Entry Book: February 1665

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 1, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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February 1665

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
Feb.1 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Customs Farmers to deliver to the Marques of Sande, Ambassador Extraordinary from the King of Portugal, 30 tuns of wine Customs free, being for his own household: as by the Privy Seal of Dec. 14 last. Ibid, X. p. 300.
Feb. 2 Money warrant for 37,198l. 10s. 0d. to Col. William Legg for saltpetre contracted for from the East India Company by the Lieut-nant of the Ordnance at 3l. the hundredweight: as by the Privy Seal of Nov. 28. Early Entry Book V pp. 252 3.
Letter of direction concerning the 1,000l. already warranted to Lord Crofts as part of his pension as Gentleman of the Bedchamber: said Lord being at present to surrender said pension in respect His Majesty grants to him and his present lady two other pensions amounting to 1,500l. per an. during their lives. Ibid, p. 273.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Attorney General to prepare a grant of a pension of 1,100l. per an. to abovesaid Lord Crofts and his lady, payable out of the coal farm. Ibid.
Money warrant for 1.000l. to Sir Richard Fanshaw for a quarter's ordinary as Ambassador to the Catholic King. Ibid, p. 274
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Receipt to vacate a tally for 500l. struck, 1663, Dec. 14, on Gilbert Havers, Receiver of Revenues of co. Norfolk and Huntingdon: and likewise for another tally of same date for 800l. on Thomas Daniel, late Receiver of Beds and Bucks, to vacate same as to 500l. thereof remaining unpaid: same being intended for the Queen Consort in part of 10,000l. due to her on a Privy Seal of 1663, April 10: and in place hereof to pay the Queen 1,000l. out of the Customs farm. Ibid, pp. 275–6
Feb. 4 Money warrant for 8,000l. to Thomas Corderoy, for secret service as by the Privy Seal of the 26th ult. Ibid, p. 277
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Customs Farmers to discharge a seizure of lead and potashes entered at Hull, by Henry Maisters for Alderman Bryan Dawson, of York. Ibid, X. pp. 300–1
Prefixing:—Note of Maisters' petition and report thereon from said Commissioners.
Feb. 6 Countersignature by Treasurer Southampton of a royal pass for Bartholomew de Plaister to embark two geldings for France: for the observance of same by the Customs Commissioners. Ibid, p. 301.
Feb. 9 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Custom Farmers to discharge a seizure of 18 hampers of hats consigned by James Smart from Caudebec in France to Ireland, but driven into Pagham ("Peckham,") Chichester port, by bad weather: petitioner not intending said goods for sale in England. Ibid, p. 302.
Prefixing:—Note of said Smart's petition, order of reference and report thereon.
Feb. 10 Fresh money warrant (to replace that of 1662. April 21, being lost) for the perpetuity of 7l. per an. to St. Bodolph's, Aldersgate. Ibid, III. p. 257.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Receipt to discharge the baronet fee of 1,095l. due from Thomas Bateman, of Howe Hall, co. Norfolk. Ibid. V. p. 278.
Same from same to Sir Ralph Freeman and Henry Slingsby, Masters and Workers of the Mint, to pay 15,000l. to Stephen Fox out of the moneys coined from the French moneys; to be employed according to particular directions from the King. Ibid.
Same from same to the Auditor and the Receiver of Crown revenues [for South Wales] to pay and allow 50l. and 30l. to Arthur Trevor, a Justice of the Great Sessions for cos. Glamorgan, Brecon, and Radnor, being his fees for one year ended 1661, Lady Day. Ibid. p. 279.
Feb.10 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Clerk of the Signet for a Privy Seal for 470l. to William Gomeldon for a jewel bought of him and presented by His Majesty to Monsieur Ruvigny, Envoy from the French King. Early Entry Book V. p. 280.
Money warrant for 100l. as royal bounty to the poor of St. Martin's in the Fields, as by the Privy Seal of the 23rd ult. Ibid.
Same for 150l. to Thomas Davis, the King's barber, remaining due on his Privy Seal of 1661, June 13, for his allowance from 1641 to the late King's death. Ibid.
Same for 100l. to Col. William Santclare as part of the 1,000l. issued to Stephen Fox for Secret Service by the Privy Seal of 1664, Nov.30. Ibid, p. 281.
