Treasury Books and Papers: November 1732

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Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 2, 1731-1734. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1898.

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November 1732

November 2. 144. Observations by the Auditors of Imprests on the general accounts of the 4½ per cent. duty in Barbados for the years 1685–7, exhibited by Gyles Lytcott, formerly Comptroller-General of the Customs. 5½ pages.
—(a.) A state of the case concerning the right of the Auditor General of the Plantations to audit the accounts of the 4½ per cent. duty arising in the Leeward Caribbee Islands, as presented by H. Walpole, the present auditor, to the Treasury, with copies of documents and proceedings relating to same, 16 pages.
(b.) Copy of report, dated 1732, August 9, to the Commissioners of Customs from R. Parsons, Comptroller General of Customs, as to said Lytcott's accounts and auditor Walpole's representation. 3 pages.
(c.) Report to the Treasury from the Commissioners of Customs, dated August 11, enclosing (b.) and concerning the general condition of the accounts for the 4½ per cent. duty, and methods of passing same. 2½ pages. [Treasury Board Papers CCLXXX. No. 1.
November 3. 145. Report to the Treasury from the Attorney General on the petition of Lady Jane Holt and Lady Lucy Wharton (since married to Sir Wm. Morrice, Bart.) the two daughters of Thos. late Marquis of Wharton, praying a grant to them of such right and title in the estates of their late brother Philip, Duke of Wharton, as are forfeited to His Majesty by attainder. 6½ pages.
—(a.) Said petition to the King, with order of reference, dated 1731, August 17, from the Treasury to the Attorney General. 1 page.
(b.) Schedule of the estates and debts of the said late Duke, attested by Thomas Gibson and John Jacob, two of the trustees for sale of said estates. 1732, August 25. 1 large sheet.
(c.) Affidavit of Joseph Etherington, of Gilling, Yorks, keeper of accounts to the late Duke for his lead mines, &c. in Swaledale. 1732, August 6. 2 pages.
(d.) Same of Philip Scipio, late servant to said Duke, of the death of the said Duke at the monastery of Poboleda (“Poblett”), in Catalonia, on or about the 6th of June 1731 (O.S.) 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXX. No. 2.]
November 6. 146. Copy of an order taken at a General Court of the Governors of Queen Anne's Bounty, and signed by Thos. Moore, secretary, empowering Mr. Elwes, treasurer to said corporation, to desire the necessary orders from the Treasury to the officers of the Exchequer, for the payment to him of 14,000l. out of the revenues of First Fruits and Tenths, for use of said corporation. 1 page. [Ibid, No. 3.]
November 7. 147. Report to the Treasury from the Commissioners of Revenue, Ireland, on their transactions in pursuance of the Act of Parliament, England, of last session, for the more effectually preventing unlawful exportation of the woollen manufactures of the kingdom of Ireland. In July last, the Admiralty sent us an account of the ships to be employed on the coasts of Great Britain and Ireland, pursuant to said Act. Four vessels, detailed, were told off for the Irish coast, but they have yet made no report of detection. There have been no detections of private export by mariners or passengers. The “Mary Magdalen,” lately condemned, was prosecuted under former Acts of Parliament. 3 pages.
[Ibid, No. 4.]
November 28.
148. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dodington, Mr. Clayton.
Order for a sign manual for 560l. to Sir Clement Cotterell, to be distributed to the Envoys from Algier and their retinue, according to His Majesty's pleasure.
The Attorney General's opinion, detailed, on the case relating to the late Colonel Negus' debt to the Crown, read. A commission ordered to be taken out to find the money in his hands for the whole time of his accounts, in case his accounts now before the auditor cannot regularly be declared.
The report from same on the petition of the sisters of the late Duke of Wharton, for a grant of their brother's forfeited estate, read, and an account ordered to be stated from the said report and the papers annexed, so as the King may see, if a grant be ordered, to what amount his bounty to the family will extend.
Order for the issue of 15,000l. to the Treasurer of the Ordnance out of supplies, 1732, to answer his application of to-day's date.
Bendall Martin is to succeed Benj. Coode, lately deceased, in the office of examiner of the sufficiency of officers' securities, and to solicit the payment of debts standing out on the Plantation receipt.
Mr. Wilkins is to be paid 284l. 3s. 4d. out of the King's money in Mr. Lowther's bands, for “London Journals” delivered at the Post Office between 1732, June 3 and November 25, including 100l. for writing.
Mr. Maine, the chamber keeper, is to be paid 18l. 10s. out of the King's money in Mr. Lowther's hands, for the extraordinary expense of coals to air the new chambers now used for the Treasury.
Thos. Wells, a riding officer at Cowes, to repair to his duty there and not pursue more petitions here for salary already paid, otherwise he will be dismissed.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. pp. 169–70.]
November 29.
149. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Clayton.
Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer will take the King's pleasure upon the petition of the Charitable Corporation for the charges they were at in pursuing the bills passed last session concerning that corporation, to be repaid by the King.
The petition of Wm. Wilson and Galfridus Mann concerning the moiety of a seizure, read. Ordered to be paid by the Customs Commissioners out of moneys in their hands.
A petition of Mary de Sausmarez of Guernsey, widow, for the grant of the Great Tythes in Guernsey, intended for her deceased husband by His late Majesty, but not perfected, read, but nothing can be done therein.
Robert Parker is to succeed George Richardson, deceased, as one of the examiners of the outports books.
John Waltho, junior, is to be paid by Mr. Lowther, out of the King's money in his hands, 276l. 5s. for 850 double “Courants” sent to the Post Office every post day from 1732, August 22 to November 21. [Ibid, p. 171.]
November 29. 150. Petition of Ja. Bona […] to Sir Robert Walpole, inclosing a petition from his sister Mary de Sausmarez, concerning the grant of the Great Tythes of Guernsey, contingent upon the death of Mr. Harvey, late Governor there, who is now dead. 1 page (much destroyed).
Appending:—(a.) Said petition. 1 page (much destroyed).
(b.) Copy of the royal sign manual of July 11, 1718, containing said grant. (3 pages much destroyed.)
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXX. No. 8.]
November 30. 151. Treasury order for the execution of a Lord Chamberlain's warrant for furniture, detailed, for His Majesty's service at Kensington, Windsor, and St. James's, including, inter al. items for Miss Dives, Miss Russell, Mr. Schutz's apartment, the Countess of Suffolk.
Memorandum:—This warrant will come to 1,342l. or thereabouts. Tho. Dummer. John Halls, Comptroller.
[Lord Chamberlain's Warrant Book I. pp. 412–4.]
152. Same for same of same for the like at St. James's, detailed.
Memorandum as above. This warrant will come to 5,130l. or thereabouts. [Ibid, pp. 414–6.]
November . 153. Holles Duke of Newcastle to the Treasury, enclosing a description [wanting] of three valuable pictures stolen out of the Palace of the Old Louvre, Paris, “which the French Minister Plenipotentiary residing here has put into my hands, desiring that if any should be imported hither they may be stopped” by the Customs officers. 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXX. No. 9.]