Treasury Books and Papers: April 1739

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Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 4, 1739-1741. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1901.

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April 1739

April 3.
53. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Sundon, Mr. Dodington, Mr. Earle.
Henry Saxby to be examiner of the out port books loco Charles Turner appointed customer and collector at Lynn.
Viscount Duncannon is to succeed Mr. Boyle as one of the Revenue Commissioners, Ireland; Boyle succeeding Dr. Coghill, deceased, as Chancellor of the Exchequer there.
The King is pleased to give the pictures to which he is entitled by the will of Mr. Norton, of Southwick, to Col. Norton.
John Day to be surveyor of House duties for Bedfordshire on the death of — Bardolph, now in a languishing condition.
Order for the issue of 7,817l. 12s. 9¼d. to Mr. Selwyn, junior, for 1739, Lady Day quarter, to the Duke and the four Princesses.
Same for same of 1,029l. 15s. 0d. for the allowances payable by the Treasurer of the Chamber, and by Mr. Stewart to the Lord Almoner for the Maundy and other purposes, viz., the King's private pensions and two Arabic Professors.
Mrs. Jans is to have 20l. as the King's bounty by the hands of Mr. Lowther.
Mr. Lowther is to pay the fees on the 1,000l. issued to James Serces for the Foreign Protestants.
Andrew Reid, of London, merchant, is to be the transporter of felons loco Jonathan Forward, and the contract to be made with him for that purpose is to be for 3 years certain.
Order for the issue to the Cofferer of the Household of 27l. 16s.d. out of the late King's arrears for the debt on that establishment to Richard Withers as Yeoman Carttaker.
Mr. Lowther is to pay out of the King's money in his hands 894l. 3s. 4d., to Mr. Walthoe for printing work and other disbursements for His Majesty's service due 1738, 'Xmas.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVIII. p. 121.]
April 3. 54. Treasury warrant for the execution of a Lord Chamberlain's warrant to the Duke of Montagu for the delivery to the Hon. Grey Maynard of a folio Bible, folio book of Common Prayer, and a Baker's Chronicle with iron chains and pins to chain same to the reading desk in the Guard Chamber at St. James's, for the use of the Yeomen of the Guard; all at an estimate of 13l.
[Lord Chamberlain's Warrant Book II. p. 120.]
55. Same for same of same to same for delivery to same of furniture detailed for the clerks' rooms at the House of Commons, at an estimate of 280l.
[Ibid. 121.]
April 5. 56. Articles of agreement made between the Treasury and Andrew Reid, merchant, of the city of London, for transporting to America all felons in Newgate gaol sentenced to be transported, and the same in the several county gaols of Herts, Bucks, Essex, Kent, Sussex and Surrey, all for three years from date hereof; all at a contract price of 5l. per head.
[Warrants not relating to Money XXVI. pp. 177–8.]
April 5. 57. Report to the Treasury from Dudley Ryder and J. Strange, respectively Attorney and Solicitor General, on the memorial of the Commissioners for building Westminster Bridge, praying that as the Crown lands cannot be alienated and vested in the memorialists save by authority of Parliament, application may be made to Parliament for the devoting of several houses, and pieces of ground part of the Crown waste and other estates in and about New Palace Yard, and the parts adjacent, all the property of His Majesty, for the purpose of making convenient ways, streets and passages to and from the intended bridge to the Houses of Parliament and the Courts of Justice. 3 pages.
:—(a) And memorial to the King from the said Commissioners for building a bridge cross the river of Thames from the city of Westminster to the opposite shore in the county of Surrey. 1 page.
(b) An account of estates belonging to the Crown which will be wanted for making the streets to and from the intended bridge at Westminster. 5½ pages.
(c) A note of the income or rental of the said estates. 2 pages.
(d) Draft of legislative clauses for the proposed purpose as above. 2½ pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCC. No. 22.]
April 9. 58. Memorial to the Hon. Thomas Winnington, a Lord of the Treasury, from Simon Smith, praying reward for his services in proposing in 1731 a scheme for preventing the running of wool from Ireland and England, part of which was subsequently incorporated in the Act of Parliament of 1732, as appears by the report to the Treasury from the Commissioners of Trade of date 1738, Oct. 13. 1 page.
[Ibid. No. 24.]
April 10. 59. Warrant under the royal sign manual, dated from St. James's, and countersigned by the Lords of the Treasury, to Nicholas Paxton and John Lawton, surviving administrators of Richard Norton, late of Southwick, co. Southampton, deceased. By a definitive sentence promulgated by John Bettesworth, LL.D., Official Principal of the Arches Court of Canterbury, it is declared that the legacies of pictures bequeathed to His Majesty in Schedules 3, 4 and 13 annexed to the last will of said Norton ought to be delivered to His said Majesty. Nevertheless the royal pleasure is that same shall be delivered to Col. Thomas Norton, Esq., to his own use and account, His Majesty being graciously pleased so to grant and dispose of them to the end said legacies should remain in the family of the deceased, notwithstanding said legacy.
Appending:—(a) Copy of said Bettesworth's sentence extracted from the Registry of the Court of Arches.
(b) Copy of said Codicils 3, 4 and 14 annexed to said will, extracted from the Registry of the Prorogative Court of Canterbury.
