Treasury Books and Papers: December 1739

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Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 4, 1739-1741. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1901.

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December 1739

Dec. 1. 193. (a-k.) Abbreviate or statement of account by Allan Whitefoord, Receiver General of Scotland, of moneys received and issued for the following periods respectively: 1738, Dec. 23, to 1738–9, January 27; January 28 to March 3; March 3 to 1739, March 31; March 31 to April 28; April 28 to May 26; May 26 to June 30; June 30 to July 28; July 28 to Sept. 1; Sept. 1 to Sept. 29; Sept. 29 to Oct. 27; Oct. 27 to Dec. 1. 11 large sheets.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCI. No. 53.]
Dec. 3. 194. Report to the Treasury from the Board of Works, Whitehall, on the memorial of Rt. Hon. Sir William Lee, Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench. Have carefully viewed the building called the Upper Treasury where the Records of the Court of King's Bench are kept and find it in so ruinous a condition that it cannot be repaired, as also in great danger of fire from the ruinous buildings adjoining. To rebuild the said Upper Treasury from the ground and fit it for the reception of the said records would cost 2,775l. 1 page.
[Ibid. No. 54.]
Dec. 4. 195. The Duke of Devonshire to the Treasury, dated Dublin Castle, transmitting the petition of Olaf Moller, minister of a German Lutheran Congregation in Dublin, praying His Majesty's grant of 50l. a year to himself as allowed to Andrew Kellinghusen, the late incumbent. Prays a royal letter for placing said allowance of 50l. per an. on the civil establishment of Ireland, to date from death of said Kellinghusen. 1 page.
—(a) Said petition of Moller to the Lord Lieutenant dated Dublin, 1739, Oct. 17. “Your petitioner's congregation being the only German one in the Kingdom was by consent of the Government established in this city for the benefit of Protestant foreigners.” Said congregation is not in a condition to maintain their minister, the whole salary amounting to only about 15l. per an. Prays a renewal of King George I.'s grant of 50l. per an. from 1738–9, March 12, date of death of Kellinghusen. 2 pages.
[Ibid. No. 55.]
Dec. 5. 196. J. Scrope to the Customs Commissioners calling for a prompt and immediate report of opinion on the draft bill submitted to their consideration by letter of the 29th ult., for the encouragement of seamen with regard to prize goods. “I am commanded by their Lordships to signify to you their surprize that this affair, which is so very much pressed, meets with no greater despatch.”
[Customs Book XIV. p. 402.]
Dec. 6.
197. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dodington, Lord Sundon, Mr. Winnington, Mr. Earle.
Order for the following issues out of the Civil List funds:
£ s. d.
To the Privy Purse 3,000 0 0
To the Treasurer of the Chamber for messengers 1,000 0 0
To Master of the Horse for extraordinaries of the Stables 3,000 0 0
To Duke of Montagu on his pension 300 0 0
To To the Deputy Ranger of Windsor Park 50 0 0
To Mr. Richardson for printing acts of Parliament 81 9 6
William Jones, at the recommendation of Mr. Selwyn, is to be conservator of Dean Forest, loco Christopher Bond.
Order for the issue to the Treasurer of the Navy out of funds anno 1739 of 10,000l. for victualling ships at Jamaica, as by his memorial of the 4th instant.
A memorial from the Earl of Essex, Ranger of St. James's Park, read and agreed to for 480l. for an additional keeper and two horses for rolling and keeping the new walk, called the Queen's Walk, for 8 years, 1731 March to 1739 March.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVIII. p. 179.]
Dec. 6. 198. Treasury warrant to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a constat or particular of Holy Island, Co. Northumberland, of which George Middleton prays an extension of lease, with all tithes great and small, liberty of fishing, coney warren, and all other lands &c., rents, services, fines, profits of courts and other royalties to said island belonging, except the benefit of Port, Haven and Castle, and excepting further all lands left by the sea.
Prefixing: — Report to the Treasury from said Surveyor General on said Middleton's petition for same.
[Crown Lease Book V. pp. 245–6.]
Dec. 10. 199. Charles Carkesse to [John Scrope] dated Custom House, enclosing (a) infra and desiring Treasury and Admiralty orders thereon, for the prevention of any embezzlement. 2 pages.
:—(a.) Robert Forster to the Customs Commissioners, dated on board the “S. Joseph,” the Downs, 1739, Dec. 9 relating to the unseaworthy condition of the said ship, a Spanish prize, under the convoy of the “Chatham,” man of war, Captain Strange. The pilots are of opinion that the St. Joseph will not ride a hard gale at the Long Sand's Head, or in the Gunfleet. They advise taking the ship into Westgate (“Waistcoast”) Bay, and lightening her there to 18 feet, otherwise she might have to drive to Leith or Norway, there being no other port in England or Holland capable of receiving a ship of her draught., viz. 22 feet. 2 pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCI. No. 57.]
