Treasury Books and Papers: August 1731

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Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 2, 1731-1734. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1898.

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August 1731

August 3.
213. Present: — Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dodington, Sir Wm. Yonge.
Order for the issue of 5,730l. to Mr. Scrope for secret service.
The Duke of Dorset's letter of July 28 read, transmitting to their Lordships a letter from the Lords Justices of Ireland, dated July 7, with a report of Mr. Gardiner, Deputy Vice Treasurer, in answer to the King's warrant and to their Lordship's repeated letters about the remittances from Ireland for the pay of the Irish regiments serving abroad. Copies of same ordered to be transmitted to the Paymaster of the Forces for his opinion. The Paymaster is further to inform their Lordships of the time when the said regiments were first taken from Ireland, what their Irish pay has amounted to since, and what remittances have been made from Ireland to answer same.
Mr. Cary, Secretary to the Duke of Dorset, to be ordered to transmit to their Lordships a copy of the abstracts of the receipts and payments in His Majesty's Treasury in Ireland for the two- years 1729, March 25, to 1731, March 25, referred to in the said report of Mr. Gardiner.
The report of the Commissioners of the Revenue in Ireland, of July 26 last, on Samuel White's petition to be relieved against a seizure of brandy made at Waterford, read and agreed to as proposed by them, viz. that 77l. 6s. 4d. being the King's moiety of the said seizure, be paid to White by the Collector of Waterford, and placed under the head of Incidents.
Peter Burrell's petition to be permitted the use of three cutters in the Mint for sizing copper blanks to be transported to Portugal, read and referred to the officers of the Mint.
Order for the issue of 5,000l. to the Treasurer of the Navy out of the supplies, anno 1731, to pay imprests and bills of exchange pursuant to his memorial of the 3rd instant.
Order for the preparation of a sign manual for issuing 3,000l. to Monier as royal bounty for bringing over the letter of the Grand Signior and Grand Vizier to the King upon the Grand Signior's accession to the throne.
The report from the Commissioners of Excise of 1731, July 6, on the petition of John Peele, a collector, to be discharged of a debt on accepted bills of exchange, read and agreed to, Mr. Lock being set in super for 161l. 18s.d. due to the Crown upon the said bills, and Peele discharged thereof.
The report from the Commissioners of Excise of the 3rd instant, on Mr. Poyntz's petition to be discharged of 178l. 17s.d. due on bills unpaid upon the above negotiation with Mr Peele, read and agreed to.
Order for the preparation of a sign manual for 400l. bounty to Charles Hatton, Esq. as usual.
The report of the Commissioners of the Navy, of July 30 last, on Mr. Corbet's memorial to be allowed 149l. 17s.d. for transacting and passing an account of transport service in the Navy Office, read and agreed to.
The Surveyor General's report of 1730, May 4, on John Craven's petition for a new lease of a farm called Barrow Farm, in Lincolnshire, read and agreed to.
The Auditors of the Land Revenues of the Crown are to certify their Lordships of the fees that have been allowed the Surveyor of the Woods on any of his accounts for felling timber delivered to the Navy, or for selling and bringing to account the lops, tops, and offal wood of the timber from time to time felled for the Navy.
Mr. Wither is to certify their Lordships of the sum in bills due to him or already received from the Commissioners of the Navy for the value of the King's timber delivered to them by him.
Mr. Renard, the French newsmonger, is to be paid what is due to him from the King's coming to the Crown in the same manner as he used to be paid.
Order for the preparation of a warrant for Sir Robert Baylis to succeed Sir Walter Yonge in the Commission of the Customs.
Mr. Pelham's memorial, of the 29th July last, inclosing Sir Joseph Eyles's proposal for remitting the subsistence to Minorca and Gibraltar from 1731, August 25, to October 24, read and agreed to as follows:—
18,000 dollars for Port Mahon,at sight, payable in gold at 55d. per dollar.
17,500 dollars for Gibraltar, at sight, payable in gold at 54½d. per dollar.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. pp. 46–7.]
