Entry Book: May 1665

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Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 1, 1660-1667. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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May 1665

Date. Nature and Substance of the Entry. Reference.
May 2 Treasurer Southampton to the Customs Farmers, conveying the King's desire that they would advance to Prince Rupert for an especial occasion 1,000l. on his pension for the quarter ended Midsummer next; "which [issue] because it is not yet due cannot formally be made unto him by virtue of any warrant you have yet." Ibid, p. 336.
May 3 Money warrant for 29l. to Andrew Lawrence, Surveyor of His Majesty's highways, for services to Lady Day last. Ibid, p. 337.
Same for 1,000l. (by tallies on the Excise) for Richard Lord Arundell, Governor of Pendennis Castle, towards the monthly pay of the garrison. Ibid, p. 338.
May 4 Same for 200l. to Stephen Fox (on the 1,000l. ordered to him for secret service): to be paid to Sir Benjamin Wright for His Majesty's service. Ibid.
May 6 Same for 20l. to Judith Hobson, widow, as royal bounty Ibid.
Same for 110l. to Richard Young, yeoman pricker of the harriers, due on his salary of 40l. per an. Ibid.
Same for 460l. to John Fowell for disbursements for His Majesy's service in the garrison of Dartmouth. Ibid, pp. 338–9.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Excise Commissioners to discharge John Mildmay, a Sub-Commissioner of Excise in Essex, of an arrear of 136l. 19s. 7d., he having been long a prisoner in the King's Bench: all in consideration of his services to the late King in the war. Ibid, XII. p. 154.
Prefixing:—Note of said Mildmay's petition and note of the King's pleasure, as above, certified, by Lord Arlington, 1665, April 21.
May 8 Same from same to the Receipt for tallies to be struck on the Customs farm for 1,068l. 13s. 4d. to John Earl of Bath, Governor of Plymouth Garrison, for the pay of said garrison. Ibid. V. p. 357.
May 8 and
June 20
Same from same to same for tallies in manner detailed, for 40,000l. for the Cofferer of the Household. Ibid, pp. 339, 351–2.
May 8 Money warrant, dormant, for the several fees and salaries, detailed, to George Kirke, for his offices of Keeper of His Majesty's Great Garden and New Orchard within the Palace of Whitehall; keeping the masking habits and other goods committed to his care in said palace; keeper of the Coney Yard near the Cockpit in Westminster; keeper of His Majesty's several houses called Paradise, Hell, Purgatory, and five other houses adjoining the Exchequer and employed for public use. Ibid, pp. 339–40.
May 8 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to Thomas Tomlinson and Anthony Walker, Receivers of the firehearth duty for the East Riding of co. Yorks, to pay 20l. to Richard Blanchard, Clerk of the Peace for said Riding, for services to said revenue. Early Entry Book V. p. 341.
Money warrant for 100l. to Stephen Fox (on the 1,000l. ordered to him for secret service): to be by him paid to a person His Majesty hath directed. Ibid.
Treasurer Southampton's letter of direction concerning the 2,000l. ordered to John Colvile, of London, goldsmith, for secret service "in regard the same relates to this present expedition at sea." Ibid, p. 340
May 12 Money warrant for 2,000l. to Sir Thomas Meadowes, late sheriff of Norfolk, in repayment of the like sum paid by him into the Exchequer in part of the assessment towards the 70,000l. for one month granted by Parliament for regulating the forces in the several counties: same having been so paid before said sheriff received any order to dispose it otherwise. Ibid, pp. 355–6.
Appending:—Copy of the Order in Council, dated 1664, July 8, ordering the repayment as above.
May 19 Royal warrant for Monsieur de Lamoignon (Lamoigan) to embark for France with six geldings. Ibid, X. p. 307.
Countersignature by the Duke of Albemarle and Treasurer Southampton of a royal warrant to permit the Sieur de Gloxin (Glaxen) to embark for Germany with two mares sent by the King's direction to the Elector of Mainz. Ibid.
May 23 Same by Treasurer Southampton of a royal warrant, dated 4th inst., for the Earl of Thomond to embark six horses for Ireland. Ibid, p. 306.