Same for 48l. to Col. Henry Norwood, being expended for sick soldiers that came from Tangier. Ibid.
Same, dormant, for the annuity or pension of 300l. per an. to Mademoiselle Jane le Gard. dresser to the Queen Consort: as by the letters patent of 1664, April 29. Ibid.
Feb. 11 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to Charles Fitch, receiver of firehearth money for co. Essex, to pay 60l. to Anthony Kempson, Clerk of the Peace of the said county, for his diligence in forwarding the returns of the firehearths in said county. Ibid, p. 279.
Feb. 13 Money warrant for 164l. to John Birch, Auditor for the Excise, for auditing and slating the accounts of the late Commissioners and Governors of Excise 1650, Sept. 29 to 1653, Sept. 29, with great dispatch, so that the declaration might be made in the Exchequer Court before 1662, June 24. Ibid, p. 291.
[?] The like warrants for 50l.; 100l.; 50l,: 50l.; and 50l. to same for similarlyauditing the accounts of the Excise Commissioners, 1653–4; 1658–9; 1659, March–Sept.; 1659, Sept.-1660, March; 1660, March–August. Ibid, pp. 291–2.
Feb.14 Same for 120l. as royal bounty to [Mary Kinkie et al.], the Rockers. Ibid, p. 281.
Same for 400l. to Sir Charles Cotterell for the charge of his journey and equipage to Brussels. Ibid, p. 282.
Same for six months from Sept. 29 last to Sir William Swann, Resident at Hamburg, on his ordinary of 1l. a day. Ibid.
Letter of direction concerning the 783l. 10s. 8d. warranted to the Earl of St. Albans for pay of the forces in the Isle of Jersey. Ibid, p. 283.
Allowance by Treasurer Southampton of the Lieutenant of the Tower's bills, entered in abstract, for keeping of prisoners, diet and fees. Ibid, p. 262.
Feb. 15 Money warrant for 306l. 13s. 4d. to Peere Williams, Clerk of the Foreign Extracts of the Exchequer: on his allowance as by the letters patent of 1660, August 13. (Warrant first issued 1664, Nov. 29, but re-signed and corrected as above.) Ibid, p. 237.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the executors of Sir Edward Dymock, late sheriff of co. Lincoln, to pay 50l. to John Thornton, Clerk of the Peace for said county, for his services in connection with the hearth money. Ibid, pp. 284–5.
Feb. 15 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to [the Receiver of fire-hearth money in co. Lincoln] to pay 40l. to Charles Rushworth, Clerk of the Peace for the parts of Kesteven and Holland in co. Lincoln, for the like services. Early Entry Book V p. 285.
Money warrant for 20,000l. to Col. Legg, Lieutent of the Ordnance, on account for making several provisions for the present supply of the stores in the Tower. Ibid, p. 283.
Feb. 16 Letter of direction concerning the 6,500l. warranted November 11 last to Sir William Waller. Ibid, p. 282.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Receipt for tallies to discharge Lieut. Col. Thomas Egerton and Lieut. Col. Thomas Ashton of the debt or arrear of 1,037l. 11s. 7d., resting on them as late Sub-Commissioners of Excise for cos. Lancaster and Chester, in view of their services and sufferings, their estates being extended and they themselves in custody. Ibid, pp. 285–6.
Money warrant for 524l. to Sir John Shaw for Secret Service, to be paid out of, or tallies struck on. the Customs farm for the month of July, 1665. Ibid, p. 294.
Feb. 18 Same for a quarter's ordinary to Sir Gilbert Talbot, Envoy Extraordinary to the King of Denmark. as by the letters patent of July 30 last. Ibid, p. 287.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to Sir Humpfry Monoux. late sheriff of co. Notts, to pay 50l. to John Conde, Clerk of the Peace of said county for his services about the hearth money. Ibid, p. 288.
Money warrant. dormant, for the annuity or pension of 18d. a day to Wilkes Fitchett, from 1663, Xmas, as granted by King James, 1611–12. March 12. Ibid.