August 3. 214. Treasury warrant for the issue of 456l. 4s.d. to John Rollos, for large double seals in silver for the Leeward Islands, Bahamas, New York, Nova Scotia and Carolina.
Appending:— Rollos' bill for same, with descriptions of the seals in detail, and of the like for the Welsh counties.
[Money Book XXXVI. pp. 81–3.]
August 3. 215. Same for a lease to Richard Earl of Burlington of lands in St. James's Park, part of the Royal Garden near St. James's Palace, and of all the woodwork or wilderness adjoining said garden on east side of it, with appurtenances, &c. belonging to Henry Boyle, late Lord Carleton.
Prefixing: — Surveyor's particular of the premises, with auditor's memorandum. [Crown Lease Book II. pp. 319–25.]
August 3. 216. Same to the Commissioners of Customs in Scotland for the continuance of John Rae as Surveyor General of the southwest parts of Scotland, with two small boats of six able hands each, the smuggling trade from the Isle of Man being much diminished thereby.
Prefixing: — Memorial from the Customs Commissioners, Scotland, proposing the continuance as above.
[North Britain Book X. pp. 145–6.]
August 3. 217. J. Scrope to the Earl of Essex, to permit the Chelsea Water Works Company to finish the building of a sluice in the reservoir belonging to them in St. James's Park, and to scour one of the cesspools so as the inhabitants of St. James's may be supplied with fresher water and their complaints redressed.
[Letter Book XIX. p. 51.]
August 4. 218. Report from Wm. Soley, in the absence of Wm. Lowndes, auditor of land revenue, to the Treasury on the memorial of Edward Younge, late Surveyor General of Her Majesty's Woods, praying allowance of charges of suits and of fees on Navy timber delivered to the Purveyor of the Navy. There has always been an allowance in the accounts of the Surveyors of the Woods for timber for the Navy, of 12d. per £ as a fee to the surveyor for the nett produce of the lops, tops and offal wood arising from the said Navy timber. No fee for poundage has been allowed for the value of Navy timber delivered. New Palace Yard, Westminster. 2 pages.
—Younge's memorial to the Lord of the Treasury, praying as above. Docqueted, 29th June, 1731, and minuted as under date 1731, August 3, supra, p. 81. 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXVI. No. 40.]
August 9. 219. Report by Sir Philip Yorke and C. Talbot to the Treasury, on the petitions of Charles Halfpenny and Edward Catchmayd, both claiming to be elected as town clerk of the borough of Monmouth. Are of opinion that the right of electing a common clerk for that borough is in the mayor, bailiffs, and commonalty at large and not in the common council. The regular way of certifying such election to His Majesty would have been by an instrument under the common seal, but this is not necessary in point of law, and His Majesty may approve of Halfpenny without it. 3 pages. [Treasury Board Papers CCLXXVI. No. 44.]
August 10. 220. Treasury warrant for the execution of a warrant from the Duke of Montagu to Lord Lynn, Master of the Jewel Office for the delivery to Joseph, Bishop of Rochester, Dean of the Order of the Bath, of a gold chain with a gold badge pendant of the same fashion and weight as those annexed to the collars of the said order, also one lesser gold badge to wear with a ribbon the same as the knights of the order wear to theirs.
Memorandum:—This warrant will amount to 50l. or thereabouts. R. Sedgwick.
[Lord Chamberlain's Warrant Book I. p. 371.]
August 10.
221. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Clayton, Sir Wm. Yonge.
The Potion of Nathaniel St. André and Lady Elizabeth his wife, read, for a license to the steward of the manor of Richmond to enable them to make a lease of certain lands held of the said manor for 98 years if the Lady Elizabeth shall so long live, in order to the perfecting an agreement with the Prince of Wales for the same. Referred to the Attorney General.
Mr. Finch, receiver of the revenues in Minorca, to be written to for a state of the said revenues and the charge thereupon, and to give his opinion whether they will bear an additional allowance of 100l. per annum to James Auchmuty, chaplain to that island.
Petition of the Lord Warden of Windsor Forest read, for reimbursement of expenses for hay for the red deer, now inclosed within Windsor Great Park. Referred to Mr. Wither to report his opinion, as also what allowance the keeper of Old Windsor Walk had for hay before it was inclosed in the said park.