Dec. 11. 200. Same to same dated from same concerning the arrival in Portsmouth Harbour on the 9th instant of the “Nostra Seigniora del Caminka” a Spanish prize of 100 tons, laden with iron, taken by the “Eltham” commanded by Hon. Lord Augustus Fitzroy. As the bill relating to prize ships is not yet passed into a law, desires the Treasury's instructions to the Customs Commissioners concerning this ship or any other prizes which may be brought. 1½ pages.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCI. No. 58.]
Dec. 11.
201. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dodington, Lord Sundon, Mr. Winnington, Mr. Earle.
Order for the following issues out of the Civil List funds:
£ s. d.
To the Works for 1739, midsummer quarter 7,821 0 10
To the Band of Pensioners, 1739, Michaelmas quarter 1,500 0 0
To the Earl of Warwick, same quarter 200 0 0
The report of the Customs Commissioners of this day's date read concerning putting the Spanish prize “St. Joseph” into the hands of the Custom Officers entirely on her arrival. Their Lords think same reasonable, and order Mr. Burchet to be written to, desiring him to lay the affair before the Lords of the Admiralty for their Lordships to give the necessary orders therein.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVIII. p. 180; Letter Book XIX. p. 522.]
Dec. 11. 202. J Scrope to the Secretary at War for sufficient forces to be marched to the sea coast at Westgate Bay, near Margate, to assist the officers of the customs engaged in lightening the Spanish prize “St. Joseph” of part of her lading.
[Letter Book XIX. p. 521.]
Dec. 17. 203. Royal sign manuals, countersigned by the Lords of the Treasury, authorising (1) the establishment for 6 regiments of marines, to commence and take place from 1739, Oct. 25: together with said establishment detailed.
(2) The deduction of 12d. per £ out of the pay of the said six regiments, to pay the fees due to the officers of the Exchequer, to to go for the support of Chelsea Hospital, to meet incident and settled charges in the office of Charles Hanbury Williams, Esq., Paymaster of the Marine Force, “and for such other uses relating to our service as we shall judge necessary.”
(3) The deduction of one day's pay yearly out of the payments due under the said establishment to the said six regiments, said deduction to be for the use of Chelsea Hospital.
(4) The regulation of subsistence to be paid to every officer and soldier in a regiment of marines.
(5) The deduction of the subsistence of 2 men per company from each captain as often as there shall appear upon the muster rolls of the said regiments any respite of privates. 6 pages. [Treasury Board Papers CCCI. No. 63.]
Dec. 18. 204. The Commissioners for Stamps to the Treasury dated Stamp Office, Lincoln's Inn, transmitting (a) infra. Do not find that any particular places have been appointed for their respective residences, but apprehend it most convenient for each officer to reside in some town of note in his district. 1 page.
—(a) a list of the names of the several distributors of stamped parchment and paper, their places of residence and their respective districts, who have an allowance of 1s. 6d. per £ for the money they collect and pay into the revenue and are also allowed their disbursements for carriage, postage and returns of money. 1 sheet. [Treasury Board Papers CCCI. No. 64.]
Dec. 19. 205. J. Scrope to the Auditors of Imprests. “It appearing to my Lords of the Treasury by the general certificate of the state of accounts in your offices that the final account of Richard Hampden, Esq., deceased, has been long since drawn and engrossed but cannot be declared by reason the accountant as is alleged therein refused in his life time to attest his account upon oath; and as many instances must have happened where accountants by reason of their death, withdrawing themselves or other accidents, have not been sworn to their accounts, their Lordships desire to know how that defect hath been supplied and by what authority and the particular cases concerned therein.”
[Letter Book XIX. p. 523.]
Dec. 20.
206. Present: Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dodington, Lord Sundon, Mr. Winnington, Mr. Earle.
Lord Harrington's letter of the 14th instant read signifying His Majesty's pleasure that their Lordships should direct Mr. Renard, His Majesty's agent at Amsterdam, to be paid 50l. in payment for a book which he procured for His Majesty's use. Same ordered to be paid by Mr. Lowther out of the King's money in his hands.
Mr. Mann, Chamber Keeper of the Treasury Office, is to be paid by Mr. Lowther out of same 224l. 5s. 6d. for a bill for furniture and work, detailed, provided and done in the new Treasury.
Order for the issue to the Treasurer of the Navy of 61,243l. out of funds anno 1739, as by his memorial of this day's date.
Same for same to the Paymaster of the Forces out of same of 69,507l. 16s. 11d. as by his memorial of the 19th instant.
