Treasury Books and Papers: June 1732

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Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 2, 1731-1734. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1898.

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June 1732

June 2. 71. Lord Harrington to the Treasury, signifying His Majesty's pleasure for the issue of 200l. to Mr. Hammond for his trouble and expense. “Mr. Hammond having been dispatched from the Hague by my Lord Chesterfield with the act of concurrence of the States General to the Treaty of Vienna.” Whitehall, June 2.
Endorsed:—“Prepare a sign manual.” 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXIX. No. 1.]
June 4. 72. Royal sign manual to the Attorney or Solicitor General for the preparation of a bill to pass the Great Seal containing an indenture, recited in full, with the Master of the Mint for the coining of moneys. [King's Warrant Book XXX. pp. 407–15.]
June 5. 73. Privy Seal for the payment of 4l. per day as ordinary entertainment to Martin Bladen, Samuel Tufnell, and John Drummond, appointed commissaries to treat with those of the Emperor and the States General of the United Provinces concerning such matters as by the Treaty of Vienna are referred to Commissaries to be thereto appointed. Said allowance to commence from the day of their departure from the royal presence and to be paid quarterly. [Ibid, p. 423.]
June 6.
74. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir George Oxenden, Mr. Clayton, Sir Wm. Yonge.
The pension of 1,540l. per annum granted by the King to the Earl of Chesterfield is to commence from the day his pay as late Ambassador to the States of Holland ceased, viz. 1731–2, February 25.
Robert Graham to succeed Green, deceased, as a surveyor of cards and dice.
The Commissioners of Excise, Scotland, to transmit an account of the gross and net produce of the duties on malt in such manner as to show the surplusage in each year over and above the clear sum of 20,000l. which was meant to be annually raised thereby for the service of the public.
The King's printer to send to the Treasury the Act lately passed about the Earl of Derwentwater's estate, their Lordships intending to appoint receivers thereof.
The statement expected from the Auditors of Imprests of accounts depending before them to be considered at the first opportunity.
The Duke of Newcastle's letter of May 31 last, concerning the 37,500l. demanded by the King of Portugal for arrears of subsidy, read. Their Lordships order the Acts of Parliament to be inspected which appointed the stating of debts of that nature and that an answer be sent to His Grace touching this demand conformable to what shall appear by the said Acts.
Mr. Auditor Foley's report of March 28 last, on Mr. Young's petition for the surplus of his accounts as late Surveyor of the Woods, read and agreed to. Payment to be charged on any the receivers of land revenue having money in their hands.
Their Lordships to be minded at the next meeting to appoint a receiver for North Wales, loco Sir Humphrey Howarth.
Order for the issue of 2,191l. 5s 5d. to the Treasurer of the Chamber to clear payments on the Lord Chamberlain's warrants for Lady Day quarter past.
Mr. Holzendorf is to be paid his allowance of 400l. per annum, according to the Privy Seal in that behalf, till signification of the King's pleasure to the contrary.
Order for a sign manual for 1,500l. to the Earl of Essex, for equipage as Ambassador to the King of Sardinia.
Order for 20l. as royal bounty to the clerk who attended the Committee for Fees at the request of Thos. Wyndham, chairman of said Committee.
Same for 276l. 13s. 4d. to Mr. Wilkins out of the King's money in Lowther's lands for “London Journals” delivered to the Post Office, 1731, December to May following.
Order for discharge of John Hatch from the Fleet on paying his composition with the Customs Commissioners.
Order for a statement of the affair between the Crown and the York Buildings Company concerning the forfeited estates purchased by them.
Mr. Pelham's memorial, enclosing Sir Joseph Eyles's proposal for remitting subsistence money to Minorca and Gibraltar, 1732, June 25 to August 24, agreed to as follows:—
15,000 dollars for Minorca, at 55d. per dollar.
24,500 dollars for Gibraltar, at 54½d. per dollar.
[Treasury Minute Book XXIX. pp. 119–120.]