On the memorial from the Commissioners of Taxes, Joshua Pembroke appointed receiver of land tax, 1731, for county of Hertford and John Newton, of Tiverton, same for part of Devon, loco Samuel Burridge.
Inferior officers employed in the salt duties whose salaries do not exceed 100l. per annum are to be repaid their assessment for land tax, 1731, according to their memorial of the 6th instant.
The petition of Dougall Cuthbert for enlarging his term in a lease of a house adjoining the mews, formerly inhabited by Mr. Rochford, referred to the Hoard of Works to consider if same stands in the way of rebuilding the mews.
Surveyor General's report of 1730–1, February 27, on the Quakers' petition to enjoy their meeting house in the Savoy at 3s. 4d. per annum rent instead of 20l. read and agreed to. But all proceedings thereon to be stayed till their Lordships receive the reports of the Attorney General and Surveyor General touching the Duchy of Lancaster and its revenues, whereof the Savoy is said to be part.
Auditor Lowndes's report of 1730, July 23, read, concerning the accounts of the receiver of the Savoy Hospital. Mr. Henry Howarth, present receiver thereof, is to be directed immediately to pay into the Exchequer 553l. 13s.d. which appears by the said report to be the balance in his hands on his account stated for the five years ended 1728, Michaelmas.
The Surveyor General's report of July 21 last read, on the petition of Win. Watkins and others, trustees of the school at West Haddon, Northamptonshire, for renewing a lease of the premises for the maintenance of the schoolmaster and school there. It appearing that the said premises belong to the Duchy of Lancaster, their Lordships suspend giving any orders thereupon till the Attorney General's and Surveyor's report touching the Duchy revenues is made.
The report of the Commissioners of Customs in Scotland of 1780, July 30, on Alexander Ereskin's petition to be allowed on his accounts as late collector at Inverness 127l. 5s. 10¼d. forcibly taken away by the rebels in 1715, read and agreed to.
The petition of Casper Bergman (“Berdman”) paying 150l. for lodging money, damage of goods and other demands on the late ambassador from Algiers, ordered to be transmitted to Sir Clement Cotterell to examine his pretences. Cotterell to inform their Lordships how it happens same is not satisfied out of allowance paid to his hands for maintaining all charge relating to that ambassador.
Mr. Hart, late Governor of the Leeward Islands, attending is called in and pursues his petition to be remitted interest upon the purchase money for the 200 acres of land sold him by the King's Commissioners there. Their Lordships find by a minute of 1728, October 24, that Hart, upon a hearing then had accepted the lands sold in manner as the said Commissioners had conveyed same to him. They therefore adhere to said minute, and the agreement between him and the Commissioners is to be complied with.
Order for the issue to the judges and other officers payable with them of Trinity Term's allowances.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. pp. 48–9.]
August 12.]
222. Memorial of the Lord Warden of Windsor Forest [to the Treasury]. Since the inclosing Old Windsor Walk in the said Forest, except on the side adjoining to Windsor Great Park, the red deer have been deprived of their additional feed, and the fallow deer of the Great Park often rob the red of their subsistence. Proposes allowance to the Ranger for hay. Referred to Mr. Wither. [Reference Book IX. p. 438.]
August 14/25. 223. Count Rantzau [to Sir Robert Walpole] concerning the agio of a quarters subsidy to the King of Denmark. “The 15th quarter of subsidies which the Crown of France has paid to the King my master with 87,500 rix dollars ends the 10th of February last, and the agio thereof amounts at 195/8 per cent. to 17,171 rix dollars 42 pence, for the paying of which I hope your Excellency will be pleased to give the necessary and speedy directions.”
Minuted as under August 24, infra.pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXVI. No. 45.]
August 17.
224. Present:—Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dodington, Mr. Clayton, Sir Wm. Yonge.
Order fur the preparation of a sign manual for issuing to Mr. Haidegger the King's allowance for the benefit of the opera as usual.