The Postmaster General's memorial of the 5th instant acquaints their Lordships that Mr. Neale, the only person disposed to contract for the packet boats between Mahon and Marseilles, has gone from his first offer (of 420l. per an.) for said service and has made a new proposal of 630l. per an. They therefore desire authority with some latitude to agree for 2 boats to navigate with 12 men upon the intended station. Their Lordships agree thereto.
The report from the Customs Commissioners of the 8th instant read on Thomas Chitty's petition for delivery of nutmegs lately imported from Rotterdam and seized for being above the quantity expressed in the licence. The officer concerned in the seizure to be left at liberty to go on with the prosecution at his own charge.
Same from same of the 18th ult. read on a petition of the Court of Directors of the United East India Company for liberty to sell for export 12 chests of silk seized as thrown silk which by 2 William and Mary is prohibited to be imported. Mr. Hoskyns, the officer concerned in the seizure, to be at liberty to carry on the prosecution at his own charge.
On the memorial of the Taxes Commissioners of 29 November last their Lordships agree that the 20l. per an. additional allowance established for John Shales, deceased, late messenger to the Office of Taxes, shall be established as from Midsummer last to Mr. Richard Hammersly and Mr. Henry Entwisle, two of the clerks of said Commissioners, as a reward for their long services.
The petition of the Mayor and others of the town of Glaston [bury], Somersetshire, for the repair of a chapel and ten almshouses there, referred to the auditor of land revenues for said county for report.
Memorandum:—“Stopped, not being directed to be referred, but the Treasury Books to be examined as to what has been already done.”
The proposal of Sir Joseph Eyles for remitting subsistence money to Gibraltar and Minorca, 1739 Dec. 25, to 1739–40 Feb. 23, read and agreed to as follows: the rates of exchange being notified to be as usual, viz.:
28,000 dollars for Minorca payable at sight in gold at 55d. per dollar.
22,000 dollars for Gibraltar payable at sight in gold at 54½d. per dollar.
[Treasury Minute Book XXVIII. pp. 181–4.]
Dec. 20. 207. Treasury warrant to the Clerk of the Pipe or his Deputy for a lease to pass the Exchequer Seal, of the offices of Master Forester and Supervisor of Cliffe Bailiwick in the forest of Rockingham, Co. Northampton, and Receiver of the fines to be forfeited in said Bailiwick, with all fees, authorities and powers, during the several lives of John Earl of Westmorland, Francis Fane of Fulbeck, Co. Lincoln, and Francis Fane of the Middle Temple; and also of the herbage and deer browze of the lands and premises detailed, to said John Earl of Westmorland for 20½ years from 1750–1 March 15, at the yearly rent of 2l. 8s. 5d. without fine.
Prefixing:—Particular in Latin of the herbage premises by Auditor W. Lowndes; ratal of same by T. Walker, Surveyor General of Crown Lands; constat of the said office of Master Forester &c., and ratal of said constat by same, and entry of demise.
[Crown Lease Book V. pp. 251–9.]
208. Same to same for same of the Manor or Lordship of Brigstock, alias Brixtock, Co. Northampton, to John, Duke of Montagu, for 9 years from 1760–1, January 31, at the rent of 66l. 13s. 4d., and of the royalties of said manor for 31 years, at a rent of 10s. per an.
Prefixing: Particular in Latin by Robert Gardner, Deputy Clerk of the Pipe, Surveyor General's ratal and entry of demise.
[Ibid. 271–7.]
Dec. 26.]
209. Remarks on the establishment proposed for a regiment of foot to be raised in America (the West Indies), consisting of 4 battalions, under Major General Spotswood; said establishment to commence from 1739 Dec. 26 for the commission officers, and the full establishment from 1740 April 24. 1¼ pages.
: (a) Said establishment for said regiment according to the allowances of regiments in Britain. 1 page.
(b) Same for same exclusive of allowances to widows, colonels, and captains. 1 page.
(c) Regulation of subsistence for said regiment. 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCI. No. 67.]
Dec. 27. 210. Copy, certified by Temple Stanyan, of a resolution of the King in Council at St. James's ordering stores of war, detailed, to the amount of 1,380l. 13s. 2d. to be sent to the Bahama Islands, and allowances amounting in all to 1,600l. to be made to the Governor of said Island for the erection of a small work on the hill behind the present fort in the Island of Providence, a small battery for the defence of the harbour, and new barracks for the soldiers; said resolution being taken on the reading of a report from the Lords of the Committee of Council for Plantation affairs of the 24th instant, upon a report from the Board of Ordnance on a memorial of Richard Fitzwilliam, Governor of the said Islands, setting forth their defenceless state, and the inability of the islanders to meet the above expense owing to their very low circumstances.
