Treasury Books and Papers: May 1735

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Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 3, 1735-1738. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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May 1735

May 1.
53. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir George Oxenden, Mr. Dodington, Mr. Clayton.
The Postmaster General's memorial of the 3rd February last concerning the frauds of Charles Peale, clerk to Wm. Rouse, their Secretary, read. The Postmaster General to order their Solicitor to prosecute without delay.
Memorial of same of the 30th ult. read for new directions with respect to the late resolutions of the House of Commons about franking letters. Ordered to lay before their Lordships such alterations as they shall consider consistent with the warrant now subsisting for franking letters and with said resolutions.
The several letters and affidavits concerning the murder of a dragoon, assisting the Custom House officer at Woodbridge, read from the Customs Commissioners. The Commissioners to propose such reward for apprehension as they think proper.
“Mr. Carkesse having also by his letter dated the 30th April 1735, acquainted my Lords [with] the Commissioners' desire that the warrants by which the soldiers are directed to be assisting to the officers of the Customs may be made more explicit, in regard the soldiers thereby may not repel force by force unless it be found necessary by the Civil magistrate, whose presence as the Commissioners allege is scarce ever to be had, their Lordships are pleased to direct them or some of their number to wait on the Attorney General and Solicitor General with the said warrant and the Lord Hardwicke's opinion thereupon when Attorney General, and obtain their report on the case without loss of time.”
Charles Lord Cathcart's petition for allowances for his charges, &c., during his office of Receiver General of Scotland read and referred to the Barons of the Exchequer, Scotland.
Order for a sign manual for 600l. to Joshua Sharpe for his further expenses relating to the commissions for surveying and inquiring into the fees of the offices of the Courts of England and Wales, in accordance with the letter of the Lords of the Council of the 3rd ult.
The Surveyor General of Woods' representation read on the pretensions of Mr. Hinxman, Woodward of New Forest. Hinxman to take into his charge the windfalls there from the late storm, which by a previous warrant was ordered to be done by said Surveyor General.
Henry and Peter Muilman's petition for drawbacks on Russia hides exported to the East Indies read and referred to the Customs Commissioners.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. p. 315–6; Letter Book XIX. p. 371.]
May 9. 54. A list of vessels entered inwards and cleared outwards at the port of Charleston, South Carolina, for the quarter ended 1735, Lady Day, with all details as to the ships' tonnage, derivation, cargo, &c. Certified by Jos. Fox, naval officer, and attested by Thos. Broughton. 7½ large pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXXVIII. No. 47.]
May 9.
55. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Clayton.
Write to the Exchequer to know what interest may become payable for the million lent on the duties on salt at or before Michaelmas next 1735; also to the Commissioners of Salt duties for an estimate of what the duties appropriated to repay the said million may produce into the Exchequer between this time and Michaelmas next.
The Surveyor General's report in favour of Samuel Edwards for a lease of a slip of ground lying between some houses in Duke Street, Westminster, belonging to him, and the park wall, is to be complied with.
Orders for payment of the following sums now His Majesty is going to Hanover, being the same that were paid on the like occasion in 1732:—
Lord Harrington for extraordinary expenses 3,000
George Tilson for postage, staffets, expresses, and incidents 1,000
Under secretaries, clerks, and Chamber Keeper for the charge of their journeys to and from Hanover 1,340
Order for the issue of 1,000l. to the Treasurer of the Chamber to enable the messengers to perform their foreign journeys as by the Duke of Newcastle's request of the 7th instant.
Order for a warrant for the half-year due at Lady Day last to the Order of the Garter, and for the quarter due same time to the Earl of Warwick on his pension.
Lord Cornwallis's memorial of the 2nd instant concerning George Brain and George Annates, notorious deer stealers now in gaol, read and to be transmitted to Mr. Paxton to put their bonds in suit against them.
The representation from the Surveyor General of Crown lands of the 9th instant read on Charles Eversfield's memorial to be repaid his fine and charges on the lease of Cheeseworth Lodge, Sussex, and for his surrender of same to be accepted, the Crown's title thereto being defective. To be laid before the Attorney and Solicitor General by Mr. Paxton, to advise in defending the title of the Crown as affecting not only the lodge but all the lands within the manor of Cheeseworth and the private properties of other persons holding in fee under the Crown.
