Treasury Books and Papers: June 1735

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Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 3, 1735-1738. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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June 1735

June 3.
78. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir George Oxenden, Mr. Dodington, Mr. Clayton, Lord Cholmondeley.
The Taxes Commissioners attend with their certificate of the present Receivers. The account of said Receivers' arrears read, and all the Receivers for Land Tax, 1735, continued except three named.
A memorial from same read representing that article in their commission, by which they are directed to take care of recovering all ipsums and supers and other debts of the Crown, and to see that all rents and beneficial matters reserved to the Crown be duly put in charge. Ordered that the King's Remembrancer, the Clerk of the Pipe, and the Auditors of the Land Revenue be directed by, proper warrants to transmit such lists and accounts as may enable the said Commissioners effectually to perform this service.
Said Commissioners to lay before their Lordships an account of the sums recovered and paid into the Exchequer hitherto by means of their pursuing this article of their commission.
Memorial of same of 1732, July 3, for arrears on their salaries at the time of the late King's demise read, “Which my Lords will consider when any further distribution shall be made of the late King's arrears.”
“My Lords taking notice of the great arrears standing out on the duties on houses, especially for London, Westminster, and Middlesex, whereof Sir Robert Baylis is Receiver, the Commissioners of Taxes are ordered to instruct the surveyors of the said duties in all counties and places where such great arrears are standing out to inquire and know the true causes thereof, which the Commissioners are to lay before my Lords with their observations thereupon, and how the same may be remedied for the future.”
“It being observed that great sums of money are said to be remaining in several of the Receivers' hands in the country for want of returns in bills, the said Commissioners are to judge where such wants are most likely to continue, and to order such Receivers to bring up their money with guards.”
Said Commissioners acquainted with the applications to the Treasury by many of the Receivers for an additional allowance on a Land Tax of 12d. in the £, in regard the poundage allowed by Parliament after deduction of charges is no way adequate to the labour. Said Commissioners to consider same and state the amount of each Receiver's poundage, the charge, and the additional allowance, which it may be reasonable to make.
Mr. Revell attended, and is desired by their Lordships to make a further proposal with relation to the enlarging and building new storehouses for victualling at Gibraltar.
Order for a warrant for paying the Band of Pensioners to 1735, Lady Day.
Same for the issue of 10,710l. to the Cofferer of the Household to complete 30,710l. for Lady Day quarter, and 5,387l. 1s.d. to the Paymaster of the Works for the office of the works, same quarter.
“Read a memorial from Richard Bently, tne King's Library Keeper, for an allowance in consideration of the charge he is at, not only for house hire but providing sundry sorts of necessaries since the library was removed from Ashburnham House on account of the fire there, and my Lords agree that 100l. per annum be allowed in consideration thereof.”
Order for a warrant for 26,000l. to the Trustees for Georgia, pursuant to the Act of Parliament in that behalf.
Same for same for 100l. to the Customs Commissioners to be paid to Nathaniel Smith and placed to the account of incidents.
Thos. Pochin to be Surveyor of Windows in Leicestershire in case — Batchelor, the surveyor, be dead; John Till to be Collector at Chichester, loco Francis Allen, deceased, at the recommendation of the Duke of Richmond; John Hudson to be riding officer, loco said Till; Wm. Collins to succeed John Roile as riding officer at Littlehampton.
A memorial of John Rae, late Surveyor General of Customs in the South-west coast of Scotland, to be commissioned as a riding surveyor in the districts of Carlisle and Whitehaven, and along that coast on the English side, read. Their Lordships being of opinion same may be of good service to the revenue, transmit said memorial to Customs Commissioners, with instructions to appoint Rae in case they have no objections.
A petition read in the name of Diana Hosier, now a prisoner in the Fleet, on a debt owing to John Meredith, a Receiver of land tax, who died indebted to the Crown, paying release. Nothing done therein.
Order for the issue to Mr. Lowen of 344l. 19s. for taking deer in Windsor Forest, and 50l. on the allowance for hay for the deer in Windsor Little Park.
