Treasury Books and Papers: July 1739

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Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 4, 1739-1741. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1901.

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July 1739

July 3.
116. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Sundon, Mr. Winnington.
Mr. Lowther is to pay out of the King's money in his hands 942l. 10s. 0d. to Mr. Walthoe for printing work and other disbursements for His Majesty's service, due 1739 Lady Day.
Order for the issue out of public funds, anno 1739, of 41,416l. 13s. 4d., to answer levy money and subsidy to the King of Denmark for his troops, according to the memorial of the Paymaster of the Forces of this day in that behalf.
Orders for the following issues out of Civil List Funds:
£ s. d.
To the Officers of Richmond Park 232 3 0
To the Deputy Ranger of Windsor Park 50 0 0
To the Heralds at Arms 35 0 0
To the Privy Purse 3,000 0 0
To Richard Allen 10,000 0 0
To Mr. Scrope 3,220 0 0
To the Usher of the Exchequer 2,159 1
To the Master of the Great Wardrobe 4,149 15
To the Foreign Ministers 10,334 0 7
To Mr. Manning on his pension by Mr. Stuart 300 0 0
Mr. Shelton's petition read for arrears of salary and disbursements for services relating to the Bahama Islands. Ordered to be transmitted to the Secretary to the Board of Trade for their report as to his services and pretences.
Order for a sign manual for 1,911l. to Thomas Gibson to answer bills of Exchange from abroad, with so much more as will attend the fees and charges upon the receipt thereof.
“My Lords order now, with respect to the approaching recess of the Treasury, that the following issues be made as the Civil List revenues shall arise to answer the same,” viz.:—
£ s. d.
To clear pensions payable in Mr. Stuart's Office, to 1738 Xmas 13,300 3 0
To clear bills and Lord Chamberlain's warrants in the Treasurer of the Chamber's office to the same time 5,340 6 2
Mr. Hervey's salary, as Surveyor of the Gardens, to be inserted for the future in the quarterly letter for paying the contractors for keeping the King's Gardens, in the same manner as Mr. Dartiquenaue's salary was paid.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVIII. pp. 141–2; Letter Book XIX. p. 509.]
July 4. 117. Petition to the Treasury from merchants et al. trading to Portugal. Petitioners carry on a considerable and constant correspondence by the Falmouth packet boats, and conceive that in the present situation of affairs with Spain, the said boats are not sufficiently supplied with men and guns for their defence. Pray an addition of men and guns, and the appointment of a surgeon to each packet.
[Reference Book X. p. 129.]
July 5. 118. Warrant under the royal sign manual to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, countersigned by the Lords of the Treasury, for him to authorise the Commissioners appointed to examine, state and pass the accounts of the Vice-Treasurers, Receivers General and Paymasters General of Revenues, Ireland, to allow thereupon the sum of 730l. 10s. 75/8d. to make good the loss upon the balance of the public money in the hands of Nathaniel Clements, Esq., Teller of the Exchequer, Ireland, at the time of the reduction of the gold coin there, viz., on the 10th September, 1737; and further to authorise the said Vice-Treasurer, and Receivers General and Paymasters of Revenue there, to issue to the agents of the several regiments there concerned, 191l. 16s.d. to make good the like loss on the same occasion, on 20 days' subsistence viz: 1737 September 10–30.
[Irish Book IX. pp. 157–8.]
July 5. 119. Royal sign manual, countersigned by the Lords of the Treasury, directed to Henry Pelham, Paymaster of the Forces, to pay to the King of Denmark 41,416l. 13s. 4d. for the following purposes:—
£ s. d.
To answer the value of 115,000 Crowns, being a moiety of 230,000 Crowns payable by a treaty between His Majesty and the said King, dated Copenhagen, 1739 March 14, N.S., for levy money for a body of 6,000 Danish troops, whereof 1,000 horse duly armed and mounted at the rate of 80 Crowns each, and 5,000 foot at the rate of 30 Crowns each, the other moiety being made payable when the said troops shall be delivered 26,833 6 8
To answer the order of 62,500 Crowns for a quarter of 250,000 Crowns, bank money of Hamburg, payable to said King for an annual subsidy pursuant to said Treaty for the term of three years from date thereof, said quarter being due 1739 June 3, O.S. 14.583 6 8
Both said sums being computed at the exchange rate of 4s. 8d. per Crown.
