Treasury Books and Papers: October 1737

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Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 3, 1735-1738. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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October 1737

Oct. 1. 141. Propositions made to Sir Robert Walpole and other Lords of the Treasury by George Bridges, merchant of the city of Cork, for the prevention in Ireland of the clandestine running of goods prohibited, outwards in wool and inwards in brandy, wine, tea, silks, cottons, linens, &c. The ships stationed on the Irish coast seldom stir out of harbour, especially in winter, and, further, for their own interests the commanders permit several of their men to sail in merchant ships, both foreign and domestic, so that during their stay in harbours the smugglers have an opportunity of doing what they please. Proposes in place of such ships to pay 40 soundhearted Protestant gentlemen of property and honour, resident on the spot, as informers in the smuggling centres, and to employ three regiments of soldiers. The towns in the west are mostly Papist, all smugglers, and scarce a soldier there. The inhabitants of Bandon are Protestant, but they also are smugglers. “From Bandon to Clonakilty is but seven miles, and in that small tract and very nigh the sea is contained above 1,000 combers, whose masters is mostly smugglers, and according to computation one with another will comb up of raw wool in one week's time four stone, and that multiplied by 1,000 combers produces 4,000 stone a week comb'd up of our nationall woll, and of that complement I do firmly believe one halfe is run out of our kingdom of Ireland to France. I once saw myselfe in one evening seven vessels laden in the Bay of Clonakilty, and one Mr. Dacey and Mr. China, both riding-officers, stoned by the mob and obliged to fly for their lives…. There are soldiers all round the coast from Dublin to Kinsale, but they have no orders against smugglers. From Kinsale all along the west of Ireland, for the most part, there is scarce a soldier to be found, where all these combers do smuggle as afforesd.” Proposes to place troops at Bandon, Inishannon, Timolange, Clonakilty, the last being the only worst place in the west of Ireland for smuggling. “A few miles about this town are coopers, farmers, millers, pedlars, barbers, and many others sett up the combing trade, and ship it of there for France as afforesd., and in return of this comb'd wool have brandy, wine, tea, silk, cotton, and linnins, which they sell so cheap that the fair trader is ruined…. In the county of Galway and along the sea coast, but perticullary at the place called Black Sod and the Isles of Aran are pernicious places.” Proposes the names, detailed, of the 40 residential gentlemen, whom he advises to pension as residential spies for the lesser creeks, detailed. Proposes to prohibit wool combers from settling nearer than eight miles from the sea, and to issue proclamation against the buying, transporting, or shipping such wool, unless to an English port…. “Another objection proposed: How shall Ireland dispose all her wooll, when she is bound up after this maner? To this I answer if England think proper to give her exportation free of all dutys inwards here, Ireland would become her spinning house, and a door would be opened where tother shuts. Or otherwise not to medle their camblett trade, but leave them out in all these Acts before-mentioned, which for God's sake I prey you may or thousds. will perish and want bread.” 10 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCXCVI. No. 1.]
Oct. 3.
142. Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer directed warrants to be prepared for the King to sign for the purposes following:—
For the widow of Seignr. St. Saphorin 500l. per an. by the hands of Mr. Steuart from the decease of her husband.
For widow Cary Day 200l. per an. pension by the hands of Mr. Steuart, formerly paid to James Soleirol, but determined as to him from midsummer last.
For the widow of Baron Hattorff 500l. royal bounty; the fees thereon being paid out of the King's money in Mr. Lowther's hands. [Treasury Minute Book XXVIII. p. 53.]
Oct. 4. 143. J. Scrope to Lieut.-Col. Pinfold. “The Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury being given to understand that since you have become the Casual Commandant of His Majesty's Island of Minorca, you have by proclamation, dated the 14th of July last, subjected the King's Decimos on corn to the Foracion, being a price fixed yearly by the Jurats of the said island thereupon, notwithstanding the said corn had been by the late Governor Kane, by the advice of His Majesty's ministers in Minorca and the approbation of the respective Universities of Jurats and their Councills, exempted from the said Foracion, and the said exemption hath been a means of improving and encreasing His Majesty's revenues there, and continued in practice without interruption for eleven years or upwards: and that you have by your decree, dated the 10th of September last, disannulled the regulation made by the said Governor many years ago for the sale of the Decimos on wine, which regulation, hath also improved and encreased His Majesty's revenues,” judge said proceedings unwarrantable, and order that immediately and without delay said Decimos of corn and wine be put on the footing directed by the late Governor Kane: and all officers and persons whatsoever displaced or put under restraint on account of this alteration in the King's affairs reinstated and set at liberty. “As you will answer the contrary at your perill.” [Letter Book XIX. p. 453.]