Daniel Prevereau is to be paid by Mr. Lowther out of the King's money in his hands 81l. 15s. 6d., for the fees in passing the Queen's commission as Regent of the Kingdom.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. pp. 325–7.]
June 3. 79. Representation to the Treasury from the Commissioners for Taxes, dated Office for Taxes, concerning the difficulties met with in bringing all accountants to pass and finish their accounts, and in recovering ipsums and supers. On a former representation as to same the Clerks of the Pipe were directed from time to time to return the rolls of in supers to the Office for Taxes, whereon very considerable sums were recovered and paid into the Exchequer. But for some years past said clerks have not been able to transmit such rolls for want of divers tallies, which had been struck for discharge of supers, and which the auditor refused to deliver to said clerk without special direction from the Treasury. Enclose a copy of a previous representation on this subject from themselves to the Treasury of date 1726, September 28. 1 page.
—(a.) Said copy of representation as above. 2 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXXIX. No. 1.]
June 4. 80. The Postmasters General to same, concerning the abuses of franking of letters by Members of Parliament. Would be glad to be able to propose alterations, consistent with the King's warrant and the resolutions of the House of Commons, “but as we are so very strictly restrained by the resolutions from having any check upon the Members' letters, unless in those cases where there shall be just reason to suspect some counterfeit we cannot see they have left us any power to detect the most constant and great abuses, which have hitherto notoriously been in practice, the principal of which have been the giving out of frankt covers to letters and the suffering themselves to be directed to at places where they do not inhabit or reside.” The loss to the revenue from the counterfeiting of hands has been inconsiderable. 1½ pages. [Ibid. No. 2.]
June 5.
81. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir George Oxenden, Mr. Dodington, Mr. Clayton, Lord Cholmondeley.
Petition of Frances, widow of Charles Wither, late Surveyor General of Woods, read for the issue of debentures for the debt due to her husband on his accounts, except the 353l. 5s. to answer cravings made as well by herself as by Mr. Warner. Referred to Mr. Auditor Lowndes to report and to comply therewith if he has no objections.
Order for a warrant for the issue to John Lawton, Wm. Ireland, and Mark Frecker of 3,500l., appropriated for building the tower and roof of St. Margaret's church; according to the petition of the minister, churchwardens, and vestrymen in that behalf.
Same for same of 5,000l. to the Treasurer of the Navy for necessary money and contingencies on the head of victualling, as by his memorial of the 5th instant.
George Turbill's report of the 4th March last read touching estates given to superstitious uses, and so found by the late Commissioners for Forfeitures, and certified accordingly into the Exchequer according to an Act of 7 Geo. I. Ordered to be transmitted to Mr. Paxton, and for him to attend hereon Tuesday next.
“Lay before my Lords at their next sitting the Acts of Parliament relating to the Banker's debt, viz., the Act 13 Wm., cap. 12, sect. 15; the Act 2 Annae, cap. 15.”
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. p. 328; Letter Book XIX p. 375.]
June 12. 82. Memorial to the Treasury from Edward Penrose, admiral of the south and north parts of Cornwall. In March last a wreck of wine and brandy took place in Mounts Bay, coming ashore at Falmouth, Gweek, and Penzance. Said wreckage belongs to the Prince of Wales as Duke of Cornwall, and was lodged in several warehouses for his Royal Highness's use. But the Customs Commissioners demand duty for same, have put locks on, and refuse to take said locks off without a Treasury order. Prays same. Referred to Customs Commissioners.
[Reference Book X. p. 56.]
June 12.
83. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dodington, Lord Sundon, Earl of Cholmondeley.
The report of the Taxes Commissioners on the petition of the sureties of John Shermer, late Receiver General of Land Tax for Berks., read. Their Lordships agree to allow 883l. 2s. 1d. out of old duties on houses to answer a proportion of 1,052l. 15s., paid into the Exchequer on those duties instead of being paid on the Land Tax for 1726, but disallow the claims for expenses and extraordinary charges.
Sir Charles Wager, being willing to accept the receipt of all moneys given for the redemption of captives, order for a warrant for a Privy Seal accordingly.
Order for the issue to the Treasurer of the Ordnance of 20,000l., out of supplies 1735, towards answering services as in the letter from the Board of Ordnance of the 10th instant.