[King's Warrant Book XXXIII. p. 324.]
July 5. 120. Memorial to the Treasury from the Comptrollers of Army Accounts. The Duke of Richmond has obtained a grant of the house in the Privy Garden, Whitehall, where the offices of the Comptrollers of the Accounts of the Army, and for the Regulating the Clothing have been kept for 30 years and more, and where both the Comptrollers did for several years reside. As such house has been upheld at their own proper charge, pray a consideration of their case and the appointment of a place where the said offices shall be kept for the future, so that proper care may be taken of the books of said office, and of the Muster Rolls and other papers, which in so long a tract of time are become very numerous.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCI. No. 9.]
July 6. 121. Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners. “Whereas the Lords of His Majesty's most Honble. Privy Council do pass, and are daily passing, orders, in many cases signed by the Clerk of the Council, for taking off the embargo laid on ships and vessels by virtue of His Majesty's order in Council, bearing date 15th day of June last,” to the end said orders may not be delayed in the execution, they are to be complied with in future without waiting for a Treasury warrant thereupon.
[Customs Book XIV. p. 371.]
July 6. 122. Warrant under the royal sign manual, countersigned by the Lords of the Treasury, directed to the Postmasters General, authorising said Postmasters General to strengthen the packet boats between England and Portugal by an additional number of men and such further quantity of guns and warlike stores as they shall think fit.
[King's Warrant Book XXXIII. p. 333.]
July 6. 123. Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners for the payment of 200l. to Valentine Boyles by the hands of the Receiver General of Customs for services in the revenue.
Prefixing:—Report to the Treasury from said Commissioners on petition of said Boyles. Petitioner was appointed in May, 1735, to inspect the riding officers of the Customs upon the coast of Norfolk being a ride of 80 miles in length, at an allowance of 70l. per an. The smugglers have frequently come down upon the coast in gangs of 20, 30 and sometimes upwards of 40, which has made it necessary to have a regiment of dragoons to assist the Customs officers. Petitioner has at the great hazard of his life often pursued them off the coast for 40 miles into the country. Considerable frauds have been discovered, more than 20 of the offenders have been taken up, 3 convicted for transportation, 1 dead in prison, judgment obtained against 3, 15 to be tried next assizes, and upwards of 50 more under prosecution that are not yet taken.
[Customs Book XIV. pp. 374–6.]
July 24. 124. Treasury warrant renewing the contract with the Bank of England for the circulating of Exchequer bills for the year ending 1740, July 24.
[Warrants not relating to Money XXVI. p. 102.]
July 26.
125. Present: Mr. Chancellor, Mr. Winnington.
Order for the issue to the Treasurer of the Navy of 14,776l. out of funds anno 1739, for services as in his memorial of this day.
Thomas Elliston is to be doorkeeper to the Stamp Commissioners. Samuel Bawden, at the recommendation of Sir Charles Wager, is to succeed Joseph Tomms, lately deceased, as landwaiter at Looe and as deputy searcher there if Tomms was so appointed. Barker Russell, at the recommendation of Mr. John Tucker, is to succeed Ralph Carter, tidewaiter at Weymouth, in case he be dead.
A representation from the Justices of Peace and Commissioners of land tax of the city and county of Worcester, recommending Edward Lowbridge as receiver of the land tax and house duty for said county, loco Mr. Lane, read and agreed to. The Taxes Commissioners to write to the Commissioners of land tax in said county for an exact state of the arrears of land tax and house duties standing out there, and to give my Lords their opinion by what means said arrears may most speedily and effectually be collected.
Order for a warrant for placing such further sum in Exchequer bills on land tax 1739 in the Tellers' Office as will complete the credit thereupon after allowing 200,000l. for loans, whereof 79,100l. has been already lent.
