Treasury Books and Papers: April 1735

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Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 3, 1735-1738. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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April 1735

April 2. 42. Royal warrant to Edward Harley and Thos. Foley, Auditors of Imprests, to pass the account of the Paymaster of the Works for works and buildings 1731, December 31, and 1732, December 31.
Appending:—Said account as scheduled by Hugh Howard, Paymaster of the Works.
[King's Warrant Book XXXI. pp. 459–60.]
April 2. 43. Report to the Treasury from Francis Whitworth, Surveyor General of Woods, on the representation of Mr. Hinxman, Woodward of New Forest. Having received no books or papers of any persons, who have before enjoyed the office of Surveyor General of His Majesty's Woods, relating to the execution of his office, has been obliged from time to time to resort to the books of the Treasury and other offices. On the occasion of the late storm of 8th January last procured an account of the trees blown down in St. James's Park and all the forests, and then for directions as to the disposal of windfalls had recourse to the Treasury books, for directions given in the storm in 1703 to Mr. Wilcox, then Surveyor General of Woods of date 1704, June 6. Encloses a copy of same (b.) (i.) as also of orders and warrants (b.) (ii.) and (b.) (iii.) below, Considers that Mr. Hinxman cannot properly contravene either the above recited orders or the Act of 9–10 Wm. III. 4 pages.
—(a.) Memorial [to the Treasury] from Mr. Hinxman, Woodward of New Forest, concerning the execution of his office and the disposal of moorwood, topwood, windfalls, &c.
Endorsed:—1735, March 27, “The Surveyor of Woods to give an answer to this memorial.” 1½ pages.
(b.) (i.) Copy of the directions above referred to from the Lord Treasurer Godolphin to Mr. Wilcox, of date 1704, June 6. 1½ pages.
(b.) (ii.) Same of order from same to Edward Pyle, Woodward of New Forest, of date 1704, November 7, with regard to the disposal of dotard and decayed trees. 2 pages.
(b.) (iii.) Same of warrant from same to Mr. Wilcox, Surveyor of Woods, of date 1704–5, January 5, concerning disposal of wood seized after having been stolen or surreptitiously cut. 1 page.
—1735, May 1, “My Lords are of opinion that the woodward should have the selling of the windfalls, &c., as usual.”
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXXVIII. No. 34.]
April 3.
44. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dodington, Mr. Clayton.
The Earl of Halifax's memorial for repair of the lodge, late Simson's, in Bushey Park, referred to the Surveyor of Woods.
The Duke of Somerset's memorial and estimate for repairing the damages by the late storm in Hampton Court House Park referred to same.
“Write to the Board of Works for the plan prepared by them of a new House of Commons and Cotton Library, with the estimate of the charge thereof.”
Mrs. Withers memorial, praying allowances for her late husband's trouble in securing timber stolen from Salcey and Whittlewood Forest in 1727, referred to Mr. Auditor Lowndes, who is also to consider the cravings of Mr. Warner and Mr. Harbert for the same service.
The petition of the inhabitants of Portland for repair of the way, pier, and crane, lately destroyed by an earthquake referred to same auditor to report a state of the revenues arising there, and of the moneys of the land revenues in the hands of the Receiver of Dorset or other counties within his audit.
The Receivers of the Derwentwater estate to make strict enquiry concerning the informations made to their Lordships of great waste and destruction made upon said estate by cutting down young trees, ploughing up meadow and pasture ground, removing good tenants and taking in others at lesser rents.
The petition of Robert Ellison and others concerning their unexpired interests in certain lead mines on same estate referred to same receivers.
A memorial from the Excise Commissioners of the 2nd instant for 50 soldiers to be quartered in Kent to prevent running of goods, read and to be transmitted to the Secretary at War to take his Majesty's pleasure thereupon.
Mr. Eversfield desiring to surrender his lease of Cheeseworthy Lodge, Cheeseworth, co. Sussex, on account of the Crown's title being very defective, and to be paid his fine and charges for same, read and referred to the Surveyor General of Crown lands.
Order for the issue to the Treasurer of the Navy of 3,000l. out of Exchequer bills on malt, 1735, to answer services on the head of victualling as by his memorial of this day.
The Barons of the Exchequer, Scotland, to be written to for an account of debts owing from any receivers or cashiers of the revenues there, who are dead or removed, and of what care is taken to recover same.
Order for a warrant for remitting to Lawrence Prince the King's third of the penalty to which he is subjected for shipping goods to the East Indies without licence from the East India Company, as by the Customs Commissioners' report of the 27th ult.
Order for 10l. as royal bounty to Thomas Frankz by the hands of Mr. Lowther.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. pp. 311–2; Letter Book XIX. p. 368–9; Reference Book X. pp. 47, 49.]
April 10. 45. Report to the Treasury from Auditor Wm. Lowndes on the petition of the inhabitants of the Isle of Portland. The accounts of Francis Gilbert, bailiff of the said isle, show a produce of stone for seven years at 3d. per ton of 583l. 10s. The profits of Courts of said isle for same time amount to 7l. 7s.d., an average of 83l. 7s.d. and 1l. 1s.d. per annum respectively. Both amounts are annually paid to the Receiver General of the land revenues of Dorset.
Minuted:—Warrant signed to Richard Tucker 12 June, 1735. 1 page.
—(a.) J. Scrope to [Lowndes], transmitting said petition for report. 1 page.
(b.) Said petition with signatures of 89 of the inhabitants of said island. On the 16th December 1734, a shock of earthquake was felt near the quarries, and more than a mile of earth sank away from the cliff, destroying the road to the pier, the pier and the crane on it. By this the duty on shipping and raising stone will be lost by HiS Majesty, and the inhabitants will be deprived of the effect of the royal bounty to them as by his grant of 1730, July 28. 1 sheet
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXXVIII. No. 37.]
