Entry Book: February 1664

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 1, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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February 1664

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
Feb. 1 Attestation by Treasurer Southampton and Lord Ashley of the declaration of the account to 1662–3, March 21, of Lord Belasyse, Governor of Hull garrison. Ibid, p. 40.
Feb. 3 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to Viscount Fanshaw, Remembrancer in the Upper Exchequer. "The sheriffs of the last yeare for London and Middlesex haveing use of the Rolls remayning with them to collect the duty and revenew due to His Majesty for the fire hearths; and the present sheriffs being now to leavy that which is due upon the same since their time soe as there will be a necessity of two coppies: now understanding from your lordship how numerous these rolls and how long they will be of transcribing; for the better despatch of the service I am satisfied with what you propose, that takeing the two present sheriffs' receipts for the same you intrust the originall rolls remaining with you in their custody: and accordingly I pray you to deliver them." Ibid, p. 37.
Money warrant for 5,430l. 16s. 1d. and 4,643l. 12s. 9d. to William Legg, Lieut. Gen. of the Ordnance, for emptions, &c., for the ships "Leopard," "Mary," "Rose," "Convertine," "Chesnutt" and "Mathias," appointed for service in India and Jamaica, and for the like for the ships "Lyon," "Yorke," "Princesse," "Dover," "Breda" and "Merlin," appointed for three months' service by warrant of the Duke of York, as by the Privy Seals of 1662, June 30 and August 29 respectively. Ibid, p. 38.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton and Lord Ashley to Richard Gregory, one of the messengers of the Chamber in ordinary attending the Lord Treasurer, to demand of Byley Rowlinson, one of the constables of Sheffield, 20l. levied by distress on John Heningway, of Sheffield: and to deliver same to the Sub-Commissioners of Excise for co York, and in case of refusal, then to arrest said Rawlinson. Ibid, XII. p. 80.
Feb. 3 Warrant from [Treasurer Southampton] to Richard Gregory, messenger, to arrest Edward Turner, of Rotheram, co. York, for withstanding the authority of the Sub-Commissioners of Excise for co. York by dissuading Robert Bromley, of Rotherham, and Grace Hanson, of Wombwell, from making their compositions with the Sub-Commissioners of Excise. Early Entry Book XII. p. 81.
Feb. 4 Same from Treasurer Southampton to the Auditor and the Comptroller of Excise to allow in account to the Excise Commissioners 3,185l. paid by them for the purchase from Katherine Kendrick, widow, of the lease of a house, with the appurtenances, in St. Bartholomew's Lane, London, wherein the Office of Excise is now kept: and further to allow them all such sums of money as they have paid and allowed on the allowance of 2s. in the £ to several Sub-Commissioners of Excise whose accounts have been passed since 1660, Dec. 25. Ibid, pp. 84, 85–8.
Appending:—A copy of the Privy Seal of 1662. Nov. 12, for allowing the such 2s. per £ to said Sub-Commissioners.
Same from same to the Auditor of Excise to allow 654l. 4s. 11d. paid by the Excise Commissioners, being interest due to the Duchess of Orleans on the 10,000l. given to her by Parliament. Ibid, p. 85.
Same from same to the Chamberlains of the Exchequer et al. to deliver to the Earl of Lauderdale, sole Secretary of State for Scotland, two pieces of Crown gold and two pieces of Standard silver, indented trial pieces for that kingdom: whereof one of each is for the General and Master Worker of the Mint there and the others are to remain in the Exchequer there. Ibid, V. p. 39.
Same from same to the Receipt for tallies to be levied on the Customs Farmers for 980l. for three months' pay of two companies and 80 men and one ensign in the garrison of Hull, 1662, July 11 to Oct. 3, at which time they were disbanded. Ibid, p. 40.
Treasurer Southampton to Bevis Lloyd, Receiver of [Crown revenues in] South Wales, requiring him forthwith to levy all arrears of rents due to the Crown within his receipt without regard to excuses, the occasions of the King's servants and the Queen and her servants requiring same. Ibid.
Same to Sir Edward Griffin, Treasurer of the Chamber, informing him of the manner in which it is proposed to distribute among His Majesty's servants the 4,000l. now appointed. Ibid, p. 41.
Warrant from same to the Receipt for tallies of assignment to be levied at the Receipt to allow to Elizabeth Harby, relict of Sir Job Harby, 2,333l. 6s. 8d. on the rent of 500l. per an. for the farm of the coal duty: same to be towards the debts owing by the King to said Harby as a late Customs Farmer, and in consideration of her present distress. Ibid, pp. 41–2.
Same from same to the Customs Farmers to swear William Docwra as one of the undersearchers of London port. Ibid, X. p. 248.
Feb. 5 Money warrant for 460l. to Sir William Killigrew, Vice-Chamberlain to the Queen Consort, and John James, as by the Privy Seal of Dec. 30 last conferring same on them out of a fine imposed on John Machell and Isaac Tully, of Horsham, Sussex, for assaulting Samuel Gott, of Battle. Ibid, V. p. 42.
