Treasury Books and Papers: January 1737

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Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 3, 1735-1738. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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January 1737

Jan. 4.
1. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dodington, Lord Sundon.
Mr. Garden, attending on behalf of the alum maker on the estate of the late Duke of Buckingham, is told that their Lordships are ready to pay the debt to the said alum maker for 500 tons of alum, residue of 700 tons made since the Duke's death, in case he will accept the alum so made at the rate of 12l. per ton, being the same rate as the 200 tons, part of said 700 tons, were sold for.
Order for the issue of 1,000l. to the Treasurer of the Chamber to be imprested to the messengers on account of foreign voyages, as by the Duke of Newcastle's desire in his letter of 1736, December 31.
“The executors of the late Lord Lovelace are to be paid Michaelmas quarter, 1736, intirely on his pencon, payable by Mr. Stuart, notwithstanding his Lordship died in the midst of that quarter.”
Order for the following issues out of the Civil List Revenues:—
£ s. d.
To Mr. Cook 400 0 0
To Lord Walpole 195 8 4
To Chancellor of the Garter 285 2 6
To John Shepherd 640 0 0
To Lord Halifax 200 0 0
To Privy Purse 3,000 0 0
To Prince of Wales 4,000 0 0
Order for the issue to the Treasurer or the Ordnance out of public funds, anno 1736, of 20,000l. towards 37,150l. for services, as in a letter from the Board of Ordnance of 1736, December 29.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVIII. p. 9.]
Jan. 5. 2. Eleazr. Allen, Receiver of North Carolina, to John Scrope, dated from North Carolina, concerning the accounts of the quit rents for said province, forwarded on the 31st May preceding. Desires their Lordships' commands concerning Lord Carteret's eighth part of the revenues, “whether it is to be deducted out of the gross sum received by me or included in the payment of the several appointments to the Governor and other officers here, which his Majesty has been pleased to order, and the balance only accounted for to his Lordship.”
Endorsed:—“Recd. 12 March 1736–7.” 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCXCIV. No. 1.]
Jan. 7. 3. Petition to the Treasury from George Whatley, agent for the English Levant Company, resident at Marseilles. For the last two years has taken up from the post office at Marseilles all letters on His Majesty's service for Minorca, to prevent said letters being mislaid or miscarrying, and preserves them till the arrival of the Minorca packet-boat; also similarly forwards all letters from Minorca for England. Prays 50l. a year for the trouble.
Together with Richard Kane's certificate, dated Port Mahon, 1736, November 20, of Whatley's services as above.
Endorsed:—Received from Mr. Gould 7 January 1736–7. 1 page. [Treasury Board Papers CCXCIV. No. 3.]
Jan. 7.]
4. An account of public debts respectively contracted and discharged since the accompt thereof stated by the House of Commons in their representation to the King on the 28th April 1728; to 1736–7, January 7.
(Total contracted, 7,850,000l.; total discharged, 11,320,030l. 2s. 10d.; leaving a balance of real debt discharged of 3,470,030l. 2s. 10d.) 2 pages. [Ibid. No. 4.]
Jan. 11.
5. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dodington, Lord Sundon.
Order for the preparation of warrants for the Queen to sign for the following issues at the Exchequer: —
£ s. d.
To Abraham Farley to reimburse expenses for His Majesty's special service 1,200 0 0
To John Scrope for Secret Service 3,850 0 0
An anonymous letter signed T. B. from London Bridge Water Work, proposing an unexceptionable fund for raising 100,000l. per an., read, and the proposer is to have notice to attend Mr. Scrope to hear him upon the subject when he thinks fit.
A petition of George Whatley, agent at Marseilles to the Levant Company, read for consideration for receiving and forwarding letters to and from Minorca for His Majesty's service. Col. Kane, Governor of Minorca, to be written to, to certify petitioner's pretensions and what may be reasonably allowed him, “and whether the rents of Minorca under the present charge will be sufficient to bear such allowance.”
[Treasury Minute Book XXVIII. p. 10; Letter Book XIX. p. 428.]
Jan. 18. 6. Treasury warrant to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands to make forth a constat or to send to the proper auditor for a particular of premises as below, of which Dame Henrietta Vanbrugh desires renewal of lease.
