Treasury Books and Papers: October 1736

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Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 3, 1735-1738. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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October 1736

Oct. 5.
100. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Sundon. Order for the following issues out of the Civil List:—
£ s. d.
To the Cofferer of the Household, to complete 32,740l. for 1736, Midsummer quarter 12,740 0 0
To the Gentlemen and Grooms of the Bedchamber, same quarter 4,150 0 0
To Francis Whitworth for Hampton Court walling, 1,000l. and for works in Hyde Park, 500l. 1,500 0 0
To the Earl of Tankerville 700 0 0
To Thos. Lowther 1,500 0 0
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. p. 408.]
Oct. 7.
101. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Sundon, Mr. Winnington.
Mrs. Grimstone, wife of Richard Grimstone, Deputy Marshal of the Vice-Admiralty Courts in South Carolina, solicits their Lordships with more than ordinary importunity on her husband's being tried for the murder of William Gordon, master of the “Scipio,” merchant ship, who was killed whilst resisting the execution of a warrant which Grimstone had against him. Their Lordships conceive there is no reason for the Crown to be at any expense in regard thereto, but order 20l. out of the King's money in Mr. Lowther's hands to petitioner as an object of charity.
The report of the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the 29th ult. read on Mr. Moor's tender for a lease of the late Duke of Buckingham's estate and alum works. Said proposals rejected. Said Surveyor General to be acquainted herewith and to be asked for further information on several points, detailed, concerning said estate and works.
The memorial of the Deputy Paymaster of the Forces of 1736, October 4, enclosing Sir Joseph Evles's proposal for remitting subsistence money to Gibraltar and Minorca, read and agreed to as follows, the rates of exchange being certified to be as usual, viz.:—
17,250 dollars for Minorca, payable at sight in gold, at 55d. per dollar.
24,800 dollars for Gibraltar, payable at sight in gold, at 54d. per dollar.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. pp. 409–10; Letter Book XIX. pp. 420–1.]
Oct. 12.
102. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Sundon, Mr. Winnington.
Order for the issue to the Treasurer of the Navy out of supplies anno 1736 of 4,000l. to pay imprests and bills of exchange, according to his memorial of this day.
Same for same to the Treasurer of the Ordnance of 25,000l. for services as in the memorial from the Board of Ordnance of the 2nd instant.
Lord Halifax's report of September 30 last read on the petition of the Paymasters and Comptroller of Exchequer Bills for enlargement of their salaries in regard to the increase of business since 1726. Agreed that 150l. per annum be added to the salaries of the Paymasters and 50l. to the Comptroller for themselves, clerks and substitutes.
Order for the following issues out of the Civil List Revenues:—
£ s. d.
To the Prince of Wales 4,000 0 0
To Mr. Hatton 400 0 0
To Mr. Selwyn 615 7 6
To Mr. Andrews and Mr. Spence 41 0 0
“Let Mr. Cockburn, the Duke of Argyle's secretary, know that the Chancellor of the Exchequer would speak with him to-morrow at Chelsea, between 8 and 9 in the forenoon.”
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. p. 411.]
Oct. 13. 103. Report to the Treasury from Thomas Walker, Surveyor General of Crown Lands, concerning the valuation of the alum works at Mulgrave, on the estate of the late Duke of Buckingham, reverted to the Crown.
Followed by further letter to same from same of date, October 20, concerning a fresh tender received from Mr. Moor for the estate and alum works. 6 pages.
—(a.) Abstract of a lease dated 1726, from Hugh Cholmley to the Duchess of Buckingham of the alum works at Saltwick in the parish of Whitby. 1 page.
(b.) Same of a contract dated 1719–20, March 8, between John, Duke of Buckingham, and Zachary Moore concerning the alum works at Lingbury. 2pages.
(c.) (d.) (e.) Three tenders for the lease of the said alum works and estate, from Harnage More, the last dated 1736, October 13. 7 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCXCII. No. 34.]
Oct. 14.
104. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Sundon, Mr. Winnington.
The Duke of Grafton is to be paid 750l. for 1736, Midsummer quarter.
Thomas Cheese's petition, to be secured the possession of an apartment in a house in the Savoy, read.
The memorial from the Board of Ordnance of the 30th ult. read, for a house or place to be assigned them in the Savoy for keeping and repairing the bedding belonging to the barracks there in lieu of the place for that purpose lately taken away. Referred to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands.