Mr. Paxton's report, dated the 13th instant, on Wm. Barnsley's petition against Sir Humphry Howorth read, and it appearing that Sir Humphry's accounts as Receiver of the Land Revenues for North Wales and Chester are unpassed for a great number of years, and that very considerable sums are due from him to the Crown thereupon, Paxton is to transmit to the said Sir Humphry copies of all the said papers and to write to him in the strongest terms to prosecute the passing of his accounts, and to pay in the balances. If not answered to his satisfaction, Paxton is to take Mr. Attorney General's advice for a prosecution.
Mr. Wm. Soley's report, in the absence of Mr. Auditor Lowndes, of the 4th instant, relating to poundage allowed to the Surveyors of Woods on their accounts of lops, tops, and offal wood from timber delivered to the Navy, read, and it appearing that no allowance of poundage has been made to the surveyors for the value of timber actually delivered, the Commissioners of the Navy are to give their Lordships an account what indentures have been actually executed for timber delivered, the parties executing, and for what value.
James Hunter, at the recommendation of Mr. Cunningham, is to be captain of the “Carolina” sloop, in Scotland, loco Mr. Middleton, removed to be collector of Inverness.
The memorial of the Paymaster of the Forces, of the 13th instant, for 140,722l. 14s. 8d. read and ordered.
Mr. Andrews, of the Pay Office, to be sent to for an account of the sums paid to Mr. Gore on his bills of exchange for Copenhagen.
Mr. Chitty may have a copy of the report of the Commissioners of Customs, dated 1730–1, March 9, on his memorials with the minute made by their Lordships thereupon in case he desires same.
The report of the Commissioners of Customs of July 31 last, on the memorial of the Warden and Assistants of Dover Harbour, desiring that their quays may be made free, read, and a commission ordered to issue, provided it be executed at the expense of petitioners, and an condition the Crown have liberty to load and unload any goods there without paying wharfage or any other charge.
Philip Harm an Nott's petition for his house in Bushey Park as keeper of the pheasants to be repaired, read, and referred to the Surveyor of Woods.
David Mead is to be instructed in the business of a landwaiter in the port of Minehead.
Mr. Lowther is to pay, out of the King's money in his hands, 82l. 14s. 8d. for the charge of passing the lease of a house in Bury Street, St. James's, for Dr. Calamy.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. pp. 50–1.]
August 17. 225. Royal sign manual for discharging Sir George Wynne, of Leeswood, Flint, Bart, from the sum of 1,095l. and all other sums payable or accustomed to be paid for the title and dignity of a baronet. Given at Hampton Court.
[King's Warrant Book XXX. p. 271.]
August 17. 226. Treasury warrant for a lease to Sir Matthew Decker of lands at Richmond, reputed part of Richmond Old Park.
Prefixing:—Surveyor's particulars of the premises in Latin.
[Crown Lease Book II. pp. 361–4.]
August 20. 227. Same to George Earl of Cholmondeley, steward of His Majesty's manor of Richmond, alias West Sheen, in Surrey, to grant a license to Nathaniel St. André (Andrew) and the Right Hon. the Lady Elizabeth Diana, his wife, to lease her copyhold estate at Kew for life.
Prefixing:—Attorney General's opinion thereon, dated August. 14.
[Warrants not relating to money XXIV. pp. 405–6.]
August 20.
Hampton Court,
228. Present:—Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dodington, Mr. Clayton, Sir Wm. Yonge.
The Commissioners for Taxes to be requested to hasten into the Exchequer between this and Michaelmas next the arrears standing out on the land tax, 1729, so as the public supplies for 1731, out of which the deficiency of the said land tax is to be made good, may be eased of the charge thereupon.
A report from the Barons of the Exchequer in Scotland on the Duke of Argyle's petition for a grant of mines read. The Barons to be requested to inform their Lordships whether there he not grants to other persons now subsisting of mines within the territories petitioned for by his Grace.
Order for the issue of 5,961l. 15s. to the Treasurer of the Chamber to clear messengers' bills and Lord Chamberlain's warrants, for 1731, Midsummer quarter.
