Treasury Books and Papers: April 1733

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Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 2, 1731-1734. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1898.

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April 1733

April 1. 35. General Jas. Sabine to the Treasury, dated from Gibraltar. Has made a careful survey of the storehouses for provisions in Gibraltar garrison, and finds them in a most ruinous and insufficient condition. “The parts of the old storehouses which want repairing are in so dangerous a condition that we are under daily apprehensions of their falling, the consequences of which may be the loss of many people's lives, more especially on those days the provisions are issued out to the soldiers.” Encloses a plan of the old and project for a new storehouse. 1 page.
—(a.) Project for a magazine for the victualling office, Gibraltar. 1 sheet of plan.
(b.) An estimate of the expense of a designed magazine and several repairs necessary for the said victualling office. (Total, 1,458l. 17s. 2d.) 2 pages.
[Ibid, No. 14.]
April 3. 36. Warrant under the royal sign manual to the Barons of the Exchequer Court, Scotland, authorising the issue of 1,000l. to the Marquis of Lothian, without account, for his charge and expenses as Royal Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church to be held in Scotland this summer.
[North Britain Book X. p. 434.]
April 3. 37. The Commissioners of Customs, London, to the House of Commons. Forwarding, in further continuance of their letter of March 12 last, five returns (1–4 missing) of frauds relating to the import and export of wines. 3 pages.
—(a.) Return No. 5 referred to, in duplicate, viz. an account of particular instances of frauds which have come to the knowledge of the Commissioners of Customs relating to wines in London and the outports, with the proceedings had thereupon; certified by Charles Carkesse. 13 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXVII. No. 16.]
April 6. 38. The Commissioners of Excise, London, to the Treasury, transmitting account (a). 1 page.
—(a.) An account, certified by Henry Needler, Accomptant General, Excise Office, of the quantities of strong beer and ale brewed by common brewers within the cities of London and Westminster, and within the bills of mortality, from 1727, Midsummer, to 1732, Midsummer, together with the duties thereupon. 1 page. [Ibid, No. 19.]
39. Same from same to same, forwarding (a.). 1 page.
—(a.) An account of the receipts from the duty on victuallers and retailers of beer and ale imposed by 12 Geo. I. within London and Westminster, and the weekly bills of mortality, since the commencement of said Act. Together with an account of the number of victuallers at the commencement of the said Act, and what number was upon the list at Midsummer last. 1 sheet [Ibid, No. 20.]
40. The officers of the Mint to the Treasury. Have advertised in the “Gazette” for tenders to supply the Mint with copper. The proposals received were:—
(1.) Henry Hines, for the Governor and Company of Mine Adventurers, England 16½d. per lb.
(2.) Thos. Clarke, for the Governor and Company of Copper Miners, England 16d. per lb.
(3.) Sir Abraham Elton - - 16d. per lb.
(4.) George Bengough 16d. per lb.
(5.) Peter Lemoine, junior - 15¾d. per lb.
(6.) William Harris 15½d. per lb.
Harris's tender is apparently fictitious, as he cannot be found. Recommend acceptance of Lemoine's tender. 1½ pages.
—(a.-f.) The six tenders as above. 6 pages.
[Ibid, No. 21.]
April 13. 41. Treasury warrant to Sir Wm. Strickland for preparation of the necessary royal warrant for payment of 5,322l. 18s. 4d. to the contractors for clothing and accoutrements for the 10 companies of the invalid regiment of foot and the other 25 independent companies of invalids.
Prefixing:—Report to the Treasury from the Comptrollers of Army Accounts as to the above contracts and the rates of same.
[Warrants not relating to money XXV. pp. 26–7.]
April 13. 42. Letters patent by the King, ratifying and confirming to the minister, churchwardens, and overseers of the German Reformed Protestant Church in the Savoy all the benefits and privileges enjoyed by them by warrant of the late King, of date 1723, November 28, whereby the said house or place in the Savoy was granted to them as a church, discharged from a rent of 16l. per annum; together with a house in the Savoy, called the Master's House, for the residence of the minister of the said church; also further authorising the Surveyor General of Lands, and the Surveyor General of Works to assign and set out the garden ground there, allotting portions respectively to the said German minister and to the minister of the English chapel in the Savoy; the minister, &c. of the said German church having represented that the garden belonging to the said house happening not to be assigned and divided with the same, the said minister of the English chapel in the Savoy, being possessed of the other part of the said house, had railed in the whole for his sole use, to the great prejudice and inconvenience of the minister of the German church. [King's Warrant Book XXXI. pp. 65–6.]
April 13. 43. Treasury warrant to the Board of Works to repair the King's bridge at Westminster, at the estimated 250l.
—Report of the Board of Works to the Treasury, April 3. Find the said bridge in so serious a condition that it is unsafe to pass over it. The expense of repairing it will amount to about 250l. [Lord Chamberlain's Warrant Book I. p. 419.]
