Treasury Books and Papers: March 1737

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Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 3, 1735-1738. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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March 1737

March. 3.
25. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dodington, Sir George Oxenden, Mr. Winnington.
Order for a sign manual for 100l. to Arthur Collins, as royal bounty.
Same for 10,000l. to the Master of the Horse upon account for the Extraordinaries of the Stables.
Order for the proper warrant for passing, in the accounts of the late Earl of Ranelagh, all the cravings and demands made by Lady Katherine Jones and specified in Auditor Benson's report thereupon, and of date 1713, August 4.
Same for same for passing the Earl of Portmore's account, and allowing him all the cravings and demands specified in the late Auditor Harley's report thereupon, of date 1731, August 2. “But in such manner as that he be thereupon made even and quit.”
[Treasury Minute Book XXVIII. p. 16.]
March 7. 26. J. Scrope to the Attorney and Solicitor General, transmitting from the Treasury a statement of the case of the sons of Charles Radcliffe, younger brother of the late Earl of Derwentwater, who was attainted of high, treason in 1716, for report thereupon to the Treasury forthwith, with a statement of their opinions what may be fit to be done therein, in case any application should be made in Parliament in behalf of the said sons of said Charles Radcliffe. “If application is to be made to Parliament it must be done before the 16th instant.”
[Letter Book XIX. p. 431.]
March 8.
27. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dodington, Lord Sundon, Mr. Winnington.
Mr. Harrison, a Custom House officer at New York in America, upon the application of Mr. Gray Nevell, is to have six months' leave of absence without being stopped his salary for that time.
Order for the issue to the Treasurer of the Navy, out of supplies anno 1736, for wages to ships, according to his memorial of this day.
Same for same out of the Civil List Revenues of the moneys payable to the Secretaries of State at Christmas last on their patent salaries and for secret service.
The Taxes Commissioners to attend on Friday next with such papers relating to the affair [of Burridge] transacting in Holland by Mr. Kelsall, as are proper for their Lordships' consideration.
Order for a warrant for taking in 130,000l. loans on malt, 1737, at three per cent. interest.
Same for same for paying the Great Officers, together with the Gentlemen and Grooms of the Bedchamber, to Christmas last.
Mr. John Walthoe is to be paid 909l. 3s. 4d. by Mr. Lowther out of the King's money in his hands for “Daily Gazetteers” delivered to the Post office between 1736, October 2 and December 30.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVIII. p. 17; Letter Book XIX. pp. 431, 431B.]
March 8. 28. Petition to the Treasury from the dealers in and refiners of Borax or Tincall. Pray that a drawback may be allowed on Tincall when refined in Great Britain, which would save the nation some thousands of pounds, now paid for refining it abroad, and increase the importation, besides the gain to the Government on the drawback as below. Instance,
£ s. d.
100 tons of Tincall exported draws back 5,366 13 4
If 100 tons of Tincall be refined here and made Borax it will upon an average waste ⅓ part, so that the drawback to be allowed thereon is but for 67 tons 3,577 15
Gain to the revenue £1,788 17
Referred to the Customs Commissioners.
[Reference Book X. p. 87.]
March 9. 29. Alured Popple to John Scrope, dated from Whitehall, forwarding to the Treasury from the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations the extract of a letter received by them from Mr. Fitzwilliam, Governor of the Bahama Islands, dated 1736, November 12, relating to the estate of a mulatto, who died there intestate, and to some treasure found at Providence; and further forwarding the copy of a report upon the interest of the Crown in the said two cases, as made by Mr. Fane, one of His Majesty's Counsel at law. 1 page.
—(a.) Extract of said letter of Mr. Fitzwilliam to the Board of Trade and Plantations, and dated from New Providence, 1736, November 12. 2½ pages.
(b.) Said report made to said Board, as above, by Francis Fane, and dated 1736–7, February 27. 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCXCIV, No. 26.]
March 10. 30. Letter [to the Customs Commissioners] from an informer named Goring, concerning the late battle between smugglers and officers at Bulverhithe, and giving further information about the Sussex smugglers. “The first of this winter the Groombridge smugglers were forced to carry their goods allmost all up to Rushmore Hill and Cester Mark, which some, they do now, but tea sells quick in London now, and chaps from London come down to Groombridge allmost every day, as they used to do last winter. When once they come to be drove from home they will be put to great inconveniences, when they are from their friends, and will lose more goods then they do now, and be at more charges. Do but take up some of the servants, they will soon rout the masters, for the servants are all poor.