June 6. 75. Treasury warrant to the officers of the Exchequer, for charging 7,237l. 18s.d. per annum on the Aggregate Fund to make good to several funds (viz. old subsidy, new subsidy, one-third subsidy, impost 1692–3), the duties on rough or undressed flax, taken off from 1731, Midsummer, according to the Act 4 Geo. II. for encouraging the manufacture of British sail cloth.
Appending:—Report to the Treasury from the Customs Commissioners, together with an account of the moneys arisen from the duties on rough or undressed flax imported into England for seven years ended Christmas, 1730.
[Money Book XXXVI. pp. 316–8.]
June 7. 76. Memorial of John Conduitt to the Treasury, concerning the indenture of the Mint about to pass. It will be proper to lodge with the persons concerned such parts of the indented trial pieces therein mentioned as have not yet been delivered. The gold trial piece therein mentioned is that of 4 James II. which is nearer standard than any that have been made and has been constantly used. The silver trial piece is that of 1 Geo. II. and is very exact. Before the Union the indented trial pieces were cut into six parts which were lodged with (1) the Treasury, under the custody of the Auditors and Chamberlains of the Exchequer; (2) The Warden of the Mint; (3) Master and Worker of same; (4) Wardens of the Goldsmiths in London; (5) The Exchequer in Scotland; (6) The Warden of the Mint in Scotland, “who is styled “General.” Since the Union there has been a seventh part cut for the Master and Worker of the Mint in Scotland. Suggests alterations in the wording of the indenture to meet this. “But as there has been no coinage in Scotland since the Union, and there is no probability of any, the three parts intended for Scotland may be delivered to the Auditor and Chamberlains of the Exchequer in England, and kept there till there shall be occasion for same. As to the gold trial piece made in 1 Geo. II. which proves to be erroneous … it has been usual to distribute the trial pieces to the several parties concerned as soon as they have been brought in by the jury of goldsmiths, and none though afterwards found to be erroneous have been recalled, but as your Lordships have had notice of the erroneousness of the said gold trial piece before all the parts of it have been distributed, it may be proper to deliver the remaining parts of the said piece to the Auditor and Chamberlains of the Exchequer, where the erroneous gold trial piece made in 1707 and all the other erroneous trial pieces have been lodged as the proper custody.” 3 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXIX. No. 3.]
June 7.
77. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of Exchequer, Sir George Oxenden, Mr. Clayton.
The Commissioners for Taxes attend with a list of receivers and a state of their arrears. Respites ordered of 13 receivers of land tax, 1732, pending further information as to their arrears. The rest continued.
Said Commissioners ordered to get information of the particular parishes or places in every county in which the great and many arrears standing out are uncollected.
John Thorn appointed receiver for part of Devon, loco John Newton, deceased.
The said Commissioners to call for an account from Mr. Parsons, Receiver of the King's Household, of the 1,872l. arrear uncollected by him.
“The Commissioners are also to lay a list before my Lords of the names of such Commissioners for the Land Tax in London and Middlesex as have employment under the Crown, and to propose some means for lessening the great arrears always standing out upon those places.”
Sundry petitions of receivers, who have failed, for stay of process, read and referred to the same Commissioners.
An estimate from the Board of Works of the 6th instant, for new building one side of the Middle Court at Hampton Court amounting to 3,454l. 14s. 2d. read and agreed to.
Order for the issue of 3,000l. to the Paymaster of the Works, on account of the new buildings in the Mews.
Order for a warrant for rectifying an entry of payments into the Exchequer made in the week ended May 26, by Mr. Selwyn, Receiver General of Customs.
On reading the petition from the town of Harwich, and Lord Percival and Sir Philip Parker's memorial, their Lordships agree to the issue of 300l. to the Chamberlain of Harwich to secure the town and Custom House quay against the sea, same to be paid out of the rent reserved to the Crown in the lease to Sir Philip Long, of lands purchased at Harwich for better fortifying the harbour. [Treasury Minute Book XXVII. pp. 121–2.]
June 8.
78. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of Exchequer, Mr. Clayton, Sir Wm. Yonge.
Tuesday, the 20th instant, appointed to hear the Duke of Argyll and Sir Alexander Murray on the report of the Barons of Exchequer, Scotland, of 16th December last, concerning the grant of mines desired by the Duke.