Col. George Lyddell's petition for a lease of the site and herbage of the old castle of the town of Newcastle read and referred to the Surveyor General of Crown lands.
George Lowen's bill signed by the Earl of Tankerville for 394l. 19s. for catching and carrving red deer out of the Earl of Salisbury's woods at Hatfield to Windsor Forest read and ordered.
Henry Groombridge of Horsham, to be paid 29l. 10s. for subsisting Custom House officers and soldiers in pursuit of smugglers in 1721 in Sussex.
Mr. Lowther to pay out of the King's money in his hands 738l. 6s. 8d. to John Walthoe, junr., for Daily Courants sent to the Post Office 1734, November 24, to February 22 following, and 238l. 6s. 8d. for “Corn Cutters Journals” sent to same 1734, December 24, to March 25 following.
Mr. Lowther to pay out of the King's money in his hands 600l. to Wm. Arnall for writing and printing “Free Britons.”
Same to pay out of same 100l. to Mr. Delafaye on his assigning for His Majesty's use a stable and ground in Downing Street.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. pp. 318–9; Letter Book XIX. p. 372.]
May 10. 56. Royal sign manual to the Clerk of the Signet attending for preparation of a bill to pass the Privy Seal for the Treasury and Auditors of Imprests and Foreign Accounts, &c, to pass the final accompts of Richard Earl of Ranelagh as Paymaster General of the Forces from 1701, December 25, and as Treasurer of Chelsea Hospital from 1699, March 31, the respective times to which his accompts of same are passed, to 1702, December 24, the day he quitted those employments.
[King's Warrant Book XXXI. pp. 475–90.]
May 12. 57. (a.) Estimate, certified to the Treasury by the Salt Commissioners, of the probable yield between date hereof and Michaelmas ensuing of the salt duties appropriated to repay 1,000,000l., lent thereupon for the service of 1734. (Estimate, 64,000l. or thereabouts.) 1 page.
(b.) Account certified by Alexander Chocke of what interest may become payable for the 1,000,000l., lent on salt for the service of the year 1734, at or before Michaelmas, 1735. 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXXVIII. No. 48.]
May 14. 58. J. Scrope to the Customs Commissioners, enclosing from. the Treasury a letter from Mr. Brinkman for the sending of proper officers to St. James's on Thursday morning at eight o'clock to visit and seal His Majesty's baggage, and that of his servants attending him to Hanover; also for same to Lord Harrington's baggage at his house at St. James's, his Lordship being to attend His Majesty to Hanover.
[Customs Book XIV. p. 97.]
May 15. 59. Royal warrant to Henry Pelham, Paymaster General of the Forces, establishing out of the deductions of 12d. per £ the salary of Sir William Yonge, Bart., as Secretary at war at 1,000l. per annum for himself, over and above the 365l. inserted on the establishment of the Forces, and the further sum of 455l. for the main tenance of his under officers and clerks: to date from the 9th instant. [King's Warrant Book XXXI. p. 497.]
60. Same to same for payment to same of a further sum of 1,000l. over and above the sums specified above, to commence from same date, and to be paid out of poundage deducted from the pay of the Forces. [Ibid. p. 498.]
61. Same to same for payment to same of 200l. per annum, in addition to the above specified payments, “to pay the rent of a house for him to reside in, there being none in our gift vacant at present. [Ibid.]
May 15. 62. Royal warrant to the Advocate General and Procurator General in the Admiralty Court and Courts Ecclesiastical to appear on the King's behalf before the judge of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury to assert the King's right to the state, detailed, of Anthony Chion, a native of France, who came to England in 1685 and died an intestate alien without relatives in 1731.
[King's Warrant Book XXXI. p. 499.]
May 16. 63. Same to James Duke of Hamilton, Keeper of the King's Palace of Holy rood House, to put Lord Glenorchy in possession of certain lodgings, with washhouse and back yards in Holyrood Palace, at present possessed by his father, John Earl of Bredalbane, together with the addition of two rooms and garrets above them, looking into the court adjoining same lodgings, and a six-horse stable and coach house in an outer back court, not yet in grant to any person. All on the prayer of said Earl of Bredalbane. [North Britain Book XI. p. 259.]