“Mr. Carteret, the Postmaster General, having in the salary bills of the Post Office for the quarters ending Lady Day and Midsummer, 1733, inserted the whole salary for himself, Mr. Harrison, the other Postmaster being dead, and his place not supplied within those quarters my Lords inspect the grant of the said office, and finding that, in case either of the Postmasters should die or be removed from his employment after any quarterly day and before another quarter incurs, the salary of him so dying or being removed shall be computed and paid by the day to the day of such death or removal exclusive, their Lordships are of opinion the salary stands divided, and the surviving Postmaster is entitled only to his part thereof.”
Order for the issue to the Treasurer of the Navy of 33,000l. out of supplies 1735, to answer services as in his memorial of the 10th instant.
Order for letters to the Exchequer for the following issues out of the Civil List, viz.:—
£ s. d.
To the Judges and others payable with them for last Easter term - - - 6,582 10 0
To the Band of Pensioners - - 4,500 0 0
To Mr. Lowther - - - - 1,500 0 0
“Let the warrant to the Postmasters about the franking of letters be compared with the votes of the last Session of Parliament touching the letters of the members of the House of Commons, and observe the inconsistencies, if any, that may be now in the warrant with respect to the votes and how to remedy the same.”
Mr. Paxton called in and charged with the care of recovering the estates given to superstitious uses, which have been certified into the Exchequer by the late Commissioners for Forfeitures, pursuant to the Act of Parliament in that behalf. He takes with him Mr. Turbill's report, stating the proceedings about said estates before said Commissioners, and is to advise with Mr. Attorney General thereon, pursue his directions and report with all convenient speed a state of the proceedings had, if any, since the said forfeitures have been certified into the Exchequer and in whose possession said estates have since been or are now remaining, what rents and profits have been raised therefrom and the persons accountable for same.
“Extract from the Treasury Books what warrants were issued during King William's reign for commissions of inquiry touching forfeited estates of the same nature.”
Their Lordships having ordered three quarters due to the Band of Pensioners at Lady Day last to be issued to Mr. Cade, the Paymaster newly appointed, think it reasonable that the poundage of that quarter should be paid to the representative of Moore in the said office. Mr. Cade to be acquainted herewith.
The Customs Commissioners to satisfy Thos. Jans, late collector of Bideford, his charges for prosecuting George Buck, of Bideford, for fraudulent shipping of tobacco, Jans' services appearing greatly to deserve same, notwithstanding the verdict was against him.
Leave of absence to Mr. Coghill, a Commissioner of Revenue Ireland, for the sake of his health. Mr. Herbert to repair to Ireland to keep up the quorum of Revenue Commissioners there.
Mr. Carkesse's letter of the 5th instant for a company of foot soldiers to be quartered in Suffolk to assist against the smugglers, to be sent to the Secretary at War for Her Majesty's orders thereupon.
Mr. Paxton's report of the 12th instant on the petition of Thos. Mabson et al for discharging estreated recognizances, read and agreed to.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. pp. 329–31; Letter Book XIX. p. 375; Reference Book X. p. 55.]
June 15. 84. Royal warrant by the Queen as Guardian, &c., to the Barons of the Exchequer, Scotland. The buildings erected for the kitchens, bake-houses, and laundries of Holyrood Palace were never completed, and being exposed to the weather for many years are now in a ruinous condition. In order to prevent accidents to people who are obliged to pass that way to the parks, said buildings are proposed to be taken down, and the materials thereof applied to the repair of some of the other offices which are much out of order and will quickly go to decay if not prevented. Direct orders to Sir John Anstruther, Master of the Works, to prepare a plan and estimate of the above works and execution of same after approval.
[North Britain Book XI. p. 266.]
June 17. 85. Treasury warrant for the execution of a Lord Chamberlain's warrant for the repair of three apartments at Whitehall for the use of the Queen's treasurer, the Prince's treasurer, and Mr. Hales: at an estimate of 523l.
[Lord Chamberlain's Warrant Book II. pp. 29–30.]