The Commissioners of the Navy to give an account of the disposition hitherto made of the supplies for the Navy, 1732, and their proposals as to remainder of same.
Order for a sign manual according to His Majesty's pleasure for 200l. to Hammond for bringing over from the Hague the act of concurrence of the States General to the Treaty of Vienna.
Mr. Pelham, secretary to the Lord Chamberlain, to state whether the 200l. per annum to be paid Prince Cantimir be not intended for his lodgings or in lieu thereof.
Mr. Conduitt's representation touching the standard trial pieces of gold and silver, read. Mr. Lawton, the Deputy Chamberlain, to attend on Tuesday next with an account how and by what authority trial pieces of the like kind have been distributed.
Patrick Haldane's petition for a further stay of proceedings against the securities of John Haldane, read and agreed to till end of Michaelmas Term next.
Order for the issue of 1,000l. to Mr. Paxton on account of the many rewards for arrests of street robbers.
Mr. Paxton's report of the 8th instant, on the petitions and cases of several smugglers, read and referred to Customs Commissioners. [Treasury Minute Book XXVII. p. 123.]
June 13. 79. Report to the Treasury from the Commissioners of Stamps, on the petition of Wm. Pownall. About six years since, on Pownall's information, prosecuted several proctors in the Consistory Court of Lincoln, who were practising without having their admissions stamped according to law, viz. Thos. Porter, James Francis, Wyatt Francis, Moses Terry, and Tobias Rustall. Pownall's present prosecution can hardly be due to these people. 1 page.
—(a.) Letter of the Bishop of Lincoln, dated Bugden, 1732, April 18, to Mr. Bridges, Secretary to the Stamp Commissioners. 2 pages.
(b.) Wm. Pownall to the Bishop of Lincoln, 1731, September 21, with notes by the bishop endorsed thereupon. 2 pages.
(c.) Thomas Porter to the Bishop of Lincoln, dated Lincoln, 1732, April 15. 3 pages.
(d.) Pownall's petition to the Treasury with reference thereon, dated 1731–2, February 23. 2 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXIX. No. 6.]
June 14.
80. Present:—Mr. Chancellor or Exchequer, Mr. Clayton Sir Wm. Yonge.
Petition of several merchants trading in diamonds, read, for leave to import and export diamonds in packet boats of the kingdom without printing the entries thereof in the bills of entry at the custom house. Recommended to the Customs Commissioners.
Postmasters General's report of the 1st instant, read, informing of the payment by them to the Receiver General of the Customs of 1,087d. 12s. 8d. for duty on diamonds and lace coming by the packets since His Majesty's accession, being four-fifths of the gross amount of said duty after deduction of one-fifth for port of packets.
The Commissioners of Taxes attend with papers and accounts relating to receivers and their arrears. The respites on the receivers of Surrey and Sussex taken off. The acting commissioners for 10 counties and districts named to be threatened with Exchequer process, unless speedy care be taken for speedy payment of arrears. Mr. Alderman Baylis to be pressed to the collecting of the great arrear of house money, of which he is receiver.
Sir Wm. Milner's letter of the 12th instant, concerning the extent against the executors of Peter Whitton, late receiver of land tax, Yorkshire, East Riding, read and referred to Commissioners for Taxes.
Said Commissioners inform as to the state of the bonds given by Mr. Meredith as Receiver of Land Tax in Wales, 1729–30. To attend again on Tuesday concerning this with the Deputy King's Remembrancer.
Mr. Paxton to attend to-morrow about the proceedings had against Sir Humphrey Howorth.
Mr. Conduitt's representation of the 7th instant, read concerning the distribution of the trial pieces. Mr. Lawton, Deputy Chamberlain, attended with extracts from the books at the Exchequer, and, it appearing that from the time of the Restoration they have been made and distributed by the direction of the Treasury, their Lordships order the same to be distributed accordingly, with a warrant for lodging the faulty gold trial pieces with the Auditor and Chamberlains of the Exchequer till further order, as being the proper custody for the same.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. pp. 124–5.]