April 14. 44. J. Scrope to Auditor Foley, referring to him for report a representation from Sir John Evelyn, one of the late principal Commissioners of Prizes, on behalf of the agents of prizes, praying directions from the Treasury to said Auditor Foley to make them such allowances on the general accounts of prizes as the Commissioners of Prizes have annually made them, without their producing the regular vouchers and receipts within the strict method of the said auditor's office and the forms of the Exchequer, it being impossible for the reasons therein set forth to have the same complied with. [Letter Book XIX. p. 156.]
April 17.
45. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer Sir George Oxenden, Mr. Clayton.
The returns from the respective offices to answer an order of the House of Commons how the lands purchased for the better fortification of Chatham have been disposed of are to be given in by Mr. Frecker, copies being first taken to be kept in the Treasury Office.
Order for 50l. as royal bounty to Stephen Whatley to be paid by Mr. Lowther.
The report of the officers of the Mint of the 16th instant read, on the proposals for supplying the Mint with copper. Peter Lemoine's tender at 15¾d. per pound accepted, the officers of the Mint taking security in a bond of 5,000l. from Jacob Elton and John Whale, of Bristol. On execution of the said contract the Master and Worker is to deliver to Lemoine a halfpenny and farthing cutter. All provided the former contractors will not serve at that rate.
The Customs Commissioners to be written to for an account of the names of the land surveyors in the port of London, with their respective habitations, “that my Lords may judge whether their habitations be at proper distances to attend the duty of their offices.”
Order for 785l. to Mr. Arnold, out of the Kind's money in Mr. Lowther's hands, for “Free Britons” delivered to the Post Office, 1732–3, January 11, to 1733, April 12, and for writing.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII p. 189.]
April 19.
46. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir George Oxenden, Mr. Dodington, Mr. Clayton, Sir Wm. Yonge.
The report of the Salt Commissioners of the 17th instant on the petition of Joseph Slater, collector at Lymington, read and agreed to, viz. to be discharged of a debt of 450l. by drawing down and setting the same in super in the account of the arrears of the duties on salt, which determined 1730, December 25, on Moses Baxter and John Stevens.
Order for a sign manual for the issue of 666l. 11s. to Bap. Nunn for expenses in providing for the deer, horses and hounds at Swinley rails, Windsor Forest, by order of Col. Negus, Master of the Buckhounds and keeper of that walk, said debt being unpaid at Col. Negus's decease.
Order for a warrant for the Surveyor General of Woods to pay the same Bap. Nunn 119l. 4s.d. out of wood sales for repairs at Swinley and for rent and repairs at Sawyers Lodge at the Forelands.
The Customs Commissioner to be ordered to give notice to the land surveyors and all other their officers who live at too great distance from their business to remove and live at such distances as shall be suitable.
Order for 20l. to Thos. Read as royal bounty by the hands of Mr. Lowther.
Order for the issue out of the late King's arrears of so much as shall appear to be due and unpaid at the time of his decease on the 50l. per annum payable by Privy Seal to the Mayor of Macclesfield for a preacher, to the intent that Elizabeth Gilbert, widow of Thos. Gilbert, who was curate of Macclesfield, may be paid the same.
Mr. Pelham's memorial, enclosing Sir Joseph Eyles's proposal for remitting the subsistence money to Minorca and Gibraltar, 1733, April 25 to June 24, read and agreed to as follows:—
16,000 dollars for Minorca, at sight, at 55d. per dollar.
24,000 dollars for Gibraltar, at sight, at 54½d. per dollar.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. p. 190.]
April 20. 47. Charles Carkesse to John Scrope, dated Custom House, London, forwarding copy of return (a) as made to the House of Commons, March 12, ult. 1 page.
—(a.) Account of the particular instances of frauds in the Customs relating to tobacco in London and the outports, with the proceedings had thereupon. 15 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXXII. No. 25.]
April 26. 48. Representation to the Treasury from the officers of the Board of Works. On considering a plan for a new Treasury and Secretary of State's office, find that Mrs. College has a long Exchequer lease of a building that will very much obstruct the conveniences and the carrying up of the said offices. She demands for the lease 1,260l. being 21 years' purchase at 60l. per annum. Considering the absolute necessity of having the building, advise an offer of 1,200l. though high.
Minuted:—With minute verbatim as under, 1733, June 5, infra (wrongly dated 1727, June 5). 1 page.
[Ibid, No. 26.]
April 27.
49. Order for the issue of 51,434l. 7s. 11d. to the Paymaster of the Forces, in Exchequer bills on malt, 1733, to be reserved in his hands for such service of the forces as shall be appointed.
The report of Mr. Carteret, Postmaster General, of 1732–3, March 12, on the petition of Mr. Hall, present postmaster of Dover, to have the like contract for the passage money as Mr. Lovell, the late postmaster, had, read and agreed to, “by which a means is found of subsistence for Lovell, whose sickness and indisposition has rendered him incapable of the office.”
A receipt from the Excise Commissioners, Scotland, of the 17th instant, read, on the petition of the sureties of David Stuart, late collector of Excise, to be relieved from a debt of 557l. 6s.d. In consideration of the losses and services set forth therein, their Lordships agree to their relief.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. p. 191.]