May 16. 64. ‘Monsieur de Johnn, Resident from the King of Denmark being to make the present journey to Hanover with His Majesty, desires that the 62,500 crowns subsidy to the King of Denmark, which will become due and payable the 19th of June next may be now paid him, his master's service greatly requiring same. My Lords hereupon agree that in case Mr. Holden and Mr. Bance or either of them do give the said Monsieur de Johnn their bills on Hamburg for 62,500 crowns their Lordships will take care that the sum of 14,583l. 6s. 8d. shall be paid them by the Paymaster General of His Majesty's Forces, to answer the value of the said bills, being at the rate of 4s. 8d. the crown.”
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. p. 319.]
May 20.
65. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dodington, Mr. Clayton, Earl of Cholmondeley.
The Earl of Cholmondeley's commission as a Commissioner of the Treasury, loco Sir Wm. Yonge, made Secretary at War, opened read and entered in full, dated Westminster, May 19.
A memorial in the name of the merchants and planters trading to Barbados and the Leeward Islands, read complaining of difficulties introduced since 1732 with respect to the collectors of the 4½ per cent. Referred to the Customs Commissioners.
“Write to the Commissioners of the Navy stating the naval supplies for the year 1735, and what have been to this time issued in part thereof, and direct them to lay before their Lordships a distribution of the residue, so as their Lordships may be informed at what times, for what services, and in what sums the remainder may be issued until the granting of new supplies in the next Parliament.”
The Attorney and Solicitor General in their report of the 10th instant concerning the assistance of civil officers by the military, advise the substitution in the royal warrant for such assistance of the words, “It shall be found absolutely necessary,” for the words, “Thereunto required by the civil magistrate.” Said report to be transmitted to the Secretary at War to be laid before Her Majesty for her approbation and direction therein.
Mr. Turbill's report, relating to lands seized under the late Commissioners for Forfeitures as being given to superstitious uses, to be laid before their Lordships on Tuesday next.
The Taxes Commissioners to attend on Thursday week with an account of the various Receivers and their arrears, with a view to the appointment of Receivers for the present year, “And my Lords will at the same time consider the case of such of the Receivers when the Land Tax was at 12d. per £, whose profits thereby did, if anything, very little exceed the charge they were at and what compensation is reasonable to be made the said Receivers in respect thereof.”
The Earl of Godolphin's pension of 3,000l. per annum is to cease from the day his allowance as Lord Privy Seal commences. Order for a warrant accordingly.
The Customs Commissioners' report of the 16th instant read on the petition of Henry and Peter Muilman for drawback on Russia hides exported to the East Indies. The Commissioners being of opinion that as the searchers cannot certify for this debenture, having no knowledge of the shipping for exportation the granting of it will be contrary to law and subject the revenue to great hazards their Lordships agree therewith.
Thomas Smith to be a land carriage man.
On Mr. Coghill's application for leave of absence as a Commissioner of Revenue, Ireland, Mr. Thompson to be informed thereof, and that it may be necessary for him to go to Ireland to keep up the necessary quorum of said Commissioners.
The memorial of Richard Coope, agent for St. Christopher, on behalf of the purchasers of French lands there, read, concerning fees and charges on conveyances for same. “My Lords declare that they are unacquainted with the fees and charges payable on making conveyances in the said island, but are pleased to direct that the fees and charges of the letters patent for vesting in trustees the said lands be paid out of the money arising by sale thereof, it being His Majesty's pleasure that same should be carried on in a manner the least burthensome to the purchasers.”
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. p. 320–2; Letter Book XIX. p. 373.]
May 22. 66. Statement of account by Nathaniel Butterfield, Collector of the Liquor Tax, Bermudas, of his receipts and disbursements therein, 1732, November, to 1734, November; account dated 1734, November 6, and certified by John Pitt, Governor, &c., of the Bermudas, 1735, May 22. 11 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXXVIII. No. 51.]
67. An account of debts due to the King in money and bonds by late several collectors of the old duty on Scotch salt on the 25th day of March 1735, with the bonds then due and how many thereof are in process. Certified by Anthony Norman, Assistant Comptroller General, Salt office, Edinburgh. 1 page.
[Ibid. No. 52.]
68. Charles Carkesse to John Scrope, dated Custom House, London, concerning the violent opposition to the officers of the Customs in the execution of their duty from smugglers, and forwarding from the Commissioners of Customs an account (a.). 1 page.
—(a.) A paper or account of notorious instances of riots and assaults by smugglers, and of running great quantities of tea and other goods by violence and force of arms since May 1733.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXXVIII. No. 53.]