June 20. 81. Treasury warrant to the Commissioners and Trustees for Fisheries and Improvements in Scotland, to employ 725l. 5s. 10¾d. the savings of money intended for improvements preceding Christmas last, and a further sum of 500l. part of the surplus of the malt duty, in certain proposed ways, detailed, for the promotion of household spinning, the cambric manufacture and herring curing in Scotland. [North Britain Book X. pp. 264–5.]
June 20.
82. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Geo. Oxenden, Mr. Clayton.
The Agents for Taxes attend with the King's Deputy Remembrancer concerning a method to be pursued in taking receivers' bonds in the country by dedimuses. Ordered to consult of such methods as shall be reconcilable with the practice of the Exchequer and attend again Thursday next.
Report of same read, on the case of Peter Whitton's executors. Process ordered to be stayed for two months.
Further representation of same, concerning respited receivers, read. Respites taken off from six receivers named.
Said Agents to send a particular messenger to inspect the accounts of Wm. Hartley, Bucks, and John Cowper, Northampton. Henry Fletcher, receiver for part of Wilts, to be threatened, and Richard Lane, Worcester, to be considered Thursday next.
Memorial of the Paymaster of the Forces, of the 13th instant, for 130,066l. 15s. 8d. to carry on the subsistence to 1732, August 24, and to clear half-pay to June 24, read and ordered.
Palus Athanasius is to have 20 guineas as royal bounty out of the King's money in Mr. Lowther's hands.
Col. Harvey and Mr. Paxton to attend Tuesday next about the debt from the York Buildings Company.
Their Lordships propose Elstob and Watson as joint receivers for the sale of the late Earl of Derwentwater's estate.
The Duke of Bolton's memorial [as Lord Warden of New Forest] for 30l. per annum for repair of Lindhurst House, and 40l. per annum for repair of the stables there, read and referred to Mr. Whitworth, surveyor of woods.
The hearing between the Duke of Argyll and Sir Alexander Murray put off till Tuesday week. The reports of the Barons of the Exchequer thereupon to be then read.
William Edward and Joseph Mellish are to be Lord Treasurer's Remembrancers in the Exchequer for their respective lives on surrrender by the Thompsons, the present patentees.
Order for a warrant for 211l. 11s. to John Smith for a set of medals lately delivered to Her Majesty.
Same for same for 100l. royal bounty to Mr. Manian out of the King's money in Mr. Lowther's hands.
Memorial of the officers of the Works, of the 20th instant, estimating 600l. for the necessary scaffolding for the installation of the Knights of the Bath, with the kitchens, &c. included. Ordered to be done accordingly.
Same for a sign manual for payment by the Surveyor General of Woods of 300l. to Richard Sambourne for His Majesty's special service.
Leave of absence for three months to Mr. Dowdeswell, a Commissioner of Excise, Scotland.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. pp. 126–8.]
June 22.
83. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir George Oxenden, Mr Clayton, Sir Wm. Yonge.
Sir George Saunders, a Commissioner of the Navy, attends with a disposition of the money for the naval services, 1732. Their lordships order the following issues:—
£ £
Course of the Navy, February, 1728–9 12,631
Course of the Navy, March, 1728–9 24,307
36,938 0
Course Victualling, February, 1728–9 13,640
Course Victualling, March, 1728–9 33,701
Services, detailed, in Navy Treasurer's 47,341 0
memorial of 22nd instant 135,961 10
Total £220,240 10
Order that the 7,439l. 4s. 2d. in the Navy Treasurer's hands unapplied of funds, 1731, be applied to pay off the “Shark” and “Cruiser” sloops.
Memorial of the Treasurer of the Ordnance read, for a further supply for the current service of that office. Order for 10,000l. on the head of sea services and 10,000l. on that of land services, out of supplies, 1732.
Commissioners of Taxes attend with Sir Richard Lane concerning the arrears in Worcestershire of which Lane's son is receiver. The respite to be removed if certain bills to answer the arrears prove satisfactory to the Commissioners.
Said Commissioners to send a particular messenger to examine accounts in the country in Bucks, Northampton, and Worcester. Mr. Flower, receiver of part of Wilts, to be again urged to his payments, otherwise Mr. Stephen Crowch will be appointed receiver for the whole county.