Young Bowra's house cost 500l. building, and he will pay for looking up. Morten and Bowra sold last winter some ways three thousand weight a week.”
Docketed:—Received by post 31 March 1737. 4¼ pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCXCIV.No. 27.]
March 15.
31. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dodington, Mr. Winnington.
The Agents for Taxes attend concerning Burridge's affair, which Mr. Kelsall has for some time been negotiating in Holland. They say a considerable sum, owing to Burridge from certain merchants there, is ready to be had, in case an administrator to Burridge be appointed who can give legal receipts and discharges. Their Lordships order said agents to write again to Mr. Osmond for a positive answer whether he will or will not take administration. If he declines Mr. Sorrell, Secretarv to said Agents, may be appointed administrator, and he is to hasten this affair all he can, and Mr. Kelsall to come home, as there is nothing further for him to negotiate.
Order for the issue to the Cofferer of the Household of 6,000l. in further part of 1736, Christmas quarter, and 9,234l. 2s. 1d. for the same quarter to the Gentlemen and Grooms of the Bedchamber, and others in a list with them.
Same for same to the Treasurer of the Ordnance of 20,000l., as by a letter from that Board of this day, whereof 3,701l. 14s.d. out of supplies anno 1736, and 16,298l. 5s.d. out of supplies anno 1737. [Treasury Minute Book XXVIII. p. 18.]
March 17. 32. J. Scrope to the Auditor of the Receipt, transmitting an order of the House of Commons for an accompt to be laid before them of all Exchequer bills standing out at Christmas 1726, what have been since made out, what have been paid off and cancelled, in what manner discharged, what has been paid for interest and charges of management and circulating said bills, and what Exchequer bills are now standing out. Desires said account to be furnished for the House of Commons, a copy being transmitted to the Treasury. [Letter Book XIX. p. 433.]
March 18. 33. Statement of account prepared for the House of Commons, certified by Nathaniel Cowdery and dated from the Exchequer, of the National Debt as it stood on 1736–7, February 1. (Total debt, 47,855,948l. 3s.d.) In duplicate. 1 sheet and 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCXCIV. No. 31.]
March 22. 34. Report from the Commissioners of Customs, London, to the Treasury on the several petitions from the fishermen and dredgers of several oyster fisheries, concerning the difficulties they labour under by the great importation of foreign oysters, entered at low and false values. Find that foreign oysters have been imported only from France, and only into the ports of Rochester, Faversham, Colchester and Maldon. From 1718 to Christmas last 213,897 bushels have been entered at said ports. Said oysters are chargeable with several duties, amounting to 65l. per cent., but not being rated they have been entered at different prices, according to the oaths of the importers. The total value of the whole quantity entered in the above period was 1,621l. 12s., a medium of under 2d. per bushel, and the total duty collected was 1,016l. 10s.d., or about 1¼d. per bushel. The greatest part of said oysters have been considerably undervalued, the importers having formerly entered them from 2s. 6d. to 1s. per bushel, but of late years they have been sworn at 3d., 2d., 1d., and sometimes even as low as a farthing a bushel. Propose therefore to fix a rate by law on all foreign oysters imported, as an advantage to the revenue, and to put the importers of oysters on a more equal foot. Propose as a rate, 7d. per bushel, Strike measure of the Winchester Corn Bushel, whereby the net duties thereon, when imported from France, will amount to about 4¼d. per bushel. 2 pages.
[Ibid, No. 34.]
March 23.
35. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dodington, Lord Sundon, Mr. Winnington.
“Mr. Scrope is to let Mr. Hedges know the King hath signed a warrant for settling 50,000l. per an. on the Prince of Wales, and to give him a copy thereof if he desires the same.”
The Earl of Pembroke's memorial read concerning the terrace fronting the Thames before his house in Whitehall, and the Countess of Portland's action in planting forest trees upon it. Referred to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands.
“A paper containing certain queries relating to the late Duke of Buckingham's estate reverted to the Crown is read. And my Lords say they shall be ready to receive a proposal from the person for taking the said estate for such term of years as may be granted, but then the proposal is to be conceived in such manner that their Lordships may know what may arise to the Crown clear of all charges and deductions whatsoever, either by fine or rent or upon a rent only.”
The Customs Commissioners' report of the 22nd instant read on the petition of the fishermen of the oyster fisheries. The Commissioners being of opinion that foreign oysters imported now unrated should have a rate fixed on them by law, and the contents of the bushel ascertained, which at present varies at different ports, “My Lords order petitioners a copy of the said report, and say as those are the articles in which they desire redress they may apply to Parliament for relief.”