May 24. 69. The Duke of Dorset, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, to the Treasury, dated from Whitehall. Enclosing accounts (a.-c.), and paying a royal warrant for allowing the said overdrawings in the Vice-Treasurer's accounts. 1½ pages.
—(a.)-(c.) Papers of accounts as follow, certified by Luke Gardiner, Deputy Receiver General, Ireland:—
(a.) Payments made on account of Military Contingencies, Ireland, in one year from 1734, Lady Day, to 1735, Lady Day. (Total of payments, 4,227l. 0s.d., against an established allowance of 3,000l.) 6½ pages.
(b.) Same on account of Concordatums ibid. in same period. (Total payments, 9,708l. 12s.d., against an established allowance of 59,000l.) 8½ pages.
(c.) Same on account of Barracks ibid. in same period. (Total of payments, 20,339l. 6s. 11d., against an established allowance of 7,002l 6s. 11d.) 7 pages. [Ibid. No. 54.]
May 28. 70. Petition of the Treasury from the Provost, &c., of the town of Edinburgh. King James III. of Scotland, by charter under the Great Seal of 1482, November 16, granted to petitioners the heritable office of sheriffship within said city and liberties thereof. Said grant has been confirmed by His Majesty's predecessors. Pray a confirmation thereof in such manner as to prevent doubts and disputes about the exercise of their office of sheriffship: likewise by novo damus to extend the said jurisdiction and office over the regality of the Canongate and over the barony and burgh of barony of Portsburgh, and the lands of Calton or back of the Canongate. Referred to the Barons of the Exchequer, Scotland.
[North Britain Book XI. p. 261.]
May 29. 71. Royal warrant by the Queen as Guardian of the Kingdom, &c., co the Commissioners and Trustees for Fisheries and Improvements in Scotland to issue their precepts to their cashier for the payment of sums named amounting to 1,101l. 5s.d. being the savings of the Improvement fund in the year 1734, in certain proposed ways, detailed, for the encouragement of the flax, linen, and cambric manufactures.
[Ibid. pp. 261–2.]
May 29. 72. Memorial to the Commissioners and Governors of the Royal Hospital for seamen at Greenwich to the Queen, praying to be invested with the proper powers for dealing with the Derwentwater estate, in accordance with the terms of the Act of the last Session, for the application of the rents and profits of the said estate towards the finishing of said hospital, and afterwards towards the maintenance of decrepid seamen. 3 pages with signatures.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXXVIII. No. 56.]
May 29.
73. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dodington, Mr. Clayton, Lord Cholmondeley.
Orders for the issue to the Cofferer of 10,000l., in further part of 30,710l. for 1735, Lady Day quarter, and 6,203l. 9s. 11d. to the Treasurer of the Chamber for the establishment of the office of the Chamber for same quarter.
Same for a Queen's warrant for 100l., royal bounty, to Arthur Collins.
“The residence of the Commissioners of the Customs with respect to England and Scotland is to be the same as before the renewal of the commission, whereby Sir Robert Corbett will be to reside here instead of Mr. Hale, deceased.
A memorial of Lord Belhaven read for a coinage of copper halfpence and farthings to be made in the Mint at Edinburgh. Referred to the officers of the Mint, London, to consider and report their opinion.
A petition in the name of George Earl of Morton for grant of an oyster bed in the Firth of Forth, adjoining his estate, with Mr. Solicitor Ereskin's opinion thereupon read and referred to the Barons of the Exchequer, Scotland, to consider and, if advisable, to transmit to their Lordships a proper warrant therefor.
Order for a warrant for Sir John Anstruther, Master of the Works in Scotland to take down certain ruinous buildings, belonging to Holyrood House, described in his memorial, and to apply such of the materials as shall be of use towards the repairs of other offices going into decay.
A petition in the name of Sir John Anstruther read for a new lease or tack of feu and teind duties, &c., payable out of lands in the parish of Newburn, and out of lands of Newton of Ryers, read and referred to the Barons of the Exchequer, Scotland.
A memorial read in the name of Arthur Balfour et al for a power of revocation to be released that is contained in the grants of the forfeited estates of the family to trustees for their use. Ordered to be transmitted to Barons of the Exchequer, Scotland, to state the value thereof and report opinion.