Oct. 4.
144. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Earle. Order for the issue, out of the Civil List Revenues, of 50,679l. 9s. 7d., for the uses and purposes as in Mr. Scrope's letter of this day to the Exchequer.
Same for same out of Exchequer bills on land tax 1737 of 7,862l. 10s. to the Treasurer of the Navy, for services as in his memorial of this day.
Mr. Revell's memorial read concerning the Victualling lists for Gibraltar, lying now in the Comptroller's office, and not reported because the Commissary of Stores there has not signed the same. Ordered that the Comptrollers report what lists are now before them, what they amount to, and whether there be any other objection against returning the same, and whether it may not be reasonable to pay Mr. Revell by way of advance till these lists shall be produced regularly signed. Ordered also that the Deputy-Commissary of Stores at Gibraltar be directed to sign the said lists from time to time as the contract directs, with such observations as he shall have occasion to make.
Mr. Finch, the Receiver General of Minorca, is called in, and his memorial read, complaining inter al. against Lieut.-Col. Pinfold, the present Casual Commandant at Minorca, for subjecting the King's Decimos on corn and wine to a Foracion, or price fixed thereupon by the Jurats, from which they have been exempt for eleven years or upwards. Ordered that Lieut.-Col. Pinfold be directed to put the said Decimos on corn and wine without delay upon the same foot they formerly stood, and that all officers and persons whatsoever displaced or under restraint on account of this alteration in the King's affairs be reinstated and set at liberty.
Order for a sign manual for the issue of 200l. to Thomas Green, as royal bounty to the Hospital for sick and lame at Winchester.
The Earl of Hertford, now Governor of Minorca, is to have the allowance the late Governor Kane had out of His Majesty's revenues there, as also what becomes due from the death of Kane to the said Earl's commission.
Order for Mr. Paxton to pay, out of the money in his hands for law charges, 38l. 1s. 4d., to satisfy Leonard Martin's bill of expenses for His Majesty's service.
Order for Mr. Lowther to pay 20l., out of the King's money in his hands, to Leonard Welsted, for one quarter due at Michaelmas last, as royal bounty.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVIII. p. 54; Letter Book XIX. p. 452.]
Oct. 5. 145. Royal warrant to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, countersigned by the Lords of the Treasury, to pay to each of the twelve battalions of foot in Ireland, viz.:—The First and Second battalions of the Royal, late Lieut.-General Sutton's, late General Dormer's, Lieut.-General Bisset's, Lieut.-General Dalzell's, Major-General Moyle's, late Brigadier Otway's, Col. Ponsonby's, Col. Bragg's, Col. Wentworth's, late Sir James Wood's, the sum of 185l. 10s.d. each, nett, to clear their offreckonings on the assignments made thereof to 1736, June 24, “which deficiency appears to have been occasioned by the reduction made of the additional men belonging to the said twelve batallions.”
[Irish Book IX. pp. 112–3.]
Oct. 11. 146. Petition to the Treasury from Thos. Liveings. “Prays that he may be permitted to make use (in the manure for land, which by letters patent he hath the sole making and vending) of a new manufacture of Foul Salt from the Brine: which he affirms when it shall be brought into general use will be a great increase of the revenue without any burthen to the subject.”
Referred to the Salt Commissioners.
[Reference Book X. p. 99.]
Oct. 13.
147. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Winnington, Mr. Earle.
Joseph Dacre Appleby's petition read for a fee farm rent of 55l. 17s., issuing out of lands formerly granted to his family by the Crown, to be apportioned, in regard part of the said lands have since reverted to the Crown, and are now in lease to the Earl of Carlisle. Referred to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands.
Order for the issues to the Cofferer of the Household of 6,000l., in further part of 26,735l. for 1737, midsummer quarter, and for 5,000l. to the Paymaster of the Works, in part of 10,384l. 10s. 1d. for same quarter.
Same for the following issues to clear same quarter on allowances at the Exchequer:—
£ s. d.