The warrant appointing Richard Stewart a waterman, London, at the recommendation of Sir Robert Austen, to be recalled on the letter of the Commissioners of Custom, dated 18th instant. Austen to be acquainted herewith.
Mr, Auditor Foley's report of the 17th instant on the representation of the Governors of Greenwich Hospital complaining of the negligence of the receivers of prizes in not passing their accounts, and the prejudice the said hospital receives thereby read, and a copy ordered to be transmitted to the said Governors.
Gwyn Vaughan's petition for incident charges amounting to 1,123l. 12s. 9d. to be allowed in the accounts of Ellis Terrill, late agent for prizes at Lisbon, read and referred to the Auditors of Imprests.
A state of the proceedings with respect to the sale of the lands at St. Christopher read. Mr. Mathew and Mr. Mann, two of the Commissioners for making those sales, being in town, are to attend their Lordships on Tuesday next on the subject matter of the said state.
The report of the officers of the Mint of the 8th instant on Peter Burrell's petition for the use of cutters for sizing copper bars for three sorts of blanks to be sent to Lisbon, to the amount of 20 ton of British copper, read and agreed to.
Richard Williams is to be a tidewaiter at Mullion, Penzance port, loco Robert Payne, dismissed.
Robert Henning is to be surveyor of the duties on houses for Dorsetshire, loco Turner, superseded.
A report from the Commissioners of Hawkers and Pedlars, of the 12th instant, on the petition of Mary and Benjamin Champion for a debt of 309l. 19s. 9d. to be accepted without cost of suit, read and agreed to.
Duke of Bolton is to be paid 232l. 13s. 8d. certified by the auditor to be the surplus on his declared accounts as Receiver General of the Land Revenues in the Isle of Wight to 1729, Michaelmas; same to be paid by any other receiver of His Majesty's land revenues having money in his hands to satisfy same.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. pp. 52–3.]
August 21. 229. Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer in the Exchequer to take the security on 2,000l. of Samuel Ogle as Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, appointed by His Majesty's Order in Council of the 1st of last month, “provided he qualifies himself for that trust in such manner as the law requires, and that good and sufficient security be given for his observing the several acts of trade and navigation, and for his obeying instructions, &c.”
[Warrants not relating to money XXIV. p. 407.]
August 23. 230. John Manley to [John Scrope ?], from the Custom House, concerning the ship “Nile,” Captain Mathews, from Alexandria, said to be infected. 3½ pages.
—(a.) Deposition of Thos Stocks, of Rye, fisherman. 2 pages.
(b.) Same of John Austen (“Asting”), of Rye, fisherman. 1½ pages.
(c.) Ja. Carr and Jno. Wraight officers of the Customs, Deal [to the Commissioners of Customs, London], concerning same, dated August 22. 2½ pages.
(d, e, f.) Three letters of S. Jeake and H. Carleton, officers of the Customs, Rye, [to same], of dates August 21, 22 and 23. 3½ pages. [Treasury Board Papers CCLXXVI. No. 50.]
August 23. 231. Holles Duke of Newcastle to the Treasury, transmitting a report of the Board of Trade on the memorial of Bullfinch Lambe as below, “who is come, as he says, in company with an Indian from the Emperor of Pawpaw in Africa, with a letter and a present of slaves to his Majesty…. Though the Council of Trade do not allow the letter to be genuine, yet they think there is so much reality in the messuage as to look upon it as an opportunity not to be neglected of cultivating a good understanding with that Prince.” His Majesty approves of said report and also of the making some allowance to the Indian brought by Lambe for his subsistence till an opportunity offers of sending him home. Hampton Court, August 23. 1½ pages.
:—Report, dated 1731, July 6, from the Commissioners of Trade and Plantations to the King on the memorial of Mr. Bullfinch Lambe and the letter which he lately delivered to the King as from the Emperor of Popo (“Pawpaw”) in Africa. Both the Africa Company and separate traders believe said letter not to be genuine. Therefore advise no return to be made to it. But the Africa Company admit that Mr. Lambe brought down 80 slaves to Whydah from the Emperor of Popo. Believe that 40 of them may have been sent as a present to the King, and advise that the produce of the said 40 slaves, which is lodged in the hands of the Africa Company, should be laid out in a present in return, together with any addition His Majesty may think fit, and sent back together with the black man called Adomo Oroonoco Tomo, and a letter as from the King, “desiring that he would give your Majesty's subjects all possible protection and encouragement to carry on their trade in his territories.” Mr. Lambe to be left to return to Africa or dispose himself as he think proper. 3 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXVI. No. 51.]