Prefixing: Said Surveyor's report to the Treasury on Dame Vanbrugh's petition for renewal of lease of her house and ground in Whitehall, situated on the north side of a yard or passage leading from Whitehall Gate to the waterside; and of five houses adjoining the Opera House in the Haymarket, and several rooms behind the Eighteenpenny Gallery and over the Piazza, with the Piazza and vaults under the Boxes. Finds that the parts of the premises that Dame Vanbrugh is entitled to in her own right are six houses adjoining the Opera House; the rooms behind the Eighteenpenny Gallery with the Piazza and vaults are the property of Charles Vanbrugh, only son of Sir John Vanbrugh; the remaining part of the Opera House and buildings belonging hereto having been sold by Sir John to Captain Charles Vanbrugh, his brother.
[Crown Lease Book IV. pp. 175–6.]
Jan. 18.
7. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dodington, Lord Sundon, Mr. Winnington.
Orders for the issue to the Treasurer of the Navy, out of funds anno 1736, of 13,000l. for services as in his memorial of this day, and of 100,000l. for uses to be appointed or so much thereof as may be wanted to accommodate public services.
The Judges and others usually paid with them are to be paid their salaries for last Michaelmas term.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVIII. p. 11.]
Jan. 25. 8. Petition to the Treasury from John Wilkinson, Chaplain of the Savoy, dated from the Savoy, for some relief in the way of a settled stipend out of the Savoy revenues or an assignment of some of the untenanted houses or in any other manner. On the dissolution of the Hospital 20l. per an. was given out of the Savoy rents towards the maintenance of a reader, and the preacher, Dr. Pratt, then Dean of Rochester, was not only continued in the possession of some of the Hospital lands, but also received a pound rate from the parishioners. Upon his decease the parish of St. Mary le Strand was by Act of Parliament separated from the Savoy, and nothing remained towards the support of the preacher but the 20l., formerly allowed to the reader, and what collections could be raised by voluntary contributions among the tenants in the precinct, which with other accidental fees never amounted to 30l. more, and as the leases of the houses expired the substantial housekeepers retired, so that for these three years past the collections have been discontinued. In 1729 the Treasury ordered petitioner an augmentation of 30l., a scanty provision for the heavy duties of reading and preaching twice every Sunday and attending the sick every Wednesday, Friday and holiday. In 1730 an infirmary was erected for the three regiments of Foot Guards, whereby an additional and grievous duty was created. The chaplain in the Tower receives 6s. 8d. per day for the performance of the like duties for the garrison and infirmary, though the sick in the Savoy infirmary are five times as many as in the Tower. 3 pages.
Together with
(a.) A like petition in substance, undated, from same to the Queen.
Endorsed with minutes of the various proceedings had by the Treasury in relation to Wilkinson. 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCXCIV. No. 12.]
Jan. 27. 9. Treasury warrant to Francis Whitworth, Surveyor General of Woods, to apply 800l. out of the land revenues of the Crown to defray the expense of pulling down and rebuilding the bridge over the Thames at Datchet.
Prefixing said Whitworth's report to the Treasury on the state of the bridge.
[Warrants not relating to Money XXV. pp. 428–9.]
10. Entry of the articles of a contract agreement between the Treasury and Thos. Revell for the erection of additional works to complete the Victualling storehouses at Gibraltar, viz.: —Workhouses, sheds, kitchens, &c., and enlarging the mole at the watering-place called the Ragged Staff, altering the gate and bridge, and making additions to the stairs as a ramp, &c.: all at an estimate of 2,372l. 8s.
[Warrants not relating to Money XXV. pp. 428–9.]
Jan. 27.
11. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dodington, Lord Sundon, Mr. Winnington.
Order for the following issues out of the Civil List Revenues: —
£ s. d.
To the Master of the Great Wardrobe,in full of 10,090l. 17s.d. for the debt in that office 1736, Michaelmas quarter 5,090 17
To the Treasurer of the Chamber to satisfy bills and warrants charged on that office, same quarter 4,106 6
To same, so much more as will clear the allowance to the Russian Envoy for 1736, Christmas quarter
Order for the foreign ministers to be cleared on their ordinaries to Michaelmas last by issues in two several weeks, viz.:—A moiety on or at any time after Wednesday, February 2nd next, and the other moiety on or at any time after Wednesday, 9th of the same month.