To Charles, Lord Lynn, Master of the Jewel Office 175 0 0
To the four clerks of the Council 250 0 0
To same for Trade and Plantation business 100 0 0
To Duke of Dorset, Constable of Dover Castle 275 0 0
To same, on his pension of 1,540l. per an. 385 0 0
To the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 300 0 0
To Duke of Montagu, on 1,200l. per an. pension 300 0 0
To Earl of Godolphin, Lord Privy Seal 748 15 0
To Earl of Essex, Ranger of St. James's Park 223 1 3
To same, as Keeper of Hyde Park 100 0 0
To Lord Cornwallis, Justice in Eyre, Trent South 416 13 4
To Duke of Grafton, on 3,000l. per an. pension 750 0 0
To widow of Baron Hattorff 500 0 0
Order for the issue, out of public funds for 1737, of 16,500l. to the Treasurer of the Navy for wages to the “Antelope,” lately arrived from the West Indies, according to his memorial of the 11th instant.
Same for a warrant to be signed by the King for placing on the establishment of annual bounties, payable by Mr. Stewart, 470l. per an. from 1737, midsummer, to pay the several persons receiving the royal bounty to that amount, pursuant to His Majesty's warrant of April 5th last.
The petition of James Howard, Provost Marshall, to be put in possession of a house in the Savoy for the use of himself and Forces, referred to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVIII. pp. 55–6.]
Oct. 14. 148. Petition to the Treasury from James Howard, Provost Marshal of the Precinct of the Savoy. Petitioner rents of one Mr. Thursby for the use of the three Regiments of Foot Guards and Garrisons abroad a tenement at 40l. per an. Thursby's lease being near expired petitioner hears that he intends to apply for a new lease. Thinks it necessary to inform the Treasury that the above rent is paid by the Secretary at War, as that expense could be saved by granting said tenement to petitioner for the use of His Majesty's Guards and Garrisons. [Crown Lease Book IV. p. 217.]
Oct. 18. 149. Same to same from Robert Gomery and Edward Chew. On their return from China on board the “Normanton,” Captain Rigby, petitioners brought with them seven gold shoes, which through inadvertency they were bringing on shore without entry, but which were seized by the Customs officers. Pray said bullion may be restored to them.
Referred to the Customs Commissioners.
[Reference Book X. p. 98.]
Oct. 18.
150. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Sundon, Mr. Winnington, Mr. Earle.
The Customs Commissioners to pass a bale of coffee brought by the French ambassador and stopped at the Custom House, same being provisions imported for his own use.
The memorial of the Deputy Paymaster of the Forces of the 12th instant on Sir Joseph Eyles's proposal for remitting subsistence money to Minorca and Gibraltar 1737, October 25, to December 24, read and agreed to as follows, the rates of exchange being certified to be as usual:—15,900 dollars for Minorca, payable in gold at sight, at 55d. per dollar; 24,800 dollars for Gibraltar, payable in gold at sight, at 54½d. per dollar.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVIII. p. 57.]
Oct. 18. 151. Statement of the account of George Tucker, Provost Marshall of the Bermudas, and of Richard Tucker, his late Deputy, deceased, of public rents by them received and disbursed in the said islands 1732–3, January 12, to 1735, May 15. 14 pages. [Treasury Board Papers CCXCVI. No. 4.]
Oct. 20. 152. Treasury warrant appointing the residence in England and Scotland respectively of the Commissioners of Customs as follows, viz.:—Sir John Stanley, Sir John Evelyn, Brian Fairfax, John Hill, Sir Robert Baylis, Sir Robert Corbet, and Richard Chandler in London, and John Campbell, Gwynn Vaughan, George Ross, Wardell George Westby, Beaumont Hotham, Richard Somers, and Colin Campbell in Edinburgh.
[Customs Book XIV. pp. 243–4.]
Oct. 25.
153. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dodington, Lord Sundon, Mr. Winnington, Mr. Earle.
“When the account of the expense for lodgings hired for the King's servants during His Majesty's residence at Hampton Court is made up and adjusted let an issue be made to the Treasurer of the Chamber to satisfye the same.”
Leave to Mr. Westby, a Commissioner of Customs residing in Scotland, to come to England on private affairs.
Order for the proper warrant for determining the Duke of Manchester's allowance as one of the Gentlemen of the Bedchamber from the time he was appointed Captain of the Yeomen of the Guard.
Same for the issue, out of Exchequer bills on land tax 1737, of 111,538l. 12s. 11d. to the Paymaster of the Forces for subsisting the Forces for two months to December 24 next, and other services as in his memorial of the 20th instant.
The Customs boat at Truro is to be supplied with the four persons recommended by Mr. Edgcumbe.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVIII. p. 58.]