[[Treasury Minute Book XXVIII. p. 143.]
July 28. 126. Dudley Ryder, Attorney General, to [? John Scrope] dated from Chancery Lane. “The inclosed draughts have been prepared by Mr. Sollicitor and myself, and communicated to my Lord Chancellor, who [approves thereof], but before they can be finally settled, it is presumed that it will [be] proper to know the King's pleasure both as to the consent of the Crown to the marriage of the Duke and his heirs male to entitle them to make a jointure, and as to the quantum of the portions for younger children. What is thought of as to this is that the provision for them should be by terms for years to commence from their fathers' deaths, not exceeding ten years nor 4,000l. a year in the whole, nor a third of so much of the annuity as they shall be in actual possession of at the time of granting. If on communicating this to Sir Robert [Walpole] he shall desire any further information, I will wait on him at any time he shall appoint. Mr. Sollicitor would be glad to wait on him also, but he is gone this morning to fetch his wife from Tunbridge and dont return till the latter end of the next week.”
Endorsed:—Received 29 July, 1739. 1½ pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCI. No. 11.]
July 31. 127. Treasury warrant to the Auditor of the Receipt to make forth and to place as so much cash in the office of the Tellers at the Receipt 500,000l. in Exchequer bills on land tax 1739.
[Money Book XXXIX. p. 452.]
128. Same to same for the issue of 415l. to Andrew Reid for transporting 83 felons out of Newgate Gaol to Maryland, on board the “Sea Nymph,” Adam Muir commander.
Appending:—Lists of said felons and certificates of the Deputy Clerks of the Peace &c. [Ibid. 452–3.]
July 31.
129. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Sundon, Mr. Winnington.
The report of the Surveyor General of Woods, of the 30th instant, concerning repairing the roads from Datchet Ferry round the Park wall at Windsor, read and agreed to. The estimate of 783l. for that work is to be met out of land revenues of the Crown in Mr. Farrington's audit, “and the Surveyor is to be enjoyned therein to take care that the roads being repaired the bringing of timber and laying the same there by private persons for water carriage be prevented for the future, and that the pitts in either of the parks at Windsor from whence gravel is proposed to be dug be laid after digging in a decent manner.”
The Excise Commissioners' memorial of this day's date read and agreed to for the agents of regiments having money from the Excise collectors to supply troops in their quarters, to give security to said collectors for money received. Said Commissioners are empowered to demand security from the said agents to their satisfaction accordingly.
Order for the issue out of the Civil List revenues of 14,019l. 1s.d. for persons and services specified in a letter to the Exchequer of this day's date.
Horatio Townshend, son to Charles late Viscount Townshend, is to succeed Henry Bacon as Customer outwards of Newcastle port.
John Simpson, junr., of Leicester is to be Receiver of Taxes for that county loco Abstinence Plougher, his father-in-law.
The Salt Commissioners' memorial of the 26th instant read touching Sir Richard Lane's demands in pursuance of a judgment of the Court of Common Pleas in 1739, Trinity term. “My Lords take further time to consider same.”
George Collingwood is to succeed Robert Aire as a boatman at Newcastle.
Stephen Whatley is to have 50l. for a half-year to 1738 Xmas, out of the King's money in Mr. Lowther's hands. Stephen Kneller's letter dated Lymington, 1739 July 9, touching the contrivance in building houses to evade the duties on windows, to be sent to the Taxes Commissioners to observe thereupon in the representation they are to make to the Treasury on the state and condition of that revenue.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVIII. pp. 144–5.]
July 31. 130. Treasury warrant to the Auditor of the Receipt, to cause 500,000l. in Exchequer bills on Land Tax 1739 to be placed as so much cash in the office of the Tellers at the Receipt, to be thence issued for the public service according to notifications from time to time from the Treasury. Same to rank after 500,000l. already registered thereupon, and to complete the credit as by the Land Tax Act 1739.
[Money Book XXXIX p. 452.]