[Before 1731,
August 24.]
232. A bill of expenses in passing a new commission of the Customs, in which Sir Robert Baylis succeeds Sir Walter Yonge, deceased (total, 302l. 18s.).
Minuted as under August 24, infra, p. 89. 1 page.
[Ibid, No. 52.]
August 24. 233. Royal sign manual ordaining by advice and consent of Mathew Lant, Esq., Lord Chief Baron of His Majesty's Court of Exchequer in Scotland, and Sir John Clerk, of Penicuik (“Penny Cook”), George Dalrymple, Thomas Kennedy and Edward Edlin, Esqrs., the remanent Barons of the said Court, a charter to pass the Seal appointed by the Treaty of Union in place of the Great Seal of Scotland for the grant to Wm. Smibert, minister at Kilmany, of the town and lands of Lochmalonie, in the parish of Kilmany, sheriffdom of Fife. [North Britain Book X. pp. 151–6.]
August 24.
234. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dodington, Mr. Clayton, Sir Wm. Yonge.
Order for the issue to the Treasurer of the Navy, out of supplies, 731, of 64,233l. to pay off ships and 3,000l. for necessary money and contingencies on the head of victualling, as by his memorial of this day.
Mr. Manley's letter to Mr. Scrope, of the 23rd instant, read, relating to the ship “Nile” lalely arrived from Alexandria, with sundry examinations and letters concerning said ship which was informed against as being infected with the plague. Their Lordships approve the cautions taken by the Commissioners of Customs.
“Mr. Kent having finished the repairs of the paintings in the court leading to the King's Great Staircase and in the open gallery from the King's to the Queen's apartment at Windsor in a very good manner, as represented by the Board of Works in their memorial of the 24th instant, my Lords order that 450l. be issued to the Paymaster of the Works, and that a letter be writ to the Board of Works to cause that sum to be paid over to Mr. Kent in case they are of opinion that the said work, which was estimated at 450l. doth now it is performed reasonably deserve the same.”
Order for the preparation of a commission for Christopher Hill to be surveyor of the houses for Somersetshire, loco Robert Methwin, superseded.
“Obtaine a copy of the Declaracon, by which the King has been obliged to pay the agio upon the subsidy granted by France to the King of Denmark for my Lords to see and be apprized of the terms of the agreement in that behalf.”
The Duke of Newcastle's letter of the 23rd instant, enclosing a report to the King from the Board of Trade, of July 6 last, on a memorial of Bulfinch Lamb, relating to a present for the Emperor of Popo (“Pawpaw”) in Africa, read, and copies thereof are to be transmitted to the Royal Africa Company for them to give their Lordships an account what the produce of the 40 slaves sent to His Majesty, which are said to be lodged in their hands, does amount to, and what may be a convenient addition to that produce for purchasing the present, and in what the said present may most properly consist, and what allowance may be reasonably made to the black called Oronoco Tomo for his subsistence till he be ordered on board any His Majesty's ships to the coast of Africa, and whether the additions to the present and his subsistence may not reasonably be paid out of the 10,000l. given to that Company by Parliament.
John Keene to be deputy to his father, Charles Keene, as King's waiter, London port. Francis Jackson, present deputy to Mr. Keene, to be deputy to Mr. Hustler, loco Mr. Hosier, deceased.
Their Lordships for avoiding the precedent of defraying the charge of passing commissions when they happen to be renewed, do in the case of Sir Robert Baylis, which they take to be singular, order that a warrant be prepared for issuing a like sum as the charge of passing the Commission of the Customs, wherein he is appointed, does amount to, unto John Shepherd for services performed to His Majesty.