Together with an account of the said stores of war necessary to be sent forthwith to the said Islands.
Endorsed:—Received 1739–40 January 12. 7 pages.
[Ibid. No. 68.]
Dec. 28. 211. Treasury warrant to the Auditor of the Receipt for the issue of 105l. to John Lawton for 1739, Xmas quarter, for himself and 3 clerks for sorting, digesting, methodizing and reducing to order the records and writing in the Court of the Receipt of the Exchequer.
Appending:—Lawton's report of work done during the quarter. “Since Michaelmas last Mr. Stewart has been sorting records of several reigns; Mr. Smart has been sorting Star Chamber records; Mr. Whiston and Mr. Farley have been methodizing the books of the Court of Wards and Liveries, and Mr. Strachey has been sorting Star Chamber records.”
[Money Book XL. pp. 74–5.]
1739. 212. Papers of estimates as follow:—
(a) Estimate of the charge of the Guards, Garrisons and other His Majesty's Land Forces in Great Britain, for the year 1739 (total, 647,549l. 11s.d.). 2 pages.
(b) Same of same of the Forces in the Plantations, Minorca and Gibraltar for same year (total, 228,062l. 10s.d.). 2 pages, practically in duplicate.
(c) Same of same of the Office of Ordnance for same year (total, 110,591l. 17s. 9d.). 1 page.
(d) Same of same of the out-pensioners of Chelsea Hospital for same year (total, 27,172l. 15s. 5d.). 1 page.
:—(d) (1) A comparison of the estimates for said Hospital for the years 1738 and 1739 respectively. 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCI. No. 69.]
213. An abstract of the ordinary estimate for the Navy for the year 1739 (total, 232,689l. 2s. 6d). 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCI. No. 70.]
214. A rough draft of the abstract of expenditure and supply, anno 1739. 1 page.
[Ibid. No. 71.]
215. Statements of account as follow:
(a) An account of services incurred anno 1739, not provided for by Parliament (total 9,477l. 13s.d.) 2 pages.
(b) Same of the issues for the services of the year 1739, and what remains unsatisfied. 2 pages.
(c.) Same of levy money, and other extraordinary allowances in connection with the movements of the regiments, and the increase of the forces, &c.
Endorsed:—“Given in at first 66,209l. 11s.d. but withdrawn, as by vote 8 Jan. and altered to 63,439l. 7s. 3d. as within; the sum of 2770l. 4s.d. therein mentioned and deducted, being inserted in the account of services incurred anno 1739, not provided for by Parliament.” 2 pages.
[Ibid. No. 72.]
216. (a) A paper of observations on the late augmentation of the Forces concerning allowances for levy money, accoutrements, &c. 1 page.
(b) A paper of precedents relating to mustering the Horse Dragoons and Foot. 2 pages, partially in duplicate.
[Ibid. No. 73.]
217. Memorial to the Treasury from the proprietors of salt works in Scotland, signed by Alexander Ross, agent for the memorialists. The use of foreign salt imported is limited to the purpose of curing fish for exportation. It is not allowed to be employed or consumed at home. Nevertheless vast quantities of foreign salt are daily imported and sold in the country for common use and at a price below the duty chargeable by law on home made salt. Pray legislative redress of a practice detrimental both to the revenue and to memorialists' trade. 1 page.
[Ibid. No. 74.]
218. Same to same from Lieut.-Gen. George Wade, for the increase of the annual grant for the repair of roads and bridges in the Highlands from 400l. to 500l. there being in all now 250 miles of road and above 40 stone bridges to keep up. 1 page.
[Ibid. No. 75.]
[1739?] 219. Proposal to the Treasury from Robert Abbis, engraver, to produce a piece of silver to demonstrate his method of preventing the counterfeiting the new milled money intended to be coined, from a crown piece to a sixpence, same being by means of an edging collar. 1 page.
[Ibid. No. 79.]
March 22.]
220. (a) - (d) 4 papers as follow.
(a) (b) Draft of an establishment for their Royal Highnesses the Princesses Amalie and Carolina: in two forma slightly varying and yielding a total establishment of 14,567l. 7s. 1d. in (a), and of 14,617l. 7s. 1d. in (b). 5 pages.
(c) An account of taxes [fees] and other charges [payable] on receiving [the abovesaid establishment] money [for the Princesses Amalie and Carolina] at the Exchequer. 2 pages.
(d) Similar draft establishment as in (a) and (b) for their Royal Highnesses Princesses Mary and Louisa (total establishment 4,653l. 4s. 0d.) 1 page.
[Treasury Board Papers CCCI. No. 80.]