Minute Book: January 1665

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 1, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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Page 632

January 1665

Jan. 26. Petition to the King from Col. Roger Brettridge, read and entered (on reference from the King of the 21st inst.). Has been granted by the King the place of Nathaniel Manton, a Commissioner of Excise, if said Manton should be proved guilty of frauds on the said commission: therefore prays that Manton's offence may be examined by the Lord Treasurer and speedy report made to the King. With Treasurer Southampton's minute. "I desire the Commissioners of Excise to give mee a true state of this buisines to the end I may report the same to His Majesty." [Early Entry Book XII. p. 135.]
Jan. 28. Petition from Sir John Wolstenholme, read and entered, setting forth that in 1641 petitioner became bond for Sir Paull Pindar and others, Farmers of the Customs, for 100,000l, and upwards, taken up by them to complete their composition, that they failed, and petitioner's estate was sold to his damage of 90,000l., of which he has not been reimbursed any part to this day; that His Majesty has been pleased to own a debt of 200,000l. to said farmers and others, of which 80,000l. will fall to Sir Paull Pindar and Sir Abraham Dawes, deceased, and to Sir John Jacob and Sir John Harrison over and above all debts standing out against them: thereupon in January, 1662–3, petitioner petitioned for his due, and his accompts of 150,000l. were referred to the Auditors of Imprests, who reported that he had paid for the said four farmers 40,049l. 16s. 11d. as principal money. At Michaelmas last the said old farmers received 80,000l. of the aforesaid 200,000l., and to prevent their misapplying it to themselves petitioner petitioned for them to be required to give an accompt of how much of the principal moneys remaining due in 1662 was unpaid to the creditors and what remained as overplus to the said farmers. Of this the said farmers had notice, but have refused to return an accompt, and have disposed of a good part of the remainder so accruing to them as above, and are resolved to dispose of the rest to their own private uses. Therefore prays said farmers may be inhibited from payment of any more moneys till they give a just accompt. With minute by the Earl of Clarendon, Treasurer Southampton, and Lord Ashley. "Let the persons concerned see this petition who are within 10 daies to returne an answer to us in writing why the same should not be granted as is desired and thereupon wee will appointe a day to hear all parties." [Ibid. X. p. 299.]
The like petition from same separately against Sir John Jacob referring to the same matter: with the like minute thereon. [Ibid. p. 300.]