Said Commissioners' representation of the 22nd instant, concerning the method of executing surety bonds in the country upon dedimuses, read and approved.
Order for a Commission to Lewis Elstob and [John] Watson as receivers of the late Earl of Derwentwater's estate.
The Earl of Halifax's memorial for repairs in Bushy Park read, and referred to the Surveyor of Woods.
Order for enlarging for one month John Hatch's time for paying his composition, upon report of the Customs Commissioners.
Thos. Wells' petition for his salary as a riding officer, Isle of Wight, for the time he stood suspended, read and referred to same Commissioners.
Order for a warrant to pay as royal bounty to James Osborn the amount of the Duke of Leeds' annuity from the day the said Duke was last paid, to his death.
Order for a renewal of the Privy Seal for 70l. per annum by the hands of the Woodward of New Forest to the Lord Warden thereof for repairing the manor house and stables at Lyndhurst.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. pp. 129–30.]
June 22. 84. Treasury warrant to the Auditor and Chamberlains of the Receipt, or their deputies, for taking the new standard trial pieces for gold and silver coin into their custody, delivering into the proper custody only the indented silver trial pieces, viz. “To the Treasury of England, under the custody of the Auditor and Chamberlains of the Exchequer, to the Warden of the Mint in England, to His Majesty's Exchequer in Scotland, to the General of the Mint in Scotland, to the Master and Worker of the Mint there,” all with a view to the indenture now to be passed between the King and John Conduitt, Master Worker of the Mint.
Appending:—Acknowledgment by John Lawton, deputy chamberlain, and Hopton Haynes, clerk for the Earl of Halifax, of the receipt of five indented gold trial pieces and the same of silver trial pieces. June 27.
[Warrants not relating to money XXIV. p. 465.]
June 22. 85. Treasury order for execution of a Lord Chamberlain's warrant for the supply of the following particulars for the installation of the four Knights of the Bath on the 30th instant, viz. “An altar and communion table cloth of white tafeta pain'd, 40 folio Common Prayer Books bound in morocco, to be always kept for the use of the said order, also for new covering 12 stalls and seats and the rails of the altar in King Henry VII.'s Chapel with crimson harrateen.”
[[Lord Chamberlain's Warrant Book I. p. 396.]
June 23. 86. Royal sign manual by the Queen, as Guardian of the Kingdom, directed to the Clerk of the Signet, for preparation of a bill to pass the Privy Seal to enable Sir Robert Walpole to transfer to Ehrengard Melusina, Duchess of Kendal, 6,103l. 9s. 6d. in Capital South Sea Stock and 6,103l. 9s. 6d. in South Sea Annuities, together with certain dividends thereupon, being the deduction or representative of a sum of 12,986l. 2s. 2d. of the capital stock of the South Sea Company, that amount standing to his credit in the books of the said Company by a deed poll of 1723, May 25, by virtue of a warrant under the royal sign manual of 1723, May 24, but the said stock being the proper stock of George I. and the name of Sir Robert being only used for the purpose of such trust as should be created by the will and testament of the said King, in default whereof said Sir Robert should be sole possessor of stock; and the said King having about the 25th May 1723, signed, in the presence of two credible witnesses, an instrument in writing, dated 1720, May 25, transferring said stock with any dividends in arrear thereupon after his decease to the said Duchess.
[King's Warrant Book XXX. pp. 435–7.]
87. Same by same for the similar transfer to the said Duchess of Kendal of 7,324l. 3s. 4d. in Capital South Sea Stock and 7,324l. 3s. 4d. in South Sea Annuities, same being the deduction or representative of 10,000l. in South Sea Capital Stock, subsequently increased to 15,583l. 6s. 8d. and standing in the books of the said Company in the King's name, and being devised by the King as above. [Ibid, pp. 438–9.]
June 24.]
88. Five accounts (a, b, c, d, e) containing a state of the South Sea Company's capital and annuities at Midsummer, 1732, showing the abatements in the allowance for charges of management proportioned to capital paid off and capital acquired by the Bank of England and consequent allowance to said bank for same. 7 pages. [Treasury Board Papers CCLXXIX. No. 16.]