Sir Wm. Williamson and Thomas Stowe are to succeed Mr. Pinckney, deceased, as customers of Newcastle. The fiat to be delayed till Mr. Chancellor hears from the Duke of Rutland about the same.
“On reading and considering a paper exhibited by Mr. Scrope, containing an extract of proceedings towards selling the French part of St. Christophers, my Lords are desirous that affair should be brought to a speedy conclusion, and Mr. Matthews and Mr. Mann, two of the Commissioners now here attending according to order, they with others who had affairs depending concerning the said lands, attending at the same time, were called in, and their Lordships came to the following resolutions”: That the lands called the Salt Pond, being all the lands remaining unsold be sold with all possible expedition. Mr. Fleming, the only Commissioner now residing on the island, to have power himself alone to make absolute sale thereof: and also to be empowered to ratify and confirm all contracts not yet confirmed for parcels of land where the whole of the purchase money does not exceed 100l. The purchasers having at present no other assurances for the lands purchased than the contracts made with the said Commissioners, and the confirmation thereof by the Lords of the Treasury pursuant to the powers given them by warrants under His Majesty's sign manual in that behalf, Mr. Matthews and Mr. Mann are to advise with and take the opinion of Mr. Attorney General, whether the purchasers will not have their titles effectually secured by letters patents under the Great Seal of Great Britain appending a schedule naming the purchasers, the parcels purchased, the consideration to be paid, and the date of the contract. The three Commissioners, Mr. Matthews, Mr. Fleming, and Mr. Mann, to have 2,400l. apiece allowed them out of the purchase money for their care and charges.
A petition of John Harris is read, setting forth that he made a contract with the Commissioners for 136 acres of Lady Stapleton's plantation, and has paid in all his purchase money for same. But that upon a survey taken, they produced no more than 97 acres, by which means he is damnified near 400l. Their Lordships will give warrants to Mr. Fleming to pay same out of purchase money in his hands.
A petition of Mr. Boyd, heir to Mr. Thauvet, read, praying confirmation of a contract for a plantation or part thereof, granted by the Crown to Thauvet in fee in 1696. Their Lordships adhere to the minute of 1730, December 22, and dismiss the petition.
On hearing Mr. Matthews and Mr. Mann touching the case of Walter O'Neal and John Osborne, their Lordships adhere to the contracts, as severally made. The Auditor of the Plantations to whom the auditing and stating their accounts belongs is to get the same passed as soon as possible, for which he is to have the allowance usually made for auditing accounts in America.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. pp. 54–5.]
August 24. 235. Report of the Board of Works to the Treasury on the petition of Dougall Cuthbert, concerning the lease of a piece of ground adjoining the royal mews at Charing Cross. The house petitioned for will stand in the way of the stables proposed to be built by the general design. Therefore advise no such grant to pass. 1 page.
—Cuthbert's petition. 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXVI. No. 54.]
August 24. 236. Report by Nicholas Paxton to the Treasury on the petition of Thomas Holmden, concerning money due for the 13 houses adjoining the Fleet Prison and the shops in Westminster Hall. 3½ pages.
—(a.) Holmden's petition. 2 pages.
(b.) Letter of John Huggins to Mr. Paxton, dated 1731, July 5, concerning same. 1 page. [Ibid, No. 55.]
August 27.
Hampton Court,
237. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dodington, Mr. Clayton, Sir Wm. Yonge.
“The Crown being under an engagement to make good to the King of Denmark the difference in value between the current dollars of Denmark and the specie dollars of Hamburg, for the subsidy payable to Denmark by the King of France, which according to stipulation is to be paid by France in the current dollars of Denmark, my Lords order a letter to my Lord Harrington desiring him to inform himself by means of Sir Cyril Wich at Hamburg, and Mr. Titley at Denmark, what the said difference in value may reasonably be computed at, reckoning the negotiation of that difference to be from hence to Hamburg and from thence to Copenhagen in case there be no readier or more advantageous way of negotiating the same.”