A petition read in the name of Dame Hanah Nairne for arrears due in the late King's time on her late husband's salary of 300l. per annum as Secretary to the Order of the Thistle. Referred to same.
Mr. Revel to attend on Tuesday next concerning his letter of the 23rd and the accompanying estimate for building a store house and two dwelling-houses at Gibraltar.
Leave of absence to Mr. Richards, a deputy King's waiter, London port, to enable him to attend as a witness in some causes of the Earl of Orrery's, which are to be tried in Ireland.
Order for the usual warrant to the Revenue Commissioners, Ireland, for the free import of clothing and accoutrements for Bissett and Oughton's regiments there as in the letter of Mr. Wilson, agent thereto, of the 23rd instant.
Order for the following issues out of public funds anno. 1735:—
£ s. d.
To the Navy—For chest at Chatham 13,000 0 0
To the Navy—For sick and hurt, quarter 9,942 11 1
To the Navy—For two months' course to end 1734, December 101,432 0 0
To Ordnance for land and sea services 30,000 0 0
To Paymaster of Forces for the service thereof 151,115 15 8
Order for the proper warrants to be signed by the Queen according to the Lord Lieutenant's letter of the 24th instant for placing Captains Woodhouse and Thecker on half-pay, and for making good the overdrawings on the funds for Concordatums, Military Contingencies, and Barracks, Ireland.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. pp. 323–4; Letter Book XIX. p. 372; North Britain Book XI p. 263–5.]
May 30. 74. Report to the Treasury from Auditor E. Harley on the petition and account of Benjamin Swete, Deputy-Paymaster of the Forces in the late war, for certain claims and demands towards discharging the in super of 3,841l. 19s. 10¾d., set on him in the account of James Duke of Chandos, late Paymaster General of the Forces abroad, from 1712, December 25, to 1713, August 24. Minuted as under 1735, September 18. 5½ pages.
—(a.) Swete's petition to the Treasury with order of reference, dated 1734–5, February 11. 1½ pages.
(b.) Statement of money claimed by petitioner, 1 page.
(c.) Certificate by the Duke of Chandos of Swete's services in the above office. 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXXVIII. No. 57.]
75. Representation to same from the Earl of Halifax, Auditor of the Receipt, concerning the opinions of the Treasury as to the payment of the interest on the orders of loan for 1,000,000l. on salt duties, granted by 7 Geo. II., and the reasons why said opinion cannot be complied with. Doubts strongly whether, under the terms of the clause, p. 103 in the said Act, the money paid into the Receipt on account of duties continued by that Act and now remaining in the Receipt can be applied to the payment of the interest now accrued and growing due upon the said 1,000,000l. until the principal, interest and premium on the loans or Exchequer bills made forth in pursuance of the Act 5 Geo. II. be fully satisfied or money sufficient be reserved for that purpose. Is strengthened in this opinion by the terms of clause in p. 105 in the same statute. 1½ pages. [Ibid. No. 58.]
May 30. 76. Petition to same from John Lord Belhaven, General of His Majesty's Mint in Scotland. Sets forth the want of copper farthings and halfpence in Scotland, because none can be had but from London with great disadvantage, which has been the occasion of counterfeiting silver coin in Scotland as well as copper. His Majesty's subjects there are emulous of a coinage there, and all the officers necessary are established for that purpose. Therefore, proposes to coin 60 or 70 tons of copper at Edinburgh of the same size, weight, and fineness as the copper money made in London, under the same limitations and with the same allowances, saving that memorialist proposes that the importers of copper should furnish it in blanks for greater despatch, and that he be allowed 5d. per lb. weight, as was allowed to the Master of the Tower Mint on the copper money sent to Ireland. Referred to the officers of the Mint in the Tower. [Reference Book X. p. 55.].
May 30. 77. Petition to the Treasury from the magistrates, &c., of the town of Tenby in Pembroke. Being a town of great trade Tenby had about 23 years since a Post Office settled there, with a salary of 6l. and a stage of only three miles distance. Soon after, for the ease of the Postmaster of Haverford West, this stage was removed to Templeton, a distance of eight miles, by which the Postmaster at Tenby not being able to keep a horse is not able to deliver letters in time to allow returns to be made by post. Pray an allowance to said postmaster to enable him to keep a horse. Referred to the Postmasters General. [Ibid. p. 54.]