89. A statement of the Aggregate Fund, established 1 Geo. I. for the Bank and others, for 1732, Midsummer quarter (total income, 316,917l. 13s.d.; total claims on said fund, 93,949l. 1s. 1d balance, 222.968l. 12s.d.). 1sheet. [Ibid, No. 17.]
June 27.
90. Present: — Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Geo. Oxenden, Mr. Clayton, Sir Wm. Yonge.
Mr. Whitworth's memorial, of the 27th instant read, for repairs and works in Windsor Great Park and Windsor Forest for their Majesty's more convenient passage either in their airings or huntings. An estimate ordered for same, “but as the Queen's hunting there will soon come on he is not to delay proceeding on the said works till the estimate shall be made and agreed to.”
Petition of the verderers and justices of the peace of Dean Forest read for 733l. 12s. 6d. out of wood sales, for repairing the roads leading through same, being extra parochial. Referred to Surveyor of Woods.
Salt Commissioners' report, of 26th February last, on Bryan Paine's petition for repayment of duty on salt exported before the duties were taken off. Referred back, in view of clauses in the late Act for reviving the duties, possibly giving relief in such cases.
Mr. Thompson, Commissioner of Revenue, Ireland, to return instantly to Ireland, to keep up the quorum of Commissioners there and allow Mr. Medlicott to come over hither.
Salt Commissioners' report, of April 28 last, read on Rebecca Stevenson's petition. Order for 48l. 4s.d. to her, being balance of her husband's account as late collector at Northwich.
The Duke of Richmond being about to enlarge his house in the Privy Garden desires to renew his lease. Mr. Ripley and Mr. Key ordered to survey and rate premises, no Surveyor being yet appointed.
Mr. Paxton's report read on Thos. Tomkyn's petition to compound his debt as late cashier to the Hawkers and Pedlars Commissioners. His debt is 36,668l. 13s. 5d. and his proposal is only for 100l. payable in six months; “My Lords cannot accept this offer.”
Order for a warrant to the Salt Commissioners for allowing to Edmund Munjoy and Peter Day, of Bristol, the duties on certain waste salt.
The report of the Excise Commissioners, Scotland, read on Robert Bick's petition. Order for allowances to him of 40l. on account of his agreement for the duties of Excise on malt in the Isles of Zetland.
The Commissioners for Taxes to attend Thursday next, with Sir Richard Lane and his son.
The debt from the York Buildings Company to be considered Thursday next.
The case between the Duke of Argyll and Sir Alexander Murray heard. Agreed by counsel on both sides that a grant do pass to his Grace exactly conformable to the words of the Scotch Act, anno 1592, i.e., of mines which are or may be found on his own lands or heritages. Warrant ordered accordingly, to be approved by the Privy Council.
Mr. De Gols to attend Thursday next.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. p. 131–2.]
June 28.
91. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of Exchequer, Mr. Clayton, Sir Wm. Yonge.
Order for warrants for clearing the salaries and pensions payable at the Exchequer to 1732, Midsummer.
Order for the issue of 15,588l. to Mr. Stewart to clear payments in his office, 1732, Midsummer quarter, including 4,295l. 10s. for half a year to the French Protestants.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. p. 133.]
June 29.]
92. Statement of the case of Colonel John Moody concerning his pretensions to lands at Placentia, bought by him of the French, who retired from that place, part of which were seized in 1719 for His Majesty's use, and a fort erected thereupon.
Minuted as under June 29 infra. 2 pages.
—(a.) Petition of Moody to the Treasury. Undated. 2 pages. Enclosing (b).
(b.) Same of same to the King. Undated. 2 pages. Together with minute of the Privy Council, 1719–20, January 8, report of the Lords of Trade thereupon, dated 1722, August 29, and orders of the Privy Council, of dates 1722, October 6 and November 9. 6 pages.
(c.) Memorandum from Moody to Sir Wm. Yonge, a Lord of the Treasury. Undated. 1 page.