May 24 Letter of direction from Treasurer Southampton to the Auditor of the Receipt concerning the 336l. 19s. 0d. warranted to the Earl of Bath, 1664, Oct. 31. Ibid, V. p. 340.
Money warrant for three quarters to Mrs. Lane, now Lady Fisher, on her pension, the King having taken off the restraint of her pension. Ibid, p. 341.
Letter of direction concerning the 1,200l. warranted 1663–4, Jan. 28, to Francis Lord Hawley. Ibid.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Clerk of the Signet for a Privy Seal for 2,000l. to Sir Edward Turnor, Attorney General to the Duke of York, as His Majesty's free gift and royal bounty. (Privy Seal hereon, May 31; money warrant hereon, June 20.) Ibid, pp. 342, 367.
Money warrant for a quarter's advance of ordinary from the 1st inst. to Sir Gilbert Talbot, Envoy Extraordinary to the King of Denmark. Ibid, p 342.
Same for 1,000l. to Thomas Symon (Simon), one of the King's engravers, he having made for the King's service several Great Seals for England, Scotland, Ireland and the Foreign Plantations; also many stamps, medals, &c., and having not yet received any payments towards satisfaction of same. Ibid.
Same for 10l. to John Carey, son of Elizabeth Carey, widow, deceased, as royal bounty. Ibid, p. 343.
May 24 Money warrant, dormant, for the pension of 6,000l. a year to the Duke of Monmouth: as by the royal letters patent of Feb. 22 last. Early Entry Book V. p. 343.
Money warrant for a quarter's ordinary to Henry Coventry as Envoy Extraordinary to the King of Sweden: as by the Privy Seal of July 30 last. Ibid, p. 286.
May 25 Countersignature by Treasurer Southampton of a royal warrant for Thomas Bromley to embark for Holland with five horses "sent by our order to our dear nephew the Prince of Orange," Ibid, X. p. 309.
Letter of direction from Treasurer Southampton to the Auditor of the Receipt concerning the 766l. 10s. 0d. already warranted to the Earl of St. Albans. Ibid, V. p. 346.
Money warrant for 1,000l. to Sir Richard Fanshaw on his ordinary as Ambassador to the Catholic King. Ibid.
May 26 Report to the King from Treasurer Southampton on the petition of Abraham Dowcet, praying a grant of the arrear of 1,100l. remaining unpaid by the late Farmers of Excise of co. Lincoln. Ibid, XII. p. 170.
Prefixing:—Note of said petition and order of reference thereon from the King of date the 15th inst.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Customs Farmers to take special care in behalf of the Company of merchants trading to the Canary Islands, who by charter have the sole privilege of trade thither: and that hereafter no cocquet or bill of sufferance pass or entry be taken for any goods or merchandise to be imported thence or exported thither or for any wines, goods or merchandises of the growth, production or manufacture of the said islands, to be imported from any other place whatsoever, but only by such as shall bring warrant under the common seal of the said Company or under the hand of their officer to be by them appointed to sit in the Custom House for that purpose: goods not so warranted are to be stayed. Ibid, X. pp. 307–8.
Same from same to same to admit Philip Marsh to have a place in the Custom House, he being the officer chosen by the said Company of merchants trading to the Canary Islands to set his hand to all entries of shipments to or from said islands in order to prevent secret trading therewith. Ibid, p. 309.
Same from same to same to allow 100l. 16s. 2d. to John Bland for duties overpaid by him on sugars imported in the "Sampson," Hans Kroger master, from Brazil. Ibid, pp. 308–9.
Prefixing:—Customs Farmers' report on Bland's petition.
May 27 Money warrant for 60l. 16s. 8d., 240l., and 144l. to Sir Allen Apsley for his offices of keeper of the new erected warren called Wilbraham Bushes, co. Cambridge, and of the game within 10 miles thereof, and of Master Surveyor and Keeper of the Hawks, &c. Ibid, V. p. 345.
May 28 Same for 240l. to John Nappier, due on his annuity or pension as His Majesty's Page of Honour. Ibid, p. 344.
May 30 Same for one year to Sir William Morrice, son to Mr. Secretary Morrice, on his pension of 300l. a year, notwithstanding any restraint of pensions. Ibid, p. 347.