The Duchess of Buckingham, having consented to take the 500 tons of alum, resting in store at the alum works in Yorkshire, at 12l. per ton, Mr. Garden, who attended with Her Grace's memorial in this behalf, is called in, and acquainted that the necessary warrants for delivery of same to Her Grace shall be prepared.
Order for the issue to the Treasurer of the Navy, out of public funds anno 1736, of 29,105l. for services as in his memorial of this day, and 10,000l. for Greenwich Hospital, according to a memorial of November 25 last.
The report of the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the 5th instant read touching the dispute between Thos. Liveings and the officers of the German Reformed Church in the Savoy. Their Lordships agree that the officers of said Church ought to enjoy the several holdings in the Savoy and every part thereof in accordance with the royal sign manual in that behalf, “and that there is not the least cause to impeach the said sign manual as being obtained upon false allegacons, as Mr. Liveings in his peticon alledged, and their Lordships do order, if occasion require, that Mr. Paxton take care that the officers of the said Church have the favour intended by them, by the said sign manual, perfected according to the true intents and meaning thereof.”
[Treasury Minute Book XXVIII. p. 12; Letter Book XIX. p. 429.]
Jan. 27. 12. Treasury warrant to the Auditor of the Receipt to make forth an order for the issue of 1,148,513l. 16s. 10½d. to the South Sea Company for one year ending 1737, Xmas, being 1,132,088l. 2s. 7d., annuity on a capital stock of 28,302,203l. 5s. 6d. (to which said capital stock has been reduced by a redemption by payments at the Exchequer, now amounting to 5,500,000l., and after deduction of the 4,000,000l. sold to the Bank of England, in pursuance of the Act 6 Geo. I.), and 16,425l. 14s.d., proportional charges of management.
Appending:—A computation and adjustment of the whole principal money and of the annuities thereupon, as also of the allowances for management, payable from Xmas, 1736, to the South Sea Company, and to the Bank of England claiming under them.
[Money Book XXXVIII. pp. 445–8.]
Jan. 28. 13. Treasury warrant to the Auditor of the Receipt to make forth an order for the issue of 845l. to Jonathan Forward for the charge of transporting to Virginia in December last 139 persons, sentenced for transportation, out of Newgate Gaol, and 30 others, the like, out of the county goals of Herts, Essex, Kent, Surrey, and Bucks.
Appending:—Lists of names of the convicts and certificates by the various Clerks of Assize, &c. [Ibid. pp. 456–8.]
Jan. 28. 14. Petition to the Treasury from the Six Clerks of His Majesty's Court of Chancery. The records in petitioners' custody consisting of bills, answers, replications, depositions of witnesses taken by commission and other pleadings in that court by bill in equity, are kept in Record rooms and digested alphabetically, and have been usually transmitted to the Tower of London by warrants of the Master of the Rolls, directed to the Clerk of the Records in Chancery in the Tower. The last transmission of records was in October, 1671, and the Record rooms are now quite full and endanger petitioners' office underneath. As there is no room to receive said records in the Record room at the Tower have obtained a warrant from the Queen as Guardian, countersigned by the Duke of Newcastle, Secretary of State, to the Board of Ordnance, permitting said Board to lend petitioners a room in the Tower for this purpose. Pray their Lordships' orders for fitting it up.
Referred to the Board of Works to report and estimate.
[Lord Chamberlain's Warrant Book II. p. 67.]
Jan. 29. 15. Entry of a letter of Attorney, signed by W. F. Prince d'Orange and Anne, Princess of Orange, and attested by Chas. Frederick de Peters Haldt and J. Sijthoff, empowering Augustus Schutz of the parish of St. George's, Hanover Square, to receive from Peter Le Heup and Henry Fane (who, together with the said Schutz, are appointed trustees for the benefit of their said Highnesses to certain orders, payable at the Exchequer for 40,000l. principal money at the rate of three per cent. per annum), all such sums as have and shall become payable thereupon.
[Warrants not relating to Money XXV. pp. 429–30.]