Mr. Wither's representation of this day read, touching a new fence to be made in Windsor Great Park to divide old Windsor Woods, lately enclosed and laid to the said park, from the said park, so as the jurisdiction of the Ranger of the said park and of the Warden of Windsor Forest, from which the said wood was taken, may be severally preserved, to prevent disputes. Their Lordships agree and order the work at the estimated 225l. 2s.
Order for preparation of a warrant for 150l. to Casper Bergman for house hire, use of furniture, &c., for the lodging and accommodation of the late messenger from Algiers and his servants, and for repairing all damages and losses sustained thereby; Sir Clement Cotterell having certified that Bergman was not paid anything for same out of the 15l. per week allowance made to said messenger when here.
A report from the Commissioners of Customs of the 19th instant, touching the seizure and detention of two French sloops, both named the “Subtill,” complained of by the French minister residing here, read. It appearing that the said sloops were smuggling vessels, a copy of the report in ordered to be transmitted to the Duke of Newcastle to enable his Grace to give the French minister answer.
Mr. Cartwright, Receiver of the Stamp Duties, gives their Lordships an account of the failure of one of his clerks, named Hughes, with about 4,000l. of the public money. Directed to attend with the Commissioners of Stamp Duties on Tuesday next with a state of the matter in writing.
“Many persons having omitted making the last payment of their contributions to the lottery in time and the receivers refusing now to accept their moneys,” the receivers to attend their Lordships on Tuesday next for their directions in this affair.
The Board of Works having represented that a house of which Mr. Cuthbert desires enlargement of term stands in the way of the stables proposed to be built in the Mews by the general plan now executing, their Lordships resolve not to suffer any grant to pass that may obstruct that building.
The report of the Commissioners of Customs of the 11th instant, read on the petition of Henry Blake, late a clerk in Mr. Metcalfe's office. Their Lordships see no cause to further countenance petitioner's complaints.
Mr. Surveyor General's report of June 17th last, on Edward Southwell's petition for reversionary leases of several pieces of ground belonging to him in Spring Garden, read. Their Lordships agree to the grant. The owners of houses having encroached thereon to be obliged to acknowledge and remove same at their own charge whenever His Majesty shall require it. “But then as my Lords find that many of these encroachments are real nuisances and ought to be removed for the public good and safety,” the surveyor is to order removal of such; and further to inquire whether there be not encroachments made on the said ground by other persons than those named in the report.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. pp. 56–7.]
August 31.
238. Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dodington, Mr. Clayton, Sir Wm. Yonge.
The petition of Wm. Fazakerly and Samuel Skinner read, concerning gold bullion seized and forfeited for being landed without entry or the 5 per cent. paid to the [East India] Company. Referred to the Commissioners of Customs.
Their Lordships are acquainted by Mr. Henry Howorth's letter to Mr. Scrope of the 21st instant, that the balance of his accounts as receiver of the Savoy rents shall be forthwith paid into the Exchequer.
Order for the issue to the Paymaster of Exchequer Bills out of supplies, anno 1731, of so much as may cancel the residue uncancelled of the 550,000l. in Exchequer bills, part of the supply for 1730.
The memorial of the 27th instant from the Commissioners of Stamp Duties read, relating to a deficiency in the Receiver General's cash amounting to 2,324l. 3s. Mr. Cartwright, the Receiver, lays the blame on Mr. Hughes, his chief clerk. Their Lordships order a thorough examination into the affair.
Their Lordships being informed that in the grant of the impropriation of Allhallows the Less to Blake and Stockwell, 2 James I., there is contained a reservation to the Crown of all advowsons to the premises belonging, Mr. Paxton is to enter a caveat with the Bishop of London against any institution or induction until Mr. Attorney General be heard upon it on behalf of the Crown.
George Phenney, late Governor of the Bahama Islands, is to be Surveyor General of the Customs on the continent of America, loco Richard Fitz Williams, superseded.
Henry Slingsby is to be inspector of tobacco loco James Pitt, to be superseded.
Mr. Lowther is to pay, out of the King's money in his hands, 32l. 3s. to Mr. Richards for the charge of his journey hence to Hamilton, North Britain, and back.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. pp. 58–9.]