April 10.
46. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dodington, Mr. Clayton.
“Write to the Exchequer to satisfy all the warrants and orders signed by my Lords and pensions payable here to Christmas, 1734.”
Order for the issue of 30,000l. to the Treasurer of the Ordnance for land services out of Exchequer bills on malt, 1735, to be dated with the date of said issue.
A letter from the Admiralty of 1735, April 8, read with copies of two letters from Captain Consett of the “Biddeford,” in which the Admiralty desire that Consett may be defended from a vexatious prosecution against him in Scotland on account of a seizure made there under a deputation from the Customs Commissioners, London. The Commissioners of Customs, Scotland, to take care to defend Consett and to be informed “that their Lordships do not apprehend how a deputation from the Commissioners either here or there should vary the merits of the seizure, because the management of the Customs throughout Great Britain is under one and the same commission.”
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. p. 313; North Britain Book XI p. 226.]
April 14. 47. Treasury warrant to Mark Frecker, Robert Manning, Richard Hammond and Edward St. Hill to make forth, in accordance with the Act 5 Geo. II., duplicates of certain lost tickets and certificates in the 1726, 1731, and 1734 lotteries, detailed with the names of the holders and the amount.
[Warrants not relating to money XXV. p. 249.]
April 18.
48. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir George Oxenden, Mr. Dodington, Mr. Clayton.
Mr. Whitworth's report of the 12th ult. for paying the arrear due from the late King to the Conservator and Keeper of Dean Forest out of wood sales, read and agreed to.
The paper of cash is inspected, and several issues on heads of the Civil List ordered to be made thereout, viz., Nicholas Paxton 1,750l., John Walton 146l. 17s., Monsieur Sporcken 300l., George Middleton 1,675l., Thos. Lowther 1,000l., Wm. Ellis 850l., Farmers of Post Fines 804l. 15s.d., Commissioners for executing the office of Master of the Horse 3,000l., Master of the Horse 1,000l., Cofferer of the Household 10,000l., pensions payable by Mr. Stewart 10,821l. 10s. 6d.
Order for the issue to the Paymaster of the Forces of 72,896l. 2s. 11d. out of supplies, 1735, for services as in his memorial of the 15th instant.
Order for 10l. to be paid to Mary Egerton as royal bounty by Mr. Lowther out of the King's money in his hands.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. p. 314.]
April 18. 49. Royal warrant to Henry Pelham, Paymaster General of the Forces, to pay to Wm. Caulfield, Inspector of the roads in North Britain, 400l., for the third year's allowance for inspecting roads and bridges there, constructed by Lieut.-General George Wade.
Appending:—Wade's certificate dated 1734, November 21, that during the last summer Caulfield had repaired the new road from Dunkeld to Fort Augustus and the cross road from Kirriemuir (“Garramoore”) to Ruthven, and had new harled and repaired the foundations of eight stone bridges.
[North Britain Book XI. pp. 245–6.]
April 28. 50. Memorial [to Sir Robert Walpole?] from Ge Beaumont on behalf of the furriers, particularly of the towns of Coventry and Leicester, concerning the almost entire loss of one branch of their trade, viz., the selling of lamb skins dressed with wool on for wear in cold countries, great quantities of which have hitherto been sent to Archangel and other parts by our merchants. One furrier of Coventry, who formerly dressed 60,000 skins per annum, now hardly dresses 1,000. At Leicester the furriers have entirely forsaken that particular manufacture, so that the skins are left on the carcasses of lambs that die, and such as are killed by the butchers can't be sold. In time the art and mystery of dressing these skins, being different from that of leather dressers, will be lost. The furriers affirm that this is due to a misconstruction as to the Leather Act, by which they are obliged to pay duty on the wool as well as the skin, though the former weighs twice the latter, as if the wool were leather. These skins are sold to the merchant for about 5½d. each, and are bought raw at about half the money. In the Leather Act fur is exempted, and at the first execution of the Act wool was so exempt under the denomination of fur. Referred to the Commissioners of Excise.
[Reference Book X. pp. 52–3.]
April 30. 51. Charles Carkesse to John Scrope, dated Custom House, London, forwarding from the Customs Commissioners to the Treasury papers relating to the murder of the dragoon who assisted the Customs officers of Woodbridge in seizing a parcel of tea. Desire that the instructions to the soldiers to assist said officers may be made more explicit than as stated in the Attorney General's opinion of 1733, April 4, concerning repelling force with force.
Minuted as under 1735, May 1, infra. 2 pages.
—(a.) Oliver Newby, Collector of Woodbridge, and Thos. Wilder, same of Ipswich, to the Customs Commissioners, dated Custom House, Ipswich, 1735, April 26. 1½ pages.
(a.) (i.) Said Newby's examination and affidavit. 4 pages.
(a.) (ii.) Same of George Feilden, riding-officer of Customs at Woodbridge. 3½ pages.
(b.) Newby and Wilder to the Customs Commissioners of same date. 1½pages.
(b.) (i.) Coroner's inquisition upon the death of Wm. Cane. 1 page.
(c.) Thos. Wilder to Customs Commissioners, dated Custom House, Ipswich, April 29. 1 page.
(c.) (i.) Examinations of James Goss, junr., of Hadleigh, and of Wm. Meadows of Semer, Suffolk, labourer. 4 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXXVIII. No. 44.]
52. Lord Lovel and Edward Carteret, Postmasters General, to the Treasury, concerning the resolutions lately passed the House of Commons on the subject of franking of letters by members. Desire new directions from the Treasury for the due complying with such resolutions consistently with what is enjoined by the subsisting Treasury warrant to the Postmaster General.
Minuted as under 1735, May 1, infra. 1 page.
[Ibid. No. 45.]