86. Same for same of same for repairs at the upper storey of the King's house at Greenwich, the plastering of the east and west fronts and the iron balconies, and relaying the pavement of the terrace to the north front: at an estimate of 360l. [Ibid. p. 30.]
June 17.
87. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir George Oxenden, Mr. Dodington, Lord Sundon, Earl of Cholmondeley.
Orders for sums amounting to 80l. to Thos. Badeslade, Surveyor, for various plans and maps detailed, including the lands and coast about Insworth brew-house near Plymouth, the buildings and lands of Chelsea Hospital, and Kensington Palace and Gardens, and the adjacent part of Hyde Park, and for altering a draft after the King's direction.
Sir Basill Dixwell's petition for allowances for auditing the accounts of the duties on victuallers and of the duties on compound waters referred to the Excise Commissioners.
John Owen's petition for conduct money as late Receiver of the land tax and house duties for Lancashire referred to Taxes Commissioners.
Sarah, widow of Thos. Thurkettle, is to be inserted on the next bounty list.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. p. 331; Letter Book XIX. p. 377.]
June 17. 88. Roval warrant by the Queen, as Guardian of the Kingdom and in the King's name, to the Commissioners and Governors of Greenwich Hospital to appoint stewards, receivers, or bailiffs for the forfeited estate of the late Earl of Derwentwater, to receive the rents from same, hold courts, &c.; also to grant leases if of less than 21 years and otherwise to have the management and benefit of said estate, as by the Act 8 Geo. II. for that purpose.
[King's Warrant Book XXXII. pp. 16–17.]
89. Same by same to the Treasury for payment to Dr. Richard Bentley, Keeper of His Majesty's Libraries, of 100l. per annum, to date from 1731, October 23, when the fire in Ashburnham House obliged him to hire a house at his own expense for the proper attending on the duty of his office: same to continue till signification of His Majesty's pleasure or until said librarian shall be provided with his usual accommodation, when said libraries which are now lying in the old dormitories at Westminster shall be removed thence.
[Ibid. pp. 19–20.]
June 24.
90. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir George Oxenden, Mr. Dodington, Lord Sundon, Earl of Cholmondeley.
Sir Wm. Chapman lays before their Lordships a bill of exchange from Mr. Solicoffre for 1,683l., and acquaints them that Ben Hamet, the Governor of Tetuan, having notice that Solicoffre's bills were not duly paid, had stopped the sending of any fresh provisions to Gibraltar until General Sabine, the Governor there, had made him easy on the account of said bills.
The petition of the executors of the late Earl of Cholmondeley for recovering the Crown right to a stable yard at Richmond in Surrey, intruded on by Jonathan Sheer, read and referred to Mr. Paxton.
Mr. Walmesley's memorial read apprising their Lordships of the great ruin and decay of a house at Richmond, part of the palace there in lease from the Crown to Lady Winchelsea, and that 710l. is in arrear for rent of same. As part of said house is already fallen down, and the other part daily expected so to do, ordered that the Board of Works cause same to be viewed, and such of the timber and other materials as are of use to be secured and the ground cleared thereof, so as the nuisance to the neighbourhood may be removed.
Order for a warrant for 4,000l. to the Dean and Chapter of Westminster, out of supplies 1735, for repair of the Abbey, according to the clause of appropriation in that behalf.
A report from the Commissioners of the Victualling of the 4th instant read on the petition of Samuel Addis, grandson of Wm. Addis, formerly agent for the victualling at Plymouth, concerning the clearing an imprest for 15,898l. 4s. 9d., undischarged. Referred to the Auditors of Imprests.
Mr. Paxton's report of the 5th May last on the petition of John Rogers and Sarah Wheeler concerning a house in the Savoy read and agreed to.
Order for a warrant for 495l. 15s. 7d. for the balance of Clark and Young's account for wheat sent 1734 to Port Mahon for the service of the garrison there, then represented to want same.