Order for the issue to the Cofferer of the Household of 10,000l. in further part of 1736, Christmas quarter.
Same for 50l., as royal bounty, to Andrew Bracey. 20l., same, to Katherine Gregson, and 50l., same, to Stephen Whatley out of the King's money in Mr. Lowther's hands.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVIII. p. 19.]
March 23. 36. Petition to the Treasury from the Earl of Pembroke. By grant from His late Majesty is in possession of a piece of ground, formerly in ruins, in Whitehall, with a view to the River of Thames. On this has erected a house and buildings, which in the late renewal of the lease were valued at 240l. The Countess of Portland has a grant of some lodgings adjoining, comprising all that part of the terrace which lies between her house and the Thames, reserving a passage for the Royal Family to take water at. Under colour of that grant said Countess has illegally taken possession of the whole terrace, and under part of it, which lies between his house and the Thames, has planted forest trees, to spoil petitioner's prospect of the river. Prays that her grant may be revoked, and so much of the terrace as lies between his house and the Thames may be granted to him on lease.
Referred to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands.
[Reference Book X. p. 89.]
March 23. 37. Royal sign manual to the Attorney or Solicitor General, countersigned by the Lords of the Treasury, for preparation of a bill to pass the Great Seal of Great Britain for a grant to the Prince of Wales for the support of himself and family of 50,000l. per an., to commence from the Feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin next ensuing, to hold during the lives of His Majesty and said Prince. 20,000l. per an. of said sum to be charged on the Customs, 20,000l. on the Hereditary revenues of Excise applicable thereto, and the remaining 10,000l. to be payable out of the yearly 120,000l., directed by Act 1 George II. to be set apart at the Exchequer for the use of the Civil Governmnt: to be paid monthly at the rate of 400l. per week, the first payment on April 1 1737: the balance remaining, to be paid on each quarter day. Payments to be made without fee, charge or deduction whatsoever. [King's Warrant Book XXXII. pp. 338–9.]
March 23. 38. Treasury warrant to John Conduitt, Master and Worker of the Mint, to renew a contract with the Governor and Company of Copper Miners in England for the supply of 200 tons of copper to the Mint for the coinage of halfpence and farthings, at the rate of 15¾ pence, per lb. and on conditions specified.
[Warrants not relating to Money XXV. p. 447.]
March 23. 39. Treasury order confirming a warrant from the Duke of Grafton, Lord Chamberlain, to the Duke of Montagu, Master of the Great Wardrobe, for the delivery to Grey Maynard, yeoman of His Majesty's Removing Wardrobe of furniture, detailed, for the service of His Majesty and the Prince and Princess of Wales at St. James's, Kensington, and Kew, including inter al. items for Lord Hervey, Madame Ruxlen, Lady Deloraine, and Lady Ann Lumley. All at an estimate of 2,440l.
[Lord Chamberlain's Warrant Book II. pp. 69–73.]
March 23. 40. Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to pay Simeon Hayward, citizen and merchant of London, 200li. reward for informations concerning smuggling, as below.
Prefixing:—Report to the Treasury from said Commissioners on Hayward's memorial for reward. Hayward informed of the defrauding of the Crown in the delivery of raisins, wines, &c., by his partner, William Terry, and other merchants in the following manner, viz.:—Some masters of ships in their reports only mentioned casks in general without specifying the size, whether butts, hogsheads, whole, half or quarter barrels. The merchants did the same in their entries, and the landwaiters being corrupted by collusion set them down in their books, e.g., hogsheads of wine or quarter barrels of raisins, whereas butts and barrels had been really delivered. Also almonds had been entered in the shells, whereas they were out of the shells, which pay a greater duty. Upon trial found the matter of the information to be true, and prosecuted Terry for it. Advise reward as above.
[Customs Book XIV. pp. 215–8.]
