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Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 3, 1735-1738. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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Page 761


Page 72, col. iii., line 2, for Paymaster read Paymasters.

Page 90, col. i., line 8 from bottom, insert date Oct. 3.

Page 149, line 3, for Co. Cardiff read Cardiff port.

Page 154, line 14, for Tolhill read Polhill.

Page 181, line 21, for Whalley read Whatley.

Page 181, line 15, and 187, line 29, for Comptrollers of the Army read Comptrollers of Army [Accounts].

Page 191, line 5, and 269, line 19 from bottom, for Spence read Spencer.

Page 198, line 21, after now and then insert short stops.

Page 198, line 23, for less read left.

Page 198, line 32, for superiorors read superiours.

Page 199, line 14 from bottom, for CCXLII. read CCXCII.

Page 212, col. ii., line 29, for West read Guest.

Page 213, col. iii., line 17, for Thomas Viscount Shannon read Richard Viscount Shannon.

Page 229, col. ii., line 13 from bottom, for J. Chambers read Z. Chambers.

Page 240, col. iv., line 9, and 411, col. iv., line 28, after Bahamas insert [sic erratum for Bermudas].

Page 251, col. ii., line 19 from bottom, for Alexander Young read Thomas Young.

Page 255, col. iv., line 27, for Thorn read Thom.

Page 261, col. ii., line 4 from bottom, for Treasurer read Cofferer.

Page 273, col. ii., line 23 from bottom, for Claud read Charles.

Page 340, line 26, after Gibraltar insert [sic erratum for Annapolis Royal].

Page 344, line 13 from bottom, for Comptroller's read Comptrollers' [scil Comptrollers of Army Accounts].

Page 353, line 18 from bottom, for Pimme read Nimmo.

Page 359, col. iii., line 29, for John Ashton read Joseph Ashton.

Page 369, col. iii., line 13 from bottom, for Auditor of the Receipt read Tellers of the Receipt.

Page 384, col. ii, line 1, for to the French read from the French.

Page 384, col. ii., line 5, after appending insert depositions.

Page 384, col. ii., line 6, for C. Grilband Greffier, read C. Guilbaud, Greffier.

Page 384, col. iv., line 10, for North Britain Book XI. read North Britain Book XII.

Page 390, col. iii., line 1, for Thomas Gildart read Johnson Gildart.

Page 391, col. iii., line 15, for West read Westby.

Page 392, col. iii., line 1, for Barrington read Burrington.

Page 405, col. ii., line 28, after Sheriff insert [sic erratum for Under-Sheriff].

Page 424, col. ii., line 15 from bottom, for John Dayrolle read James Dayrolle

Page 425, col. v., line 3, for 58 read 57b.

Page 429, col. iv., line 3 from bottom, for Bucks read Berks.

Page 432, col. iii., line 30 from bottom, for Harbet read Herbe[r]t.

Page 447, col. ii., line 15 from bottom, after Walpole insert Clerk of the Pells.

Page 476, line 13, for Walter Chelwynde read William Chetwynde.

Page 485, line 24, for Treasury Board Papers CCXCVIII. No. 10 read Treasury Board Papers CCXCVIII. No. 11.

Page 487, line 11 from bottom, for Minns read Minors.

Page 606, col. ii, line 27, after Edward insert [sic erratum for Edmund] Sawyer.