An account of the inconsistencies between the King's warrant for franking letters and the late resolutions of the House of Commons read, as follows:—“The Postmasters by the King's warrant are ordered not to suffer any letters whatsoever other than such as concern the Members themselves to pass under their frank covers or direction, to the diminution and prejudice of the revenue. The Commons, by their resolution, say that the opening or looking: into, by any means whatsoever, any letter directed to or signed by the proper hand of any Member without any express warrant in writing from the Secretary of State is a high infringement of the privileges of the House. So that in this case there seems to be an inconsistency between the warrant and the resolution, for how can the Post Office not suffer any letters whatsoever to pass other than such as concern the Members themselves, without opening or looking into the covers of their letters so directed, unless there be ways of discovering such letters other than by opening or looking into the same. The King's warrant, except in this particular, stands unimpeached, and as the said warrant is not once mentioned or taken notice of in the resolutions of the House it may not be thought advisable to make any alteration therein. It may be necessary, however, to notify to the Postmasters the consideration which your Lordships have had touching this affair, and to order them to take care that the resolutions of the House be duly complied with.” Ordered that a copy of the resolutions of the House of Commons be transmitted to the Postmasters, with directions to them to take care that same be duly complied with.
Mr. Whitworth's letter of the 14th April last concerning trees cut down by Lady Rich, Keeper of Bishop's Berewood (“Bear Wood”) walk in Windsor Forest, marked by Whitworth with the broad arrow for the Crown, to be sent to Mr. Paxton to advise with the Attorney General as to the method of recovering said trees or the value thereof.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. pp. 332–3; Letter Book XIX. pp. 377, 380.]
June 24.]
91. Statement of account of the income and issues of His Majesty's Civil List Revenues between 1734, midsummer, and 1735, midsummer. (Total income, 890,201l. 17s. 10½d.; total issues, detailed, 814,481l. 7s.d.; remains, 75,720l. 10s. 7d.) 2 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXXIX. No. 7.]
June 25. 92. Order of reference as follows by the Committee of the Privy Council for Plantation affairs on the report of the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations on the petition of Robert Wright, chief Justice of South Carolina, concerning his salary, now three years in arrear. Said Commissioners having reported that petitioner's salary should for the future be paid out of quit rents, the Lords of the Treasury to consider same and report thereon. 1 page.
—(a.) Warrant under the royal sign manual of date 1730, November 30, to Robert Johnson, Captain General and Governor in Chief of South Carolina, for letters patent to pass the Seal of South Carolina, appointing Robert Wright chief Justice of said province. 1 page.
(b.) Said report to the Privy Council from the Commissioners for Trade and Plantations on Wright's petition. 2 pages.
[Ibid. No. 8.]
June 25. 93. Treasury warrant to the Auditor of the Receipt to pay to John Lawton 105l. for midsummer quarter for himself and three clerks for sorting, digesting, methodising, and reducing to order the Records and writings in the Court of the Exchequer.
Appending:—Lawton's certificate, dated Exchequer, June 24. “Since Lady Day last Mr. Stewart has been methodising rolls of assize, Placita Coronae, &c., in the reigns of Edward I. and II. Mr. Smart and Mr. Strachey have gone on in sorting Star Chamber Records. Mr. Whiston has been making indexes to Forest Rolls, and Mr. Farley has been methodising the books of the Court of Wards and Liveries and Court of Requests.
[Money Book XXXVIII. p. 38.]
June 26.
94. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir George Oxenden, Mr. Dodington, Lord Sundon, Earl of Cholmondeley.
Joseph Bentley's petition for rewards for discoveries and services relating to the Customs in 1705 as collector at Liverpool read and rejected.
Order for the issue to the Treasurer of the Navy of 168,591l. 10s., out of supplies 1735, to answer services as in his memorial of this day.
On the letter of this day from the Taxes Commissioners the respite is removed from Wm. Elliot, Receiver for Cornwall, and Joseph Veale, same for Devon. The respite on Robert Corbett, same for Surrey, continued until he sends an account how it happens that county is so much in arrear for last year's land tax as 18,148l.
Mr. Edward Bangham's letter of 1732–3, February 10, read concerning Elstob's accounts as late Receiver of Forfeited Estates in Lancashire and Northumberland. The state of the account made by Auditor Harley, to whom Mr. Bangham is deputy, is to be called for and allowed in case there appears no objection to the contrary.