(d.) Certificate to the Treasury by Samuel Gledhill, Lieutenant-Governor and Commander-in-Chief, up to 1729, of Placentia in Newfoundland, of the facts concerning the erection of the fort upon the point of the Great Beach at Placentia. Undated. 1 page.
(e.) Extract of Wm. Horneck's letter to Colonel Moody at Placentia in 1714. ½ page.
(f.–k.) Six affidavits as follow:—John Huxford, late master gunner and storekeeper at Placentia in Newfoundland, 1727–8, March 29; Wm. Toshach, of St. James's, heretofore of Placentia, 1726–7, February 28; Wm. Taverner, mariner, of London, of same date; Lieutenant Colonel Moody, 1726–7, March 15; Captain Richard Sturzaker, of London, mariner, 1726–7, February 24; Wm. Taverner, Surveyor of Newfoundland under Queen Anne; 1726–7, March 8. 6 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXIX. No. 19.]
June 29.
93. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir George Oxenden, Mr. Clayton, Sir Wm. Yonge.
Report of Mr. Ripley and Mr. Key on the Duke of Richmond's ground in the Privy Garden, read and approved. Order for a warrant to the auditor of the land revenue, Middlesex, to make out and rate the particular in the present vacancy in the office of Surveyor.
Customs Commissioners' report, of the 28th instant, read concerning importation of diamonds in packet boats, proposing that the collector inwards and comptroller give deputations to certain officers of the Post Office to receive said duties at the Post Office. Ordered to be transmitted to the Postmaster General.
Taxes Commissioners attend with Sir Richard Lane and his son Richard. The son's respite as receiver of Worcestershire, 1732, to be removed on his paying in the Exchequer the balance in his hands.
Hartley and Cowper, receivers of Bucks and Northampton, to be written to severely concerning the errors in their accounts of arrears. The respites on them to be removed on their payment of money in hand.
Sir Joseph Eyles's letter read concerning Mr. Flower, receiver of part of Wilts, for whom he is surety. Flower's balance ordered to be paid in by Tuesday fortnight.
A state of Colonel Moody's case with respect to lands at Placentia read. Enquiry to be made as to the particular savings on certain heads of payments on the establishment of the forces out of which his claims could be satisfied.
Order for a warrant for 500l. out of the revived duties on salt to the Salt Commissioners for incidents.
Mr. Booth's report, of May 15 last, read on Robe and Matthew's petition concerning their salary of 20l. per annum as Clerk of the Market of the King's Household. Order that 100l for five years of the said salary be paid at the Exchequer by virtue of the letters patent dormant, although specially charged on the fines arising in the said office.
Order for reimbursing land tax on the salaries of the Admiralty clerks.
John Hull to be surveyor of windows, Huntingdon, loco Thomas Palmer, his brother-in-law.
Thos. Jones' petition for expenses of his journey to South Wales to detect smugglers, read and referred to Customs Commissioners.
David Dunbar's petition for himself and deputies for travelling charges in the execution of their trusts as Surveyor of Woods in North America, read and referred to the Navy Commissioners.
Mr. Elstob and Watson to transmit a schedule or particular of the estates, rents, and moneys to be gathered by them of the Earl of Derwentwater's estate. Mr. Turbill to give them all the information he can concerning this estate from the records of the late Commissioners of Forfeited Estates, which are in his custody as keeper thereof. [Treasury Minute Book XXVII. pp. 134–5.]
June 30. 94. Petition of Jeremiah Dunbar on behalf of David Dunbar Surveyor of Woods in North America, and on behalf of himself, Arthur Slade, George Mitchel, and Thomas Hayley, deputy surveyors. In 1727 Colonel Dunbar was appointed to that office and to survey the woods in Nova Scotia and to set apart thereabout 300,000 acres as a nursery of trees for the navy near the sea. He and his deputies have at great expense surveyed the whole province of Nova Scotia from Cape Canso to Kennebec River, being obliged to maintain a sloop well manned. Have prosecuted persons for destroying woods and made long journeys for their preservation in a district 500 or 600 miles from the province of Nova Scotia to New York inclusive. Prays allowance to all for travelling charges. Referred to Navy Commissioners.
[Reference Book IX. p. 464.]