Treasury Books and Papers: July 1736

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Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 3, 1735-1738. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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July 1736

July 1. 63. Treasury warrant to the Auditor of the Receipt to pay to Thomas Robe and Charles Peter, holders by letters patent of 1732, June 26, of the office of Clerk of the Market of the King's Household within and without the liberties, the sum of 33l. 4s.d. for the period 1733–4, February 1, to 1735, September 29, on their salary of 20l. per annum. By said letters patent the said salary was payable out of the issues, fines, forfeitures, amerciaments and other profits assessed, forfeited or growing before them in the execution of their said office. But it appears that the said fines and forfeitures so assessed are not received by the said Clerks of the Market, but are returned and estreated into the Exchequer and levied by the respective sheriffs concerned, by means whereof the said salary has not been paid to said Clerks out of the same. From and after the last date in the above said payment, viz.: 1735, September 29, “it is meant and intended no further or other payment shall be made to them or either of them at the Receipt of His Majesty's Exchequer upon or for the said salary, or for or by reason of the said office, which has been represented to us as an office grown obsolete and of no signification or use.”
[Money Book XXXVIII. pp. 351–2.]
July 1.
64. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dodington, Lord Sundon, Mr. Winnington.
Lord Lovelace and his mother are to be paid their pensions for 1736, midsummer quarter, by Mr. Stewart.
Mr. Jarningham, having applied for liberty to stamp certain medals at the Mint, Mr. Conduit, Master Worker of the Mint, to be asked if he has any objection to same.
Mr. Paxton to be directed to proceed with all diligence against Alexander Stevenson's executors for recovery of a debt from him to an Independent Company at Jamaica.
Order for a sign manual for 100l., royal bounty to John Blinman.
The Commissioners of Excise are to appoint Bendall Martin their secretary, loco Mr. Gray, now a Commissioner of the Revenue, Ireland.
The memorial of the 15 March last from the Commissioners of Salt duties, Scotland, concerning the application of those duties there and the remittance of the proceeds to England read, with the Lord Advocate's opinion annexed. “My Lords say their intention was that the said duties should be subject to all legal charges and outgoings, and although the said Commissioners were directed by their Lordships' letter dated the 25 February 1734–5, to remit the said duties here towards satisfying loanes and interest charged thereupon, yet it was meant only so much of the said revenue as should remain after the said legall allowances were satisfied.”
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. p. 391; Letter Book XIX. p. 411.]
July 1. 65. Treasury warrant to the Surveyor General and other officers of the Board of Works to perfect the agreement for the absolute purchase of the “King and Queen's Head” alehouse adjoining St. James's Palace, same having greatly annoyed their Majesties last winter, insomuch that they were several times, from the stench of a necessary house belonging to it, obliged to remove out of their apartment.
Prefixing:—Report from said Office of Works and particulars of Mr. Locke's demands for the conveyance of said alehouse to the Crown. [Lord Chamberlain's Warrant Book II. p. 49–50.]
66. Same to same to repair and restore the painting by Verrio in His Majesty's chapel at Windsor, said painting being greatly decayed and defaced: all at an estimate of 350l.
Memorial from the Board of Works to the Treasury of same date, concerning said painting and estimating as above “to have the same repaired and restored in the manner the Great Staircase at Windsor was done in the year 1731.” [Ibid. p. 50.]
July 2. 67. J. Scrope to the Commissioners of Salt duties, Scotland, concerning the deduction of salt debentures before remittance of the income from said duties to England. “Their Lordships' orders signified by my letter dated 1734–5, February 25, for remitting the said salt duties here towards paying off loans and interest charged thereupon meant only so much of the said revenues as should from time to time be remaining in the hands of your cashier after the said legal allowances are satisfied.”
Prefixing:—(a.) Memorial from said Commissioners to the Treasury of date 1735–6, March 18, concerning the case of Mr. Wm. Alexander, a merchant of Edinburgh, who held a debenture of 25l. 4s. representing bounty on a parcel of white herrings exported from Irvine, said debenture having been, on the option, as usual, of the exporter, certified from the collector at Irvine on the Excise Commissioners, who refuse to pay same, alleging that said collector had money in his hands from the duty on Scotch salt, which he ought to have applied to payment of said debenture. Desire a resolution whether such application of the salt duty money is permissible in view of the Treasury order as above and of the Act 5 Geo. II., cap. 17.
(b.) Statement of opinion by Duncan Forbes, His Majesty's Advocate General, Scotland, on the query.
[North Britain Book XI. pp. 445–7.]
July 22.
68. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Sundon, Mr. Winnington.
Order for the issue to the Treasurer of the Navy out of funds, anno 1736, of 64,078l. for services as in his memorial of this day.
Same for the issue out of the Civil List Revenues of the sums wanting to clear to Lady Day 1736 on the following heads:—
£ s. d.
To the Wardrobe 6,294 3
To the Treasurer of the Chamber by Lord Chamberlain's warrants 2,727 16 5
To salaries and pensions at the Exchequer 6,603 6 6
The respite taken off George Osmond, a Receiver of land tax for this year, but the Agents for Taxes are to require from him an account of the arrears of the last year's tax, showing what remains in his hands and what in the country uncollected.