Gabriel Tompkins' petition for rewards for detecting smugglers read, and 200l. ordered “which reward is to cease any further application from Mr. Tompkins to my Lords on account of their pleasure signified in his behalf to the Commissioners of the Customs by Mr. Scrope's letter dated the 18th April, 1734, whereby Tompkins was to have a moiety of the king's share of all seizures made and to be made by his means.”
The report of the Auditor of Imprests on a super set on the late Earl of Portmore in the account of the Paymaster of the Forces, to be looked out and laid before their Lordships at their next meeting.
The petition of William Hayward, late a landwaiter, London port, for re-delivery of his bond, referred to Customs Commissioners.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. p. 412; Customs Book XIV. p. 199; Reference Book X. p. 80; Letter Book XIX. p. 421.]
Oct. 17. 105. Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough, to [? John Scrope], dated from Windsor Lodge, concerning encroachment and damage to her coach house, caused by the insolence and folly of the King's workmen in pulling down the next house to her own, for Her Majesty's service. “I believe you will think it would be very hard that a house which has cost the Duke of Marlborough a good deal more than 40,000l., and the Crown not a shilling, and settled upon his posterity after I am dead, should give me any more trouble.” 3 pages.
—(a.) Letter dated 1736, October 16, from Eliz. Arbor [to the said Duchess] concerning said acts of the King's workmen. 1 page. [Treasury Board Papers CCXCII. No. 35.]
Oct. 19.
106. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Sundon, Mr. Winnington.
“Look out the papers from the Government of Ireland concerning the demands of William Palmer, usher and keeper of the Council Office there for fees for bills past in Parliament in the sessions 1715, 1717 and 1719, and prepare a warrant for paying the said fees conformable thereunto in case it be not already done.”
Mr. Wych's and Mr. Titley's warrants for their ordinary and extraordinaries to 1736, Midsummer, are to be satisfied, and their warrants for Michaelmas quarter to be prepared.
Order for the issue to the Paymaster General of the Forces out of public funds, 1736, of 101,013l. to carry on the subsistence to the widows of the reduced officers, as by his memorial of this day.
On the assurances of gentlemen of good consideration, John Coleman and William Phillips reinstated as Surveyors of Customs at Harwich, having been dismissed by the Customs Commissioners.
A letter signed for issuing 6,562l. 3s.d. out of the Civil List Revenues, which includes the payments above to Mr. Titley and Mr. Wych.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. p. 413; Customs Book XIV. p. 198.]
Oct. 21.
107. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Sundon, Mr. Winnington.
Thomas Leiving's petition complaining of the artifices used by the officers of the German church in the Savoy in obtruding upon and obtaining possession of a house and ground there, inhabited by him, read and referred to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands.
The said Surveyor's report of the 20th instant read on the memorial of the Board of Ordnance, touching a house in the Savoy used for lodging and cleaning the beds belonging to the barracks there, which, as they allege, is taken away. The Board of Ordnance to be informed that it appears to their Lordships by the said report that no house in the Savoy had been appropriated for that service other than what was hired or rented at the expense of the contractor who supplied said bedding, and if it be as representedimpossible for them to furnish in a proper manner at all times the bedding necessary for so large a number of men as are always quartered there, the contractor is at liberty to hire or rent another amongst the several houses in the Savoy adjoining to or near the barracks, which are the absolute property of the Crown.
Their Lordships approve of the appointment by the Stamp Commissioners of John Carr to act as Receiver General of Stamp Duties upon the death of Henry Cartwright, the late Receiver, to whom Carr was first clerk, until another Receiver be constituted.
Write to the Commissioners of the Wine Licences to know the number of licences taken out since the Act of last session for a duty on spirituous liquours, and what the rents received thereupon amount to.
Mr. Lowther is to pay to Mr. John Walthoe 916l. 13s. 4d. out of the King's money in his hands for “Daily Gazetteers” delivered by him to the Post Office, 1736, June 30, to September 30; and 4l. 17s. to Samuel Barnesley, to reimburse the like sum expended by him for necessaries for the Treasury Chamber.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. p. 414; Letter Book XIX. p. 423.]
Oct. 25. 108. Account certified by the Commissioners of Wine Licences to the Treasury, of the number of licences taken out since the Act of last session for a duty on spirituous liquors. (Total of half-yearly licences to alehouses and coffeehouses in London, Westminster and the adjacent villages, 531, yielding 270l.). 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCXCII. No. 41.]
Oct. 26.
109. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dodington, Lord Sundon.
Order for the issue of 10,067l. 0s.d. to the Master of the Great Wardrobe to clear the debt in the office of the Great Wardrobe at Midsummer, 1736.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVIII. p. 1.]