The pictures referred to are the prints of St. Cecilia by Raffaelle D'Urbino; Santa Margaretta, whole length, Tiziano; Judgment of Solomon, a large piece, by old Palma; Lucretia, a whole length, by Guido Reni; A Pilgrim's Head, by Parmigiano; an Ecce Homo, by Correggio; a Head of Our Saviour, by Andrea del Sarto; a noli me tangere, by Tintoretto; 6 Triumphal Arches, by Rubens; the Duchess of Chevreuse, by Van Dijk, half length; two large Claude Lorraines; a Sea Battle, large, when Opdam was beaten, by Vandervelde; a Crucifix, large, in chiaro oscuro, by Annibale Caracci; a sketch of a Saint giving the Sacrament to some in a plague, by Ani. Caracci; six tiles in 2 frames of Cyrus's History, by Parmigiano; an Evening Harvest piece, by Jacopo Bassano; a small Milking Time, by ditto; a large Landskip, by Salvatore Rosa; an original picture of Richard III., bought at the late Duke of Norfolk's sale; a sketch of Sampson and Delila, by Van Dijk; a sketch of Martyrdom, by ditto; a sketch of Sampson and the Lion, by Rubens; a Madonna, an oval, unknown by what good hand; a Madonna teaching the child Jesus to read, copy by Mr. Cooke; a fine copy made at Rome of Raffaelle's Transfiguration; a Woman and Satyr, by Rottenhamer; a Peach and bunch of Black Grapes, by Verelst; a Cartoon, very large of Calisto, by Tiziano; two round landscapes, by Gasparo Poussin; two landscapes, by Orisonti.
[King's Warrant Book XXXIII. pp. 248–59.]
April 10. 60. Treasury warrant to the Auditor of the Receipt for an order for the issue of 870l. to Jonathan Forward for transporting 127 felons, out of Newgate Gaol to Virginia on board the “Dorsetshire,” Thomas Whiting, commander, 1738–9, January 23, and 47 felons to Maryland out of the county gaols of Herts, Sussex, Essex, Surrey, Bucks, Kent, on board the “Genoa” galley, Darby Lux commander, being an allowance of 5l. per head.
Appending:—Names of said felons and certificates by the various clerks of the Peace, clerks of Gaol Delivery, &c.
[Money Book XXXIX. pp. 408–9.]
April 10. 61. Same for the execution of a Lord Chamberlain's warrant to the Duke of Montagu for the delivery to the Hon. Grey Maynard of furniture detailed for His Majesty's service at St. James's, including inter al. items for Mrs. Swinton, Lady Belle Finch, Lady Harriet Campbell, Mr. Brinkman, Baron Steinberg, Madame Walmoden, Mrs Kemp, and Mrs. Boatson; all at an estimate of 870l.
[Lord Chamberlain's Warrant Book II. pp. 121–3.]
April 12.
62. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Doddington, Lord Sundon, Mr. Winnington, Mr. Earle.
Order for the issue out of the Civil List revenues of 3,000l. to the Privy Purse.
Same for preparation of a sign manual for 200l. to Simon Smith for services and expenses about the wool affair before the Board of Trade; same being ordered on a report from said Board in his behalf, of date 1738, Oct. 13.
“Let Mr. Jonathan Forward know that my Lords have signed a contract for Andrew Reid, of London, merchant, to be the transporter of felons, and that if he (Mr. Forward) intermeddles in such transportations after the date of Reid's contract their Lordships shall not think themselves obliged to defray the charge thereof.”
Mr. Revell producing a certificate, now read, from General Sabine, Governor of Gibraltar, and from Mr. Skinner, His Majesty's Chief Engineer there, that all the store houses and buildings which Mr. Revell contracted to build there for the service of the Victualling are finished in all things answerable to the contract, order for a warrant for the Paymaster of the Forces to pay Revell the balance due thereon, and the further sum of 1,848l. 19s. 0d. for additional works and conveniencies certified as absolutely necessary by said Governor and Chief Engineer.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVIII. p. 122; Letter Book XIX. p. 500.]
April 19. 63. Treasury warrant to the Auditor of the Receipt to make forth and place as so much cash in the office of the Tellers at the Receipt, 200,000l. in exchequer bills on malt, 1739.
[Money Book XXXIX. p. 380.]
May 1.
64. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Doddington, Mr. Winnington, Mr. Earle.
The Secretary at War represents to their Lordships the distress of the Independent Companies at Jamaica, through the failure of Mr. Popple, their agent, 1,500l. of said Popple's bills drawn on him for subsistence money supplied to him, having been returned protested. Said Secretary is to enquire more particularly concerning same and report his opinion.
Order for the issue to the Cofferer of the Household of 10,000l. in part of 1738, 'Xmas quarter, whereof 6,000l. for imprests to purveyors.
Same for same of 750l. each to the two Secretaries of State for Secret Service.
Auditor Shelley to hasten his report on Sir Andrew Thornhaugh's petition referred to him January 17 last about certain demands of the late Sir Thomas Hewet, Surveyor General of Woods.
The report of the 3rd ult. from the Board of Works read on the late Mr. Bridgman's demands for works in the gardens at Richmond, by the late Queen's orders. Order for a warrant for 742l. 18s. 10d. thereon.
Mr. Lowther is to pay Mr. Clay, the clockmaker, 13l. 2s. 0d. in full of all his demands for looking after and repairing the Treasury clock, 1721, March 25, to 1725, August 18, or any time after.
Sir Joseph Eyles's proposal for remitting the subsistence money to Gibraltar and Minorca, 1739, April 25 to June 24, agreed to as follows, the Paymaster of the Forces having certified the rates of exchange to be as usual, viz.:—
19,700 dollars for Minorca payable in gold at sight at 55d. per dollar.
18,800 dollars for Gibraltar payable in gold at sight at 54½d. per dollar.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVIII. p. 123; Letter Book XIX. p. 501.]