“My Lords also, Sir Wm. Yonge being present, discourse about the great arrear owing from Burridge, the late Receiver for Devon.” The Agents for Taxes are to represent a full state of the case of the proofs of effects concealed abroad, with their proposals for getting in same.
Mr. Dee, joint Receiver with Dee of the county of Sussex, being dead, and a great part of last year's tax for that county being still in arrear, the Agents for Taxes are to write to the Acting Commissioners for the divisions in arrear, and press them to hasten the collecting and paying in of same.
The memorial of the Board of Works of 1736, June 1, read concerning ground to be sold for stables at Windsor for 840l., which used to be rented when the Court was there, at an excessive rent. Their Lordships agree to the purchase.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. p. 392.]
July 24. 69. Articles of agreement, indented and concluded between the Lords of the Treasury and the Governor and Company of the Bank of England for circulating Exchequer bills at 3 per cent. per annum for one year to July 24, 1737.
[Warrants not relating to Money XXV. p. 288.]
July 27. 70. Treasury warrant to the Surveyor General and other officers of the Board of Works for the purchase, for the Crown, of some stabling situate on the north side of the terrace at Windsor, which commonly used to be rented by His Majesty at an excessive rate when the Court was there, containing room for 50 horses and eight coaches, and also one tenement and an acre of garden ground in the Town Field, all at a cost of 840l.: said purchase being thought the more necessary because there are no stables belonging to His Majesty at Windsor, nor so convenient a place to build any upon.
Prefixing:—Memorial from said Board of Works of date 1736, June 1. [Lord Chamberlain's Warrant Book II. pp. 50–1.]
July 27.
71. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Sundon, Mr. Winnington.
The Survevor General of Crown Lands produces two letters from Mr. Burward and Mr. Chambers, dated Whitby, 1736, July 11, and Lythe, July 23, relating to the late Duke of Buckingham's estate reverted to the Crown. Their Lordships approve of their buying the necessary stores of coal and kelp to keep the alum works going, and desire that the coals may be taken from Mr. Headworth's mine. “My Lords also approve of the contract which they have made for 200 tons of the King's allom at 12l. per ton to be delivered on the spot clear of all charges and shall be well pleased that the rest of the King's allom, being 200 tons, be contracted for and disposed of at the same rate.”
Mr. Paxton's report of May 22 last rend on Brogden Poplett's petition for leave to compound a debt to the Crown, said report being adverse. “Upon the application of gentlemen of worth and consideration in his behalf my Lords agree that upon the payment of 140l. the forfeited recognizances with which he stands charged in the Remembrancer's office, amounting to 1,110l., be discharged and his person freed from imprisonment on account thereof.”
Order for the issue to the Treasurer of the Navy, out of funds anno 1736, of 17,654l. 19s. for services specified in his memorial of this day.
Same for same out of the Civil List Revenues of 10,717l. 8s. 6d. to clear foreign ministers on their ordinary and extraordinary allowances to 1736, Lady Day.
“Mr. Carkesse by letter dated the 22nd instant, having intimated amongst other things that my Lords had not signified their pleasure to the Commissioners of the Customs in relacon to the 224 persons, against whom informacons are entered and now depending for duties, whether they are to be deemed within the exception of the latter part of the 8th clause of the Act past last Sessions for releasing smugglers, let the Commissioners know that my Lords have considered the said clause, and that the difficulties which arise thereupon are best to be expounded by the Court of Exchequer by bringing the matter in judgment before them.”
Gabriel Tompkins' petition to be rewarded out of the King's share of seizures for services done by himself and agents in making them, referred to Customs Commissioners.
Order for Joseph Wherrit to be paid 20l. by Mr. Lowther in consideration of his extraordinary service and pains in copying papers and other business in the Treasury office during last Session of Parliament. [Treasury Minute Book XXVII. pp. 393–4.]
July 29. 72. Statement of account certified by the Earl of Halifax, Auditor of the Receipt, of the income of the deductions of 6d. per £ out of all payments by the Crown, &c., for nine years 1727, June 24, to 1736, June 24 (total, 278,168l. 14s. 4d.). 2 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCXCII No. 9.]
July 31. 73. Report to the Treasury from the Commissioners of Customs, London, on the petition of several planters and merchants trading with the sugar Colonies for leave to warehouse under the joint key of the officers of Customs, Excise and of themselves large quantities of rum imported before the passing of the late Act concerning spirituous liquors, the price having fallen so considerably as to make it not worth their while to pay the duties down. 1½ pages.
—(a.) Statement of opinion by the Attorney General dated 1736, July 23 and 30, upon the case. Is of opinion that the goods cannot be landed till the Excise duties are fully satisfied; but that the Customs duties may be secured by lodging the rum in the King's warehouses for any time not exceeding six months. 4 pages.
(b.) Said petition of 33 merchants, detailed. 2 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCXCII. No. 10.]