Money warrant for 20l. to Thomas Howard for one year's fee on his office of Clerk of the Market of the King's Household, as by the letters patent, detailed, of 1661, Sept. 28. Ibid, pp. 293–4.
Feb. [after 18th] Treasurer Southampton to the Commissioners of the Excise to observe a royal warrant, prefixed, of date the 18th inst., relating to the verbal order previously given by the King to said Commissioners to forbear to receive the sum of 6,248l. 7s. 1d. due to the King out of the arrears of Excise, in respect of the like sum made payable by an Act of the Convention Parliament to Alderman Backwell; in order namely that the Duke of York should first receive payment of the moneys assigned to him, Captain Titus and Mr. Peck. As there now remains of the sum only the sum of 2,967l. 9s. 4½d., still due to the King the aforesaid is hereby allowed and direction is hereby given to suspend the receipt of any more thereof for the King until the Duke of York be paid off his sums, "after which time you are to provide wee be paid." Ibid, XII. pp. 137–8, 149–50.
Together with:—A warrant from Treasurer Southampton on to the Clerk of the Signet, attending for preparation of a Privy Seal in the form of a draft prefixed in full for authorising and allowing the payments already made by said Lord Treasurer (viz.320l. to Sarah Gardiner, widow, and 1,225l. to Rowland Langherne, and several sums allowed to the Commissioners for Arrears of Excise and others. so that of the aforesaid sum of 6,248l. 7s. 1d. there now remains due to the King only 2,967l. 9s. 4½d.): and further to suspend the receipt of any further portion thereof till the Duke of York has been paid as above.
Feb. 23 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Excise Commissioners to make an allowance to Capt. Edward Strange of 6s. 8d. a day out of the arrears of Excise from 1663, April 19, for his service in soliciting several affairs relating to those arrears (over and above his salary as Solicitor to the Grand Commission of Excise). Early Entry Book XII. pp. 138–9.
Appending:—Royal warrant for same of the 25th ult.
Entry of the declaration of account for one year to 1661. Sept. 29. of Edward Earl of Sandwich. as Master of the Great Wardrobe. Ibid, V. p. 307.
The like for the accompt of same for sundry emptions and furniture bought and provided against the royal procession through the City of London and Coronation of the King, 22 and 23 April, 1661. Ibid.
Money warrant for 50l. to Stephen Fox (in part of the 1,000l. warranted to him for Secret Service) to be paid to Mathias Gracen, who is presently to go down to the next Assizes at York to give evidence against some prisoners who are to be tried for some plot. Ibid, p. 289.
[?] Same for 1,534l. 17s. 4d. to Christopher Lord Hatton for the pay of the garrison of Guernsey, 1663, Novr. 28 to 1664, Nov. 26. Ibid.
Feb. 23 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Receipt to discharge the baronet fee of 1,095l. due from Sir John Jacob, of Bromley, co. Midd. Ibid.
Same from same to John Kilby, Receiver of the firehearth revenues in co. Bucks, to pay 40l. to Harry Welles, Clerk of the Peace of said county, for his pains in issuing warrants and procuring good and speedy returns of the firehearths and stoves in that county. Ibid, p. 290.
Same from same to Thomas Veele, Receiver of same revenue in co. Gloucester, to pay Robert Morse, Clark of the Peace of said county, 50l. for the like. Ibid.
Feb. 27 Same from same to Francis Dormer, Receiver of the firehearth revenue in co. Warwick, to similarly pay to Thomas Dighton, Clerk of the Peace in said county, 50l. for his promoting the collecting of said revenue. Ibid, p. 295.
Same from same to the Receipt to discharge the baronet fee of 1,095l. due from William Green, of Mitcham, co. Surrey. Ibid.
Feb. 28 Money warrant for 7,500l. due at Lady Day next to Sir Henry Wood, Treasurer and Receiver General to the Queen Mother, and the like sums on the three succeeding quarter days, as by the Privy Seal of the 9th inst. for 30,000l. in lieu of a pension assigned on the Customs. Ibid, p. 296.
Same for 19,511l. 15s. 2d. to Mr. Robert Vyner, the King's goldsmith, for divers chains of gold, medals, plate and sums of money by him disbursed in and about the office of the Jewel House; as by the particulars in the books of said Jewel House. Ibid, p. 297.