May 30 Warrant from Treasurer Southampton for 30l. per annum to be allowed to Richard Vaughan and five others, detailed, children of Meredith Vaughan, deceased, to whom the King granted a pension of 30l. per an. out of the toll of the city of Worcester for his loyalty to the late King. Early Entry Book V. pp. 347–8.
Prefixing:—Note of said Vaughan's petition, and order of reference thereon.
Money warrant for 5,000l. to Hugh May, Paymaster of the Works, for the repair of the royal palaces, &c., for half a year to Xmas last. (As the City of London adhered to its assignment on the firehearth money for their loan the said May was disappointed of his assignment on the said firehearth money for 5,000l. for the preceding half-year for the Works. Therefore both these sums of 5,000l. each are to be assigned on the Royal Aid.) Ibid, p. 353.
Same for 40l. to Col. Burges on the arrears of his pension. Ibid, pp. 354–5.
Prefixing:—Note of said Burges's petition, and order of reference, dated 1664–5, Feb. 28.
Fiat by Treasurer Southampton for royal letters patent to constitute Walter Middleton Customer of Milford port, loco George Owen, deceased. Ibid, X. p. 310.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Attorney General for preparation of a bill for the King's signature to authorise Sir Denny Ashburnham, Sir George Binyon, Francis Finch, and Edward Wingate, the present Commissioners of Excise, to set to farm the Excise of England and Wales for 2¾ years from Michaelmas next. Ibid, XII. pp. 170–1.
Same from same to the Commissioners and Auditor of Excise: conveying the requisite instructions relating to the renewal of the present several farms of Excise: especially that before such renewal all arrears of farm rent be paid up and an account of fines be made up. Ibid, p. 171.
May 31 Money warrant for 1,000l. per an. to George Viscount Grandison for the place of Captain of the Yeoman of the Guard on a surrender thereof made by the late Earl of Norwich. Ibid, V. p. 348.
Same for 100l. to James Darcey due at Xmas last for the Office of Master of the Studs and 400l. for half a year on his contract for supplying horses. Ibid
Same, dormant, for the perpetuity of 15l. per an. to the Vicars of Lichfield Cathedral Church. Ibid, p. 350.
Fiat by Treasurer Southampton for Treasury letters patent to constitute John Wingfeild Customer of Berwick, loco John Cape. Ibid, X. p. 311.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Receipt to discharge the baronet fee of 1,095l. due from Sir George Rawdon, of Moira, co. Downe, Ireland. Ibid, V. p. 359.
May— Warrant from Treasurer Southampton and Lord Ashley to [? the Attorney General or the Clerk of the Signet attending] for preparation of a bill for the royal signature for a lease of the Excise of London, Westminster, Southwark, Middlesex and Surrey (except South Mimms in Middlesex), together with the house or messuage in St. Bartholomew's Lane in London, which is now in the tenure of Sir John Robinson and the others, present Farmers of the said Excise: the said fresh lease to be made to Thomas Grimshaw, William Carpenter, James Walker, Henry Knight, Philip Jemet, John Collins, Roger Nettleship, Peter Nurse, Michael Arnold, John Freeman, John Foorth, Nathaniel Hancock, William Bucknall, Richard Hamond and John Breedon for three years from June 24 next, at which date the present farmers will surrender, although their farm would otherwise terminate only on November 8 next: the future rent to be 22,000l. more than the present rent, which is only 118,000l.; this increase of rent to date only from November 8 next, from which date it will be 140,000l. per an. by 12 monthly payments: in the form of surrender of the present farmers provision is to be made for power to them to sue for their arrears due before such surrender: the incoming farmers to advance 15,000l. at Midsummer next and 20,000l. more on November 8 next, making in all 35,000l., or a quarter's rent of the farm: the farm to be from June 24 next for three years, with the undertaking on His Majesty's part to renew the farm for another three or six years at the same rental: the above new farm and arrangement having been made in view of a petition from the chief brewers of London desiring that now upon expiration of the present lease of Excise they might become farmers thereof, alleging thereby that the trade might have an equal regulation and settlement in the future, the duties be more equally and justly paid, and the brewers receive no disquiet: which said petition was countenanced by the major part of the brewers. Ibid, XII. pp. 166–9.