Feb. 5 Money warrant for 450l. to Thomas Lee, who, with John Sharpe, has been employed in the prosecution of several persons for treason, &c, as by the Privy Seal of the 12th ult. Early Entry Book V. p. 43.
Feb. 8 Treasurer Southampton and Lord Ashley to the Lord Mayor and Aldermen of London, representing strongly the prejudice to the King's affairs from the slow collection of the duty on fire hearths in London and Middlesex, and proposing that the sheriffs may be authorised by the Common Council to authorise the constables in their respective precincts to be their deputies for the collection of said duty, with an allowance of 1d. per £ Ibid.
Feb. 10 Fiat by Treasurer Southampton for letters patent to constitute Thomas Coniers searcher of Berwick, loco Richard Orfuer. Ibid, X. p. 249.
Warrant from same to the Receipt to discharge the baronet fee of 1.095l. due from Richard Graham of Norton Conyers, co. Yorks. Ibid, V. p. 42.
Feb. 11 Same from same to Richard Aldworth, Auditor for co. York, and Thomas Bland, Receiver General of Crown revenues for said county, to pay to Sir Charles Harbord or Jonas Moore by his appointment 250l. for the said Moore's employment about making a survey, plot and description of the Thames and in making several surveys and estimates of the value of the Crown lands in the Great Level of the Fens and in the Forest of Alice Holt, and in divers other parts, together with many parcels of lands, forfeited to the Crown by the late attainder of Oliver Cromwell, Valentine Warton, Henry Smith and others. Ibid. p. 56.
Same from same to the Auditor and Receiver General of the Duchy of Cornwall, to pay 100l. to Sir Charles Harbord for William Harbord's employment in making several surveys and estimates of the value of His Majesty's woods and trees in the forest of Dean, co. Gloucester, and in the Park of Clarendon, co. Wilts; and in setting to farm a great part of the soil of the said park, and of the demesne lands of the manor of Grafton, in co. Northampton, and in making an improvement of a great part of the waste ground and soil of the said forest of Dean. Ibid, p. 57.
Feb. 12 Same from same to the Clerk of the Signet for a Privy Seal for 1,000l. to Humfry Weld, appointed Treasurer of the Corporation for the poor of Middlesex, constituted by a late Act of Parliament: the President and Governors thereof having built a public workhouse and laid a foundation for those good purposes designed for the ordering thereof, and for the introducing of several manufactures whereby many poor persons will be employed: same to be for His Majesty's countenance and assistance thereto, as a beginning and earnest of what he intends to do hereafter for the advancement of it. (Privy Seal hereon, Feb. 23. Money warrant hereon March 21.) Ibid, pp. 44, 73.
Money warrant for 15,000l. to William Ashburnham, Esq., Cofferer of the Household, in full of the Privy Seal of July 16 last. Ibid.
Same, dormant, for the stipend of 2s. 6d. a day to John Harris, of London, gent., for his office of Master or Keeper of His Majesty's cormorants for his disport and recreation in fishing: as by the letters patent of 1662, May 27, appointing him thereto loco George Hutchinson. Ibid, p. 45.
Feb. 12 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Clerk of the Signet attending for a Privy Seal to permit Paul [sic for William Paul], Bishop of Oxford, to pay his First Fruits of 343l. 7s. 11½d. (the Tenths being deducted) in four annual instalments on his own security. Early Entry Book V. p. 45.
Same from same to the Receipt for tallies to be struck for 500l. on Marke Milbanke, receiver of the Free and Voluntary Benevolence in co. Northumberland, same to be in part of the 800l. ordered by Privy Seal of Nov. 30 last to be paid to Sir John Marley, and further to return for cancellation the money warrants for the said sum of 800l. to said Marley, and for the 100l. to Captain Edward Trelawney as royal bounty for his attendance in the Portugal business. Ibid, p. 51.
Feb. 13 Money warrant for 17,500l. to Thomas Povie, Receiver of moneys for the service of Tangier, being three months pay for the city, port and garrison thereof. Ibid, p. 45.
Together with:—Same for the 250l. allowance, payable to Col. [John] Fitzgerrard [Fitzgerald], the deputy Governor thereof.
Same for 10,000l. to John Harvey, Treasurer and Receiver General to the Queen Consort, in part of 30,000l. for the Queen Consort, as by the Privy Seal of Jan. 30 last: His Majesty intending to settle on said Queen 40,000l. per an. from 1662, June 24, "and to that end will cause letters patent to passe the Great Seale, which cannot be so speedily prepared as that Her Majesty may receave the benefit of that grant," [for the coming Lady Day quarter's rent thereof]. Ibid, p. 46.
Same for 6,000l. to William Legg, Lieut. Gen. of the Ordnance, for half a year to March 24 next, for the ordinary of the Ordnance Office. Ibid, p. 49.
[?] Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Receipt for tallies to be levied on the Customs Farmers for 4.460l. 8s. 0d. to reimburse the like sum advanced by Stephen Fox, Esq., for paying off two companies of foot in the garrison of Scilly, which were disbanded Oct. 3 last. Ibid, p. 46.