March 25. 41. Memorial to the Treasury from the Commissioners of Customs, Scotland, concerning the frequent injury to the revenue from debentures issued at Stornoway. William Smith, land surveyor at Prestonpans, attended the shipping there of the fish caught last season to observe how far the frauds complained of were committed. He reports that greater quantities of fish were certified than some of the ships could carry … “that besides the inconveniency and detriment to the service the fair traders are much injured, for the fishing being in the lakes upon the main land they are first obliged to ship their fish and then proceed to Stornoway, where there is no quay to land them on, but on the contrary a stony beach, which cuts the barrels and damnifies the fish, under pretence whereof it appears the officers have sometimes taken the shipmaster's oath for the quantity on board without landing, viewing, examining and branding the casks … that the ships being thus detained in proceeding to the Island of Lewis is often the occasion of the loss of markets.” Conceive that these inconveniences can only be remedied by removing the Custom House to the entry of Lochbroom upon the mainland, about 30 miles by land westward of Inverness, this place being centrical, among the most considerable fishing lakes, and more suitable than Bernera, which was formerly proposed. As the port of Lewis has never been set out by any Exchequer Commission pray for such a commission, whereby the residence of the officers may be fixed at some convenient place near Lochbroom.
Endorsed:—3rd August. “Letter written to said Commissioners to acquaint them that the Treasury have no objection to their applying for a commission.” 2 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCXCIV. No. 36.]
March 25. 42. Statistical accounts, certified by James Pitcher, naval officer in the Bermudas, of all ships and vessels clearing inward in the naval office of the Bermudas.
(a.) 1734, December 26, to 1735, November 25 14 pages.
(b.) 1736, December 26, to 1736–7, March 25. 6½ pages.
[Ibid. No. 37.]
March 25.]
43. Papers of accounts as follow:—
(a.) Payments made on account of Barracks [Ireland], for one year to 1737, Lady Day, certified by Lu. Gardiner, Deputy-Receiver General. (Total payments, 22,168l. 7s. 2d., against an established allowance of 13,336l. 10s.) 6¼ pages.
(b.) Same on account of Military Contingencies, ibid, for same year, certified by same. (Total payments, 4,098l. 2s. 11d., against an established allowance of 3,000l.) 5¼ pages.
(c.) Same on account of Concordatums, ibid. same year, certified by same. (Total payments, 11,688l. 6s.d., against an established allowance of 5,000l.) 6¼ pages. [Ibid. No. 38.]
March 26. 44. Statement, certified by John Pitt, Lieutenant Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the Bermudas, and by the Council of said Islands, of the accounts of powder money received and disbursed 1735 to June 18, 1736 by George Tucker, Secretary and Provost Marshal of said Islands. 6 pages. [Ibid. No. 40.]
45. Same, certified by same, of the accounts of said George Tucker, as above, and of Richard Tucker, his late deputy, deceased, of the said powder money, as above, from 1731–2 to 1735, August 23. In duplicate. 32 and 32 pages. [Ibid. No. 41.]
46. Same, certified by same, of the accounts of the Liquor tax 1734–5 in said Island, as rendered by Nathaniel Butterfield, Treasurer of said tax. 8 pages. [Ibid. No. 42.]
March 26. 47. Treasury warrant to the Auditor of the Receipt for an order for the issue of 105l. to John Lawton for 1737, Lady Day quarter, for himself and three clerks for sorting, digesting, and methodizing the Records and writings in the Court of the Receipt of the Exchequer.
Appending:—Lawton's report dated Exchequer, 1736–7, March 24. “Since Christmas last Mr. Stewart has been sorting Assize Rolls, Placita Coronæ, &c., of the reign of Edward III., Mr. Smart and Mr. Strachey have been sorting Star Chamber Records, and Mr. Whiston and Mr. Farley have been methodizing the books of the Court of Wards and Liveries.”
[Money Book XXXVIII. p. 478.]
March 28. 48. Report to the Treasury from D. Ryder and J. Strange, respectively Attorney and Solicitor General, on the draft of a warrant submitted to them from the Treasury in John Scrope's letter of the 25th of the same month, for preparing a bill for royal signature to settle a joynture upon the Princess of Wales. Return the draft [wanting] with their alterations. 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCXCIV. No. 43.]
March 29. 49. J. Scrope to the Auditor of the Receipt for statements of the following accounts to be drawn up, numbers 2 and 4 being for presentation to the House of Commons, in accordance with their vote of the 28th instant, duplicates being transmitted to the Treasury.
(1) A certificate of the deficiency at 1737, March 25, of the duties on malt, granted for the service of 1735 to satisfy principal and interest chargeable thereupon, said deficiency being to be made good out of supplies anno 1737.
(2) Account of the produce of the duties upon houses for seven years, ending at Christmas last, distinguishing each duty and year.
(3) A certificate of the deficiency on Lady Day last of the duty of 6d. per oz. on wrought plate to answer the annuities chargeable thereupon.
(4) An account of the produce of the duties on coal for seven years, ending Christmas last, distinguishing each duty and year.
[Letter Book XIX. p. 436.]