Page 973

Calendar of Treasury Books and Papers, Volume 5, 1742-1745. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1903.

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Page 973

Page 1, heading, for 1741 read 1742.

Page 31, 2 lines from bottom, for there read in Jamaica.

Page 61, 6 lines from bottom, for bill read letter.

Page 66, 13 lines from bottom, for Joseph Barnard read John Barnard.

Page 87, line 5, for Mountney Mountiny read Mr. Mountiny.

Page 88, line 24 from bottom, for Lord Cathcart read Lord Carteret.

Page 123, line 6, for Mr. Woodward, of read the Woodward of.

Page 142, line 25 from bottom, for common law read Crown law.

Page 190, Col. IV, line 10, for J. Richardson read S. Richardson.

Page 201, Col. II, line 21, for Bermudas read Barbados.

Page 210, line 16, for Stamps read Customs.

Page 215, 4 lines from bottom, for Sussex read Suffolk.

Page 249, line 20, for John Ayloffe read Joseph Ayloffe.

Page 327, line 25 from bottom, after Edward Finch insert [sic for William Finch].

Page 382, Col. III, line 24, for of Hull manor read of Hull, mariner.

Page 393, Col. II, line 1, for French read Finch.

Page 418, Col. II, line 11, for Andrew Beavoir read Osmund Beavoir.

Page 463, in margin of item 46, alter the date from March 17 to March 6.

Page 479, line 19, for Thomas Hodgson read Robert Hodgson.

Page 532, line 23, for sent read lent.

Page 561, Col. III, line 6, for Robert Chatfield read John Chatfield.

Page 614, Col. IV, line 26 from bottom, for Medina read Modena.

Page 628, Col. IV, line 24 from bottom, for from Sieur Jordan read for Sieur Jordan.

Page 654, line 16 from bottom, for George Vaughan read Gwyn Vaughan.

Page 687, line 12, for Thomas Pelham read Henry Pelham.

Page 727, line 11, after Richard insert [sic for Benning] Wentworth.

Page 758, Col. III, line 9, for Josiah Arch, Bishop read Josiah, Archbishop.

Page 799, Col. IV, line 16 from bottom, for 11 Geo. II. read 1 Geo. II., Stat. II, Chap. 8.

Page 821, Col. IV, line 4 from bottom, for Algiers read Tripoli.