be prohibited by proclamation, is read, Mr. Joseph Hankey, one of the petitioners, being present, and my Lords say it is an affair to be considered and determined by the King in Council.”
The petition of Peter Burrell and other merchants of London read, concerning diamonds seized at Falmouth. Their Lordships have no objection to the Customs Commissioners admitting an entry of the said diamonds upon petitioners making a deposit of the duties payable for same “which is to attend any future determinations to be made concerning them.”
“It is observed by the Commissioners of Customs that not only diamonds but lace frequently come in the Post Office mails and packets, and that the officers there receive rates and duties for the same over and above the rates of postage. Quaere, How and by whom the said duties are received and accounted for?”
The memorial of the Treasurer of the Navy for 5,000l. for Greenwich Hospital and 7,700l. for the chest at Chatham, read and ordered out of supplies, 1732.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. p. 111.]
April 28. 53. Treasury order for the execution of a warrant from the Duke of Montagu to Thos. Dummer, “my deputy as Master of His Majesty's Great Wardrobe,” for the provision of robes for four knights and 12 esquires of the Bath, as follows. For the four knights (names as above, February 29, p. 215), “one hat covered with white silk, a mantle and surcoat of crimson satin lined with white tafeta, with a badge of the order embroidered and placed on the left shoulder of the mantle, and a lace of white silk placed on the same shoulder and tied up on the right with a white ribbon, a white ribbon to gird the surcoat, a robe string of white silk with crimson and gold tassels, a sword with a cross brass hilt and silver handle gilt with gold in a white scabbard, a white leather belt, a pair of brass spurs gilt with gold, and white spur leathers. Also for three esquires to each of the said knights, three surcoats and hoods of white Mantua silk, lined with red Persian, with three Imperial crowns embroidered and placed on the right shoulder of each surcoat, three girdles covered with white Mantua silk, and three black tafeta bonnets.”
Memorandum:—This warrant will come to 210l. or thereabouts. Tho. Dummer. John Halls, Comptroller.
[Lord Chamberlain's Warrant Book I. p. 389.]