Feb. 15 Same from same for Henry Seymour and John Seymour to be sworn by the Barons of the Exchequer into their place of Comptroller of London port, as by their royal letters patent of appointment. Ibid, X. p. 249.
Money warrant for 100l. to John Hill, Keeper of Battles Walk in Windsor Forest, on the yearly sum of 50l. for hay for the deer and keepers' wages there. Ibid, V. p. 47.
Same for 480l. 4s. 0d. to Sir Geffry Shackerley, Governor of Chester Castle, for six months' pay of said Castle, 1663, August 8 to Jan. 23 last. Ibid.
Feb. 18 Same, dormant, for the pension of 400l. per an. to the Princess Elizabeth, daughter to the Queen of Bohemia, to be paid out of the Receipt, and to replace a similar pension payable out of the impost on tobacco granted by the late King: the rents and profits of that impost being now involved in the general Customs. Ibid, p. 50.
Feb. 20 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Receipt to forbear to levy tallies for 400l. on the Receiver of Crown revenues for South Wales, as by the warrant of Dec. 28 last: and in lieu thereof to levy it on the Receiver of [same for] Suffolk and Cambridge. Ibid, p. 85.
Feb. 27 Money warrant for the amount due from Sept. 29 last on the monthly allowance of 467l. payable by the Treasurer of the Navy to the Victualler of the Navy, according to a contract made with him for furnishing the Navy in ordinary with victuals: as by the Privy Seal of Oct. 31 last. Early Entry Book V. p. 52.
Same for 1,775l. 5s. 0d. to Sir Henry Bennet, one of the Principal Secretaries of State, for the like sum employed and disbursed by him on several private occasions for the King's service, and without accompt. Ibid.
Treasurer Southampton to the Auditor of the Receipt. "Whereas I have His Majesties speciall comaunds for payment of some of the arreares to the officers of the Workes for which you have already orders; as likewise direccon to make some payment to them out of the chimney money, which coming in soe little and soe uncertaynly and soe slowly I have acquainted His Majesty is the cause they are noe better paid: but the neeessities of the artificers and labourers being now very great and there being an expectation that the late and present sheriffes of London will make ere long some considerable payment into the Exchequer" therefore prays him to furnish Mr. May, Paymaster of the Works, with 3,000l. out of same. Ibid, p. 53.
Warrant from same to the Clerk of the Signet attending, for a Privy Seal, in terms prefixed, for 30,000l. to Sir Henry Wood, Kt. and Bt., Treasurer and Receiver General to the Queen Mother, in four quarterly payments during the year 1664: [in lieu of a pension settled by the late King upon the said Queen, which was assigned on the Customs] (Privy Seal hereon, March 5. Money warrant hereon, March 21.) Ibid, pp. 53, 71.
Money warrant for 1,345l. to the Earl of Sandwich, Master of the Great Wardrobe, for providing mourning, &c., for the stables on the death of the Duchess of Savoy, and 350l. to same for furnishing a cloth of estate to Sir Richard Fanshaw, designed Ambassador Extraordinary to the King of Spain. Ibid p. 54.
Same, dormant, for the wages and fee of 40l. per an. to Henry Pursell (Pussell) for his office and place of musician in ordinary to the King for the lute and voice. Ibid.
Treasurer Southampton to the Justices of the Peace of co. Sussex, approving of their nomination of Timothy Shelley, of Shillington, to see that the officers concerned in the fire hearths money perform their duties: and further agreeing to pay him the suggested 40l. a year for said office, "and wee doe now expect that upon all his addresses to you in any thing relateing to that service you give him all countenance and furtherance." Ibid, p. 55.
Money warrant for 750l. to Daniel O'Neale being due on the 250l. per an., payable to him as by the Privy Seal of the 2nd inst. in consideration of an alteration in the terms of his contract for the supply of gunpowder for His Majesty: by which said alteration the said gunpowder is to be paid for at the end of three months instead of within 12 days of delivery: and to continue said payment of 250l. per an. in future during the continuance of this arrangement. Ibid, pp. 57–8.
Same for 966l. to Walter Langdon, as royal bounty, as by the Privy Seal of the 16th inst.: same being the product of certain fines for tenements in the Duchy of Cornwall from certain tenants, detailed. Ibid, pp. 58–9.
Feb. 27 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Receipt for a tally on the Crown revenues in cos. Northampton and Rutland for 130l. for the Earl of Northampton upon the orders for pulling down the walls of Coventry Early Entry Book V. p. 59.
Same from same to the Woodward of co. Southampton to pay 61l, 1s. 0d. to Sir George Carey for new pailing New Park in New Forest. Ibid.
Feb. 29 Same from same to the Receipt to discharge the baronet fee of 1,095l. due from Sir Thomas Muddiford, of Lincoln's Inn. Ibid, p. 61.
Same from Same to Christopher Hussey to execute his place of searcher at Gravesend. to which he has become entitled by the death of Samuell Harwarr, as by the letters patent of 1660, August 31, granting same to said Harwarr and Hussèy. Ibid, X. p. 251.