A bill for 118l., signed by Mr. Harding, Clerk of the House of Commons, for printing sundry Acts and reports of the last Session is to be paid in the usual manner.
The report from the Commissioners of the Navy of Oct. 23 read on Samuel Wragg's petition to be paid for the transportation of an independent Company of Governor Nicholson's to South Carolina. Their Lordships agree to payment thereof when the Treasurer of the Navy shall have money in his hands, that may properly be applied thereto.
Sir James Grant's petition for a grant of feu and other duties, fallen to the Crown from the estate of Robert and David Dunbar in the sheriffdom of Elgin read and referred to the Barons of the Exchequer, Scotland.
Thos. Slater's letter, dated from Newcastle the 21st instant, complaining of the proceedings of Capt. John Bowen, Commander of the King's sloop, in detaining wrongfully a ship, belonging to him, read and referred to Customs Commissioners.
The letter of the 20th instant, signed by the Duke of Argyll et al, read in favour of Alexander Macmillan, Secretary to the Commissioners for surveying and inquiring into the fees of the offices of the Courts of Justices in Scotland. Their Lordships agree to allow him 300l. for trouble, and 409l. 12s. for expenses. Warrant ordered for the Barons of the Exchequer, Scotland, to pay same accordingly.
The report of the 17th instant from the Surveyor General of Woods on the Duchess of Marlborough's memorial for works and repairs to the lodges in Windsor Great Park read and agreed to, provided this charge can be defrayed by a fall of timber. “As to the custom hay that used formerly to be delivered by certain tenants of the Crown for the use of the deer in the said park, but discontinued for a long time, state the case for the Attorney General, in order for him to inspect the grants to the tenants or others subject to that acknowledgment, and report their terms or interest therein, with his opinion how the said rent shall be satisfied for the future and the Crown recompensed for the time past.
The Auditor of the Receipt's report of October last read touching a perpetual interest granted by King Charles II. out of the Hereditary Excise to Henry Bernard, in satisfaction of 2,862l. 0s. 5d. principal money, now claimed by Lord Middle ton. Their Lordships being in doubt whether the said debt to Bernard be a debt within the meaning of the Acts for securing annuities to bankers and other patentees of King Charles II., said debt not having been hitherto certified, desire to know of the Auditor how it happens said debt was not certified, and if there are debts other than this unsatisfied, and whether Bernard's debt makes part of the principal sum of 1,328,562l., mentioned in the said Acts to be the amount of all the sums contained in the said letters patent.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVII. pp. 334–5; Letter Book XIX. p. 378.]
June 26. 95. Treasury warrant to the Commissioners of Excise, Scotland, to stay proceedings against Lieut-General Wade, Governor of Fort William, on the cause as below.
Prefixing:—Wade's petition to the Treasury. The remote situation of said garrison, the unwholesomeness of the water, the spirits sold by the people of the country and the salt provisions the soldiers are confined to for near half the year, render it necessary for their health to provide good and wholesome drink. It is necessary to brew it because of the heavy land carriage. Ever since the Revolution, when there was no duty on malt, all prosecutions for Excise of drink for the garrison have been discontinued upon representations. Prays a similar stay of the prosecution begun against him by the Excise Commissioners.
[North Britain Book XI. pp. 268–9.]
June 27. 96. Joseph Fox, naval officer, Charleston, South Carolina, to the Treasury, forwarding account (a.) and (b.) below: “No vessels from Port Royal.” 1 page.
—(a.) List of vessels entered inwards and cleared outwards from the port of Charleston in the quarter ended 1735, June 24, showing origin, tonnage, cargo, &c., of same: certified by said Fox and attested by [Lieutenant Governor] Thos. Broughton June 27. 7 large pages.
(b.) Four lists of vessels entered inwards and cleared outwards at the port of Georgetown, Winyaw, in South Carolina, for the quarters 1734, midsummer, Michaelmas, Christmas, and 1735, Lady Day, giving details as above: certified by Wm. Swinton, deputy naval officer there, and attested by Thos. Broughton, 1735, June 3. 8 long pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCLXXXIX. No. 9.]